UHHE ch7

Becoming an Adventurer

Chapter 7: Becoming an Adventurer

The morning after I cured Reno’s older sister Minya and won their trust, the two came to the inn. Reno greeted me with a big smile full of energy, her beautiful features glistening in the morning sun.

“Good morning, Mister Lars!”

“Good morning, Lars.”

“Oh, good morning. Reno, Minya, it’s nice to see you.”

“What are you doing today?”

“I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday, but I think I’ll become an adventurer. If you go into a dungeon, Minya, I would be able to form a party with you. I can also use it as an ID card.”

Minya’s black hair shook as she nodded her head. “I agree. If I vouch for you, Lars, you can become an adventurer.”

“Thank you, Minya.”

“As expected of my sister!”

“Well then, should we go now?”


“I’ve paid for protection the rest of this month, so I’m going to scavenge in the dump!” Reno said with a smile. After saying goodbye, Minya and I headed to the Adventurers’ Guild.


The Adventurers’ Guild was a beautiful white building along Main Street. I went inside with Minya following me. The woman at the reception desk glanced at us once before returning to the documents in her hands. Then, her eyes widened and did a double take at the woman behind me.

“Eh?! Lady Minya of the Black Gale?”

The reaction surprised me – Minya seemed to have been a powerful person with a title.

Minya stretched, flicking back her cat ears, and said with a clear face, “Yes. I’ve fully recovered, so I’m here again.”

“Ah, yes! Please come this way! Whatever can I do for you today?”

I went up to the counter, “I’m here to become an adventurer.”

“If you want to become an adventurer, you need to train at a training center and then take an exam, or be recommended by a high-ranked adventurer… But either way, the registration fee is 5,000 kali.”

“Ah, I’ll vouch for him. Lars has the ability to work as an adventurer.”

“Okay, Lady Minya! I’ll get his paperwork together right away.” The woman at the reception desk rushed to the back room, while talking to her boss, she gathered a crystal ball and papers.
Minya, on the other hand, was staring at an adventurer further inside the guild with dark eyes. Somehow, I could feel the cold bloodlust emanating from Minya’s toned limbs.

I softly asked, “What’s wrong, Minya?”

“Hm. There they are. How unpleasant.” Following Minya’s gaze, I looked towards the back of the room.

The back of the guild was laid out like a tavern, and there were some men drinking at the bar. Men many times larger than me, with thick and protruding muscles. Just by looking at them, I could tell they were strong, veteran warriors. They were making a lot of noise while drinking sake.

Quietly, I asked, “Did they hurt Minya?”


“I’ll help you with them, but somewhere more private later.”

“Thank you,” Minya raised her black tail and nodded.

The receptionist returned and placed a crystal ball on the counter. “Please gently hold the crystal, I will record your information onto your adventurer card.”

“Of course,” I grabbed the ball obediently. It emitted a faint, pure blue light as the woman filled out the card.

She handed me my new ID. “Yes, here you go, you’ve completed the registration. Since this is an official document, please do not lose it.”


“Then 5000 kali, please.”

“Here,” After handing over five gold coins, I examined my new card. Various numbers and skills were written on it.

Name: Lars
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race: Human

Occupation: Unemployed
Occupation: Adventurer: Lvl 1 (E)

[Parameter] (At LvlUP, all stats +0.1)
Strength: 11
Agility: 13
Magic: $3#4
Knowledge: 9
Luck: 8

Vitality: 48
Spiritual Power: E7%&

Attack Power: 150
Defense Power: 210
Magic Attack Power: W!=%
Magic Defense: ?~K*

[Combat Skills]
Dagger Handling Lvl 1: A skill that applies to all daggers. You will be good at cutting, removing branches, etc. {Proficiency: 100/100)
Throw Lvl 1: Hunter’s initial skill. Throw stones, daggers, etc to deal damage. (Proficiency: 100/100)

[Auxiliary Skills]
Heal Lvl ^2&: Divine beginner magic. Instantly restores a small amount of vitality. (Proficiency: F*9&B1/65535)
Treatment Knowledge Lvl 1: Judge treatment methods for injuries, bone fractures, and illnesses. (Proficiency: 100/100)
Escape Lvl 1: Escape from a dangerous target. (Proficiency: 100/100)
MS%W16: Oiku<jhytgfredws

I looked at the card and tilted my head.

“E means E rank, so when I level up, my abilities will increase by 0.1, huh. Weak… Hmmm?” I couldn’t make heads or tails of some of the writing. Since I was unsure, I asked the woman, “Um, the notation here is strange.”

“Did I register you incorrectly? Ah, it’s likely that you’re forcing yourself to use magic even though you don’t have an affinity? Since the writing is wrong – well, I can’t adjust it here, so please use it for now. Once I figure out why it came out abnormal, it may be possible to issue you a new one.”

“Haha, I understand.”

Looking at it again, I notice my occupation was unemployed. Not even a villager. Even registering as an adventurer didn’t remove my joblessness. No matter how hard I try to get a job, it will be in vain. Even simple [Heal] spells took time to cast and I still couldn’t fight. Wow.

Seeing my depressed expression, Minya came to my side. “Then Lars, do you want to go to a dungeon now?”

“Yes, please.”

“Then, let’s form a party.”

Minya handed both cards to the receptionist. The woman put the two cards on top of each other and put them in a press. With a bang, ‘Party’ was written on the cards. Perhaps because of the party effect, I was able to sense what direction Minya was in.

After that, Minya took me to the dungeon in the hills outside the city. She lifted her chin and strode majestically down Main Street. Watching her from behind, her long tail swayed and swayed, and she had the air of a strong, confident warrior.

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The Ultimate Heel Heals Everything! ~ Repairing Trash Into Rare Items!

The Ultimate Heel Heals Everything! ~ Repairing Trash Into Rare Items!

極めたヒールがすべてを癒す! ~村で無用になった僕は、拾ったゴミを激レアアイテムに修繕して成り上がる!~
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Lars, an orphan, was seriously injured when he was a child. His life was saved by a Healer. Since then he worked hard to train in Healing magic. Even when there were no people or livestock to cure, he practiced Healing against trees and rocks. However, Lars, whose vocation was [Unemployed], could only use the lowest level heals no matter how much he practiced, and even those heals would not activate unless he physically touched the target. You can't even be a healer for an adventuring party if you can't heal them on the fly in battle. Also, he couldn't learn swordsmanship, magic, hunting, or farming. Eventually, at the age of 17, he was expelled from the village as useless when an intermediate level healer arrived. Lars went out into the city looking for a place to live. He noticed that unlike the village, people threw away lots of items that were strewn about as garbage. He had an idea: Perhaps it would be profitable to pick up broken swords, rusted armour etc., repair them with [Heal] and sell them? So Lars picked up trash here and there, fixed it up just like new and sold it. For some reason all the items he picked up were high-quality items, so he made a lot of money. But Lars was unaware: Whenever he fixed up weapons and armor, it acquired excellent unique bonuses such as [Attack Speed Increase: Large] and [Fire Resistance: Maximum]. Although it was regarded by people around him as impossible magic, he continued to misunderstand that the tr*sh he picked up was luckily high-class stuff. Thus he established his own shop and thrived, and he became the hero of the city with just [Heal].


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