TVVSH Chapter 22

Ch. 22 Expelled from the house

       Jiang Qin was obviously angry, as he scolded him, “Since junior high school, you have never concentrated on your studies, always forming gangs and fooling around. Now that you are a sophomore in high school, you still don’t know how to behave. With your appalling grades, how are you going to support yourself in the future? And this time, you even took your classmates with you to fight. I have to teach you a good lesson today.”

       Jiang Juan was unwilling to take the blame for the dirt left behind by the original owner, and when he saw Jiang Qin coming over, he stepped back and said, “Dad, Rome isn’t built in a day. You haven’t come back for a long time, why are you still looking at me through my past self? Look at me now, my grades are good now, and…”

       He wanted to say that he could explain the fight, but Jiang Qin interrupted him with a sneer, “Good grades? 23 in math and 25 in English?”

       Jiang Juan: “…”

      This score was really appalling.

       After Jiang Qin finished mocking his son, he said coldly, “Do you still dare to take a step back?”

       If the original owner was here, he would definitely be scared out of his wits, but Jiang Juan was not afraid. He had a very warm family atmosphere since he was a child, and his family gave him enough freedom and love. Jiang Qin’s corporal punishment education was unacceptable to him.

       Jiang Juan ran around the coffee table as Jiang Qin chased after him, with Jiang Yue standing on the side looking worried. She knew her husband’s temper the best. If Jiang Juan was caught by him, he would definitely lose a layer of his skin.

       Jiang Yue stepped forward, protected her son behind her, and said, “Okay, okay, look at you. Why are you still beating your child even when he is already so old?”

       When Jiang Qin faced his wife, his voice subconsciously softened a bit, “I don’t want to be angry with him, but look at him, what is he doing?”

       Jiang Qin was really angry. He had not seen his son for a while, so he also missed him very much.

       Especially after the second year of high school, Jiang Qin learned from Lao Li and the nanny that Jiang Juan had been performing very well, never skipping classes or being late, and he even took the initiative to buy study materials.

       Since Jiang Juan’s rebellious period, Jiang Qin has been worrying about his son’s future. Now that he was being sensible, Jiang Qin was naturally happy. Taking advantage of the holiday, he and his wife made time to surprise their son, but before he got home, he got a call saying that Jiang Juan was fighting with someone.

       It was only then that Jiang Qin realized that Jiang Juan was still the same as before. He was just pretending to be well-behaved and sensible all this while.

       The difference was that this time he pretended for a longer time, so that people like him foolishly thought that he had changed his ways.

       Jiang Qin said to Jiang Yue, “Get out of the way.”

       Jiang Yue naturally wouldn’t step down. She said, “Put the thing in your hand down first. Lets sit down and talk.”

       Jiang Qin pointed at Jiang Juan and said, “Do you think he wants to talk about it?”

       Jiang Juan immediately answered, “Yes, Dad, let’s talk.”

       However, he did not expect that when he said those words, not only did Jiang Qin’s anger not dissipate, but he became even more angry.

       Jiang Qin said, “Okay, what do you want to talk about. You say it, I will listen.” Then he took the cane and walked towards him.

       It seems that Dad Jiang won’t give up if he doesn’t beat him up today. Jiang Juan was extremely helpless, who would have thought that a business tycoon like Jiang Qin looked like this at home. Jiang Juan really wanted to see if Jiang Qin did the same when he was talking to the people in the business field.

       Jokes aside, Jiang Juan knew in his heart that the reason Jiang Qin would have such a reaction was because the original owner was too rampant usually and had exhausted Jiang Qin’s trust in him.

       It’s was a pity that he was pulled here by the system and became “Jiang Juan”, bearing all of Jiang Qin’s anger, he really couldn’t express how bitter he felt in his heart.

       Jiang Yue refused to let go, and Jiang Qin’s patience was finally exhausted. He bent down, picked up his wife and put her on the sofa. Jiang Yue didn’t expect Jiang Qin to do this. One of her slippers almost fell down, so she hurriedly pulled it back. She then quickly held Jiang Qin waist to hold him back and said to Jiang Juan, “Xiao Juan, run quickly.”

       Jiang Juan was not a fool, he could see that they couldn’t talk anymore today. He then said thank you mom, and rushed out of the door, but when he got to the door, he suddenly stopped, turned his head and said to Jiang Qin, “Dad, after the school starts and the monthly test is over, you wait and see, I will definitely enter the top 100 in the grade.”

       He can no longer allow the dirt of a study scum to remain on his back.

       However, Jiang Qin didn’t buy it. He sneered and continued to mock him, “You are asking me to wait until the next life?”

       Jiang Juan, “…”

       Forget it, let’s wait for him to calm down.

       When Jiang Juan went out, he saw that the driver, Lao Li, had not yet left, and was sitting in the car looking at him worriedly. Jiang Juan walked over, sat in the passenger seat, and said with a smile, “Uncle Li, don’t look at me like that, I just don’t want to disturb the two-person world of my parents.”

       Old Li sighed, “Mr. Jiang is angry now, just wait for him to calm down.”

       Jiang Juan nodded and fastened his seat belt. Looking at him, Old Li asked in confusion, “Where do you want to go?”

       Jiang Juan said, “Uncle Li, you can just take me to a hotel.”

       Old Li opened his mouth, but then thinking of Jiang Qin’s temper, he understood. He didn’t ask any more questions, instead he was silent for a moment, and then after thinking for a while, he invited Jiang Juan to stay at his house for one night, and to come back tomorrow after Jiang Qin’s temper had subsided.

       Jiang Juan smiled and said, “No need, it’s just for one night, it’s not so troublesome.” Old Li knew that Jiang Juan had a plan, so he didn’t say anything more.

       Saying that he was staying in a random hotel, but Lao Li still dragged Jiang Juan to a five-star hotel. Jiang Juan checked in, but after taking a shower and laying on the bed, he couldn’t sleep.

       It was not that he was worried about Jiang Qin. He has a way to make his elders happy. If he gives him some time, he will definitely be able to take Jiang Qin down. He couldn’t sleep because as soon as he closed his eyes, he would think of Wang Ping’s vicious words.

       This kind of malice seems to always appear around Xie Jingxian. Xie Jingxian was just a bit colder and didn’t like to talk, but he was really a very gentle person.

       Xie Jingxian would save his own food and go to feed the stray cats on the campus. He would also patiently help Zhu Xu, Bai Guang and the others with their studies, without ever getting impatient with them. And even after a long time, he still remembered that he had a “bad stomach” and was always considerate and taking care of him.

       Jiang Juan opened the system interface, and saw that the blackening value was still at 30, but the favorability level had caught up with the blackening value, and had even exceeded it by two points, but the trust score had not even gone beyond 10, very pitiful.

       088, who hadn’t shown up for a long time, suddenly appeared beside the system interface and said, “Don’t be discouraged, you’ve already done a good job. The male protagonist had experienced too many bad things, so he won’t trust people so easily.”

       Jiang Juan said, “Of course I know this.” He closed the system interface, took out his phone from under the pillow, opened the WeChat, found Xie Jingxian’s avatar and clicked on it, thought about it, and typed a line of words.

       Xie Jingxian went home in the car of the head teacher Ren Tao. As the head teacher of Class 2, Ren Tao not only had to explain to the parents of the students of his class, he also had to appease the parents of the students who were beaten up, and then sent everyone away from the hospital. It was past one o’clock in the morning when they left, and Xie Jingxian returned home even later.

       Xie Jingxian lives in the house left by his adoptive parents, which is located in an old community. The voice-activated light in the corridor was broken, but Xie Jingxian seemed to be used to it. He fumbled up to the fourth floor, opened the door of room 401, and turned on the light.

       Xie Jingxian was still in a crowd of lively people a few hours ago, but now that he had returned to the empty room, he felt somewhat unused to it. He stood there for a while, then took off his T-shirt and walked towards the bathroom.

       Xie Jingxian simply took a shower and washed his clothes. When he was walking towards the balcony, the phone on the coffee table rang.

       At this time…

       Xie Jingxian paused for a while, but didn’t stop his actions. He hung up the wet clothes before walking to the coffee table to pick up the phone.

       As he had expected, the sender was indeed Jiang Juan, but the content was beyond his expectations.

       Jiang Jaun: I was expelled from the house, please take me in. QAQ.

       Xie Jingxian stared at the expression after the text for a long time, but didn’t reply, as though he was thinking about something.

       After Jiang Juan sent the message asking for shelter, he didn’t get a reply for a long time. He thought that Xie Jingxian had already fallen asleep. He turned over and was about to find a movie to watch when he saw a WeChat message pop up.

       It only consisted of three short words, but he couldn’t help raising the corners of his lips.

       Xie Jingxian: Where are you?


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