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The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son- Chapter 12 (1/3)


The two men stared at each other viciously, but neither took another step forward. Xie Tong felt that he had probably met a psychopath, and Dye Mo began to be a little embarrassed after gradually coming back to his senses. But – the momentum can not lose! The words she put out, will absolutely do what they say.

After a long while, voices of people emerged from the side. fearing that the guards had discovered the movement here.

The two of them withdrew immediately, secretly left each other a “wait for me later” look, and disappeared into the night.


Dian Mo ran all the way back to Changxinhou’s Mansion. When she entered the house aggressively, Wei Lan was just about to fall asleep. Seeing Ran Mo’s angry expression, she couldn’t help being curious,” Didn’t you go back to check again? How did you come back like this?”

“A man appeared,” Dian Mo slammed her sword on the table, and suddenly spoke out, “Oh, I’m so annoyed!!”

Wei Lan raised her eyebrows and immediately realized something was wrong: “Did he molest you?”

According to Dian Mo’s conservative way of thinking, she shouldn’t be able to do anything indecent to others. However, upon hearing this, Dian Mo leisurely replied: “I molested him…”


Looking at Ran Mo’s depressed expression, Wei Lan couldn’t help but want to laugh, and after holding back her smile, she said seriously: “What did you do to him?”

Dian Mo muttered something under her breath. Wei Lan sat on her chair, her jade like hands propping her head, seemingly impatient, she said,” So indecisive, are you still a woman?”


“Kiss…” Dian Mo finally spoke louder, Wei Lan was amused, and hurriedly asked, “Is the other party good-looking?”

“No… I didn’t see clearly…”

“Ah, that’s all, it doesn’t matter,” Wei Lan waved her hand and said, “Whether beautiful or ugly, as a woman, you should always have a decent demeanor. Politeness expresses the charm of the other party, which is also a kind of demeanor”

Dian Mo, “…”

I don’t want to communicate with my master at all.

The heart-to-heart exchange between the master and the servant ended with Dian Mo’s disgusted dismissal. Finally, they had no choice but to get down to business.

Tonight’s killers were assassin’s were hired from a second-rate assassination guild in the Jianghu (Jianghu (江湖; jiānghú; gong1wu4; ‘rivers and lakes’) is a term that generally refers to the milieu, environment, or sub-community in which many Chinese wuxia stories are set. The term is used flexibly, and can be used to describe a fictionalized version of Historical China (usually using loose influences from across the ~1000 BCE–280 AD period); a setting of feuding martial arts clans and the people of that community; a secret and possibly criminal underworld; a general sense of the “mythic world” where fantastical stories happen; or some combination thereof.

SOURCE: Wikipedia)). As for the Assasination guild, unless you quit the business for life, it is absolutely impossible to reveal the customer information, so Wei Lan thought about looking in another direction.

She let Dian Mo go down first, and had a good sleep.

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The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son

The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son

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The first time Wei Lan and Xie Si met, she thought, the three obediences and four virtues as well as kindness and generosity could be cultivated. So long as the person himself was good looking, it was enough. Many years later, having reached the highest official position, while facing the bunch of colleagues she had teased and having the vinegar king Xie Shi behind her back, she felt that her face hurt. It really hurt. This is a story of a female Prime Minister from a matriarchal society that kept climbing up the official ranks while falling in love when she transmigrated into a patriarchal society. Pompous and outstanding female x Facial paralysis Vinegar king male. Female lead transmigrated while the male lead was reborn.


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