TVVSH- Chapter 36

Warm Baby Stickers

Ch. 36 Warm Baby Stickers

       In the morning two days later, Jiang Juan boarded the bus to the winter camp with his suitcase.

       As soon as he entered, he saw Xie Jingxian sitting towards the back. The seat next to him was empty. He walked over, greeted him and sat down.

       Xie Jingxian was originally looking out of the window, but when he heard the voice, he turned around.

       He saw Jiang Juan was wearing a dark blue down jacket, a hat, a scarf, and even gloves making the whole person look very warm.

       Not only was Xie Jingxian surprised when he saw Jiang Juan, Jiang Juan was also very surprised when he saw Xie Jingxian who was only wearing a thick coat.

       Jiang Juan asked, “Why are you wearing so little?”

       The location of the winter camp is in the mountains, where the weather is very cold.

       Xie Jingxian retracted his gaze and said, “It’s okay, I’m not cold.”

       “It’s not cold in the car.” Jiang Juan said, “When you get to the mountains, you’ll know how bad it is.”

       After a pause, he couldn’t help but say again, “If I knew you were so incapable of taking care of yourself, I would have watched you pack up last night, it’s really worrying.”

       If it was someone else nagging in Xie Jingxian’s ear, he would have definitely ignored them and feel that they were annoying, but now, probably because he just woke up, Jiang Juan’s voice was a different from usual, a little soft and comfortable to hear.

       Xie Jingxian said softly, “Next time.”

       Jiang Juan said “Huh?” After realizing what Xie Jingxian meant, he frowned slightly and said with a smile, “Next time? Next time, it won’t be as simple as staring at you and packing up. I will go to your house in person and stuff everything you need in your suitcase.”

       Xie Jingxian imagined the scene, and smiled. He then nodded and said, “Okay.”

       This time, a total of 100 students from Jincheng High School participated in the winter camp. Except for some who were unable to participate due to some business, there were altogether more than 100 people in the team, which was very lively.

       The students from sophomore Class 2 had arrived one after another. This time, there were fifteen students from Class 2 including Wang Tuo, whom Jiang Juan was familiar with, and Xiao Yang.

       The car was filled with people one after another. Although they didn’t know what challenge they were about to face, they were very excited to escape from the heavy schoolwork and go out to relax.

       As they had to leave very early, they didn’t get enough sleep, and as the air conditioner in the car was running too smoothly, soon the students were feeling a little drowsy.

       Jiang Juan’s eyelids were also dropping a little. He yawned and asked Xie Jingxian, “Would you like to sleep for a while?”

       Xie Jingxian had headphones on his ears and was listening to English words. He took off one of the headphones and said, “I’m not sleepy. If you are sleepy, go to sleep.”

       Jiang Juan pulled out the blindfold and put it on, and said to Xie Jingxian, “Then I’ll sleep for a while and call me when we reach.”

       Xie Jingxian hummed and said softly, “Okay.”

       Jincheng High School is in the city, while the winter camp was going to be held in the mountains. Jiang Juan leaned against the seat wearing a blindfold, and slept soundly. After a while, he unknowingly started to lean on Xie Jingxian’s shoulder.

       Xie Jingxian was looking out of the window and felt the touch from his shoulders. His body froze for a moment, and after a while he turned his head, his chin brushing against Jiang Juan’s black hair, they were soft and silky.

       Because of the blindfold, Xie Jingxian could not see Jiang Juan’s eyes, but could only see his tall nose and rosy lips.

       Xie Jingxian’s eyes softened unconsciously.

       The bus quickly drove out of City A. There was a car in front of the bus because of which it jolted a little. Jiang Juan swayed and was about to fall off his seat. At the critical moment, Xie Jingxian put his arm around Jiang Juan’s shoulder and pulled him back.

       Xie Jingxian tightened his arm, and dragged Jiang Juan head with his other hand, letting him rest lightly on his shoulder. Jiang Juan moved, but did not wake up, sinking into a deeper sleep.

       Hearing Jiang Juan’s steady breathing, a faint smile appeared on Xie Jingxian’s lips.

       The winter sun shone in through the car window, falling on the two of them, making a beautiful picture.

       The winter camp is located in the mountains. Naturally, it is not the kind of barren mountains and fields where there are wild beasts.

       In recent years, more and more people want to escape the fast-paced life of big cities and relax in places with fresh air and beautiful environment.

       Therefore one mountain after another have been developed for such needs. The mountain chosen by Jincheng High School and Mingyang High School is called Xiaohua Mountain. It is far away from the busy city and has a quiet environment. There is also a hot spring hotel on the top of the mountain, which is very popular among travelers.

       However, this hot spring has nothing to do with Jiang Juan and his group of friends attending the winter camp for the time being.

       The bus drove all the way into the mountains, and soon stopped in an open place. The students got out of the car, and although they couldn’t help wrapping their clothes tightly, their eyes were full of excitement.

       There was a lake not far from them. There were sparse trees growing by the lake. At this time, it was winter, and the green leaves that were once vibrant had turned yellow, and finally fell down and floated on the lake.

       This makes the place look a little more desolate and lonely, but this desolate scenery reflects the mountains in the distance, making it look even more beautiful.

       Standing in the open space, Jiang Juan couldn’t help closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, as he completely relaxed. He turned his head and smiled at Xie Jingxian who was walking beside him, “It’s been a long time since I came out to relax this way, it feels so good.”

       After the students got off the bus and received their luggage, the teacher who led the team whistled to let them gather, and then distributed the tents. Five people were to be sleeping in a tent and they had to find the “roommates” by themselves.

       Along with the tent, there was also an assembly manual, which means that they are asked assemble the tent themselves, and the teacher will not help them with it.

Many students have participated in such activities as camping, but most of them were purely for playing purposes, and some had assisted from the side, but they had never personally built a complete tent before.

       But so what? These seventeen or eighteen-year-old boys and girls were full of passion and aggression in their hearts. They held the assembly instructions with great interest, with none of them have any intention of retreating.

       Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian were naturally together with Wang Tuo and Xiao Yang who were close to each other usually, and then a boy from their class was added, and the five-member team was assembled.

       Jiang Juan’s original family was a very happy family. No matter how busy his parents were at work, they never forgot to take time out to accompany him. When he was a child, he participated in various parent-child activities with his parents. When he grew up, he was with his classmates, and also participated in camping activities from time to time. Although he worked later, and did not get time to go out for a walk and relax, but setting up a tent was not difficult for him at all.

       Young boys like Wang Tuo and Xiao Yang, who love challenges and have a good family environment, naturally like to participate in various activities, so it is also not difficult for them to set up a tent.

       As for Xie Jingxian, although he had never set up a tent, he has a very high IQ. After reading the manual, he knew what to do.

       The five people had a clear division of labor, and it didn’t take long for the tent to be set up.

       The few people put their luggage away, after which Jiang Juan walked into the tent with a sleeping bag. At this moment, he heard a loud noise from outside.

       “What’s wrong?” Jiang Juan stuck his head out of the tent and saw a number of buses parked across the lake. The people on the bus got off quickly. They were students of the Mingyang High School.

       The people from Mingyang High School obviously noticed them across the lake and were looking over curiously.

       For this winter camp, the planners were ingenious. The students of Jincheng High School and Mingyang High School did not stay together. A wide lake separated them, and the teachers who taught the classes lived in other locations. Not on Jincheng’s side, nor on Mingyang High School’s side.

       Although it was divided into three places, when looking down from above, there were so many tents together, which was still visually very impactful.

       Jiang Juan looked at the students at Mingyang High School across the lake and saw them chatting and laughing together, looking very happy.

       Jiang Juan couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. Han Xingye was among the students, only a lake away from them.

       Jiang Juan quickly retracted his gaze, turned to look for Xie Jingxian’s figure, and saw Xie Jingxian also looking at the opposite side. Because of the angle, he couldn’t see Xie Jingxian’s expression at this time.

       Jiang Juan came out of the tent, came to Xie Jingxian’s side and asked casually, “What are you looking at?”

       Xie Jingxian retracted his gaze. He did not answer the question, but instead asked, “Is everything packed up?”

       Seeing that Xie Jingxian’s expression was the same as usual, Jiang Juan felt relieved and said with a smile, “Of course, you should be at ease with me working.” He then pulled Xie Jingxian, “Go, let’s help Cao Rui and the others set up a tent. Let’s go.”

       With the help of Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian, the girls’ tent was quickly set up. In order to express their gratitude, the girls shared the snacks they brought with them, which also included a pack of warm baby stickers [1]It is a self-heating adhesive which can warm up your body..

       Jiang Juan sat in the tent, the small snacks in front of him were as high as a hill.

       Xie Jingxian, Wang Tuo, Xiao Yang and the other boy sat next to Jiang Juan, as the five formed a circle.

       Wang Tuo and Xiao Yang were half-filled with envy, jealousy and hatred, but then they opened the snacks and ate them happily.

       Jiang Juan took the warm baby sticker and looked at the manual on the back. After reading it, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, girls are indeed the cutest creatures in the world, he has never used such wonderful things.

       Jiang Juan tore open the packaging bag, and then said to Xie Jingxian, “Pull your clothes off.”

       Wang Tuo had stuffed a packet of Mimi fruit in Xie Jingxian’s hand. Before he could react, he saw Jiang Juan turn to him, and reached out to unzip his jacket.

       While helping the girls set up the tent, Jiang Juan accidentally touched Xie Jingxian’s hand. It was very cold, and they had to stay here for several days, Jiang Juan didn’t want him to be sick.

       Strange to say, at first Jiang Juan cared about Xie Jingxian just for himself, but who knew since when, he began to care about Xie Jingxian from the bottom of his heart, whether he was hungry, thirsty, hurt, or in a bad mood. Almost left the symbiotic system completely behind.

       Jiang Juan put the warm baby on Xie Jingxian’s belly, and pressed it twice with his hand. He then asked expectantly, “How is it, is it warm?”

       Xie Jingxian’s eyes fell on Jiang Juan’s hand pressing on his abdomen. The hand was white and slender, and it was very strong at first glance, but when it fell on him, it was full of gentleness.

       After a while, Xie Jingxian averted his eyes and nodded to Jiang Juan.

       Wang Tuo swallowed the biscuits in his mouth, looked at Xiao Yang, and said slowly, “Are we disturbing you here?”

       Jiang Juan didn’t hear clearly, so turned his head and said, “Ah? Do you want it too? There are many more here.” He raised the warm baby sticker in his hand.

       Wang Tuo wiped his mouth and said, “I don’t need it.”

       Just as the assembly whistle blew outside, Wang Tuo got up and said, “Let’s go, we have to assemble.”

       Jiang Juan snorted and didn’t think much about it. After Xie Jingxian pulled his clothes on, he stood up, “Let’s go, let’s go and see what’s going on.”


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1 It is a self-heating adhesive which can warm up your body.
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The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart

The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart

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