UN Chapter 3

But There Were Three

It had been a while since Song Jiaye’s husband passed away. It was said that widows would have a lot to deal with, and as an omega, he most definitely couldn’t escape that fate.


Song Jiaye’s husband was a wealthy man. He was tall, exquisite and beautiful. In the eyes of most, he was a wonderful alpha. However, his means of getting Song Jiaye were far from glorious. It was forceful and despicable. It had also gotten much worse after marriage. Song Jiaye hated him to the core.


Now that his husband had died, Song Jiaye felt that there were many wolves staring daggers at him, as if he was their soon-to-be prey..


The security in the villa was breached for the third time. It was done so smoothly, it was like a complacent demonstration.

When he walked through the villa’s iron gates, he saw used rubbers hanging on the fence and all over the ground. 


Another time, the electricity cut off while he was watching a drama. Right after, a video of a certain alpha appeared. With a devious smirk, the alpha used a voice changer to spit out excessively obscene words towards him.


Song Jiaye ended up selling his husband’s inheritance and fled from his hometown to the capital.

The capital was prosperous. It also provided better protection for omegas. It was reasonable to think that the situation in his hometown would not repeat itself.

But the normal and quiet days haven’t even passed long before something else happened.


When Song Jiaye came home, he reached out to hold the door handle and felt something sticky and damp in his hand. He was stupefied. He turned on the light in the corridor and saw another full piece of rubber hanging on the door handle.

He was so disgusted, he felt himself about to throw up.


Song Jiaye called the police, and the chief policeman soon arrived at his residence. Because he was an omega, the police chief attached great importance towards him and gently recommended that he remarry as soon as possible. This way, he would be a little better off with an alpha’s protection.


However, Song Jiaye was naturally indifferent. He currently hated the thought marriage, and even his susceptibility period was less than that of other omegas. His husband had tried to use his pheromones to control him into lust, but he failed.

He believed that he was a special omega, yet every other part of his body was normal. Doctors had also said that he was no different from other omegas and would have a very easy time conceiving, but in reality, he was married to his husband for three whole years. They often had intercourse, and yet he never got pregnant.

He had full control of his body. As long as he didn’t want to be controlled by an alpha, he wouldn’t be affected by their pheromones, and most definitely wouldn’t get pregnant. Even if his husband screwed him a billion times, he wouldn’t get pregnant.


And such, Song Jiaye was very stubborn about certain things. Although he had gone through many terrible events recently, he didn’t want to budge. He was content with the way things were.


His husband forced him to marry and become pregnant, Song Jiaye didn’t bother shedding a single tear for his death. He even took his inheritance and fled the place where his husband was born without a second thought.

Now that he was entangled with yet another alpha, to say that he was disgusted would be an understatement. Song Jiaye was revolted –  the smell in the rubber emitted the alpha’s powerful pheromones, no one could mistake it.


Song Jiaye eventually moved houses. The police chief gave him his contact information and asked him to contact him immediately if anything were to happen.


There were too many times where the police chief had to be called soon after. The pervert had not given him a chance to breathe. He’d been harassing him non-stop until finally, Song Jiaye had gotten enough. As he was utterly aggravated, he hotheadedly agreed to the police chief’s proposal.

The police chief was a young alpha who looked like he had just graduated. Although he was very good-looking, he had no shortage of the masculinity of an alpha. He even had a surprisingly good family background. He sincerely said that he fell in love with Song Jiaye at first sight. When he said this, he blushed and said that even if Song Jiaye refused him, he would still try his best to track down the damn harasser for him and send that pervert to prison.

But Song Jiaye could no longer stand the harassment of this unknown alpha. He was immensely sure that the same alpha had been harassing him. The same, strong scent of pheromones was his strongest proof of that.


Omegas were indeed in a weak position in this world. Even with the protection of the federal government, once they were forcibly involved with an alpha, they would get into a marital relationship under the protection of the law, even if the omega doesn’t want to.

Song Jiaye was repulsed by such a world, but he didn’t have the power to change anything. He could only seek shelter and salvation in a remarriage.


He had a good impression of the police chief, he always knew the right time to either advance or retreat. He didn’t see any visible red flags, so he had become his best candidate.

It’s just that Song Jiaye had slight regrets after marrying the police chief. Generally, most alphas were all like this. Exceedingly rude in that aspect, but very gentle afterwards. In this sense, he was quite similar to his ex-husband. Fortunately, the police chief was an honest man, full of passion for his career. Song Jiaye admired him for his heroic appearance as he seeks and succeeds in sending numerous criminals to prison.

This was not at all similar to his heinous ex-husband. He was coerced by him when he was younger. According to the law, he had to marry his ex-husband without complaints. In addition, his ex-husband was too enthusiastic about him, which made him unable to stand it.

Good thing he’s dead.


Although the alpha who harassed him still wasn’t caught, it was believed that he knew Song Jiaye remarried and was under another alpha’s protection, and so the harassment towards him came to an end.

He’d also enjoy the times where he and the police chief had intimate moments. The police chief was someone with a lot of charm and charisma. Song Jiaye was attracted to such a man, so he could endure his excessive demands and promised to give birth for him under his insistence.


Three years later, he finally got pregnant. The police chief went to the hospital with him for an examination. On the way back, they received a phone call saying that the police station needed him for something. Song Jiaye understood and told him to go first.


The police chief hurriedly apologized and left. Song Jiaye actually preferred his career-minded appearance. If he put all his thoughts on him and stuck to him like glue, he would’ve despised him, like he did with his ex-husband.

Song Jiaye liked his current marriage. He had some sweet thoughts about it.


After leaving, the police chief didn’t head to the police station, instead, he went to a friend’s place.

The police chief’s friend was an S-level alpha with similar a family background and stunning looks as himself. 

The pheromones that he sent out were strong and pungent. If Song Jiaye was there, he would instantly recognize the scent.


When the police chief arrived, he was in a good mood. He said to his friend, “Jiaye is pregnant. We checked, it’s going to be an alpha. He’s bearing my child.”


His friend immediately poured cold water on him, “If he knew that you were the one who killed his ex-husband, and not to mention how you deliberately used my… Ah, you would scare him so much, I’m afraid that with his physique, he would immediately miscarry.”

The police chief looked at him. With a sweet smile he said, “That’s why you need to keep our little secret well, my dearest Wen.”

Song Jiaye’s delicate face appeared in his friend’s mind, he gave a light grin as he replied, “Very well, my lips are sealed.”



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Unknown Number

Unknown Number

Status: Completed Type: , Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Xie Mian received a message from an unknown number. Dog blood is dark and black. It's crazy to attack and force love. Here are my short stories. The gongs are mostly abnormal, and the stories are full of horror and supernatural elements – read at your own risk.


  1. Bambootriangle says:

    Hoho manipulative

  2. Ketkai says:

    Mixed feelings with the ml 😭 like, sure, he was helpful and doting towards the mc. But the tactics he used to get our baby to his side is 😬 We don’t even know how and when he fell in love and if he knew mc’s special physique. Poor friend 😅 Used as a means to get the mc. In a sense, they’re also accomplices 😶

  3. Violet Evergarden 31 says:

    Nope, even if I do like Yandere/possessive charas, I detest those who use manipulation to stomp on the weak and loyal type (goes both sides, be it top or bottom) and especially in an ABO world, where the Omega is portrayed as weak, feeble and unable to ask or receive help, being treated as w—–or toys to…sigh it’s just disgusting. Even the person who killed the ex and pretended to save the ‘beauty’ was just another stalker wolf with his friend as an accomplice to confide in.
    If only their ‘—–‘ could wither and tear apart, it would be more satisfying (it makes me realise at times irl how worse it would be for a victim to be all alone bearing humiliation with nobody to help and/or how certain cases turn cold without anyone’s knowledge when turned a complete blind eye, it’s fictional content here, so no complaints, just the injustice part felt wrong.)

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