I looked at my hand which was caught. It was an incredibly small and fat finger that belonged to an adult man.

When I raised my head a little, there was Kwon Joong Seop, a father who looked quite young.

It’s annoying that my life has really been reset.

I had nothing to say.

I have experienced all sorts of situations since I awakened this ability, but I thought it was impossible to move to the past with all my previous memories.

Kwon Eui Hyun believed that there was a god, and he was convinced that there were several criteria that could divide humans and gods.

First, God can be involved in life and death.

Second, God turns back time.

Third, God changes fate.

It was a very valuable moment when all these personal standards were broken down at once.

Kwon Eui Hyun, who had already been cut in half and died, came back to life by returning to the past, and his fate changed according to his choice.”Eui Jyun, what did you just say?”


Kwon Eui Hyun frowned slightly and slipped out the hand that Kwon Joong Seop was holding.

They weren’t really that friendly. “Are you already nervous about having a younger brother?”

I didn’t say anything.

I returned, but this was God causing him to regress because he felt sorry for me anyway, so in conclusion, I would only have to be happy “only me.”So I decided to live for me this time.

“There are a lot of friends who want to be hunters in our nursery, too. It would be very helpful if Minister Kwon Joong Seop gave a speech for those children.

St. Happy Nursery School, which is dedicated to children in poor areas, was almost collapsing.

The director, who painted his lips in a rustic color, followed Kwon Joong Seop’s back with his mouth hanging almost reaching his ears.

“Of course. For growing children, of course. The Hunter Department is always waiting for talent.”

Oh, my God, as expected!

The children are gathered in the auditorium.

“Shall we go straight to the auditorium?”

“I’ll do that”

Kwon Jung Seop seemed to be fully immersed in the role of a kind middle-aged man devoted to the country and children.

That’s a lie.

Kwon Eui Hyun laughed quietly and chased them away.

“This is the auditorium. It is being renovated and used as a temporary accommodation in the local disaster situation. If we had some financial support, we could fix it here too… ho ho.”

“We should talk about it when we get back.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to burden you, but thank you so much!”

The director made a fuss as if he had caught a big fish.

The old hallway creaked every time I walked.

Far from being used as temporary accommodation in a disaster situation, this space itself seemed to be a disaster.

“It’s in here. So, how did your son get on top of the auditorium? ”

The director peeked. It was natural for Kwon Joong Seop to go up to the auditorium, but his son Kwon Eui Hyun is not so he asked his intention to do so.

I lived a life of attention, but I didn’t want to.

So if it were Kwon Eui Hyun before, he would never have gone up to the auditorium.

“Eui Hyun, what do you want to do?”

Kwon Joong Seop asked, “…I’ll go up. Auditorium.”

For the first time, I decided to stand in front of people for my curiosity.

Kwon Eui Hyun had to look at Z.

I was so curious about Z that I couldn’t bear it.

Does he remember the world before the regression? Me and my father?

If he remembers the past, his first target would be my family.

Crazy evil people who have ruined my whole life.

‘Oh, I thought you didn’t like this.’

‘Not necessarily.’

‘Ha ha. I see.’

An unofficially accompanying camera took a picture of Kwon Joong Seop. Kwon Joong Seop stroked Kwon Eui Hyun’s head with a friendly expression.”What a kind father you are. I’m so touched.”

“Her mother passed away early. I didn’t want to raise my child short. So I did my best to do both the outside and the house properly.”

“Who the hell?” It was hard to see his face at home.

Kwon Eui Hyun spent most of his time alone or with his nanny.

If he works outside, your father may be busy.

Let’s understand. How could anyone be perfect?

Someone could say that. Kwon Eui Hyun once thought so.

When I opened the auditorium door, I heard the children.

The whining, grumbling, laughing sound.

The director first climbed onto the auditorium with an embarrassing look on his face.”Come on, everybody, be quiet! Today, we have Mr. Hunter, who you really wanted to meet! Everyone clap-!”

When the director winked, Kwon Jung Seop smiled and climbed onto the auditorium. Holding Kwon Eui Hyun’s hand.

I hadn’t held his hands twice a day, so this was memorable.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Kwon Joong Seop. Have any of you heard my name?”

The children, excited by the name Hunter, answered loudly. Yes! It was clear that whatever Kwon Joong Seop said would be nonsense.

Kwon Eui Hyun stood upright next to the director and looked down at the children gathered in the auditorium.

Z and himself were four years apart, so it was clear that they were probably around eleven.

Then in elementary school…Kwon Eui Hyun’s eyes rolled very fast. From the girl in the front row with her eyes shining, to the boy who yawns loudly in the middle.

‘He is not here?’

I couldn’t see Z between the dirty elementary school students. I couldn’t have not noticed him because he was always skinny and had dirty hair.

Kwon Eui Hyun decided to change the standard group and look for it again.

“Yeah, the dog is small, so it could be in the infant.”

There’s no way this nursery managed it properly!

The result was the same. The infant children in innerwear with their knees sticking out didn’t know what Hunter was and what they were talking about, so they were running around.

I went through all the middle and high schools.

Kwon Eui Hyun felt that it was unbelievable.

Z was nowhere to be found.

I couldn’t remember well, but I was sure I brought Z from this nursery.

“Well, that’s all I want to say.


While confused, Kwon Eui Hyun lowered his head. All the children in the auditorium cheered and the cameras continued to take pictures.

“We’ve also prepared a meal for you, so would you like to join us if you don’t mind? I don’t know if it’ll suit your taste, but……”

Oh, sure, I’m looking forward to this Kwon Jung Seop took the lead with a smile.The restaurant was very shabby. It was obvious that he cared a lot, but the food smelled of poverty, and the meat in the soup was very tough.


While Kwon Eui Hyun was eating, the nursery school children kept saying hello and repeatedly ran away.

As if this is some kind of game.

When Kwon Eui Hyun did not respond, a voice of dissatisfaction quickly erupted from somewhere.

“Ha! Look at him stretching out to be something! His face is so vain, what’s the use of such a jerk!”

“That’s not even a first! Just ignoring people,” cried the big boy.

Some of the children looked at each other and secretly agreed.

“Yeah, he can at least say hello, and they ignored us.”

Kwon Eui Hyun sighed deeply and rose from his seat.

“I’ll go to the bathroom for a minute.”Kwon Joong Seop reacted insignificantly to the fact that he thought the children were playing around.

“Yeah, hang out with the kids and find the ones you like. I came here to find your brother.”

Dozens of people followed when Kwon Eui Hyun got up from his seat after putting out a plate without any food.

Like a man playing the flute, Kwon Eui Hyun went to the bathroom with the children in the back and washed his hands.

“Can’t you hear me? Are you deaf?!”

“You are really deaf! Say hello to the other person in the bathroom and play with them! A perfect pair! Hey! Hahaha-!”

The children seemed convinced that Kwon Eui Hyun was already deaf. Kwon Eui Hyun brushed his hands and ignored the remark.”eat cuckoos, Kwon Eui Hyun !” The big boy standing at the front raised his middle finger to Kwon Eui Hyun and slammed the middle door of the bathroom. Bang! –

When the door closed with a loud noise, there was a rattling noise in the compartment where the toilet was located. What is it? Is there someone?Kwon Eui Hyun shook water off his hands and kicked the bathroom compartment one by one.
Every time the door was opened, he could only see filth that would make me sick.
“The compartment at the end was locked and not easily pushed.

The bulb must have been broken and the lights blinking intermittently.


Kwon Eui Hyun kicked the bathroom door with his hand in his pocket. The door was easily ragged by a very light kick.

“Hey, come out.” Maybe he was scared of the loud noise coming to him, but a small-sized child with an unknown gender almost stuck to the wall.

“Come out.” Water dripped from the child’s clothes.

Kwon Eui Hyun frowned.

There was no such thing as the idea of a small child who couldn’t understand what he was saying and running.

“Well, live here. Don’t come out for the rest of your life.”

As soon as he turned around indifferently, the child hugged Kwon Eui Hyun’s back.”Cee, dirty…” Kwon Hyun quickly hit the child’s hand. The child who fell on the floor cried with an unknown sound.



Watery seaweed-like hair hung randomly on the bathroom floor.

Kwon Eui Hyun, who grew up as a noble young man, covered his mouth and turned his head.

Outside the bathroom, I could hear the voices of children laughing.

Kwon Eui Hyun couldn’t even touch the suspicious black liquid on his white shirt and just crumpled his face.

‘Don’t touch me.’

‘It’s awful to be touched’

‘The child, who fell on the floor, dropped his head on the floor without answering.

The lethargic appearance somehow made me feel bad.

Kwon Eui Hyun walked and stood in front of the middle door of the bathroom.

“If we don’t open it, he will never get out of there! I mean, I’m a lot better than him! Hahaha! In the first place, he’s just happy to meet his parents!” Just hearing his greasy voice made it clear that he was fat. Kwon Eui Hyun put his hand on the door and spread only a small part of his ability.


The door was quickly broken into powder as small as a nail and flew into the air.

Kwon Eui-hyun was basically not very interested in humans.

It is said that indifference is more painful than dislike, but he couldn’t hate it because he wasn’t interested.

“Hey, then you can have it.”

But there are two things that Kwon Eui Hyun doesn’t like.

Kwon Joongseop and vulgarity.

“You seem to think you’re incredible, but if you have a brain, think about why your parents abandoned you here.”


“Well, you’re in a nursery school, so this is the experience. If not, when will you ever see me in your life?” Kwon Eui Hyun pulled the fat boy’s headband and whispered.

“Live here forever. Like a parasite with no parents and no future in this hell. Then I’ll make time to watch it next time. With all your favorite relief supplies.”

When I let go of my hand, the boy stumbled and fell to the floor.

The other kids who were watching all this started crying out loud.


” … dirty.” Kwon Eui Hyun murmured in a disgusted tone.

“Ugh, Ugh…” Suddenly, the kid in the last compartment of the bathroom ran to Kwon Eui Hyun Because of the scattering of hair, he could clearly see the shape of the jaw joint and lips.

Kwon Eui Hyun’s body hardened. That was obviously Z.


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The Villain’s Regression Survival Method

The Villain’s Regression Survival Method

악역의 회귀식 생존법
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
  mankind extinct by one man <Do you want to reset? Y/N > In the suddenly floating system, Eui Hyun returns to the unwanted past. "Don't you think you should be loved by me? I have to work hard to hear you say you love me." "Don't be ridiculous. I don't have that taste." Eui Hyun who is neither dead or alive tries to kill Jae I, the culprit, to escape from the hopeless infinite return. For some reason, it always fails. "…I'll help you. I don't want to make you regret it." "You don't need to do anything. Stay still. The more incompetent you become, the better for me." Who is the villain? His relationship with the people around him has changed dramatically from the past and the secret events that are revealed to the surface. What happened in the past? Do you know what it means? To kill God, make him love you. Will Eui Hyun be able to escape from the infinite return of Jae Yi's love?


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