TVVSH- Chapter 31

Female Protagonist

Ch. 31 Female Protagonist

       On the same day, after the evening self-study ended, Jiang Juan went back to his house.

       During this time, after school, Jiang Juan always ran to Aunt Rong’s place, where he finished his homework before going back with Xie Jingxian.

       Jiang Juan returned home, and after entering the password, the door opened with a ding, and he almost couldn’t help tearing up.

       After finally getting rid of his status as a study scum, Jiang Qin’s attitude towards him will also probably change in the future. Jiang Juan saw the hope of easing their father and son relationship.

       Jiang Juan hummed a song while taking the shower. After finishing the homework assigned by the teacher, he ate the supper made the nanny.

       When everything was done, it was only one o’clock in the morning. Usually at this time, he would still be at Aunt Rong’s shop, memorizing words.

       After the initial excitement, a feeling called boredom surged in Jiang Juan’s heart. He grabbed his phone and sent Xie Jingxian a WeChat message, asking if he was still busy.

       Xie Jingxian responded quickly to the text this time, “The holiday is over, so I’m not very busy.”

       Then he sent another message, “I can go back early today.”

       Jiang Juan was greatly surprised. In the past, when he chatted with Xie Jingxian on WeChat, he just sent a word or two as a reply, but now he actually sent a full sentence, which is really rare. What was even more rare was that Xie Jingxian sent another message.

       Xie Jingxian: It’s so late and you are still awake, do you have anything to say to me?

       Jiang Juan sat cross-legged on the bed and couldn’t help but freeze when he saw the reply, then he scratched his hair and wrote, “It’s nothing.”

       He looked at it, but was not satisfied, so he deleted it and wrote again, “I can’t sleep, I just wanted to chat with you.

       He was still not satisfied, so he deleted it again.

       In the end, Jiang Juan deleted and edited the message more than ten times. Don’t know what he thought of, as his eyes suddenly lit up, and he replied, “My clothes are still at your house as I forgot to take them back.”

       Xie Jingxian stared at the WeChat interface, “The other party is typing…” for ten minutes, but unexpectedly Jiang Juan wrote such a sentence.

       Xie Jingxian: Well, you can come and get it tomorrow.

       Jiang Juan wanted to say that he can take them to school with him tomorrow, but forget it, it will be too troublesome for him. But then, Xie Jingxian sent another message saying that he was going to be busy.

       Jiang Juan had to delete the reply that he written halfway, and replied, “Okay.”

       Xie Jingxian: Don’t stay awake, go to bed earlier.

       Jiang Juan: Hmm. Goodnight then.

       Xie Jingxian: Good night.

       During the time he lived in Xie Jingxian’s house, Jiang Juan’s biological clock developed well. He was lying in bed but couldn’t fall asleep. He always felt that it was too early. Finally, he got up in anger and took a physics paper to solve.

       The next day Jiang Juan came to the school and saw that the classroom was very lively.

       Usually at this time, the students in the class are either preparing for the next lecture or reviewing the notes, it was rare for the class to be so noisy. The last time the class was so lively was when they won a lot of awards during the sports meet.

       Jiang Juan pulled out the stool and sat down. Seeing Bai Guang and Zhu Xu were also discussing something excitedly, he couldn’t help but ask, “What are you talking about so happily?”

       Zhu Xu’s cheeks were flushed, his eyes were very bright, and he looked very excited, which was completely different from his usual self.

       Jiang Juan was at a loss, he couldn’t think of anything that could make him so happy. Then Zhu Xu lowered his voice and said, “Today our class will have a transfer student.”

       Zhu Xu leaned over and spoke in a low voice, very much like a bad boy who was discussing pranks, but Jiang Juan’s attention was focused on the word transfer student at this time, and he didn’t notice anything else.

       Transfer student? Could she be the female protagonist? But isn’t she injured? It’s only been over a month, and she has already come to school?

       Jiang Juan called 088 in his heart, but 088 said that even he didn’t know.

       Jiang Juan pressed his doubts, and said in a low voice, “Let me guess, it’s a girl.”

       Zhu Xu’s eyes lit up, “Brother Juan, you are amazing!”

       Jiang Juan: “…”

       It is not that I am amazing, but it’s your expression that has betrayed you.

       Seeing the excitement of the boys in the class, Jiang Juan knew that the transfer student must be the female protagonist.

       Jiang Juan glanced at Xu Rang next to him, and saw that his fingertips were moving quickly over the phone, apparently chatting with someone.

       Jiang Juan bumped Xu Rang with his arm, “Everyone is talking so happily, aren’t you curious about that transfer student?”

       Xu Rang clearly likes new things the most. Not to mention a beautiful transfer student, it is definitely not a trivial matter for him. He has to see it with his own eyes. It seems very unusual for him to be so quiet right now.

       Xu Rang put down his phone, suddenly raised his head and asked an inexplicable question, “Brother Juan, do you believe in love at first sight?”

       Jiang Juan was startled, “What?”

       Xu Rang held his face, looking obsessed, “I think, I’m in love.”

       Jiang Juan, “…Although I don’t know what happened to you, I think your state should be what it is called, unrequited love.”

       Xu Rang, who was immersed in his own world, did not hear anything that Jiang Juan said.

       Jiang Juan: “…”

       At the end of the morning self-study, the first class was the class of the head teacher Ren Tao, and a 16 or 17 year old girl came in with him.

       The girl had a high ponytail, fair skin and bright eyes. As she was new, she was not wearing the school uniform, but a beige coloured dress, which looked very gentle.

       Jiang Juan had thought many times about how amazing the female protagonist will look as she makes her first appearance, but never imagined that she would appear in a wheelchair.

       Jiang Juan confirmed that she was indeed the female protagonist, but her leg injury was still not healed, as she was sitting in a wheel chair. Even while sitting in a wheelchair, she transferred to another school, and was immediately taking a class. She was indeed a perfect match for Xie Jingxian.

       He turned his head to look at Xie Jingxian opposite, and saw that Xie Jingxian had only glanced at the girl once, and then looked away, his expression still light.

       Jiang Juan thought that even though you are behaving quite coldly right now, but there will be times in the future when you two will be inseparable from each other.

       Ren Tao clapped his hands and said, “Everyone, be quiet. This is a new classmate who has transferred to our school this semester. From now on, everyone will be a group and take good care of each other.”

       The girl looked soft and weak, but she was not shy, as she sat in a wheelchair with a bright smile and said with a clear voice, “Hello everyone, my name is Xia Qing, nice to meet you all…”

       This down-to-earth appearance easily won the favor of everyone in the class. Someone laughed and said, “Xia Qing, this name makes me feel warm when I hear it.”

       Xia Qing’s eyes were bright and she said, “I think so too.”

       Jiang Juan raised his eyebrows slightly, this Xia Qing’s temperament was as lively as what was written in the book, and only such a person could pull Xie Jingxian out of the boundless loneliness.

       The hand on his side was suddenly grasped by Xu Rang, as Jiang Juan turned his head and saw Xu Rang staring at Xia Qing without blinking.

       Jiang Juan moved his hand and wanted to pull his hand back, but then he heard Xu Rang whispering to him, “Brother Juan, I like her. I didn’t expect her to be transferred to our class. This is fate.”

       Jiang Juan: ?

       It turned out that after the self-study ended last night, Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian went home after parting. As for Xu Rang, who had run away a long time ago, he met Xia Qing who was lost at school.

       Xia Qing had transferred to Jincheng. She came to the school one day in advance to familiarize herself with the environment. She didn’t want to get lost when she was officially going to class. She didn’t bring a mobile phone, so she couldn’t contact her family, and she was in a wheelchair, which made things even more inconvenient.

       Xu Rang happened to pass by, and Xia Qing stopped him, asked him for help with his phone, called her family to make sure she was safe, and asked Xu Rang to helpalso take her to the office.

       Xu Rang has been with Jiang Juan since he was a child, and has always bullied a lot of people. This was the first time that he felt so needed by others. That feeling was very beautiful.

       Xu Rang sent Xia Qing to the office, and the two chatted along the way. Xu Rang’s heart was pounding rapidly, almost hitting his heartbeat to 180.

       When they got to the office, Xia Qing thanked Xu Rang, and with the light of the roadside, Xu Rang found that when Xia Qing was smiling, there were two small dimples on her cheeks. His face turned red all of a sudden, and he didn’t dare to look at Xia Qing again, as he turned and ran away.

       Very cowardly.

       After listening to Xu Rang’s description, Jiang Juan didn’t laugh at him, but was a little surprised. In the novel, Xu Rang didn’t care about the heroine at all.

       What was going on now?

       Do different times and different places where people meet, bring different results?

       But this was not important, Jiang Juan patted Xu Rang’s hand with pity, and said in his heart, brother, she is destined not to belong to you, give it up.

       Xia Qing made a simple self-introduction. The atmosphere in the class was good. Ren Tao glanced around and said to Xia Qing, “You can sit in the last row. It happens to be empty beside Xie Jingxian.”

       Xia Qing glanced at Xie Jingxian’s position and shook her head without thinking.

       Ren Tao said, “What’s wrong?”

       He thought that Xia Qing didn’t want to sit in the last row, but the upright girl said, “He is too handsome, it will affect my study.”

       The whole class: “…”

       Looking at everyone’s reaction, Xia Qing realized that she had said something wrong, and a blush climbed up her cheeks, causing her to bow her head.

       Ren Tao laughed and said, “Well, Xie Jingxian really is handsome.”

       There was kind laughter in the class, as Xia Qing buried her head lower and lower.

       Ren Tao glanced at the whole class with some distress, thinking where should Xia Qing be arranged to sit.

       Jiang Juan was sitting in the last row and whose arm was pinched red by Xu Rang, lowered his voice and asked, “What are you trying to do? Are you itching for a beating?”

       Xu Rang looked at Jiang Juan, his eyes full of pleading, “Brother Juan, the happiness of your brother’s life is in your hands.”

       Jiang Juan: “…”

       This kid actually wanted to sit with Xia Qing.

       Jiang Juan thought that he was the perfect example of ‘Forgetting your brother after getting a girlfriend.’ Just that whether she will be his girlfriend is a question worth pondering over.

       When he was sharing the breakfast with Xie Jingxian, he had thought about changing seats, but was afraid that Xu Rang would be sad, so he dismissed the idea.

       This time it was good, Xu Rang, himself gave him a good excuse.

       So virtuous!

       Xu Rang shook Jiang Juan’s arm desperately, so Jiang Juan helplessly raised his hand and said, “Teacher.”

       Just sit together, he doesn’t believe that Xia Qing will be tempted by Xu Rang. And there were Bai Guang and Zhu Xu staring in front of him, and Xu Rang definitely didn’t dare to bully Xia Qing.

       Ren Tao said, “What’s the matter?”

       Jiang Juan stood up, glanced at Xie Jingxian’s place, then looked at Xia Qing, and said, “I would like to sit with Xie Jingxian.”

       After a pause, he added with a smile, “I’m not afraid that his handsomeness will affect my studies, after all, I’m more handsome than him.”

       The class laughed again, the heat on Xia Qing’s face subsided a little, and she was less embarrassed. She cast a grateful look at Jiang Juan.

       Jiang Juan responded with a smile.

       Ren Tao said, “Okay, then, Jiang Juan, you can move over and sit with Xie Jingxian. Xia Qing, how about you sit in the seat where Jiang Juan was just now?”

       He don’t know if it was his own illusion or not, Xia Qing looked at him in surprise when she heard Ren Tao call his name, but quickly withdrew her gaze.

       A few minutes later, Jiang Juan brought the table to the vacant seat next to Xie Jingxian. Who would have thought that he had just moved back from Xie Jingxian’s house, and he would be at the same table with Xie Jingxian the next day.

       Jiang Juan stretched out his hand to Xie Jingxian and said with a smile, “Classmate Xie, we will be at the same table in the future, please give me more advice.”

       Jiang Juan just intended to tease him, but Xie Jingxian really shook his hand.

       Xie Jingxian’s fingertips were dry and warm, but when he touched them, Jiang Juan felt a little hot, his hand shook slightly, and Xie Jingxian’s voice filled with a little smile was soon heard, “Also please advice me, Classmate Jiang.”


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The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart

The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
After his accidental death, Jiang Juan transmigrated as a vicious villain in a novel. The villain was always bullying the male protagonist, which resulted in his miserable end. After passing through, Jiang Juan did not intend to torment anyone like the original owner. After gaining a second chance at life, he decided to never provoke the male protagonist and safely live the rest of his life. But who knew, that his life was tied to the fate of the male protagonist, because of which he can feel all the pain that the protagonist suffers. If the protagonist is in pain, he will also feel it, if the protagonist is hungry, no matter how much he eats, he will still feel dizzy from hunger as his stomach keeps on growling, and if the protagonist is dead… Jiang Juan didn’t dare to think about it. Just at this time, a his lackey with short eyes came to him to ask for credit, “Brother Juan, we have surrounded that kid Xie Jingxian, and are ready to teach him a lesson, see if he dares…” Jiang Juan was furious: “Everyone stop. Don’t hurt him! If you fight him, you will end up finding it difficult to eat or even walk around.” Next, in front of everyone's wide eyes, the lonely protagonist was coaxed to Jiang’s house by Jiang Juan. Jiang Juan held the protagonist’s hand and gently asked, “Axian, are you thirsty? Are you hungry? Are you tired? If you feel unhappy, I’ll ask Arang to come over and serve you as a sandbag. How would you like to vent your anger?” Xie Jingxian was alert . He looked at Jiang Juan and said, “What’s your purpose?” Jiang Yan sighed, “What purpose can I have. I only hope that you have a smooth life, one with no illness or disaster.” That way, I can also safely grow old. Xie Jingxian didn’t believe it at first, but later, he said to Jiang Juan: “I understand your intention.” Jiang Juan was greatly moved: “You finally understand.” Xie Jingxian nodded, “I accept it.” “Wait, what do you accept?” Xie Jingxian, “Accept your love.” Jiang Juan: … Brother, did you misunderstand something? I didn’t mean that!  


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