TVVSH- Chapter 45

Han Shou

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Ch. 45 Han Shou

       After sharing the apple, Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian chatted for a while, and at some point, they both fell asleep.

       When he opened his eyes in the morning, Jiang Juan found that he had rolled onto Xie Jingxian’s body at some point. There were thick dead leaves under their bodies, making the two of them feel quite warm together.

       As soon as Jiang Juan moved, Xie Jingxian also woke up.

       Jiang Juan raised his head and smiled at Xie Jingxian, “Morning.”

       Although the two of them acted intimately at this time, but everyone was a boy, so Jiang Juan didn’t think there was any problem, but Xie Jingxian, when Jiang Juan raised his head, the soft hair brushed his chin, bringing along a strange feeling.

       Jiang Juan didn’t notice this, he let go of the hand holding Xie Jingxian’s arm, sat up and stretched. The boy’s limbs were flexible, and he looks very good when stretching out. He narrowed his eyes slightly, and his lips were bent, like a lazy cat.

       Jiang Juan put down his arms and exhaled a long breath, feeling that all the tiredness was swept away, and he was once again full of energy. He turned his head, saw Xie Jingxian looking at him, and couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong?”

       Xie Jingxian shook his head. Jiang Juan wanted to say something else, but saw Xie Jingxian looking in the direction of the entrance of the cave, in a listening posture, “Listen.”

       Jiang Juan calmed down and heard a faint voice outside, as if calling him and Xie Jingxian’s names.

       Jiang Juan said, “It’s the teacher who came to find us, let’s go out.”

       The two of them did not delay, and when they got out of the cave, they saw that the outside was covered with snow, as if covered with a layer of silver, which looked really beautiful.

       Jiang Juan said, “It must have snowed overnight. Fortunately, we found this cave, otherwise we would have been frozen to death.”

       After a night of searching, the rescue team couldn’t find anyone, and they were a little desperate. That’s why when they suddenly saw Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian appearing in front of them, they almost cried in surprise.

       The teacher who led the team had a pair of large dark circles under his eyes, and even his eyes were bloodshot, apparently he hadn’t slept all night. However, when he saw Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian, he didn’t yell or scold them, he just gave them a tight hug and said, “It’s good.”

       Jiang Juan felt a little guilty all of a sudden. He knew exactly what kind of person Han Xingye was, but he still thought that he should not have caused so many people to worry.

       Jiang Juan said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, teacher, for causing you trouble.”

       The leading teacher shook his head, and seeing that they were in good spirits, he asked how the night was. Jiang Juan talked about the fact that they were staying in the cave. They talked as they walked, and soon saw another group of people approaching from the opposite side, one of whom was carrying Han Xingye on his back.

       Han Xingye was severely cleaned up by Xie Jingxian yesterday. Although it snowed at night causing the temperature to fall down, he found a place to hide from the snow, but he still inevitably developed a high fever.

       At this time, his cheeks were flushed with fever, and he was looking dazed. Obviously, he was seriously ill.

       Han Xingye’s two friends, Zhou Quan and Wu Yueze, were by the side with a look of worry and fear. When they saw Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian, they both looked somewhat embarrassed, but in the current situation, they couldn’t say anything.

       Rolling down from such a high place, Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian also had multiple bruises on their bodies, and were sent straight to the hospital after going up.

       When their wounds were healed, the students from the Class 2 also arrived, carrying large and small bags of condolences. Looking at them, the cornere of Jiang Juan’s mouth twitched, “You guys didn’t think that we were crippled, right?”

       He and Xie Jingxian actually had no problem. Most of them were scratches. It was enough to deal with them briefly.

       Wang Tuo said with a smile, “After staying in the mountains for a few days, everyone is bored. You have to understand us and satisfy our desire for shopping.”

       Jiang Juan also smiled, “Okay then.” He took a banana from the fruit snack pile and handed it to Xie Jingxian.

       The small ward was very lively, as the students shared the snacks they brought.

       Wang Tuo took a bag of potato chips and sat beside the bed, eating and saying, “You two had freighted everyone to death. When the roll call were made at night, we suddenly realized that you two were not there, and even your phone could not be connected. Fortunately, someone saw you falling down, otherwise where we going to find you?”

       “And why did you fall down with that Han Xingye?” After speaking, he suddenly realized something, “No, the messengers were two students from Mingyang High School, and those two seem to be friends with the guy surnamed Han.”

       Xiao Yang was the first to react, and said, “Was it that Han or something, who caused the troubled?” Otherwise, how could the three of them fall together.

       Jiang Juan was peeling the oranges when he heard that and exchanged glances with Xie Jingxian.

       Wang Tuo and the others didn’t know the grievances between Xie Jingxian and Han Xingye, and they just thought that Han Xingye couldn’t afford to lose, so they were very angry for a while.

       Xiao Yang rolled up his sleeves and became angry, “Which ward is that man surnamed Han in? I’ll go take a look.”

       Jiang Juan and Wang Tuo worked together to hold Xiao Yang down, so that he would not be impulsive.

       Jiang Juan said, “This is a hospital, don’t make trouble, we’ll settle the accounts after we go back.”

       Jiang Juan and the others rolled down the hillside and disappeared without a trace for the whole night. Such a big thing could not be hidden. The school also notified their parents as soon as they found them.

       Jiang Juan originally thought that since Mother and Father Jiang were so busy, they would definitely not come over, so he made a video call to report that he was safe. But who had expected that when the video connected, Jiang Yue told him that they had already arrived at the hospital and asked him which ward he was in.

       Jiang Juan was still stunned, but Jiang Yue and Jiang Qin had entered the ward like a gust of wind.

       “Dad, Mom.” Jiang Juan hurried up to meet them. Although he was not seriously injured, he had multiple abrasions on his body, and was still wrapped in gauze, with a Band-Aid stuck on his face.

       Jiang Yue felt sorry for her son, and when she saw Jiang Juan like this, her tears came down immediately.

       Jiang Qin followed his wife with a worried and dignified expression, but now seeing Jiang Juan’s vigor and vitality, he finally let go of his hanging heart, and started scolding him with a stern face, “Stinky boy, besides making trouble and worrying your mother, what else can you do? It’s better to raise a piece of barbecued pork than to raise you.”

       No matter how naughty the child is, it is the heart of the parents. Jiang Juan knows how busy Jiang Qin and Jiang Yue are.

       Hearing his accident, Jiang Qin and Jiang Yue pushed everything aside to see him, which shows that they love him very much.

       Jiang Juan wasn’t annoyed either, and smiled, “Mr. Jiang, pay attention to your image.” A CEO was so down-to-earth when he was scolding his son at home, he didn’t know how his competitors would feel if they saw it.

       Jiang Yue was amused by Jiang Juan’s words “Mr. Jiang”, she wiped away her tears with a handkerchief, pulled Jiang Juan to look left and right, and asked him if it hurt. Jiang Juan obediently cooperated with her and said that he was fine.

       Jiang Yue was still not at ease, if it wasn’t for Jiang Juan’s persuasion, she would have pushed Jiang Juan to check again.

       Jiang Juan was not bothered by Jiang Yue’s nagging. He asked Jiang Yue to sit down and cut an apple for her. After cutting it, he was about to hand it over, but got cut off by Jiang Qin halfway through.

       Jiang Juan wondered, “Dad?”

       Jiang Qin looked disgusted, “In such a cold day, giving your mother a cold apple? Is this how you take care of others?” He took the fruit knife and cut the apple into small pieces, soaked it in hot water, and brought it to Jiang Yue’s mouth with a toothpick.

       Jiang Juan: “…”

       Jiang Juan didn’t expect to suddenly eat his parents’ dog food, so he couldn’t help laughing.

       Jiang Juan chatted with his parents for a while, and before he knew it, it was noon. Jiang Juan stayed in the hospital for a day, and since the food in the hospital was very bland, he proposed to go out to eat.

       Jiang Yue rarely had time to accompany her son, and he was even injured this time. So of course, she agreed to his every request, and said repeatedly, “Okay, what do you want to eat, I’ll reserve a table.”

       Jiang Juan smiled and said, “It’s fine, as long as it’s not a hospital meal. By the way, I have a classmate, Mom, let him eat with us.”

       Jiang Yue nodded again.

       Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian lived in a double ward. Before Jiang Qin and Jiang Yue came, Xie Jingxian went out and had not returned yet.

       Jiang Juan called Xie Jingxian, only to find that Xie Jingxian’s cell phone had been left on the hospital bed and had not been taken out.

       Jiang Juan muttered where he went, then turned to Jiang Yue and Jiang Qin, “Dad, Mom, you rest here for a while, I’ll go out.”

       Xie Jingxian was originally in the ward, but after listening to Jiang Juan’s video call and hearing that his parents were coming, Xie Jingxian didn’t want to disturb their family time, so he made an excuse to go out.

       Wang Tuo and the others had already returned, and Xie Jingxian was not familiar with the hospital, so he could only walk aimlessly by himself to pass the time. Xie Jingxian lost all of his relatives after his grandfather passed away. After the accident, the school tried to notify his parents but couldn’t find anyone.

       It was still a bit chilly outside, but the heater was on in the hospital, so it won’t be cold even if you are only wearing a single coat.

       Xie Jingxian was a little tired from walking, so he wanted to find a chair to sit down and rest for a while, when he heard an impatient voice from a distance, “Mom, I said I’m fine, can you stop nagging me?”

       Xie Jingxian looked in the direction where the voice came from, and saw Han Xingye wearing a hospital gown, angry at a woman beside him.

       That woman was well-maintained, with light makeup and a graceful bearing. She should be Han Xingye’s mother, Qin Ying.

       Xie Jingxian’s attention was not on Han Xingye and Qin Ying, he was looking at the middle-aged man standing beside them.

       The man was in a suit, as if he had just attended an important board meeting before coming here. He was unsmiling and looked a little dignified.

       The man frowned and said, “How can you talk to your mother like this, where are your manners?”

       Qin Ying said “Its okay, he’s not feeling well, it’s normal for him to have a temper, you…” Xie Jingxian didn’t hear what she said later.

       Xie Jingxian’s eyes kept falling on the middle-aged man.

       The man was about forty years old. Although he was not as well maintained as Qin Ying, he has lived a pampered life for many years, and still looks much younger than his peers.

       Although Xie Jingxian had never met that man, Xie Jingxian recognized the man’s identity at first sight.

       It’s him, it’s Han Shuo.

       The expression on Xie Jingxian’s face didn’t seem to change at all, but the hand that fell by his side couldn’t help clenching tightly.


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The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart

The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
After his accidental death, Jiang Juan transmigrated as a vicious villain in a novel. The villain was always bullying the male protagonist, which resulted in his miserable end. After passing through, Jiang Juan did not intend to torment anyone like the original owner. After gaining a second chance at life, he decided to never provoke the male protagonist and safely live the rest of his life. But who knew, that his life was tied to the fate of the male protagonist, because of which he can feel all the pain that the protagonist suffers. If the protagonist is in pain, he will also feel it, if the protagonist is hungry, no matter how much he eats, he will still feel dizzy from hunger as his stomach keeps on growling, and if the protagonist is dead… Jiang Juan didn’t dare to think about it. Just at this time, a his lackey with short eyes came to him to ask for credit, “Brother Juan, we have surrounded that kid Xie Jingxian, and are ready to teach him a lesson, see if he dares…” Jiang Juan was furious: “Everyone stop. Don’t hurt him! If you fight him, you will end up finding it difficult to eat or even walk around.” Next, in front of everyone's wide eyes, the lonely protagonist was coaxed to Jiang’s house by Jiang Juan. Jiang Juan held the protagonist’s hand and gently asked, “Axian, are you thirsty? Are you hungry? Are you tired? If you feel unhappy, I’ll ask Arang to come over and serve you as a sandbag. How would you like to vent your anger?” Xie Jingxian was alert . He looked at Jiang Juan and said, “What’s your purpose?” Jiang Yan sighed, “What purpose can I have. I only hope that you have a smooth life, one with no illness or disaster.” That way, I can also safely grow old. Xie Jingxian didn’t believe it at first, but later, he said to Jiang Juan: “I understand your intention.” Jiang Juan was greatly moved: “You finally understand.” Xie Jingxian nodded, “I accept it.” “Wait, what do you accept?” Xie Jingxian, “Accept your love.” Jiang Juan: … Brother, did you misunderstand something? I didn’t mean that!  


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