TVVSH- Chapter 41


Ch. 41 Cooking

       The questions appeared one after another, followed by the sound of the responder. Two beeps, one after the other, with an interval of no more than one second.

       Xie Jingxian and Han Xingye listened attentively to the questions, and then pressed the button of the quick-responder. They didn’t make any drastic actions, but everyone felt that the scene was full of gunpowder.

       No one whispered, and the students didn’t even dared to breath too loudly, for fear of disturbing them.

       All the students present knew that even though this seemed to be a struggle between two students, but it was actually a match between Jincheng High School and Mingyang High School. It was related to the reputation of the school, and both parties are working hard to cheer for their school toppers in their hearts.

       Han Xingye finally got what he wanted and met Xie Jingxian’s eyes again, but Xie Jingxian’s eyes made him feel even more angry.

       Xie Jingxian looked at Han Xingye without the envy, jealousy and hatred that he had expected to see. Xie Jingxian’s eyes were still indifferent, as if he was nothing but just a speak of dust, not even worth giving a second glance.

       Han Xingye clenched his fingers into a fist, as his eyes were full of malice and hatred. He began to pay more attention to the questions, and then rushed to answer them.

       The questions became more and more difficult. After Han Xingye got the priority to answer the question again, he gave Xie Jingxian a provocative look, and then reported the answer.

       The people at the scene waited with bated breath, but then heard the teacher saying, “Your answer is wrong, you will lose two points.”

       Han Xingye was stunned. The teacher no longer looked at him, but looked at Xie Jingxian.

       Under the gaze of hundreds of pairs of eyes at the scene, Xie Jingxian opened his thin lips and said the correct answer. The students of Jincheng High School couldn’t help cheering loudly, while the students of Mingyang High School sighed.

       Xie Jingxian did not gloat over his opponent’s mistakes, nor did he get carried away because he answered correctly. His expression was always indifferent, from start to the end.

       Han Xingye hated Xie Jingxian like this, because he looked as if everything was under his control, and he, Han Xingye was just a clown.

       The cheers of Jincheng High School students and the sighs of Mingyang High School students were all nothing but sarcasm to him.

       Han Xingye’s mood was chaotic, as he was controlled by anger, and he couldn’t think well. From the next question onwards, Han Xingye was unilaterally beaten to the ground by Xie Jingxian.

       Han Xingye’s face became more and more gloomy. After all the questions were over, he finally couldn’t bear it anymore, as he dropped the answering device and walked away.

Xie Jingxian won a big victory, and the students of Jincheng High School flocked to surround him, as everyone had a bright smile on their faces.

       Jiang Juan laughed very happily, so much that, 088 had to remind him not be so happy, otherwise, with Xie Jingxian being so smart, he would be definitely be suspicious.

       The corners of Jiang Juan’s mouth rose, and he replied, “Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

       He was not happy because the protagonist had defeated the villain, but because Xie Jingxian was excellent.

       Jiang Juan looked at Xie Jingxian, who was surrounded by the crowd, and he couldn’t help but smile. He should be like this, standing in the crowd, shining brightly, and no one could hide this light from him.

       After answering the questions, the scores were quickly sorted out.

       Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian’s group took the first place without any surprise. Afterwards, the scores of the remaining groups were counted. The scores of the students in each group of Jincheng High School and Mingyang High School were added together, and finally the score of Jincheng High School was a whole lot higher than Mingyang High School.

       The students of Mingyang High School couldn’t help but bow their heads in dejection. One of them, a tall and thin boy wearing glasses, stood up to comfort everyone.

       Because of the distance, the students of Jincheng High School couldn’t hear what the boy said, but they could see that the confidence of the those students came back with just a few words from the boy.

       After reassuring the students of his school, that boy came to Xie Jingxian and extended his hand to him, “Hello, I’m Liu Mingjun from the sophomore Class 4 of Mingyang High School. We will not lose the next game.”

       “Class 2 of Jincheng High School, Xie Jingxian.” Xie Jingxian held Liu Mingjun’s hand, looked into his eyes and said, “Neither will we.”

       Liu Mingjun smiled, turned around and returned to his seat at Mingyang High School.

       Xiao Yang put his arm on Wang Tuo’s shoulder and said with a smile, “I really didn’t see it. Brother Xian is usually quiet, but he really has the demeanor of a leader.”

       Jiang Juan looked at the boy named Liu Mingjun with admiration. This man has a good mentality, he is neither too arrogant nor too modest, and his ability to adapt is also very good. Unlike Han Xingye, who can’t afford to lose and has no demeanor.

       Now that the scores have come out, it’s time to claim the reward. Students worked in groups and entered the tent to select ingredients and tools according to their scores.

       There are ten people in each group, and the ingredients are counted. You can’t take more, just enough to eat, and you can’t transfer or exchange what you got. Once found, all the ingredients and tools will be confiscated.

       Jiang Juan and his group took the lead in entering the tent. They had a clear goal and took the frying pan as soon as they entered.

       Jiang Juan walked around the ingredients area with a basket. He didn’t expect these students to how to cook, so he just picked two dishes that he was good at and went out.

       Jiang Juan and the others were carrying large and small bags, they had really gained a lot. Back at the place of Jincheng High School, they started to prepare dinner.

       It was already seven o’clock in the evening and the students were already hungry. Xiao Yang was jumping up and down, in great spirits, ready to show off his skills.

       Wang Tuo said, “You can forget about it. This is not home, we can’t waste ingredients.”

       Xiao Yang was very motivated and was not bothered at all. He instead smiled and said, “Brother Tuo, you have to give me a chance to show my skills.” Then he turned to the rest of the team, “Brothers and sisters, don’t you think so?”

       There seemed to be a lot of people in the group, but very few of them knew how to cook, so no one laughed at the other. In the end, they negotiated and thought out a dish. They really didn’t know anything, so they started washing dishes and pots.

       After everything was ready, some students took out their mobile phones and started watching a small cooking video on Baidu.

       Jiang Juan, Wang Tuo and the other boys put the simple gas stove away together, turned and looked around, wondering, “Where’s Xie Jingxian?”

       He was there just now, why did he suddenly disappear in the blink of an eye?

       Wang Tuo studied the gas stove according to the instructions, and replied, “There were a lot of things, and he and Zheng Qiang went to get them.”

       Jiang Juan nodded and said that he knew. He took the frying pan on the ground and walked to the side to wash it.

       On the other side, Xie Jingxian and a boy went back to the class to get the rest of the things. When they came back, they saw a person standing on the road they were walking.

       Zheng Qiang recognized the person, turned to Xie Jingxian and said, “Hey, isn’t he Mingyang high school’s topper? Did he wait for you on purpose?”

       While speaking, the two got closer and closer to Han Xingye.

       Xie Jingxian didn’t mean to stop to talk with him, but when he brushed shoulders with Han Xingye, Han Xingye suddenly said, “You don’t have to pretend to be indifferent to the world. I know you really want to win me. I could easily see it from the way you were pressing that quick-responder.”

       Xie Jingxian’s footsteps paused slightly, and Han Xingye’s lips curled into a cold arc, looking at Xie Jingxian, with eyes full of provocation.

       Han Xingye said, “I also know that you know my identity, and I also know yours. Today I can tell you clearly that you will never be able to step into the gate of my Han family in your entire life.”

       Xie Jingxian just glanced at Han Xingye indifferently, but didn’t say anything to him. He walked past Han Xingye with the things in his hands.

       Han Xingye’s voice was soft, so Zheng Qiang didn’t hear what he said. He just thought that he was unwilling to lose and had come to provoke Xie Jingxian after losing, so he told Xie Jingxian that he should not take Han Xingye’s words to heart.

       Xie Jingxian hummed, saying that he knew.

       The two quickly returned to the place where students of Jincheng High School gathered, and from a distance Xie Jingxian saw Jiang Juan sitting on the small bench in front of the tent.

       As the temperature dropped at night, Jiang Juan had wrapped a scarf around his neck.

       At this time, Jiang Juan was fiddling with his mobile phone, and the light of the mobile phone clearly reflected his smiling eyes, making him look very gentle.

       Xie Jingxian’s eyes softened a little. As he stepped forward, Jiang Juan heard the footsteps, and raised his head to glance at him and the next moment his smile became even more wider.

       Jiang Juan said, “You’re back?”

       Xie Jingxian nodded, glanced at the side, and saw Xiao Yang and the others surrounding the gas stove, pouring water into the pot in a hurry.

       With a bang, the flames flew, and the air was instantly filled with a scorching pungent smell.

       Xiao Yang and the others coughed in embarrassment. Xie Jingxian walked over, put the lid on the pot, and opened it after a while, the fire was out. Xie Jingxian took the pot off the gas stove and rinsed it aside.

       Seeing Xie Jingxian’s skilled appearance, the team members’ eyes lit up, “Brother Xian, can you cook?”

       Xie Jingxian hummed, which was greeted with cheers from the crowd.

       Xiao Yang failed in the first battle and successfully dispelled these people’s thoughts of cooking. Now that they heard that Xie Jingxian could cook, they all gathered around Xie Jingxian and asked him how to cook.

       Seeing that Xie Jingxian’s side was so lively, that Jiang Jian couldn’t even interrupt, he simply sat still.

       There happened to be a video invitation, Jiang Juan clicked to connect, and Xu Rang’s enlarged face appeared on the screen.

       Xu Rang excitedly said, “It’s so awesome, brother Juan. I have seen it on the forum, Xie Jingxian looked so heroic in the battle in the afternoon.”

       Jiang Juan glanced at Xie Jingxian’s position, then raised his lips and said, “That’s right.”

      In the screen of the mobile phone, Ye Pei also looked over and smiled at the camera, “I had something to do temporarily, so I did not watch the live telecast. But after watching the recording, I was also a little excited. Where is Xie Jingxian? I want to have a good discussion with him someday.”

       Jiang Juan smiled and said, “In your dreams, I’m afraid you will immediately Be beaten to the ground by him.”

       Ye Pei was not annoyed, but instead laughed out loud. After a while, he said, “By the way, the boy who played against Xie Jingxian in the afternoon is called Han Xingye. I checked, and his family is quite good in S City. They are quite famous and have money and power, and that person doesn’t seem to have a good temper. You pay attention, he may bring trouble to Xie Jingxian.”

       Ye Pei knew that Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian were getting closer during this time, and also knew that if Xie Jingxian was in trouble, Jiang Juan would not sit by idly, so he simply asked Jiang Juan to pay attention.

       Jiang Jaun didn’t expect that Ye Pei could see Han Xingye’s temperament only from the recorded video on the forum. He was amazed at his intelligence and sharpness, and chuckled, “Let him come, we are not afraid of him.”

       Xu Rang said, “Are you going to fight? Brother Juan, do you need help? I can go there now.”

       Jiang Juan changed his posture to make himself sit more comfortably. He smiled and said, “You can study with peace of mind. I don’t care about that kid Han Xingye.”

       Ye Pei smiled and said, “Brother Juan is still so domineering.”

       Jiang Juan chatted with Ye Pei and Xu Rang for a long time, until someone asked him to eat, only then did he stop.

       Jiang Juan washed his hands, couldn’t help taking a deep breath after sitting down, and said with a smile, “It’s so rich.”

       He saw that the table was full of steaming hot food, including potato stew, scrambled eggs with green peppers, fried shrimp, chicken stewed with mushrooms, and two hot soups. One was fruit sweet soup, and the other was seaweed egg soup.

       The main dish was rice steamed by a rice cooker. Although these were home-cooked dish, and were not as good as the delicacies of the mountains and seas in a hotel. However, on such a winter night, there was such a tableful of food to eat without taking the help of adults, and was all made by the students themselves. They were very proud of it.

       Xie Jingxian brought the last plate of stir-fried vegetables with mushrooms to the table, and they were ready to eat.

       Whether it was a boy or a girl, they took out their mobile phones to take pictures and sent them to their family members. Wang Tuo asked a girl for a selfie stick and took a big group photo.

       After an afternoon and a half night, Jiang Juan had long forgotten what he had said, about the lunch being too greasy, as he enjoyed the plate of green vegetables and mushrooms that Xie Jingxian finally brought to the table, feeling very satisfied with it.

       Seeing Jiang Juan eating so happily, Xie Jingxian’s expression also softened.

       A few hours ago, Han Xingye had stopped him and said that he had wanted to win him, but Han Xingye still couldn’t get into his eyes.

       The reason why Xie Jingxian stood up when answering the questions in the afternoon was not because of the school’s honor, nor because he wanted to win Han Xingye. He wanted to overpower Han Xingye, and win the first place, just because Jiang Juan wanted to eat green vegetables and stir-fried mushrooms.

       If Han Xingye was allowed to keep answering the questions to get points, their scores would have been too low, and the wok would have been picked by others, and he would not be able to cook the dish.

       Han Xingye would definitely end up vomitting blood if he knew Xie Jingxian’s true thoughts.



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The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart

The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
After his accidental death, Jiang Juan transmigrated as a vicious villain in a novel. The villain was always bullying the male protagonist, which resulted in his miserable end. After passing through, Jiang Juan did not intend to torment anyone like the original owner. After gaining a second chance at life, he decided to never provoke the male protagonist and safely live the rest of his life. But who knew, that his life was tied to the fate of the male protagonist, because of which he can feel all the pain that the protagonist suffers. If the protagonist is in pain, he will also feel it, if the protagonist is hungry, no matter how much he eats, he will still feel dizzy from hunger as his stomach keeps on growling, and if the protagonist is dead… Jiang Juan didn’t dare to think about it. Just at this time, a his lackey with short eyes came to him to ask for credit, “Brother Juan, we have surrounded that kid Xie Jingxian, and are ready to teach him a lesson, see if he dares…” Jiang Juan was furious: “Everyone stop. Don’t hurt him! If you fight him, you will end up finding it difficult to eat or even walk around.” Next, in front of everyone's wide eyes, the lonely protagonist was coaxed to Jiang’s house by Jiang Juan. Jiang Juan held the protagonist’s hand and gently asked, “Axian, are you thirsty? Are you hungry? Are you tired? If you feel unhappy, I’ll ask Arang to come over and serve you as a sandbag. How would you like to vent your anger?” Xie Jingxian was alert . He looked at Jiang Juan and said, “What’s your purpose?” Jiang Yan sighed, “What purpose can I have. I only hope that you have a smooth life, one with no illness or disaster.” That way, I can also safely grow old. Xie Jingxian didn’t believe it at first, but later, he said to Jiang Juan: “I understand your intention.” Jiang Juan was greatly moved: “You finally understand.” Xie Jingxian nodded, “I accept it.” “Wait, what do you accept?” Xie Jingxian, “Accept your love.” Jiang Juan: … Brother, did you misunderstand something? I didn’t mean that!  


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