The reason why the job of “hunter” became popular was because of the portal that suddenly appeared.

Eighty years ago, portals were created in a village, where few people lived. A huge number of monsters poured out of the portal, and the old people died instantly without even a single shout. A small village disappeared in its entirety, but no one knew for nearly six months.

It was by a child who came down to the country because he could not reach his parents. The porch was open and the house was covered in blood and smelt of rotting bodies.

The whole neighborhood disappeared, and intermittent fragments of wild boars were found.

The Ministry of Science and Technology, which concluded that it could not have been human, organized a special team to search the surrounding area. And they find portals deep in the mountains.

Around the portal, human bones and intestines were hung like decorations, and the new member of the special team who saw them for the first time fainted immediately on the spot.

The portal, which ate a huge number of people, was the object of question and fear for people of that time.

No one could tell if this aurora-like space was eating people up or if new life was coming from here. In the meantime, the second portal has to open. The scene of monsters in a strange form coming out of the second portal was filmed by the broadcasting station’s camera and broadcast live around the upper-class area.

The government deployed soldiers, police, and special agents to catch the monster, but most of them returned dead. It was a moment of panic.

Dozens of parliamentary meetings were held a day, and the cabinet was virtually disbanded.

The soldiers who would mount a coup also unruly abdicated their posts and fled. There was no one to protect the country. To prevent the annihilation of the people, the president had no choice but to make a desperate choice.

Blowing out the entire open area of the secondary portal. Scientists were very concerned about the side effects, but they could not overcome the existence of a huge portal. The president approved the missile and, as a result, the area where the secondary portal was created completely disappeared in just a few seconds.

Thirty years have passed since then. The portal never came out, and people gradually found stability. They exchanged peacefully, loved freely, and gave birth to children. The government has set up a “hunter department” in the Cabinet to prepare for another portal and spared huge investments in its hunters.

(Case 1) The heads of all the people in the same room exploded and died when the new child cried loudly in Room 13 of the neonatal ward.

(Case 2) A 4-year-old child went to an amusement park with his parents and floated an animal in the air.

(Case 3) An 11-year-old elementary school student’s body was followed by a huge amount of fireworks.

(.……… Case 213) A 15-year-old middle school student collapsed with a nosebleed while taking classes, and later he was able to listen to people’s thoughts.

A bloody third portal has begun with abnormal symptoms of children under the age of 15 from all over the world.

The government tried desperately to stop the monster from the portal, but it was useless. It was unexpectedly a young child living in the area who stopped monsters that began killing and eating people indiscriminately again.

The kid knew how to use partial gravity. No one could explain how it was possible, but the scene was also thoroughly broadcast live on TV.

The child had a nosebleed and folded the open space of the portal in half. It’s like origami. The third portal, which was pouring out monsters, was completely crumpled and disappeared by a child who looked less than ten years old, and the remaining monsters on the ground were shot by Hunter, a member of the Hunter Department.

The child, who removed the portal, died on the spot, spewing all blood from his body. The child was named the owner of the original ability.

Just one year later, the government established a special-skilled school and declared Hunter a special official. Hunter was treated as a civil servant of Grade 5 or higher and was able to earn a lot of salary and honor. People respect and love Hunter. It was used by Kwon Eui Hyun’s father.

It was exactly around that time that he became a Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

[Minister of Hunter Kwon Joong Seop, Adopt a boy from a poor area, and encourage him to participate in the campaign “Let’s raise him with love even if he’s not capable!”]

Netizens “next president,” “show-off public opinion play,” contradictory responses…….]

“What? Showing off ceremony?”

” Damn newspaper boys! How dare you write an article like this?” Kwon Joong Seop threw his newspaper on the floor. It was Z’s job to pick up the fallen newspaper.

Z was crouched under the table, and quickly said, “Thank you.” Kwon Joong Seop took the newspaper handed by his skinny arm and he placed it in front of Kwon Joong Seop again.

“If I don’t need to do anything to the babies they gave birth to and throw away, I wouldn’t have to bring a beggar like this!”

Kwon Joong Seop couldn’t overcome his anger and overturned the table.

The luxuriously served table was brutally mixed up so that it was impossible to recognize what food it was originally.

Z, who was hiding under the table, trembled greatly. He acted violently as if he had a disability, and he soon grabbed Z’s hair and dragged it into the room.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh…….”

Z stammered and reached for Kwon Eui Hyun. The 11-year-old’s young fingers were desperate to grab something. When Kwon Eui Hyun made eye contact with Z, he turned his head and swallowed the finished food casually.

People still interact peacefully, love freely and have children. But a new kind of discrimination has arisen. People abandoned their children to own a special ability child. The poverty zone was even more. Success was guaranteed just by entering a special-skilled school, so people in poor areas were constantly fed through breeding.

More than 80% of special abilities were expressed in infancy at the age of 2 to 6. People from poor areas mercilessly throw away if the child was not able to perform by the age of six.

The only one who could take responsibility for their future, which fell to the abyss, was their own child who became a “hunter.”As this phenomenon of “picking children” intensified, the government launched a campaign to love children without distinguishing them through the media.

Such content was constantly broadcast in the media, including advertisements, dramas, and music.

Kwon Joong Seop, who was aiming for the next president, also adopted Z, an abandoned child in poor areas, for his image making. Z was taken to the room as usual and beaten like a dog. Kwon Eui Hyun didn’t care about anything even if something broke down.

“Young master…”

“The old nanny looked at Kwon Eui Hyun with an expression asking him to do something about it.”

…Would it have been better to just live there than live here like this? Kwon Eui Hyun was curious. Even if he wanted to ask, Z didn’t know how to speak properly.

We couldn’t communicate.

Z could only express his feelings raw like a child with a developmental disability. He laughed if he liked it, cried, and shouted if he didn’t like it.

“There’s nothing I can do for him. You know that nanny.”


“Just leave it alone. Time goes by anyway. ”

If he won’t die, time goes by anyway. Z’s pain, which seems to never end, was also supposed to end someday.

Kwon Eui Hyun got up from his chair. The kitchen was simply a mess with a table in a corner, broken bowls, and a mixture of food. When Kwon Eui Hyun flicked his finger roughly, the broken objects returned to their original place.

In an instant, Kwon Eui Hyun calmly carries his bag, leaving the neatly organized table behind.”I’ll be back from school.”

Kwon Eui Hyun, the second-year senior in the middle school department of a special ability school, was so bored every day. Kwon Eui Hyun’s life was repeated every day.

Kwon Joong Seop caught Z when something bad happened in his political life, and each time Z called Kwon Eui Hyun in unknown words, and Kwon Euih yun ignored it.

Z didn’t even go to school properly.

Well, since he didn’t even speak, can he understand that I’m taking classes?

As Z became more and more of a moron in the room, Kwon Eui Hyun passed the exam after graduating from school as a senior and became a hunter.

Since the Third Portal, there have always been large and small portals. Hunters were given differential missions according to their grades and rewarded according to their performance.

Kwon Eui Hyun was one of the few rare S rank, Kwon Joong Seop’s only son, Kwon EuiHyun, became an S-class hunter, giving more support to his supporters.

Kwon Joong Seop became president with his supporters on his back. However, Kwon Joong Seop did not sleep a wink at that time. This is because hunters had to go to block the pale-dead portal.

It took exactly three days to stop the portal. It was already daytime when he finally came into the dormitory after staying up all night for three days.

“Hunter is like a dog.”I’ve never wanted to be. I didn’t even want to. As I lived, I became a hunter as if it were a fixed fate.

Kwon Eui Hyun collapsed on the bed without being able to wash up. The fine black hair was scattered on the bedclothes in blood.

I couldn’t even breathe. My eyes kept closing. Kwon Eui Hyun fell asleep as if he had fainted.

He woke up early in the morning after a whole day. The cell phone rang so loudly that I threw it on the wall, and this time the walkie-talkie was a mess.


When I received the call without opening my eyes, the senior on the same team shouted urgently.

“Eui Hyun, it’s code red! S-levels are all called in! Hurry up and come out! He was famous for being introverted.”

I’ve never seen him make a loud noise, but it was weird today.

“What do you mean? Please explain slowly…”

“-No time to explain… Oh, don’t come! Don’t come! Argh!”

The radio was cut off. Kwon Eui Hyun got up from his seat in surprise.

The cell phone I threw was completely broken by hitting the wall.

Kwon Eui-Hyun removed the blackout curtains. Unimaginably he saw a huge dim moonlight……

“What’s that, crazy…”There was a huge portal open. Kwon Eui Hyun took the walkie-talkie and ran outside. It was not at the level of a portal.

The whole sky was full of the unpleasant aurora, and monsters poured down like hail on it.

People couldn’t escape properly and simply died.”Damn, what the hell is going on?”

I radioed, but no one answered.

Breaking news was coming out on a half-broken screen hung on top of a large company building.

The hunter could block the open portal, but they could not force it open. Isn’t that the realm of God? But as if to laugh at the idea, the screen vividly showed the back of a man who tore the sky and carved a portal with his own hands.

The radio crashed from Kwon Eui Hyun’s hand.”Z, what are you doing over there?”

It’s been a long time since I saw you, but I could see him clearly.

That face that filled the screen, obviously, was Z.

Z grinned with a stale look. And at that moment, all kinds of monsters rushed to pluck Kwon Eui Hyun’s neck.

There was no room for resistance. It perfectly matched the appearance of hell that Eui Hyun once vaguely imagined.

A world of nihilism where there are no living people and only those who are dead or about to die.

The moment I was sure that I would never survive this hell, I felt like I was lying, and I felt like I was losing my strength.” Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.I wanted to call Z by his name just before I died, but unfortunately, I couldn’t. Because Z didn’t even have that common name.

“Damn…baby…”So Z used his original abilities to end the world in a moment. Kwon Eui Hyun faced a strange death.

Not only Kwon Eui Hyun, but all mankind was exterminated by only one person.

< Do you want to reset? Y/N>

The writing appeared in front of the deceased Kwon Eui Hyun.

“What is this?” Kwon Eui Hyun, who had no regrets about life, chose N right away without thinking about it.

Are you crazy? This boring life is finally ending’

<You, who chose N, have no lingering feelings for life!>

< That’s too bad! I’ll give you a chance to reset! >

<Forced reset! 3, 2, 1….>

Damn it! What do you mean?

My eyes brightened up without any time to spit out my desire. The back of my head was tingling.

Kwon Eui Hun opened his eyes wide.

St. Happy Nursery, this was definitely a plaque I’ve seen somewhere. Eui Hyun, I’m taking your brother from here today.

This was the place where I first saw Z.

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The Villain’s Regression Survival Method

The Villain’s Regression Survival Method

악역의 회귀식 생존법
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
  mankind extinct by one man <Do you want to reset? Y/N > In the suddenly floating system, Eui Hyun returns to the unwanted past. "Don't you think you should be loved by me? I have to work hard to hear you say you love me." "Don't be ridiculous. I don't have that taste." Eui Hyun who is neither dead or alive tries to kill Jae I, the culprit, to escape from the hopeless infinite return. For some reason, it always fails. "…I'll help you. I don't want to make you regret it." "You don't need to do anything. Stay still. The more incompetent you become, the better for me." Who is the villain? His relationship with the people around him has changed dramatically from the past and the secret events that are revealed to the surface. What happened in the past? Do you know what it means? To kill God, make him love you. Will Eui Hyun be able to escape from the infinite return of Jae Yi's love?


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