WDYCM 10 pt.2

Status: Low Back Pain pt.2

“Ran Shu, it’s three o’clock in the morning.” Sang Xian’s deep voice came from the video. Even if he couldn’t see Sang Xian’s face, he could hear the helplessness in Sang Xian’s tone as if there was a trace of exhaustion.


“I want to play with Xiugou! They like me very much. I came to them when I was reading the script, and they were so happy, didn’t you see?”

“But it’s very late, and you only slept for less than four hours.”


Ran Shu ignored him, pushing open the door of the dog room. Upon seeing the dogs coming over, he was very happy: “This Alaska is called Victor, right?! While the husky is called Nick! This… What breed is this again? I remember it was called Harry. “

“It’s Samoyed.”

“Yeah.” Ran Shu was extremely excited. He opened his arms to hug the three dogs.

The three dogs were also very cooperative and had a great time playing with him.


The three large dogs, together with their fluffy fur, are visually even bigger than Ran Shu.

Ran Shu was a little thin, after all.


“Xiugou, Xiugou! So soft… Victor has gained a lot of weight! How much does it weigh?” Ran Shu hugged Victor and raised his head to ask Sang Xian.

“It’s forty-three kilograms.”

“It’s definitely more than that!” Ran Shu didn’t believe Sang Xian. He found the weighing scale in the room and pushed Victor up. Unfortunately, Victor was not smart and always refused to cooperate.


Ran Shu planned to carry Victor on the scale.

He hugged Victor hard together with both of his arms but still wasn’t able to pick him up.

The second time he gathered enough strength, he managed to pick him up suddenly. But sooner, his body shook that he could only put Victor down.


“Sang Xian…” Ran Shu stretched out his hand so that Sang Xian could help him. “My waist seems to be twisted.”

“You have such strength. Else, how can the prince hug and twirl the heroine around when you are acting in a TV series?”

“I… I’m bottom! What kind of arm strength do I need for a bottom? If I have good arm strength, I ought to pull your weeping willow upside down and throw you out whenever you do me. The heroine or something?…  We are sisters! I admit it. It’s because I’m not strong enough, and I never tell them about my weight. Besides, they already know that I’m  a bottom, so don’t blame me!”


“Come here and let me have a look,” Sang Xian said.

Ran Shu didn’t want to watch the last scene. He was sure of what was about to happen just with his posture. He definitely threw himself into Sang Xian’s arms all at once.


He silently put down the phone and didn’t mention the previous things again. The previous arrogance and temper disappeared in an instant, but he said calmly: “Toast is also fine. I’ll add some caramel to my coffee.”

Sang Xian didn’t care about his sudden change of attitude. Instead, he answered calmly: “Okay.” 


When the house is big, it will appear empty.


While sitting at the dining table, Ran Shu could smell the aroma of coffee filling the entire space.


//This fan-translation is brought to you by cinnaroll from https://tamagotl.com/series/why-dont-you-coax-me/


He could also see the busy scene of the city in the morning, which made him fall into thinking. For a long time, he couldn’t think of any reason to scold Sang Xian to relieve his anger.


As a result, a strange silence fell between the two of them.


Sang Xian put the bread in front of him and asked, “Is there anything else you want to eat? I’ll ask Shen Junjing to bring it over.”

“No, I still have to go to the company to attend classes. Don’t interfere with my improvement of ideological awareness.”

“Oh, Okay.”


After breakfast, Ran Shu supported his sore waist and walked out of the house in wrinkled clothes.

When he went out, he happened to meet Shen Junjing, who came to Sang Xian’s house. Shen Junjing warmly said hello: “Brother Ran got up very early today!”


“Shall I send you a car?” Shen Junjing asked again.

“I’m good.”


After seeing off Ran Shu, Shen Junjing entered the house and asked Sang Xian, “Have you reconciled?”

“Not yet.” Sang Xian replied.

“Ran Shu went out holding his waist.”

“Last night, he was already asleep, but he woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. He insisted on playing with the dog and measuring Victor’s weight. He twisted his waist when he picked him up.”


Shen Junjing chuckled after hearing this: “It’s something that Ran Shu would do.”

He sat down and thought about it, and then found something wrong again: “Didn’t Ran Shu hate your dog? He was still angry because of it before. Raising a dog was one of the reasons he broke up with you before. It came to the point of having them and not him.”

“He actually likes small animals.”

“Then before…” Shen Junjing laughed again after thinking about it, “Ran Shu does really even eat dogs’ jealousy?”


Sang Xian didn’t answer, nor did he deny it.


But then Shen Junjing became melancholy again: “You were busy with work, and he broke up with you. You replied on his WeChat ten minutes late, and he broke up with you. How can these breakups… how can these things attract his attention so much it causes hundreds of break ups?”

“You’re just discovering it now?” Sang Xian had already finished changing his clothes as he replied, and he walked out. “Hou Mo and Suihou Yu discovered it when they were in high school. Meanwhile, Aunt Su is bearing with it right now.”

“Speaking of which, you two have been separated for a long time this time. What is the reason for your latest break up now?”


Sang Xian picked up his phone again. He added last night’s video to an album locked with password and did not answer. He simply leads Shen Junjing downstairs to the company.




“Because he’s a dog!” Ran Shu entered the company’s lounge. Before Teacher Pang came, he called Su Anyi to complain about Sang Xian. “Do you know how much he went too far two years ago? I never met him for that long, and he’s going to be like this!”

Su Anyi’s tone was never turbulent: “You’ve only had one boyfriend, so no matter what he does, it’s as if it’s your first time in everything .”


“Sang Xian is like a psychopath. I made a PPT, summed up the reasons for our breakups during the seven years of our relationship and the cycle of our breakups; I even analyzed the relationship between the two of us. I also summed up our failure experiences so that we can get along better later. “

Su Anyi, on the phone, seemed a little puzzled: “This is the reason you two broke up for two years?” 


‘A man holds grudges; I misread him.’ Aunt Su thought to herself.


“Do you also know that you are making trouble for no reason?”

“What? I am not such a person! Shouldn’t he know this first day he was with me? He turned out to be a douche regardless of these things I’ve presented. So can I keep him for the New Year? No! So we broke up! For two years!”


Su Anyi let out a long breath and couldn’t help but marvel: “Who else can summarize this kind of thing into a PPT? It’s not enough to make it up for two pages?”

“…” Ran Shu couldn’t answer.

However, Ran Shu and Sang Xian are not ordinary people.


Su Anyi finally sighed: “You two…you really are a perfect match. Don’t break up, don’t harm others. Respect each other. Your blessings for each other.”

“We’ve already broken up. He didn’t even touch me last night…”

“Aren’t you angry a while ago because of the reason you two broke up? And now you’re angry because he didn’t touch you last night? Or are you mad because he is still not coming for you after two years already?”


Ran Shu got stuck when asked: “I…”

After a long time, Ran Shu answered with a rage: “When I think of him, I get angry! No, whenever I think he is alive, that’s when I get  angry!”

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Why Don’t You Coax Me?

Why Don’t You Coax Me?

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022
Issue # 1: Ran Shu was a top performer before. It is a pity that he now became unpopular through the years.   The younger generation pulls the trigger as the fans are waiting for Ran Shu to see when he will burn thoroughly.    But as if it was only a day and a night, he then returned again on the hot search. However, the news seemed to be a little strange.   # Ran Shu saved a cat and had gotten into an accident in the middle of the night. # After the haters scolded Ran Shu, the keyboard warriors continued to attack him nonstop.    Issue # 2: Many people knew that Ran Shu had an ex, so his opponent went to look for his ex's identity so that they can attack him with that. Who knew that it could provoke people that they should not be messing with.   A few days after Ran Shu publicly stressed that he was single, he had gotten drunk in a live broadcast on his cellphone. And from there, he entered Sang Xian’s house while slurring: “Husband, show them your chest muscles! Don’t be shy; my fans are not outsiders.”   It’s a complete reversal of his statement.   The next day, his car was immediately surrounded by his fans. Fortunately, a helicopter came and land on the roof of the building. Ran Shu took the helicopter to leave.    Later, Ran Shu said, “I was indeed single when I declared that I was. Every one of you should read the specifications carefully.”   Issue # 3: What does it feel like to fall in love with Mr. Sang?   Ran Shu: “I am in a bad mood today.”   Sang Xian: “Open the map and buy an island.”  


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