TVVSH- Chapter 37

A Sumptuous Meal

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Ch. 37 A sumptuous meal

       When Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian came out, they saw that the open space in front of the tent was already full of people.

       The lead teacher was leading them. Jiang Juan glanced across the lake, and saw that the students from Mingyang High School were also lining up, and looking at the direction they were traveling, it was obvious that they were going to the same place.

       The teaching site is at about the same distance from Jincheng High School and Mingyang High School. When you look up, you can see that it is on the other side of the lake, just in the shape of a triangle with Jincheng High School and Mingyang High School.

       Before they got close, a boy took a breath and said, “It smells so good, can you smell it?”

       Someone replied, “Well, I smelled the smell of barbecue, like grilled lamb chops!”

       “I can also smell the roast duck!”

       “There seems to be sweet bread.”

       The students were very excited. They had left early in the morning. It was already past twelve at noon, and they were very hungry. Now that they smelled the aroma of the food, they were all drooling.

       When they got there, everyone saw that there were several long tables arranged in the camp, which were full of delicious food. In addition to barbeque, there were also fruit and bread, looking very sumptuous.

       The students of Jincheng High School and Mingyang High School were divided into two tables. The atmosphere was a bit noisy, but everyone was in a good mood.

       They were all young people. Although the students from the two schools were sitting in two different places, it did not hinder their communication, and soon there was a table sharing.

       The atmosphere at the scene seemed to be very good, but Xiao Yang sighed looking worried while eating the food, “This lunch is so rich, I have an ominous premonition that our coming days will not be easy.”

       Wang Tuo was talking with the classmate on the right. Hearing that, he took a lamb chop and stuffed it into Xiao Yang’s mouth, “Why are you talking so much while eating?”

       The lamb chops were grilled very well, golden on both sides, sprinkled with cumin, pepper, and a handful of white sesame seeds.

       Xiao Yang took a bite and almost swallowed his tongue because of its taste, but this did not prevent him from speaking. He said to Wang Tuo, “Brother Tuo, what do you think?”

       Wang Tuo saw that Xiao Yang was eating so happily, so he also took a piece of lamb chops and ate it as he said, “We are sure that it will not be anything good, so why do we still need to worry about it?”

       After speaking, he looked at Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian on the opposite side and asked, “What do you think?”

       Jiang Juan hummed and motioned them to look at the tent next to them.

       The tent was not far from them, the door was opened at a corner, and you could see the various ingredients placed inside, and could vaguely make out pots and pans and various condiments.

       Seeing that Xiao Yang hesitated, “That’s… ingredients?”

       He didn’t know what to think, and showed an unacceptable expression on his face, “It won’t be what I think it will be?”

       A girl next to him nodded her head deeply, “Do you usually watch variety shows and read novels? According to the general routine, these ingredients are likely to be handled by us.”

       Xiao Yang covered his face with one hand, “No, I don’t accept it. I can’t cook.”

       After a while, he thought of something as he put down his hand, and looked at the girl beside him expectantly. Before he could even say anything, the girl replied, “Don’t even look at me, I can’t either.”

       At the same time another person raised his hand, “I can cook some home-cooked dishes, like stir-fried shredded potatoes, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, etc.”

       “Yes.” Wang Tuo smiled and said, “When the time comes, let’s take potatoes, eggs and tomatoes. The requirements are not high, and it’s enough to not starve to death.”

       Others also echoed with him, “Yes, yes, yes.”

       Jiang Juan, who knew the plot, watched the heated discussions between them and said with a smile in his heart, “Youth really is innocent and cute.”

       Did you think the ingredients and cooking utensils can be freely chosen by you?

       Soon, the speed of the students’ chopsticks slowed down. The girls put down their chopsticks and wiped their mouths with a tissue, obviously full.

       Seeing that the students had almost eaten, the teachers sitting at the other table got up and came over.

       Jincheng High School and Mingyang High School attached great importance to this winter camp activity, and each school had selected talented and prestigious teachers to follow.

       The lead teacher of Jincheng High School is senior teacher Chen Yun. Chen Yun is in his fifties, with a pair of black-framed glasses hanging on the bridge of his nose, he has a strong bookish air around him, and when he speaks, he speaks in a soft voice, giving people an amiable feeling. His assistants were a few young teachers in their thirties.

       The leading teacher of Mingyang High School was named Lei Hu. He was in his early 40s and over 1.8 meters tall. He was strong but unsmiling.

       At this time, Chen Yun and Lei Hu stood between the two long tables of Jincheng High School and Mingyang High School. One looks like a smiling Buddha, the other looks like a cold-faced god, it quite looked interesting to match them together.

       Chen Yun clapped his hands and waited for the students to look over quietly before smiling, “Are you done eating? Are you satisfied?”

       If you are not satisfied with such a sumptuous lunch, then you are the one that’s too difficult to serve. The students answered with satisfaction, they were especially satisfied.

       The smile on Chen Yun’s face became even wider as he nodded, “Okay, then let’s talk about the rules of this winter camp friendly competition.”

The rules of this league match are very simple.

       Ten people will form a group, and the students from the two schools will be divided into twenty groups. After each class, there will be a question-and-answer session. Those with high scores will be given priority to select ingredients, cooking utensils, and l condiments. As for the low score ones, you can only pick the ingredients left by others.

       The students who were selected to participate in the winter camp had their own pride and would never allow themselves to be left behind. After listening to Chen Yun’s words, they were very motivated for a while.

       A student asked, “Teacher, when will the class start?”

       Lei Hu, who had been silent all the time, said, “Half an hour later.” He pointed to the open space behind him and said, “The teaching location is right there.”

       The students nodded to indicate that they understood. They discussed that there was still half an hour of rest time. It was better to walk around and see if there was anything fun.

       Just as the students were about to leave, Lei Hu stopped them.

       Seeing him they all looked over with puzzled faces, “Teacher, is there anything else?”

       Lei Hu pointed to the mess on the long table, “Clean up before leaving.”

       The students blinked, feeling a little dazed, are they the ones to clean up these things?

       Unlike Lei Hu, Chen Yun was not a cold-faced god, who threw down an order without even explaining it. Chen Yun pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said with a smile, “You are all adults now, so you will naturally be the one to clear theq mess that you have created.”

       “Is there any problem?”

       Meeting Chen Yun’s smiling eyes, the students present were deeply ashamed. This is indeed what they should do, how can they take it for granted that someone else will clean up for them?

       This winter camp event, as the teacher said, not only taught knowledge, but also cultivated their hands-on ability.

       Whether it was Jincheng or the students of Mingyang High School, after realizing this, they all began to look forward to this five-day and four-night winter camp.

       The students began to clean up the leftover meals on the long table, but most of them were the masters of keeping their fingers clean [1]Never done any household chores, like cleaning, washing, etc..

       Most of these students have nannies at home. Even if no one is hired to clean up the house, their parents keep everything in order. Their task is to study, and they do not need to intervene in the housework.

       In the camp, the sound of shattering dishes could be heard from time to time, and some people had even accidentally cut their hands by the shattered ceramic pieces, calling for a band-aid from the teacher.

       The camp was a mess, almost looking like a disaster scene.

       As the water is cold in winter, the boys took up the work of washing the dishes, leaving the work of cleaning the dishes to the girls.

       Jiang Juan squatted in an open space, with a large basin full of water in front of him, and a stack of bowls and dishes beside him. Jiang Juan took a new dish towel from a classmate next to him, and tested the water in the basin.

       The male classmates who washed dishes next to him were in similar conditions. They was hissing and gasping for air while washing dishes clumsily with their hands, but no one complained. They talked and laughed, and the atmosphere was very good.

       He had been living very comfortably for the past few months, but when he suddenly touched such cold water, Jiang Juan really couldn’t bear it. While secretly spurning his squeamishness in his heart, he wiped the dishes with his fingers crossed, minimizing the contact area between his hands and cold water.

       But suddenly, a hand stretched out beside him and took away the plate he was holding. Jiang Juan let out a “hey”, but when he turned his head, he saw that it was Xie Jingxian.

       Xie Jingxian also took a dish towel in his hand, squatted down beside Jiang Juan, and facing Jiang Juan’s questioning gaze, he said, “I’ll do it.”

       Jiang Juan looked at Xie Jingxian’s skillful way of washing the dishes and smiled, “Don’t worry, my hands are steady and I won’t drop the dishes.”

       Xie Jingxian paused for a moment, washed the dishes in his hands, put them aside, picked up another, and said softly, “That’s not the reason.”

       Jiang Juan said, “Huh?” Xie Jingxian said, “The water is too cold.”

       Jiang Juan was stunned for a moment, Xie Jingxian’s words had no beginning or end, but he still understood. The water was too cold to let him wash the dishes, Xie Jingxian was caring for him.

       The corners of Jiang Juan’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up, but then he felt that it was not good, so he tried to take back the dishes and said, “I can’t wash it as the water is too cold, so why do you want to wash it?”

       Xie Jingxian whispered, “I’m used to it.”

       Looking at Xie Jingxian’s handsome profile, the smile in his eyes disappeared, as he opened his mouth, but couldn’t say a word.

       If you can’t say it, just do the work.

       Jiang Juan picked up another plate and washed it. Feeling Xie Jingxian looking over, he smiled and said, “One more person, a little more strength. After cleaning up, it will be nice and warm.”

       Hearing what Jiang Juan said, Xie Jingxian didn’t say anything. He just nodded and said, “Okay.”

       The students hurried up and finally cleaned up the mess they made within half an hour. They took the teaching materials and sat down, each looking for a place.

       The sun was high in the sky, and it was even especially warm today, so it will not be too cold to sit outside.

       More than 200 people were in the class together, making the scene look very spectacular. The teacher stood at the front, as if giving a speech.

       The teacher was in his 40s, dressed stylishly and warmly, with a loudspeaker on his body, so his voice could be heard far away without much effort.

       The students of Jincheng High School and Mingyang High School are still sitting separately, separated by a walkway, with a clear distinction between them.

       It was not like the messy meal time before, hard to see who’s who. After the class started, the students were all quiet, and everyone’s faces were clearly visible in the sunlight.

       Jiang Juan looked at Han Xingye, who was sitting in the middle of the group of students opposite.


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1 Never done any household chores, like cleaning, washing, etc.
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