TVVSH- Chapter 58


Ch. 58 Tutor

       After Xu Rang made such a fuss, Jiang Juan felt a lot more relaxed, and when he returned to school, he was back to normal, as facing Xie Jingxian, he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

       Xie Jingxian lived in Jiang Juan’s house for a few days, and then moved back. At the same time, finding a part-time job was also on his agenda.

       On the weekend, as soon as Jiang Juan opened his eyes, he habitually touched his mobile phone and clicked on Xie Jingxian’s avatar. The chat page displayed the chat record of him and Xie Jingxian saying good night to each other yesterday.

       Jiang Juan flipped through the chat records again. During this time, he and Xie Jingxian could be said to be inseparable, doing everything together, so there were not a lot of chats.

       Jiang Juan felt a little hungry, and was about to remind Xie Jingxian to remember to have breakfast, when his phone vibrated, and when he looked down, Xie Jingxian had sent a picture over, which was of millet porridge and steamed buns.

       Jiang Juan was greatly relieved that after so many days of hard work, Xie Jingxian finally formed a good habit of eating breakfast.

       Jiang Juan replied: Morning, I got up too.

       In the interval between getting up and washing, Jiang Juan did not forget to chat with Xie Jingxian, and when he went downstairs, the aunt had already prepared breakfast.

       Jiang Juan was in a good mood, so he took a photo and sent it to Xie Jingxian, and even added an emoticon: A good day starts with a good breakfast.^⁠_⁠^

       While chatting with Xie Jingxian on WeChat, Jiang Juan kept making jokes, but there was a hint of sadness in his heart. No matter how fast the Gu family is, they will have to wait for a while. Xie Jingxian has been looking for a part-time job during this time, but as a second-year high school student, his schedule is tight, and it is not easy to find a suitable part-time job.

       Jiang Juan couldn’t help but think that if he were a big boss in this world, he would have been able to arrange work for Xie Jingxian.

       Thinking of this, he called 088 out and scolded him.

       088: ? ? ?

       088 was also used to being a boss. Where can he tolerate the host scolding him, so one person and one system ended up quarreling. Just when 088 was searching for the classic swearing quotes in the folder, Xu Rang and Ye Pei came, and Jiang Juan immediately “withdrew” and went to greet his friends, causing 088 to almost vomit blood.

       Xu Rang and Ye Pei came to the door early in the morning, which surprised Jiang Juan, especially when Xu Rang was carrying a schoolbag.

       Jiang Juan said, “Are you guys going out to play?”

       Xu Rang and Ye Pei were very familiar with the Jiang family, so they consciously put on their slippers and entered the house.

       Ye Pei was still the same, dressed stylishly and neatly, and smiling like a fox. He patted Xu Rang’s shoulder and said with a smile, “No, his bag is full of books.”

       Xu Rang put his schoolbag on the chair in front of the dining table and said, “Brother Juan, we came to study together.”

       Jiang Juan: “…”

       Ye Pei pulled out the chair and sat down. He smiled and said, “I haven’t seen Arang carrying a schoolbag since the first day of the high school. He said it looked too crude and naïve, and he was too old to carry it.”

       Xu Rang scolded, “Go, you are the one who is old and naïve.”

       Ye Pei said, “Hey, didn’t you say this yourself?”

       Xu Rang pinched Ye Pei, and at the same time 088 said with emotion, “The power of love.”

       Jiang Juan nodded, “Great minds think alike.”

       The one-person-one-system, who had been fighting just now, miraculously reconciled because of these two sentences.

       Jiang Juan asked the aunt to add two sets of tableware and ate breakfast together with Xu Rang and Ye Pei. After eating, Xu Rang hurriedly urged Jiang Juan to help him study.

       Jiang Juan lowered his head and said, “Let Ye Pei teach you.”

       Xu Rang shook his head again and again, “No, he scolds a lot, and that too without using any swear words, my fragile heart can’t stand it. Besides, Ye Pei has been studying since he was a child. He is a genius, and his experience is not suitable for me.”

       Jiang Juan snorted as he thought in his heart that even he was a genius since he was a child, and that Xu Rang was still looking down on him. But he could see that as the college entrance examination got closer, Xu Rang became more and more anxious.

       As a friend, Xu Rang is very loyal, so Jiang Juan stopped teasing him, tidied up the table and said, “Okay, let’s start.”

       Jiang Juan had good grades since he was a child, and he had given tuition to others, but he had never spent a few hours tutoring a single person—and even after all this time, the said student is still not able to understand anything, he really felt… physically and mentally exhausted.

       Jiang Juan got up and poured himself a glass of water. After drinking it, he felt a little more comfortable. He then said sincerely, “Arang, your foundation is too poor.”

       Xu Rang wrote the formula in the book, and said very aggrievedly, “Brother Juan, I know, therefore I wanted you to help me. Please pass on your experience, how did your grades improve so much all of a sudden.”

       Jiang Juan said, “I was just unwilling to write papers well before, but I understood what the teacher said.”

       Xu Rang finished revising and did the first question of the math problem. When he was asked the second question, he started flipping through the book frantically. Two minutes later, he gave up and began to ask Jiang Juan for help.

       “Brother Juan, how am I going to do this?”

       Jiang Juan only rested for two minutes and was about to go over when his phone vibrated. He glanced down and said to Ye Pei, who was sitting across from him, “Pei, show him first.” After speaking, he started typing the reply.

       A few minutes later, Jiang Juan put down his phone and was about to ask about Xu Rang’s situation. When he looked up, he saw Ye Pei and Xu Rang leaning against each other, looking at him motionlessly.

       Jiang Juan glanced behind him and found that there was nothing, so he couldn’t help but wonder, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

       Xu Rang said, “Brother Juan, who are you chatting with? You have been absent-minded since the beginning, checking your phone every once in a while.”

       Ye Pei said, “Be honest, are you in love?”

       Xu Rang was immediately energized as he slapped the table and said, “We will be lenient if you confess, but strict if you resist, say it!”

       Jiang Juan was very speechless, “I’m so focused on my studies, how can I have time to fall in love?”

       Hearing him Xu Rang was a bit convinced, he was in the same class as Jiang Juan, and Jiang Juan wasn’t close to the any person of the opposite sex. Xu Rang then asked again, “Then who are you chatting with? There is such a big smile on your face.”

       Jiang Juan tutted and showed his phone to Xu Rang and Ye Pei, “Xie Jingxian is in the mall, and asked me if there was anything I wanted to eat, he can bring it along the way.”

       Xu Rang’s thirst for gossip was greatly reduced, but his eyes were still shining, “He’s in the mall? Then tell him if he can bring me some snacks, the one that’s been very popular recently, what’s it called, wait a minute, I’ll search it.”

       Xu Rang took out his phone and lowered his head to search, while Ye Pei leaned back on the chair and smiled at Jiang Juan.

       Jiang Juan couldn’t stand Ye Pei’s smile, he always felt that it was a bit weird, “Just say what you want to, don’t laugh at me like that.”

       After speaking, his phone vibrated again, there was new text. Ye Pei looked at the phone, and then at Jiang Juan, and the smile on his face deepened, as he said, “I don’t have anything to say, I just think it’s good.”

       Jiang Juan: ? ? ?

       Jiang Juan murmured something about how strange and started to reply to Xie Jingxian.

       Xu Rang found the name of the snack, so Jiang Juan sent it to Xie Jingxian, and made an appointment to study together in the afternoon.

       Putting down the phone, Jiang Juan grabbed the paper and said to Xu Rang, “Go ahead, don’t try to be lazy.”

       Xu Rang picked up his pen and buried his head in the sea of questions again.

       This study session lasted for more than an hour, and as it has been a long time since they got together, Xu Rang, and Ye Pei had lunch together with Jiang Juan. During the meal, Jiang Juan sighed from the bottom of his heart, “I finally realize that the job of a teacher is not easy.”

       Ye Pei drank the freshly squeezed juice and nodded, “Yes, it’s too hard.” He held the juice and nudged Jiang Juan lightly.

       Xu Rang had studied for a whole morning, and felt that he was even more tired than the when they met previously. He buried his head in the food, listening to his friends teasing him, and tried to defend himself, “You have to give me time, I have already remembered all the important points.”

       Xu Rang added a glass of juice for himself, got up and said to Jiang Juan and Ye Pei, “I will continue to work hard next time. Brothers, please accept my gratitude.”

       Ye Pei said, “No need, I still want to live for a few more days.”

       Jiang Juan also smiled and said, “I gave you a day of tutoring but in turn you want ten years my life. Please spare us.”

       Ye Pei said, “Arang, I think otherwise, you can hire a tutor, one-on-one tutoring, they will have more experience than us.”

       Xu Rang said, “I thought about asking a tutor, but I don’t know which is a good one.”

       Jiang Juan took a piece of ham and said with a smile, “What’s the use of worry? There are people who are doing tutoring these days…” He suddenly stopped when he said this.

       Xu Rang didn’t know why he suddenly stopped and asked, “What’s the matter? Why don’t you continue?”

       Jiang Juan’s eyes were bright as he gave a wide smile, “Just leave this matter to me, I’ll find one for you.”

       Xu Rang naturally trusted Jiang Juan, and immediately picked up the juice to express his gratitude.

       Ye Pei sat aside, looking at Jiang Juan’s high-spirited appearance, his eyes turned slightly, don’t know what he thought of as he smiled.


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The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart

The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
After his accidental death, Jiang Juan transmigrated as a vicious villain in a novel. The villain was always bullying the male protagonist, which resulted in his miserable end. After passing through, Jiang Juan did not intend to torment anyone like the original owner. After gaining a second chance at life, he decided to never provoke the male protagonist and safely live the rest of his life. But who knew, that his life was tied to the fate of the male protagonist, because of which he can feel all the pain that the protagonist suffers. If the protagonist is in pain, he will also feel it, if the protagonist is hungry, no matter how much he eats, he will still feel dizzy from hunger as his stomach keeps on growling, and if the protagonist is dead… Jiang Juan didn’t dare to think about it. Just at this time, a his lackey with short eyes came to him to ask for credit, “Brother Juan, we have surrounded that kid Xie Jingxian, and are ready to teach him a lesson, see if he dares…” Jiang Juan was furious: “Everyone stop. Don’t hurt him! If you fight him, you will end up finding it difficult to eat or even walk around.” Next, in front of everyone's wide eyes, the lonely protagonist was coaxed to Jiang’s house by Jiang Juan. Jiang Juan held the protagonist’s hand and gently asked, “Axian, are you thirsty? Are you hungry? Are you tired? If you feel unhappy, I’ll ask Arang to come over and serve you as a sandbag. How would you like to vent your anger?” Xie Jingxian was alert . He looked at Jiang Juan and said, “What’s your purpose?” Jiang Yan sighed, “What purpose can I have. I only hope that you have a smooth life, one with no illness or disaster.” That way, I can also safely grow old. Xie Jingxian didn’t believe it at first, but later, he said to Jiang Juan: “I understand your intention.” Jiang Juan was greatly moved: “You finally understand.” Xie Jingxian nodded, “I accept it.” “Wait, what do you accept?” Xie Jingxian, “Accept your love.” Jiang Juan: … Brother, did you misunderstand something? I didn’t mean that!  


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