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The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son- Chapter 12 (3/3)



Looking at Wei Lan’s expression, Xie Jie thought that his words had an effect, so he added fuel and jealousy: “So, if you want Fourth Brother to be by your side forever, Brother Lan must use some extraordinary means!”


“I understand.” Wei Lan nodded, holding in a stifled breath, slowly turned her head and said, “How do you plan to lure Xie Zichen out?”

“Wang Wanqing has a very good relationship with my sister. I will ask her to pass her token to Xie Zichen. Then I will tell Xie Zichen that Wang Wanqing was kidnapped to the outskirts of the city and raped and defiled.”

Wei Lan: “……”

As expected of the trash named Xie Jie, only he can come up with such underhanded methods.”

“Just think, will Xie ZIchen dare to call someone for help under such circumstances? He will definitely go by himself, then he will go by himself and we can just wait and catch the turtle in an urn [1]瓮中捉鳖 (甕中捉鱉)wèng zhōng zhuō biē

to catch a turtle in a jar (idiom); to set oneself an easy target

“Good.” Wei Lan nodded, but then said,” However, now that I think about it, the horse bandits have been leaving behind obvious traces making it difficult for my private soldiers to pretend. We still have to invite the real ones.”

“How can we get in touch with those horse bandits?” Xie Jie frowned. Wei Lan smiled,” There is a group of horse bandits’ in the Black Wind [2]aka HeiFeng Mountain outside the city, specializing in robbing the sons and daughters of nobles. You send someone to write a letter, mentioning the time and place. If you state that the one to be captured is a son of the Xie Family, do you think they will dare to take this order?”

“I’ll just write it down…” Xie Jie couldn’t help being a little surprised: “Do these people believe it?”


“If you could put the reasoning a little more convincingly, who wouldn’t want to fish for a fisherman’s profit [3]The idiom “坐收渔翁之利 (Zuòshōu yúwēng zhīlì)” comes from an ancient Chinese story, as follows: A clam was on the beach basking in the sun when a snipe came to eat it. The … Continue reading like this? Xie Si ran out on his own; no one could find him, and finally, he was tied up at the Black Wind Village. When the Black Wind Village came to ask for money, we specifically sent people to stop them from sending information down the mountain and not to let your elders know. After some time, the Black Wind Village felt that he was useless and naturally killed him. In this way, in Xie Si’s life, there is no half-relationship with us.”

“Brother Lan…” Xie Jie was stunned: “You…you don’t want fourth brother anymore?”

“A man who has other people in his heart,” Wei Lan sneered, “Why do I want him? Since I can’t get him, then kill him.”


After that, Wei Lan stood up with a cold face, “I’ll go back to prepare first, and then I’ll prepare another group of people. If the horse bandits don’t come, then I will come!”

When she said this, the smile on her face disappeared, and her momentum rose instantly. Xie Jie couldn’t help being startled, and by the time he realized it, Wei Lan had already gone out. Xie Jie breathed a sigh of relief.

This moody Wei Shizi… is really scary.



The author has something to say:

【Protagonist interview time】

Mo Shubai: “Wei Lan, please describe your time travel in one sentence.”

Wei Lan: “The wolf in Sheep’s skin.”

Mo Shu Bai: “Then use one sentence to describe your attitude towards men.”

Wei Lan: “Men, it doesn’t matter if they have a temper, just pet [4]spoil them.”

Mo Shubai: “What do you want to say to your friends in your country of Female Dominance?”

Wei Lan: “The men of this place are wild and debauched, it is the fairy land [5]immortal palace for us mighty women, my friends, do not hesitate, come quickly! “




I have been wondering if I have any Grammar Nazis over here. For this first translation project of mine, I have been mostly focusing on consistency. At least I try to be consistent. Minimum one post a week have been my goal and I have failed it Remarkably so far. Yes, I was given the option to join an editor but with how inconsistent I am with my schedule, I decided not to mess up some one else’s.

However dear readers, please take a second to rate my translations in the comments to get a better evaluation of where I stand. And if I could work on improving just one aspect of my translations, what should it be.


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Hope the celebrations fill your life with joys of love and happiness and take away the burdens of any sadness and suffering you might have experienced so far. I plan on posting before New Year but in case I fail,

Wishing you health, wealth, and new blessings to count each day in 2023.


1 瓮中捉鳖 (甕中捉鱉)wèng zhōng zhuō biē

to catch a turtle in a jar (idiom); to set oneself an easy target

2 aka HeiFeng
3 The idiom “坐收渔翁之利 (Zuòshōu yúwēng zhīlì)” comes from an ancient Chinese story, as follows:

A clam was on the beach basking in the sun when a snipe came to eat it. The clam quickly closed his shell latching onto the snipe’s beak.

The snipe said, “It won’t rain today and it won’t rain tomorrow, then you will dry out and die.”

The clam replied to the snipe, “Your beak won’t be unlatched today and it won’t be unlatched tomorrow, then you will starve to death.”

Neither the snipe nor the clam would give up. In the end, they were both caught by a fisherman and taken away.


4 spoil
5 immortal palace
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The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son

The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
The first time Wei Lan and Xie Si met, she thought, the three obediences and four virtues as well as kindness and generosity could be cultivated. So long as the person himself was good looking, it was enough. Many years later, having reached the highest official position, while facing the bunch of colleagues she had teased and having the vinegar king Xie Shi behind her back, she felt that her face hurt. It really hurt. This is a story of a female Prime Minister from a matriarchal society that kept climbing up the official ranks while falling in love when she transmigrated into a patriarchal society. Pompous and outstanding female x Facial paralysis Vinegar king male. Female lead transmigrated while the male lead was reborn.


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    Merry Christmas🎉🎄
    Your translation is quite good but sometimes thera are typo.. ex: Dian Mo – Ran Mo, he – she🙏

    1. Dizaster says:

      He / She was expected because both WL and DM dress up as men whilst being A woman, so sometimes it gets a bit confusing. On the contrary, I don’t even know what Dian Mo’s name is, because I rely entirely on MTL, the name has been translated as Ran MO, Dyed Mo and whatnot.

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