TVVSH- Chapter 60


Ch. 60 Resume

       Jiang Juan got in the car and sent a message to Xie Jingxian, saying that he was passing by his house, and that he had something to tell him.

       Xie Jingxian said he knew, and told him to pay attention to safety on the road.

       Jiang Juan stared at the chat page, thinking that this person is not curious at all. If their position is exchanged, he will definitely pester Xie Jingxian to ask what is going on.

       Considering that Xie Jingxian lived alone and usually ate cold food, Jiang Juan got off the car and bought some food. As soon as he entered the community, his phone vibrated, which was a text message from Xie Jingxian.

       Xie Jingxian: Haven’t arrived yet? We can eat out. Wait for me at the mall, there is a new restaurant with a good reputation.

       Jiang Juan smiled and was about to reply that he was downstairs at his house, when he saw a few people walking out of the corridor where Xie Jingxian lived.

       The one at the head was in a suit and leather shoes, with his hair neatly combed backwards and his face somewhat familiar.

       Jiang Juan frowned. He had seen this man in the photos, he was Han Shuo’s confidant. It is quite self-evident why he is here today.

       Jiang Juan sneered, it seems that his email really made Han Shuo feel uneasy. Don’t know how Han Xingye is doing these days.

       Jiang Juan deleted the words typed in the chat box and replied, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

       Jiang Juan left the community, and when he was leaving, he found that not all of them had left, there were two people standing downstairs. Jiang Juan frowned in disgust. Are these guys going to stay here until Xie Jingxian agrees to go back to the Han family?

In this old community, the security system is extremely poor, and anyone can come in casually. Jiang Juan began to think about whether to let Xie Jingxian move out of here.

       When Xie Jingxian arrived, Jiang Juan was standing at the entrance of the shopping mall.

       Jiang Juan is not like his peers, who want look cool rather than be warm. Recently, the temperature has cooled down a lot. He wore a long down jacket and a scarf around his neck. He is very careful to keep himself warm, but even so, the cold wind blew his nose red.

Xie Jingxian suddenly regretted making an appointment here, and at the same time blamed himself, that he should not have handled the matter with the Han family so passively, and should have taken some action.

Just as he was thinking about it, he saw Jiang Juan turn in his direction.

When he saw him, Jiang Juan’s eyes suddenly lit up, and then a bright smile appeared on his face, as he waved at him from a distance.

Like a small pebble falling into the lake, Xie Jingxian felt ripples in his heart. He calmed down and stepped forward while saying, “When did you arrive, why are you standing outside?”

       Jiang Juan said, “I’m afraid that you can’t find me.” He pulled Xie Jingxian and said, “Let’s go and eat, I’m almost starving to death.”

       They went to the newly opened hot pot restaurant on the fourth floor of the mall. Even though it was just opened, the business of the store was blooming, the two of them had to wait for a long time to get their seats.

The pot was filled up with the ingredients quickly. Jiang Juan put food into the pot while chatting with Xie Jingxian, “How is your job search going?”

Xie Jingxian shook his head. Jiang Juan said, “Have you ever thought about being a tutor? Your grades are so good, if you tutor others, their grades would definitely go up.”

Xie Jingxian poured juice for Jiang Juan, “The time is not right.”

The schedule of second year of high school students is very tight, and he can make barely make it through, but no parent will be willing to let their children get tutoring classes after ten o’clock in the night.

       Jiang Juan thought ‘How is it not suitable? You have one right in front of you, and even the time can be adjusted.’ But when the words came to his mouth, he felt that it was inappropriate to say these words now, regardless of the place or time.

       He didn’t know whether Xie Jingxian would agree. And what if Xie Jingxian gets angry? In such a public place, he couldn’t play coquettish and roll around or leave him behind.

After thinking for a while, Jiang Juan said, “How do you know if you don’t give it a try? How about we put up a resume on the Internet, and let people contact you if they are interested. You see you’ve been working so hard during this period of time, running around everywhere, causing you to fall behind in your studies.”

Xie Jingxian thought for a while, but did not refuse.

So Xie Jingxian put up his resume, and immediately the next morning, someone contacted him. Xie Jingxian told Jiang Juan the news. Jiang Juan was very happy and said that he must have a good chat with them, in case there is hope.

It was exactly as Jiang Juan said.

When Xie Jingxian arrived at the agreed coffee shop, he saw a graceful lady.

The lady’s child was also studying at Jincheng High School, and she had heard Xie Jingxian’s name, so when she saw him, she warmly greeted him and even complimented him.

       Xie Jingxian has heard a lot of compliments from childhood to adulthood, but this is the first time someone has been complimented him from his toe to the tip of his hair.

       The woman has a straightforward temperament. After praising Xie Jingxian, she started talking about the main topic. She didn’t go around in circles, but directly talked about the salary.

       There will be a special car to pick him up, even his meals and a place to live will be arranged, and the salary was especially high.

       Xie Jingxian felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t find anything amiss with the lady’s expression or tone. In the end, he made an appointment with the woman to try a class in the afternoon, and then talk about it later.

After deciding on a time, Xie Jingxian left.

The woman watched Xie Jingxian’s back disappear before she retracted her gaze. She picked up the handbag on the side, got up and went to a table in the corner of the store.

The lady raised her eyebrows at the person sitting there, and said proudly, “How is it, Auntie’s acting is good, right?”

Jiang Juan got up and helped the woman to sit down, then pushed the small cake in front of him to the woman, and said with a smile, “Aunt Gao, you are really amazing. If you enter the entertainment industry, all the actresses will have to make way for you.”

The woman smiled and said, “You child, why didn’t I find out that your mouth was so sweet before.”

This woman is Jiang Yue’s friend. Xie Jingxian is familiar with Jiang Juan’s family driver, the cooking aunt, and the other servants. So, it is inconvenient for them to show up, so Jiang Juan asked his mother’s good sister for help.

A mother’s favorite is a handsome, good-looking and motivated child. Coupled with Xie Jingxian’s tragic life experience, Gao Han has a lot of love for Xie Jingxian in her heart, and immediately said that he can rest assured, she will do it.

Facts have proved that Gao Han has completed the mission perfectly. She sat with Jiang Juan for a while, and then left after sometime.

Jiang Juan was not in a hurry to leave. While eating the cake with a spoon, he asked Xie Jingxian how things were going on WeChat.

088 watched Jiang Juan happily send WeChat messages, and couldn’t endure it any longer, “You took such a long road, just to let Xie Jingxian be your tutor? Based on your grades, do you even need it?”

“Of course I do.” Jiang Juan bit his spoon and said vaguely, “I want to get into the same university as Xie Jingxian, so to be on the safer side, I have to raise my grades.”

This time, 088 was silent for a long time before he said, “I think Xie Jingxian has been in a stable state recently. You don’t have to focus all your attention on him. Do you want to find other things to do?”

Jiang Juan said, “For example?”

“For example, find a girl to get into a relationship.” 088 continued, “High school life without puppy love is incomplete.”

This time, Jiang Juan was silent, and after a while he asked, “Are you… lonely?”

       088 almost choked up, as Jiang Juan continued to say thoughtfully, “How about I give you a few days off? Don’t worry, with my ability to work, Xie Jingxian will be fine, you can fall in love without worries.”

       088 held back for a long time, and finally produced a series of ellipses.

After a while 088 said to himself, the path is yours to choose, so I won’t worry about it.

       As a fellow teammate, I wish you happiness.


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The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart

The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
After his accidental death, Jiang Juan transmigrated as a vicious villain in a novel. The villain was always bullying the male protagonist, which resulted in his miserable end. After passing through, Jiang Juan did not intend to torment anyone like the original owner. After gaining a second chance at life, he decided to never provoke the male protagonist and safely live the rest of his life. But who knew, that his life was tied to the fate of the male protagonist, because of which he can feel all the pain that the protagonist suffers. If the protagonist is in pain, he will also feel it, if the protagonist is hungry, no matter how much he eats, he will still feel dizzy from hunger as his stomach keeps on growling, and if the protagonist is dead… Jiang Juan didn’t dare to think about it. Just at this time, a his lackey with short eyes came to him to ask for credit, “Brother Juan, we have surrounded that kid Xie Jingxian, and are ready to teach him a lesson, see if he dares…” Jiang Juan was furious: “Everyone stop. Don’t hurt him! If you fight him, you will end up finding it difficult to eat or even walk around.” Next, in front of everyone's wide eyes, the lonely protagonist was coaxed to Jiang’s house by Jiang Juan. Jiang Juan held the protagonist’s hand and gently asked, “Axian, are you thirsty? Are you hungry? Are you tired? If you feel unhappy, I’ll ask Arang to come over and serve you as a sandbag. How would you like to vent your anger?” Xie Jingxian was alert . He looked at Jiang Juan and said, “What’s your purpose?” Jiang Yan sighed, “What purpose can I have. I only hope that you have a smooth life, one with no illness or disaster.” That way, I can also safely grow old. Xie Jingxian didn’t believe it at first, but later, he said to Jiang Juan: “I understand your intention.” Jiang Juan was greatly moved: “You finally understand.” Xie Jingxian nodded, “I accept it.” “Wait, what do you accept?” Xie Jingxian, “Accept your love.” Jiang Juan: … Brother, did you misunderstand something? I didn’t mean that!  


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