TVVSH Chapter 8

08. School forum

  Jiang Juan was embarrassed to be seen through. He touched his nose and said, “Don’t think too much about it, I just… that…”

  Xie Jingxian waited quietly. Jiang Juan stammered for a long time, then he thought the since he has already been exposed, then let it be. That kid Bai Guang had already sold him, since the jar is already broken, it won’t be a problem if I just smash it, “I just felt that what I did before was wrong, and now I want to make up for it and be friends with you.


        Jiang Juan looked at Xie Jingxian’s expressionless face and asked, “Do you blame me? In the first year of high school, I used to always bully you.”

        Xie Jingxian’s eyes fell on Jiang Juan’s face, he raised his eyebrows slightly, and repeated Jiang Juan’s words in a low voice, “Bully me.”

        Xie Jingxian’s voice was indifferent, but Jiang Juan could hear the sarcasm within it, and he blinked. At this time, 088 jumped out unwillingly, “Let me translate it for you. What he means is that you are too useless and was not able cause him any harm or trouble.”

        Jiang Juan gratefully said, “Thank you, but there is no need to translate. I can understand it. Also, let me correct you, it was the original owner, not me.”

        Jiang Juan was not angry, but felt that what Xie Jingxian said was right, at least before the college entrance examination, the original owner’s series of actions did not hold much weight. They could not be called vicious.

        It was normal for Xie Jingxian not to take seriously what the original owner did.

        Jiang Juan smiled and said, “I didn’t bully you, I didn’t bully you, ok. Then can we be friends in the future?”

        If they were friends, he could justifiably take Xie Jingxian to eat, and he wouldn’t be hungry anymore. And Xie Jingxian was in constant trouble. Every time he appeared at the scene of the fight to protect himself from pain, he couldn’t keep making excuses and say that he just happened to be nearby. It would be too many coincidences. Xie Jingxian is not a fool, he will not believe it every time.

        At that time, if Xie Jingxian thought that he was monitoring him, it would be troublesome.

        Jiang Juan also wanted to wait for the female protagonist to appear, spend the next few years here in peace, and then go home after the end of the plot. He didn’t want to be hated by Xie Jingxian.

Regarding Jiang Juan’s words, Xie Jingxian did not say anything and ate his breakfast quietly.

        Jiang Juan wanted to say something else, when he saw that the system page was suddenly popped up, and 088 circled the favorability and trust, showing two big duck eggs.

        088 said, “I think you should take it slow, at least wait until your points are above zero, and then bring up the matter of being friends. If you continue being like this, he will think that you have an ulterior motive.”

        Jiang Juan said confidently, “It’s okay, I have a sense of measure. You don’t need to worry.” He then closed the page again.

        Jiang Juan pushed an egg in front of Xie Jingxian and said to him, “You need have three meals a day in the future, especially have to eat breakfast, otherwise you will continue to suffer from stomach problems.”

        Jiang Juan words were exactly the same as Aunt Rong. Xie Jingxian raised his eyebrows, “Look at you. You have three meals everyday, yet your stomach is not very good.”

        Jiang Juan glared at Xie Jingxian, thinking who was to be blamed for this.

        Jiang Juan said, “I … it was because the drinks were too cold, and I couldn’t stand it for a while, but it’s still different from you.”

        The two chatted, although Jiang Juan was the one mostly talking, but Xie Jingxian occasionally responded with a few words. The atmosphere between the two was quite natural, like friends who have known each other for many years.

        Xie Jingxian quickly put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth with the tissue next to him. Seeing him get up, Jiang Juan shouted, “Hey, are you done? Wait for me.”

        Maybe the atmosphere was too good, Jiang Juan subconsciously said the words in his heart. He grabbed Xie Jingxian’s wrist to prevent him from leaving, and at the same time abandoned the spoon, picked up the porridge bowl and directly drank from it.

        The young man had a straight back, and his hands holding the porridge bowl were fair and slender. When he was drinking porridge, his dark eyes kept staring at him. Xie Jingxian couldn’t help thinking of the kitten he fed every day, and for a moment he forgot to shake Jiang Juan’s hand away.

        Jiang Juan was drinking porridge when suddenly he heard a ding sound in his mind, “Favorability level +1.”

        Jiang Juan snorted, and the next moment he heard 088’s cheering voice in his head, “Congratulations to the host!”

        Jiang Juan subconsciously glanced at the interface , although the favorability is still at a pitiful 1/100, but it is already a very good breakthrough.


        After breakfast, Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian returned to the classroom. At this time, there was still more than half an hour left before the early morning self-study session started, but there were already more than a dozen people sitting in the classroom.

        It was the second year of high school, and they will be facing the college entrance examination next year, how can the students not be working hard.

        These learning enthusiasts in the class were immersed in their studies, because of which the classroom was quiet. Suddenly they heard footsteps outside the door. The students subconsciously raised their heads and glanced outside the door. They saw Xie Jingxian and Jiang Juan walk in one after the another.

        Jiang Juan’s eyebrows and eyes looked tired, and he looked like he didn’t get to sleep. As soon as he got to his seat, he plopped his head on the desk to catch up with sleep, as did Xie Jingxian on his other side of the classroom.

        The students of the Class 2 looked at each other, while their hearts were itching to gossip.

        Everyone knows that the grievances between Xie Jingxian and Jiang Juan began in the first year of high school. Everyone thought that it will continue to be so till their graduation, or to be more precise Jiang Juan would continue tormenting Xie Jingxian till graduation. They have been eagerly waiting for an outbreak, but the atmosphere between the two suddenly changed when the second year of high school started.

        Not to mention that Jiang Juan no longer troubles Xie Jingxian, and not only that, he even gave Xie Jingxian snacks before which they really found unbelievable.

        Especially today, looking at the sleepy appearance of these two, it’s obvious that they did not happen to meet outside, but came together. What were they doing last night? Together like this?

        On weekdays, the two of them have never had such a harmonious atmosphere around them. Seeing this the students were no longer in the mood to study, instead using their brains to guess what happened between those two.

        Jiang Juan didn’t know what everyone was thinking and ignorantly fell asleep. Jiang Juan slept for the whole morning self-study period, but when he woke up, the seat next to him was still vacant.

        Xu Rang had fun for almost the whole night. He didn’t come for the self-study session, skipping the class. When he came back secretly, he was caught by the head teacher and was punished to stand and listen to the class.

        Taking advantage of the break between the classes, Xu Rang laid on the table and said to Jiang Juan with a painful face, “If I knew earlier, I would have slept outside for the full morning and then came back.”

        Jiang Juan who was feeling refreshed after sleeping, ignored Xu Rang and meticulously started to do the math paper.

        Xu Rang looked at him for a while, and said, “Brother Juan, this year’s good student persona has persisted for a long time. Is it the consequence of Uncle Jiang teaching you a harsh lesson this year?”

        In the first semester of high school, Jiang Juan’s appalling test results were seen by President Jiang, and he was punished very badly. Xu Rang witnessed Jiang Juan’s tragic fate during the winter vacation, and naturally thought that it was the consequence of Father Jiang’s beating.

        It’s just that this persona has lasted for too long.

        Jiang Juan glanced at Xu Rang and said, “No, it’s the result of your brother’s self-reliance and self-improvement. You go to sleep. Don’t disturb me.”

        With Xu Rang’s family background, Jiang Juan is not worried that he will fail the college entrance examination and will not be able to support himself. No matter how messed up he is, his family’s money is enough for him to squander his whole life.

        Xu Rang lay on the table and wailed, “Brother Juan, are you really going to concentrate on your studies and abandon your brother? What about your great cause of being the school tyrant?”

        Jiang Juan thought that he would like to express that it was the original owner who was a school tyrant, even though he was as weak as a chicken. If it wasn’t for Ye Pei, Xu Rang and his family background, he would have long been pressed to the ground and beaten up.

        Jiang Juan turned the paper over and said, “Look at Ye Pei, who can be a school grass while also being a school bully, and then look at you. Don’t you find yourself shameful?”

        Xu Rang laughed, “Brother Juan, if you scold me, aren’t you also scolding yourself? Don’t you feel embarrassed?”

        “Not embarrassing.” Jiang Juan said, “I will soon become a top student, and then you will be the one feeling embarrassed.”

        The bell rang.

        The third period is Chinese, taught by the old man Ren Tao, who was also the head class teacher of Class 2. Xu Rang was standing in the back, bored while secretly playing with his mobile phone. It was fine if he was playing with it quietly, but unfortunately he caught someone’s attention.

        As the head teacher of Class 2, Ren Tao had always wanted to bring all the students in the class on the right track. Unfortunately, Jiang Juan and Xu Rang were two brats who refused to listen to him. Only their parents could manage them, that too only for a while. Soon they will come back to their old ways.

        These two problem students always gave Ren Tao a headache, but he had never thought of giving up on them. Since beginning of the new semester, Jiang Juan had not violated any discipline and always listened carefully in class, but Xu Rang was still the same.

        Ren Tao hated the iron for not becoming steel.[1]failing to meet one’s expectations. He looked at Xu Rang and said, “You, go to the corridor and stand there.”

        Xu Rang was not afraid of anything at school, but he was still a little afraid of the old man because he would always call his parents! Calling his parents meant that his back will suffer from the attacks of the vicious cane.

        After Xu Rang went out, Jiang Juan’s cell phone vibrated. He didn’t have to look to know who sent it, so Jiang Juan ignored it.

        After the class, Xu Rang was called to the office by the old class teacher, and was reprimanded a lot, but he didn’t take seriously. As soon as he came back, he pulled Jiang Juan, “Brother Juan, why didn’t you reply to my text?”

        Jiang Juan replied concisely, “Studying.”

        “So you didn’t read it, did you?”

        Jiang Juan said, “What did you send?” As he spoke, he took out his phone, but when he saw the content of the message, he couldn’t help but pause.

        What Xu Rang sent was a link to the forum. When he entered the forum, he saw a photo. The photo was of him and Xie Jingxian fighting last night.

        He saw himself and Xie Jingxian standing back-to-back under the dim yellow street lights, surrounded by a bunch gangsters with sticks in their hands.

        Xie Jingxian’s posture was straight and only half of his handsome face could be seen, his eyes were extremely cold and had a light glint within them. Even through the photo, people can feel his coldness. One couldn’t help but think of a cold sword being unsheathed on a snowy night, so sharp and cold that he doesn’t seem like a mortal.

        On the other hand, Jiang Juan had a faint smile on his lips, which was in stark contrast to the people around him. At the same time, his smile caused Xie Jingxian’s cold temperament to lessen a lot, revealing a bit of warmth.

        It can be seen that this photo was taken secretly, but the pixels and the angle at which it was taken were very good.

        Looking at the photo, Jiang Juan couldn’t help but think that Xie Jingxian really deserves to be the male protagonist. With such a figure and temperament, of course, he is the best of the best, but in this photo, he still loses when it comes to his aura.

        Jiang Juan decided that he would remember to not laugh while fighting the next time, so that he would look more solemn and sombre.

        After looking at the photo for a while, Jiang Juan finally noticed the title of the post, [Surprised, the school bully and the school grass in our school actually did this kind of thing in public late at night——]


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1 failing to meet one’s expectations.

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