TVVSH Chapter 11

Ch. 11 Blackening Value

        Jiang Juan’s reply came quickly.

        Jiang Juan: Have you eaten yet?

        Before Xie Jingxian could reply, the next message came.

        Jiang Juan: You have a bad stomach, don’t eat too much greasy and fried food, drink porridge for nourishment.

        Xie Jingxian lowered his eyes, his long and thick eyelashes covering them, making it impossible to know the look in his eyes at this moment. A few seconds later, Xie Jingxian turned off the phone and ordered a rice porridge and steamed dumplings. Soon the food was brought up, and Xie Jingxian started eating quietly.

       The man in the suit opposite stared at Xie Jingxian for a moment, and said softly, “Mr. Xie, Mr. Han has always missed you very much, and doesn’t want you to suffer alone, he hopes to take you back to the Han family and recognize your ancestors.” Xie Jingxian slowly swallowed the food in his mouth, then looked into the eyes of the man in the suit and said, “My father’s surname is Xie.”

         The man in the suit frowned, “Xie Sinian is your adoptive father. Mr. Xie, at that time you were already at a age where you can remember things, you should know about adoption.”

         Of course Xie Jingxian remembers it, and it is still itched in his mind very clearly.

  People around him do not know that Xie Jingxian was not born to his current parents. His biological mother is Wang Wenwen. His biological mother, his adoptive mother Zhang Hui and adoptive father Xie Sinian were college classmates. As for the man the person the man sitting opposite is talking about, Mr. Han, named Han Shuo, was the Wang Wenwen’s senior during the first term.

  Wang Wenwen grew up in poverty, but through her own efforts, she got admitted to the university. The bustling metropolis did not catch Wang Wenwen’s eyes. She studied hard, won a scholarship, and worked as a tutor on weekends to earn her living expenses.

  Such a diligent, smart and beautiful girl should have many suitors. Han Shuo was one of her many suitors.

         Xie Jingxian had never seen Han Shuo himself, and only seen his photos. Han Shuo was born with a good background, with sharp eyebrows and bright eyes, and was very talented. Wang Wenwen was inevitably moved, and the two fell in love.

  Han Shuo and Wang Wenwen, who are talented and beautiful, should have had a happy story but unfortunately, in their senior year, Han Shuo cheated on Wang Wenwen and dated a rich family’s daughter.

  That rich family’s daughter had a lot of tricks, and falsely accused Wang Wenwen of being a third party. Han Shuo was also a very cowardly person. At that time, he hid behind that woman without making a sound. In other’s eyes, this confirmed Wang Wenwen’s identity as a third party.

  Wang Wenwen was powerless. Under the double blow of campus violence and Han Shuo’s betrayal, she was ill and had to drop out of school. Shortly after dropping out, Wang Wenwen found out that she was pregnant.

  Wang Wenwen hated Han Shuo very much, but she couldn’t bear to hurt the little life growing in her belly, so she gave birth to Xie Jingxian.

  Due to depression and postpartum hemorrhage, Wang Wenwen was always weak and died when Xie Jingxian was six years old. Zhang Hui and Xie Sinian had no children. After Wang Wenwen died of illness, they took pity on Xie Jingxian and raised him as their own son.

  Recalling the past, Xie Jingxian’s eyes were full of coldness, “When my mother died, Han Shuo didn’t come to see her even at her funeral.”

  Seeing Xie Jingxian directly calling out his father’s name, a hint of helplessness flashed in the eyes of the man, “Mr. Xie, Mr. Han has always felt guilty about your mother. He didn’t know about your mother’s illness. At that time, he had a little problem with his body and was recuperating abroad. By the time he received the news, it was too late. And he didn’t know about your existence, he…”

  Xie Jingxian raised his lips sarcastically, and interrupted the man, “Really? He didn’t know? I thought he was afraid of that woman. When she found out what he was doing, in a fit of rage, she left him with nothing.”

  The man wearing the suit frowned and scolded, “Mr. Xie!”

  Xie Jingxian was saying that Han Shuo was eating soft rice [1]It means that he relies on his wife/girlfriend to feed him and leaning on a woman to maintain his social status. What an insult this is. The key person he is talking about is his father, how could he insult him like this?

  Xie Jingxian curved his lips, but there was no smile in his eyes. His biological mother died early, his adoptive parents also died one after another, and he was raised by his grandfather. When he was the most desperate, Han Shuo didn’t show up, and now he suddenly jumped out to recognize him.

  Xie Jingxian didn’t know why Han Shuo suddenly wanted to do this, but he just felt sick. He looked at the food in front of him and suddenly lost his appetite.

  The man in the suit sat for a while, but seeing how difficult it seemed to persuade Xie Jingxian, he finally got up to leave.

  Before leaving, he left a bank card, saying, “This is what Mr. Han asked me to give you, buy what you want, don’t work so hard.” After he saying that, he nodded, “If you have anything, you can contact me, my mobile phone is turned on 24 hours a day. Then, Mr. Xie, if you have nothing to say, I will take my leave.”

  After the man in the suit left, Xie Jingxian’s eyes swept across the bank card on the table, but he didn’t move. He did not touch the card, but turned on the phone, and saw Jiang Juan sent another message, to be precise, a photo.

  The photo is of a physics problem.


  Jiang Juan sat cross-legged on the chair, the video on the tablet was paused, and a physics test paper was spread out in front of him. He took the time to write down two questions, and most of his attention was still on his phone.

       Jiang Juan sent Xie Jingxian WeChat messages for several days in a row, and this was the first time Xie Jingxian replied to him. He thought that he had to seize the opportunity no matter what, and get acquainted with Xie Jingxian as soon as possible. It’s a pity that the text he sent again was like a stone sinking into the sea, and Xie Jingxian didn’t reply for a long time.

  Jiang Juan sighed, thinking that it was a hard rock to crack. He showed his affection in every possible way, but that guy was still indifferent. Sure enough, the male lead should be left to the female lead to deal with.

  Thinking of the female protagonist, Jiang Juan couldn’t help flipping through the calendar on the table. It had been less than a month since he had come here, and 088 said that the female protagonist was delayed and couldn’t come for the time being.

  With nothing to do, Jiang Juan called 088 and asked him why the female protagonist was delayed.

        088 said that the female protagonist accidentally fell from the stairs and broke her leg.

  Jiang Juan: …

  Life is full of surprises, even the female protagonist is not immune to it.

  Jiang Juan suddenly felt fortunate that Xie Jingxian wasn’t the one who broke his leg, otherwise he would have to lie on the bed for more than 3 months.

  Just as he was thinking, his phone vibrated, he looked down and saw that Xie Jingxian had replied.

  Xie Jingxian wrote about the solution to the problem, but Jiang Juan wanted to chat for some more time. He said that he didn’t understand it and asked Xie Jingxian to explain it in detail.

       It was quiet for a long time, as Jiang Juan kept staring at the phone. Just when he was worried that Xie Jingxian got annoyed and blocked him, he saw Xie Jingxian send another picture.

  It was a sticky note with steps to solve the problem written on it. Xie Jingxian’s calligraphy is strong and beautiful, just like himself.

  Jiang Juan bent his lower lip, and without reading the content on the paper, he typed: Thank you.

  Then he asked again: Are you in a good mood today?

  If he wasn’t in a good mood, why would he reply him?

  Xie Jingxian: Hmm.

  Jiang Juan thought that he really cherishes words like gold, but he still typed a reply.

  Jiang Juan: Why?

  Xie Jingxian: Probably because of the breakfast.

  Jiang Juan: …

  Now he is really sure that Xie Jingxian is in a good mood, he even ridiculed him.



  Xie Jingxian walked out of the box, and when he walked to the counter to check out, he was told that the bill had been settled, he nodded, and when he walked out, he saw a flash of light in the corner.

  Someone was filming.

  Xie Jingxian’s sharp eyes swept over, and saw a man in a baseball cap sitting in the corner where the light came from. The man lowered his head and was looking at the magazine in his hand intently.

        After a long time, the man raised his head and glanced quietly in the direction of the counter, just in time to meet Xie Jingxian’s sharp eyes, and the man hurriedly looked away.

  Xie Jingxian squinted his eyes, and his originally calm face became cold again. Then he snorted softly, broke the bank card in half, threw it in the trash can, and walked out.


  Jiang Juan put down his phone and just wrote a question, when he heard a voice in his mind: “Warning. The male lead’s blackening value +1.”

  Jiang Juan said “Huh?”

         The system’s voice once again sounded, “The male protagonist’s blackening value is +1.”

  Jiang Juan: “…”

  Jiang Juan turned on his phone and looked at the chat records between him and Xie Jingxian. It seemed that Xie Jingxian was in a good mood. He had been patiently chatting with him for so long, so why did the blackening value suddenly increase?

  088 said again: “Blackening value +1”

  Jiang Juan didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he felt that when 088 just spoke, his voice was shaking.

  Jiang Juan asked, “What’s wrong?”

  In a short period of time, the blackening value increased by 3, which was too fast.

  The story hasn’t even started yet. At this time, the most troublesome problem should have been the villian Jiang Juan. Now that he’s being a good student, what’s going on with Xie Jingxian? It’s not because he thinks that he is annoying, so his blackening value is increasing, right?

  This is too much of a bullshit.

  Jiang Juan didn’t believe it.

  088 also calmed down from his initial panic and said, “Host, take action quickly.”

  Jiang Juan thought, how can he take action quickly? He didn’t even know what happened to Xie Jingxian, but he obviously couldn’t let Xie Jingxian go on like this.

  With such an increase in the blackening value, can he even return home?

  Jiang Juan dropped his pen, changed his clothes and ran downstairs.

  Taking advantage of this time, 088 found Xie Jingxian’s location.



1 It means that he relies on his wife/girlfriend to feed him

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