TVVSH- Chapter 62

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Ch. 62 To the hot springs

       This was how the tutor was decided.

       When Xu Rang learned that Xie Jingxian moved into Jiang’s house and became Jiang Juan’s tutor, he shouted that Jiang Juan was cunning, that he even asked the school topper to tutor him.

       But when he thought about it again, he and Xie Jingxian were not very close, and even the relationship between the two was not quite deep. Although the two could talk now because of Jiang Juan, they seemed to have a good relationship only on the surface. Would Xie Jingxian even agree to tutor him? After all, he was also worried that Xie Jingxian would take the opportunity to take revenge on him when he was tutoring him.

       If Xie Jingxian discriminated against him, it would be bad.

       After learning about Xu Rang’s thoughts, Jiang Juan rolled his eyes. He said that he was trying to gauge the heart of a gentleman with the mind of a villain, and that Xie Jingxian might not even take him seriously.

       Xu Rang denounced Jiang Juan as being fond of the new and tired of the old, abandoning his old friends for the new, and being cold-blooded and ruthless.

       Jiang Juan said, “Aren’t you embarrassed to say this ? Who the hell was it who abandoned their old friends? You were the one who forgot the old after getting new. You only know about chanting Xia Qing’s name everyday.”

       Hearing that Xu Rang’s cheeks immediately flushed red, and he looked a little embarrassed, but he still raised his voice to fight back, “Brother Juan, I will be sad if you say that. If you want to say that, it was you who did it first, being around Xie Jingxian everyday.”

       Jiang Juan sneered, as he changed his posture on the sofa, and said lazily, “I’m making friends, and you’re chasing your wife, can I be the same as you?”

       The word ‘wife’ made Xu Rang feel happy and embarrassed at the same time. He could only hide it and let out a snort. He wanted to continue to talk to Jiang Juan, when he heard Jiang Juan say, “Stop talking, and study hard, I’ll bring you a test paper tomorrow to see if you’ve been lazy these days.” After speaking, he ignored Xu Rang’s wailing and hung up the video call.

       The afternoon weather was very pleasant, Jiang Juan was humming a song, lying on the sofa while playing with his mobile phone.

       088 felt that as a fellow teammate, he still had to work hard, so he said, “Don’t you think that Xu Rang and Xia Qing look good?”

       Jiang Juan asked, “What’s good?”

       088 said, “At the best age, meeting someone you like and working hard for them is such a blessing.”

       Jiang Juan was silent for a moment, and then frowned, “You haven’t found your wife yet?”

       088: ?

       Jiang Juan said, “I actually want to introduce you to a girl, but unfortunately you are not even human, so I can’t help you even if I want.”

       088 almost burst out cursing, “You are the one who’s not human!”

       Jiang Juan said, “Are you human?”

       088: “…have been with you humans for too long.” It always felt that this sentence was a curse.

       088 added, “I don’t need you to introduce someone to me, I am very popular in our place.”

       Jiang Juan snorted and asked again, “So have you found your wife yet?”

       088: “…” I don’t need a wife!

       Jiang Juan said, “As I said, I’m stable here, you don’t have to look at me all the time, darling, go and do your own business. I look forward to seeing you with your wife in the future, come on! “

088: “…” Come on! If this system cares about you again, I will be a pig!

After fighting with his best friend and partner, Jiang Juan was in a good mood. He leaned on the sofa and saw Xie Jingxian coming out of the kitchen with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

       Jiang Juan took it and drank it, and happened to see the news pop-up on his mobile phone, which was an advertisement for Xiaohua Hot Spring.

       As early as in the winter camp, Jiang Juan had been thinking about going to the hot spring, but he never had the chance. Now that the homework is not much, he asked Xie Jingxian for his opinion.

       After Xie Jingxian nodded, Jiang Juan booked a ticket quickly and settled on the weekend trip to the hot springs.

       Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it was the weekend. Jiang Juan got up early and saw that the sun was shining brightly, and the weather looked fine.

       On the way to Xiaohua, Jiang Juan asked Xie Jingxian, “I lied to you, you really aren’t angry? You don’t think I…”

       Xie Jingxian continued, “Think you are pitying me?”

       Jiang Juan immediately shook his head, “How is that possible!”

       In his view, Xie Jingxian makes money by his own hard work, which is very admirable.

       Jiang Juan had once asked himself whether he had the courage to work and earn money to support himself at the age of Xie Jingxian, while taking care of his studies and maintaining the first place in his grade. The final answer was that it was very difficult.

       Xie Jingxian laughed, his dark eyes were like stars in the dark night, shining brightly, as he said, “Don’t think too much, I know you won’t.”

       Seeing Xie Jingxian’s curved lips, Jiang Juan also couldn’t help but laugh along.

       It’s been almost a week since Xie Jingxian moved into Jiang’s house. On the surface, Jiang Juan looks cheerful, but in fact his heart has always been hanging. He is worried that there will be a rift between him and Xie Jingxian because of this.

       At this moment, looking at Xie Jingxian’s eyes, he was finally completely relieved.

       Jiang Juan was overjoyed when he heard Xie Jingxian say, “When we go back from Xiaohua, you have to read and review the lessons carefully. You could have scored higher on the set of papers yesterday, but you were too careless.”

       Jiang Juan clasped his hands together, “Mr. Xie, after you have taught it yesterday, I have written down all the important points, and will never do the same mistake again in the future. And since we are going out to play, can you not mention the studies.”

       Xie Jingxian was amused by Jiang Juan’s appearance at this time, and felt that he looked very cute, so he raised his hand and rubbed Jiang Juan’s hair.

Jiang Juan only felt that an electric current spreading to his whole body along Xie Jingxian’s fingertips, causing half of his body to go numb.

       He jumped up like a frightened cat, but forgot that the space in the car was small, so Xie Jingxian grabbed him and said, “Be careful.” Because of that, Jiang Juan suddenly fell on Xie Jingxian.

       The heater was on in the car, so the two had taken off their jackets and were only wearing their sweaters. At this time, they were very close to each other, so much that they could even feel each other’s body temperature along the place where their bodies touched.

       Jiang Juan’s cheeks became even hotter. He supported the himself with one hand and tried to get up, but due to inexplicable panic he failed several times. In the end, Xie Jingxian pressed his shoulder and said, “Don’t move!”

       Xie Jingxian’s voice rang in his ears, low and deep but very pleasant, as if there was a trace of command in it. Jiang Juan was taken aback and stayed still.

       After a few seconds, Xie Jingxian said, “Your heartbeat is so fast.”

       Jiang Juan felt a little flustered in his heart for some reason, as he said, “I… I was very frightened as I suddenly fell like this.” He finally gathered up his strength, got up quickly, and sat next to him to organize his clothes.

       Xie Jingxian chuckled lightly, but said nothing.

       While Jiang Juan was adjusting his breath, he quietly looked at Xie Jingxian, always feeling that Xie Jingxian, who had been smiling all the time today… looked very handsome.

       Realizing what he was thinking, Jiang Juan patted his cheeks with both of his hands, and said in his heart, “Sober up, we even sit at the same table everyday.”

       Although Xie Jingxian had turned his head to look out the window, he kept paying attention to Jiang Juan’s little movements. He leaned back in the seat, with his lips curled up, feeling relaxed and happy like never before.

       Jiang Juan lowered his head and covered his cheeks to calm down. After a while, he saw Xie Jingxian handing over an opened bottle of mineral water.

       Jiang Juan took it and drank half a bottle. After he felt that the heat on his face had dissipated a little, he coughed lightly and said, “I’m sorry.”

       Xie Jingxian smiled, “It doesn’t matter.”

       By the time they got off the car, Jiang Juan had already put aside his little embarrassment. The sun was shining brightly today, the two of them asked the driver to stop halfway, and each with a backpack, they walked up the mountain.


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