TVVSH Chapter 2

Chapter 2 :- Burning Sensation

As soon as Jiang Juan stepped in the Class 2 of the sophomore year, the bell rang. With his arrival, the lively atmosphere in the classroom stilled for a moment, and then again returned to normal.

Jiang Juan had gotten used to the reactions of his classmates these days. The original owner had a bad reputation in the school. In addition, his family was quite powerful and influential, so no one dared to casually provoke him.

This is especially true for the students in the same class as the original owner. They can’t beat him up even if they want to.

If possible, they hope that Jiang Juan can get out of the Class 2, and not drag down the reputation of their class.

However, since the beginning of this semester, Jiang Juan’s performance was not bad. He was not late for class, did not prank anyone, nor was he caught by the dean for smoking and deducted the class’s overall civility points.

Many eyes, intentionally or not, fell on Jiang Juan, and everyone found out that the boy who appeared in front of them was not wearing his usual fancy clothes, his hair was cut short, the blue and white school uniform was worn correctly, and he looked very clean unlike his usual self.

If they didn’t know what Jiang Juan has done during the break, just looking at his current appearance will give people the illusion of being a good student.


As a well-known tyrant in Jincheng High School, Jiang Juan’s grades are naturally at the bottom. Jiang Juan occupies the bottom position of the scoreboard all year round, and his desk is also in the last row. Xu Rang is his deskmate.

Jiang Juan walked across the aisle and sat down on his chair on the last row.

This was the first time Xu Rang was seeing Jiang Juan’s clean and handsome appearance. A girl in the front row was stunned for a while, as her eyes were fixated on Jiang Juan, she forgot to look away.

Sensing the stare from ahead, Jiang Juan raised his eyebrows and then smiled at her.

The girl was caught off guard as she made a eye contact with him, a nervous expression flashed across her face, but the next moment she saw that Jiang Juan was not annoyed at being peeped, but instead bent his eyes and smiled at her. It was a warm and bright smile, without any anger or hostility.

The girl’s face turned red all of a sudden, and she looked away in panic.

Jiang Yan smiled and retracted his gaze, then turned his head to look at the opposite side, Xie Jingxian was sitting there—the corner of the wall, in the last row.

Xie Jingxian’s and Jiang Juan’s reason for sitting in the last row was different. The latter is a scumbag, with the lowest grades all year round, and he has no plans to make any progress. The last row is the best place for him.

Xie Jingxian was the complete opposite of Jiang Juan. Xie Jingxian was a scholar, not only the first in the class but also the first in the grade. He sat in the last row because of his indifferent temperament and does not wish to be disturbed by others.

Jiang Juan knew that this was only a part of the reason.

Xie Jingxian has constantly been in trouble since he was admitted to Jincheng High School. Not to mention the original owner, people from other classes will also come to find trouble with him.

At the beginning, Xie Jingxian also had a deskmate, but there were always people coming to find fault with him, because of which one can always find his deskmate trembling in his seat, and his academic performance began to decline.

In order not to cause trouble for others, Xie Jingxian took the initiative to move to the last row on the grounds that he did not want to be disturbed, and sat alone.

Jiang Juan glanced at Xie Jingxian’s deserted table, and found him quite pitiful, without a deskmate he had no one he could talk to.

Just as Jiang Juan was thinking, he saw Xie Jingxian on the opposite side turn his head to look over, his eyes were cold and sharp, reminiscent of a lone wolf in the wasteland.

Jiang Juan though that his senses were really sharp, the male protagonist didn’t need him to worry about him, at most, in another month, the female protagonist, Xie Jingxian’s redemption in this life, will come.

Jiang Juan took the initiative to look away. After gaining this second chance at life, he just wanted to live the rest of his life in peace, and not end up with a lifelong disability by provoking the male protagonist.

Xu Rang didn’t miss the brief confrontation between Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian. He put his phone aside and poked Jiang Juan’s arm excitedly, “Brother Juan, do you regret it? I said that we should have beat that kid up in the woods, but it doesn’t matter, after school…”

Although Xu Rang’s voice was small, the student sitting in the front could still hear him. It was a boy, with thin and small frame, fair complexion, with a pair of black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, single eyelid, and a very well-behaved appearance.

The boy looked worriedly towards Xie Jingxian, then secretly looked at Jiang Juan, but was caught by Jiang Juan. The boy’s eyes widened in fright, he then turned around and sat upright.

Jiang Juan felt that he could see the goose bumps on the back of the boy’s neck. He tutted in his heart, the original owner was actually a weak chicken, but because of the many influential and powerful brothers in his family, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Thinking about it again, although most of the children in this school are from rich families, there is still the concept of hierarchy. Some people can be provoked, while some can’t. The students knew in their hearts that it was normal for them to be afraid.

Jiang Juan dug around in his memory to find the information about the boy in front of him. The boy’s name was Bai Guang, and according to the book he was very timid, but also very kind. Although he did not dare to oppose Jiang Juan on the surface, he used to often warn the male protagonist regarding Xu Rang’s sinister pranks, and later became a common friend of the male and female protagonists. He is not only warm and kind but also a lovely person.

Xu Rang was still chattering in his ears, Jiang Juan picked up book on the table and slammed it on Xu Rang’s face, “Shut up.” The first class was mathematics, Jiang Juan opened the textbook and began to preview the contents of the book.

Xie Jingxian has been keeping an eye on Jiang Juan’s movements, and seeing his serious look with his head down to read, he couldn’t help frowning slightly. From the moment he met him in the woods to now, Jiang Juan looked at him with a pair of calm and clean eyes, without the slightest hint of malice.

Why? Decided to change from a school tyrant to a good student?

Thinking of Jiang Juan’s behavior, Xie Jingxian naturally didn’t believe it, so the only reason might be that he got bored of his usual tricks and wanted to play some new ones.

Thinking of this, Xie Jingxian raised the corner of his lips coldly. OK, he’ll wait and see.


At the end of the first class, Jiang Juan was very hungry. He glanced at the time, it was less than three o’clock. It was a little strange. He obviously ate a lot at noon, so how could he be hungry so quickly.

There was still a lot of time before the school ends, and Jiang Juan didn’t plan to endure it. He got up and went to the canteen to get something to eat, but even after eating, his hunger did not lessen.

Jiang Juan squeezed the loaf of bread, it was not small for a boy of his age, and along with half a bottle of water he drank, it shouldn’t be like this.

He recalled that after transmigrating here, he often felt hungry even after eating. He frowned, thinking that the original owner was not only had a fragile body, but it was also a rice bucket?[1]I don’t know exactly what it means. Maybe something along the lines of, his body is capable of digesting everything he eats, and can still eat more.

Feeling hungry even after eating, is this body really okay?

It’s not good to eat in the classroom, which is a place to learn. If it was the original owner, he would definitely not care about it, it would be fine as long as he was comfortable, but Jiang Juan couldn’t bring himself to do it.

But as the hunger was slowly becoming unbearable, Jiang Juan simply took out a packet of white rabbit toffee, peeled off the candy wrapper, and threw it into his mouth, doing math exercises while savoring the candy in his mouth.

Enduring until the end of school, Jiang Juan again walked into the cafeteria as Xu Rang frantically rushed to the window and ordered a bunch of food.

Jincheng High School not only has good teachers and a beautiful environment, but the school cafeteria is also very good.

Not only are there many dishes in the cafeteria, but the food is also delicious and full of flavors, and is available at a reasonable price, which makes students from other schools envious.

Not long after Jiang Juan and Xu Rang sat down, Ye Pei also arrived.

Ye Pei, the monitor of Class 2 and the Class hunk, nicknamed Ye Zi, is Jiang Juan and Xu Rang’s best friend, and is also a member of Jiang Juan’s small group.

Ye Pei is not only a good sports player, but also has excellent academic performance.

He wears a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and always has a smile on his lips. When Jiang Juan saw him for the first time here, he felt the aura of a scumbag radiating from him.

In fact, Ye Pei is quite a good person, humorous and funny, and he does things differently from the villain Jiang Juan. He likes to be in the limelight and to be the center of attention, but that’s all based on his own ability. He doesn’t follow crooked ways, and has his own bottom line for doing things.

As the book “Occupy You” was coming towards the end, the protagonist was in the third year of high school, and as the villain Jiang Juan’s methods became more and more atrocious, Ye Pei couldn’t stand it, and gradually distanced himself from Jiang Juan.

Before their parting, Ye Pei also persuaded Jiang Juan not to let jealousy ruin him, but unfortunately Jiang Juan refused to listen and ended up with a lifelong disability.


Jiang Juan, Xu Rang, and Ye Pei chatted while eating. After a while, there was a sudden commotion in the cafeteria. Many girls who were eating looked at the door, their eyes full of surprise and shyness.

Jiang Juan didn’t notice this. He quickly finished off a bowl of rice noodles. But his feeling of hunger still didn’t ease, but instead he felt even more hungry. This made him very depressed.

Jiang Juan took another bowl of rice and saw Ye Pei who was sitting across from him raise his chin and motioned him to look behind, “The school grass is here.”

He turned his head to look, and saw that Xie Jingxian was holding his meal in his hands and sat down under the admiration and jealousy of the people present.

Xie Jingxian took porridge, steamed buns, and a side dish. Compared with the delicious food that Jiang Juan and the others had on their table, it looked very shabby.

But Jiang Juan did not despise him. When Xie Jingxian was in high school, his grandfather died. Xie Jingxian was studying at Jincheng High School, relying on the annual scholarship and the money he earned from his part-time job to support himself. It was nothing to be ashamed of, on the contrary, he admired it very much.

Xie Jingxian moved his chopsticks very quickly, but at the same time he was eating with elegance. Watching him eat, Jiang Wan felt a warm feeling in his stomach, and the hunger that had been burning in his stomach just now disappeared.

Jiang Juan thought, what the hell, is it enough to watch a man eat to quell his hunger? Is this the legendary ‘beautiful meal’? [2]I have no idea what this term means. If anybody knows it let me know, so that I can add it in the footnotes.

Jiang Juan was startled by his own strange thought. He turned around and stopped looking at Xie Jingxian. As his hunger had died, Jiang Juan stopped eating. He picked up a tissue to wipe his mouth and listened to Xu Rang and Ye Pei chatting away.

Suddenly he heard a girl’s cry from behind, Jiang Juan turned his head and saw that a girl holding a potato casserole slipped her feet when she passed by Xie Jingxian, and the whole casserole dropped out of her hand and went straight towards Xie Jingxian’s right hand.

At this distance and speed, it is impossible to avoid it. Jiang Juan subconsciously looked at Xie Jingxian’s right hand wrapped in a gauze. His right hand was already injured. The potato casserole looks like it was freshly baked.

As soon as a crisp sound was heard, Jiang Juan couldn’t help hissing and almost jumped up.

There was a burning sensation in his right hand, as if the potato casserole had been poured onto his hand.

Jiang Juan couldn’t help but glance at the back of his hand. The skin on the back of his hand was fair and delicate. If the pain wasn’t too strong, he would have thought that it was his own illusion.

Not far away, Xie Jingxian frowned slightly, as if he was enduring the pain. He waved at the girl who was so scared that she kept on apologizing, packed the tableware with one hand and left the cafeteria.

Although Xu Rang didn’t like Xie Jingxian very much, he didn’t feel elated at the moment. He said, “That potato casserole has just been cooked. Do you think that kid will go to the infirmary?”

Ye Pei who sat beside him said, “ Of course. Don’t ask such stupid questions, if he doesn’t go to the infirmary, then it ok only means he no longer wants that hand.”

Xie Jingxian didn’t show up for the first class of the self-study at night. Jiang Juan kept thinking about the potato flour that was dropped over Xie Jingxian’s hands. What was the burning sensation that he felt at that moment.

Until now, he can still feel the pain. If it wasn’t for his ability to endure the pain as he used to practice martial arts since childhood, ordinary people would have started screaming long ago.

Jiang Juan thought that, it was obviously Xie Jingxian who was burned, why was he feeling the pain?

Jiang Juan was old enough to know that the pain he felt was a burning sensation. He clearly knew that at this moment, what he felt was obviously the feeling of being burned.

Seeing Jiang Juan continuously rubbing the back of his hand, Xu Rang couldn’t help asking, “Brother Juan, what happened to your hand?”

Jiang Juan said that it was alright.

As it was the end of the class, the classroom was very lively. As the classroom door opened, the class went silent for a moment. Jiang Juan looked up and saw Xie Jingxian walking in.

In the aisle where Xie Jingxian was standing, a student who came back from the toilet accidently knocked over a classmate’s cup. The cup was filled with refreshing black coffee, and the dark brown liquid was splashed all over the floor. A boy was mopping the floor using a mop.

Xie Jingxian glanced at it and walked down the aisle on Jiang Juan’s side as soon as he turned around.

From the moment Xie Jingxian stepped into the classroom, Jiang Juan’s eyes had been on his hand. It really didn’t look like it was wrapped with a gauge twice in a day. Don’t know if he was still feeling the burning sensation or not.

When Xie Jingxian walked by his side, Jiang Juan smelled a strong bitter medicinal smell. He couldn’t help but say, “Hey, how are your hands?”

The moment he opened his mouth, Jiang Juan regretted it. Didn’t he say that he wouldn’t provoke him? Why couldn’t he control his mouth. But since the words have already come out and it can’t be undone, Jiang Juan calmly looked back.

The lively classroom immediately fell silent, and everyone looked towards them in horror.

Of course they knew that Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian were not on good terms, but this time since the school started, the two had never had a conflict. Could it be that the illusion of peace can only last till today?

Xie Jingxian looked at Jiang Juan for a while, but don’t know what conclusion he came to. In the end, he didn’t answer Jiang Juan’s question, but turned around and walked towards his seat and sat down.

Jiang Juan snorted, it seemed that the original owner and the male lead had quite a big feud.

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1 I don’t know exactly what it means. Maybe something along the lines of, his body is capable of digesting everything he eats, and can still eat more.
2 I have no idea what this term means. If anybody knows it let me know, so that I can add it in the footnotes.

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  • Not familiar with Chinese, but I am assuming that rice bucket is referring to a huge appetite (needs a rice bucket to fill his belly instead of a bowl). Beautiful meal is probably implying that the ML is so beautiful that watching him eat filled up the MC’s hunger.

  • Rice bucket means a good for nothing, from Google. I don’t really know the reason why though, I think he meant that even though he eats so much he still wants more, so he’s a good for nothing.

    And maybe the beautiful meal means mukbang? But I also agree with Mmonstra on the beauty part.

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