WDYCM 11 pt.1

Status: Crying pt.1

Chapter 11- Status: Crying


The smooth progress of Ran Shu’s new drama was beyond his imagination.


On the day of the make-up trial, Ran Shu signed the contract without taking off the make-up. The crew was afraid that he would refuse, so the conditions were good.

Then, in less than twenty days, he joined the crew.


He was actually a rescuer.

The male lead of this drama was selected before, and his drama that was aired not long ago became a hit. So he simply sat on the ground and raised the price, proposing to increase his film salary.

The crew’s budget is limited, so they can no longer raise the salary, and the salary proposed by the original male lead is indeed a bit outrageous.

The original male protagonist has been procrastinating on not signing the contract. Seeing that the scheduled start time is approaching, the crew may have to compromise.


The original actor did not expect that the crew signed Ran Shu directly with lightning speed, and the filming started as scheduled.

For this reason, the original male protagonist team issued a draft, saying that the conditions given by the crew were harsh, and they could only sign established artists. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for this drama to become a hit.

Many entertainment marketing accounts began to sing bad news, expressing that they are not optimistic about the prospects of this drama.


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Who would have thought that Ran Shu would bring this drama to the top searches within 20 days after it was launched?

It’s just that Ran Shu is still reluctant to hit this hot search.




This drama is a fantasy drama, most of which are based on real scenes, and the crew simply lived in the deep mountains and jungles.

There is no decent residence deep in the jungle, and Ran Shu can only live in a small wooden house in the forest.

The conditions were indeed a bit harsh, but Ran Shu didn’t care. When he was working, his coddled coquettishness would be restrained, and he would never be special.


The day of shooting is over.

Ran Shu looked at the screen of his phone with his mobile phone, his lips were pouted, and he muttered in a low voice: “If I don’t add you, you won’t add me? I have been in the crew for 16 days, and I don’t know, maybe come and ask how I am? I am living in the mountains, for Pete’s sake!”

He got up unhappily, opened the door to look for his assistant: “Xiao Qi, bake something for me…”

When he walked out, he saw his assistant was on a video call with his girlfriend, and he backed away.


His assistant has a partner, but he is still single.

He has been single for two full years!

It’s all Sang Xian’s fault!


At this time, he heard a sound outside the window. It’s probably the kitten he had been feeding recently was coming, so he opened the window excitedly.

The moment he opened the window, he saw the black and white patterned kitten he was feeding, doing shameless things with an orange cat.


Ran Shu: “…”


You are amazing!

You have a partner!

And yet you’re still cracking in someone else’s window!

The cat has a date, but he doesn’t! ! !


Ran Shu took a deep breath, but still couldn’t suppress his anger at this moment.

He only felt that his blood was surging, like boiling water. He rushed straight, wanting to get out of the suffocating place but it was too fast for him that he needed to hold on to the window frame to stand still.


After he came back to his senses, he pointed at the two kittens who were equally astonished and cursed: “I fed you cat food, but you returned dog food. You are too much, little cat. I have to neuter both of you! “

Perhaps it was because his tone of scolding was really bad, which startled the two kittens, who quickly fled away.

But Ran Shu refused to let go and simply jumped out of the window to chase them, saying that he wanted to catch these two shameless kittens, and teach them a lesson, not knowing what  danger lurks in the woods.


It was dark.

The sky seemed to be soaked in thick ink, and the darkness extended to the sky. The darkness in the far distance made the sky and the earth mix together. It’s as if there was no end in sight.

There were no street lights in the mountains. And after chasing the kittens for a while, Ran Shu tripped over something and fell directly on the hillside.


After falling to the ground, he didn’t get up for a long time.

It wasn’t that the fall was particularly severe, but that he came back to his senses for a moment, thinking about what stimulated him just now. Why did he run out in a blind spot to chase the two cats?


He stood up slowly, his knee aching.

“Hiss—” He gasped in pain and choked with anger, “It hurts…it’s all Sang Xian’s fault!”


He tried to stand up and endured the pain while he slowly went down the mountain.

Fearing that Xiao Qi would find out about his embarrassment just now, he purposely didn’t enter the room through the door, but went through the window again, not forgetting to close the window.


He sat down on the sofa, rolled up his trouser legs and looked over only to see  that his knee was scratched and bleeding.

He moved his  joint to make sure it’s not a big problem. It caused him to wince a little.


He took out povidone iodine to disinfect himself. Ran Shu then searched for a long time before finding the band-aids, and pasted three of them side by side.

After that, he carefully changed into pajamas.


At night, he had insomnia in bed.

He wanted to give Sang Xian a scolding.

He began to imagine how he would scold Sang Xian when he saw him again. The more he imagined, the more excited he became that he was full of energy until the early morning before falling asleep.




The next day, after filming the whole morning scene, he sat alone under the awning temporarily built by the crew while Xiao Qi went to get him a lunch box. He had nothing left to do so he rolled up his trouser legs to look at the injury on his leg.

The injury doesn’t matter, it doesn’t affect the shooting. He is mainly afraid that the wound is still bleeding and the costume will be dirty.


After applying some povidone iodine with a cotton swab, he put on a band-Aid again and rearranged his trouser legs.

At this time, Xiao Qi came over with his lunch and asked, “Brother Ran, do you really not want the soup?”

“Well, I always go to the toilet after eating it. And the toilet here is very dirty.”



He doesn’t want the soup mainly… because the soup has something, which affects wound healing.

Ran Shu couldn’t express his suffering.


On that day, before their filming was over, the scene manager and coordinator hurried to find Ran Shu and asked, “Brother Ran, are you injured?”

“Ah? You… how did you know?” Ran Shu was shocked. Could it be that he was seen last night when he was chasing the cat?

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Why Don’t You Coax Me?

Why Don’t You Coax Me?

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022
Issue # 1: Ran Shu was a top performer before. It is a pity that he now became unpopular through the years.   The younger generation pulls the trigger as the fans are waiting for Ran Shu to see when he will burn thoroughly.    But as if it was only a day and a night, he then returned again on the hot search. However, the news seemed to be a little strange.   # Ran Shu saved a cat and had gotten into an accident in the middle of the night. # After the haters scolded Ran Shu, the keyboard warriors continued to attack him nonstop.    Issue # 2: Many people knew that Ran Shu had an ex, so his opponent went to look for his ex's identity so that they can attack him with that. Who knew that it could provoke people that they should not be messing with.   A few days after Ran Shu publicly stressed that he was single, he had gotten drunk in a live broadcast on his cellphone. And from there, he entered Sang Xian’s house while slurring: “Husband, show them your chest muscles! Don’t be shy; my fans are not outsiders.”   It’s a complete reversal of his statement.   The next day, his car was immediately surrounded by his fans. Fortunately, a helicopter came and land on the roof of the building. Ran Shu took the helicopter to leave.    Later, Ran Shu said, “I was indeed single when I declared that I was. Every one of you should read the specifications carefully.”   Issue # 3: What does it feel like to fall in love with Mr. Sang?   Ran Shu: “I am in a bad mood today.”   Sang Xian: “Open the map and buy an island.”  


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