The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son – Chapter 4

The two settled down, and Wei Lan immediately asked Wei Zhong to go ahead and book the top floor at Linglong Pavilion.


The top floor of Linglong Pavilion overlooked the whole of Shengjing. the room was decorated with crystal glaze plus seasonal flowers. It was well received in Shengjing for its unique style. Overtime this place has become a famous dating spot. Ususally, noble sons like to bring their lovers here for courtship. So no matter how you look at it, the idea of a group of men gathering here seems … .. Quiet absurd.


At first, Xie Zichen didn’t think much of it. However, when he got to the carriage, Wei Lan stepped on a small stool to get into the carriage, then turned around and extended his hand and softly said: “Be careful”, This reminded him of the peculiarity of the top floor of the Linglong Pavilion and he started feeling uneasy again.


He stretched out his hand to block Wei Lan’s extended hand and said indifferently: “Wei Shizi, don’t have to be so polite,You and I are both men; you don’t need to be so concerned about me.”


Wei Lan smiled, turned, and walked into the carriage. When Xie Zichen walked in, she pointed to the opposite side of the small table and said, “Young Master Xie, have a seat.”


Xie Zichen did not speak and was very vigilant.


This carriage is huge with soft cushions. Everything you see and touch is exquisite and luxurious. Xie Zichen pondered, it seems that the Marquis of Changxin’s residence under Wei Lan’s hands is indeed quite different from his past life.


Wei Lan found his serious and profound expression very pleasong. although Xie Zichen was still holding on to the idea that he was a man who didn’t need to be taken care of, Wei Lan always felt that men, well, they all needed to be spoiled. Who doesn’t like to be pampered and cherished? She will gently pet him every day until he becomes accustomed to her, and then this person will naturally become hers. (T/N; Is this what they call conditioning? Scary!!).


With this in mind, Wei Lan didn’t take Xie Zichen’s subtle resistance to heart. She pulled out a bunch of food boxes from the compartment under the small table and pushed them towards Xie Zichen, smiling, “These are some snacks, you can eat what you like.”


Xie Zichen: “…”


Seeing him motionless, Wei Lan picked out the jujube cake and said, “Do you like sweets?”


“Wei Shizi doesn’t need to be courteous, I don’t like snacks” , Xie Zichen replied in a low voice, feeling slightly uneasy.


“Oh, I see,” Wei Lan nodded and smiled: “Then what does Mr Xie like?”


Xie Zichen: “…”


“Master Xie ranks fourth in the family, right? The son of the second master Xie Jue? Are there any brothers and sisters?”


Xie Zichen: “…”


“Is Mr. Xie studying at clan school? Looking at Mr. Xie’s appearance, he must be well educated, but what kind of books do you like to read on weekdays?”


Xie Zichen: “…”


Wei Lan spoke a lot, even though she disliked talking a lot in general. But as a woman, she had to be generous when facing the person she wanted.


In her last life, she was a popular figure in the capital of Daliang, and although she had passed through all the flowers without sticking to the leaves, she aroused countless young masters to be infatuated with her. (T/N: A female Casanova,huh!)


I still remember when I was riding a horse and passing through Chang’an Street, I could see the handkerchiefs flying.


Before she turned twenty and reached her Guan Li[1]The Guan Li is the Confucian coming of age ceremony.According to the Book of Rites, it is only after the coming of age ceremonies that young people could call themselves adults and could share social … Continue reading, how many noblemen had postponed their wedding dates and How many courtesans had threatened to wait on her for free?


Thinking about that year, Wei Lin raised the corner of her mouth and couldn’t help but sigh, “Young Master Xie is really too reserved.”


Xie Zichen, who had been talking in a perfunctory manner, was too stunned to speak.


The word reserved was used on him, on HIM…


Who is this Wei Shizi anyway?!



Xie Zichen held back and accompanied her to the Linglong Pavilion, she seemed to be acquainted with the boss here. the boss guided the two of them all the way to the top floor before retreating , leaving only the two of them in the room, Wei Lan and Xie Zichen.(T/N: Just Him and Her..)


The top floor of Linglong Pavilion was very spacious, The room was filled with flowers, and a fresh and natural flower fragrance lingered throughout. Wei Lan entered the room and stood in the center of the floral arrangement, she took out a perfectly blooming peach blossom and handed it to Xie Zichen, who had just walked over, smiling, “Brother Xie, are you happy?”



Xie Zichen was silent for a moment. He lifted his hand and took the peach blossom, His fair and slender fingers stroked over the petals of the peach blossom, and he said frankly, “In fact, the Xie Mansion had not assigned me to come over today,It was I who chose to take over my second brother’s errand. ”


“Oh?” Wei Lan, who was pouring wine, was pretty surprised to hear this. However, she immediately understood and said with a smile, “Young Master Xie has a request.”



“Exactly.” Xie Zichen nodded, hands clenched within his sleeves, his calm to somewhat grim face finally had some expression: “Wei Shizi has two uncles, their mother hanged herself due to the old lady Wei’s forced marriage to that year’s Marquis of Changxin, they moved away from the Marquis of Changxin’s house after they became an adult. Your eldest uncle, Wei Yan, is the Prime Minister’s chief historian, and your second uncle, Wei Kai, was the head of the Warehouse Department and has the merit of supporting the current emperor to the throne back then, and is now following the Prime Minister closely. They now serve the Third Prince and have the Emperor’s favour. Naturally, they are in a far better position than the Marquis of Changxin, who is located far out on the frontier.


Wei Lan did not say anything. Sitting on the chair with soft cushions, looking at Xie Zichen in front of him, he smiled and said, “And then?”


“The Marquis of Changxin was shot through the left chest by the enemy on the battlefield two years ago, and has been suffering from old diseases since then. It was not until Shizi had received His Majesty’s appreciation after killing General Di Jie that His Majesty replaced the Marquis of Chang Xin from his position in the vanguard.”

“Well, that’s true.” Wei Lan held her chin and looked at the jade like beautiful face, Xie Zichen raised the corners of his mouth slightly, it was like a spring flower blooming in an instant, Wei Lan was slightly taken aback, and then he heard him say: “Surrounded by Jackals and Wolves on all sides, Isn’t Shizi afraid?”


“Master Xie,” Wei Lan said with a smile, “what do you want?”


Xie Zichen sat calmly in his chair, picked up the wine that Wei Lan had just poured, took a sip, and said lightly, “I am a shu son of the Xie family. My mother was a courtesan in a brothel. She accidentally conceived me. in order to let me enter the Xie house, my mother killed herself.”


“So master Xie is in a very difficult situation.” Wei Lan nodded clearly and poured wine for him.


“I have a piece of intel that can save Wei Shi Zi from the fire, I would like to trade it with you in exchange for a favour. Soon, His Majesty will choose a variety of companions from among the sons of the noble families. The only people of age in the Xie family are me and Xie Jie, the first son of the third house, so I hope to seek Shizi’s assistance.”



By now, Wei Lan already understood Xie Zichen’s meaning, he wanted to become an ally with her, he would give her information and she would help him kill.


Looking at the cold and indifferent expression of the person in front of her, Wei Lan smiled full of interest. Back then, she had seen many similar situations in her family, there were lots of scheming and killing.

The issue of killing a Di son from a side branch can be big or small. If she recognized Xie Zichen as her future husband, she would be happy to kill this person whether he gave this information or not; if she did not recognize this lord, it would depend on the importance of the information



She was genuinely unable to comprehend where a concubine’s son, who had so few allies that he couldn’t even deal with a Di son from the side branch, would obtain the crucial information regarding her, a marquis. Such information should’ve long been delivered to her by the dark guards.



She tapped on the table and asked the last topic she was interested in, “Is Duke Xie still an chaste son from a good family?”


“What?” Xie Zichen looked up in surprise, completely unable to understand why the other party had asked such an unexpected question at such a critical moment. Moreover, chaste, what do you mean by chaste ?


Reacting to the fact that Xie Zichen did not understand the meaning of innocent, Wei Lan looked at his dumbfounded expression and found it extremely cute, she could not help but want to go over and tease him.


However, her usual gentlemanly manners suppressed her impulses, and She looked at Xie Zichen generously and said with a smile “Sir Xie, have you ever touched a woman?”


“Why are you asking this?” Xie Zichen frowned, but the tips of his ears were slightly red, and Wei Lan, who was used to seeing women in the brothels, immediately understood that this shu son was probably unattended, and was still young, so he was indeed innocent.


She could not help but laugh aloud and nodded, “Good, I will do this favor for Sir Xie, and if there is any urgent matter for Sir Xie in the future, Wei Lan is willing to go through fire and water for Sir [2]to go through fire and water :to undergo great difficulties or dangers .”


Xie Zichen frowned, he never believed in things like pies falling from the sky.


Wei Lan raised her eyes and continued, “However, Young Master Xie has to promise me one thing…”



Hearing this, Xie Zichen finally relaxed his brows, his face calm, quietly waiting to see what Wei Lan had to say .Wei Lan looked at him seriously and said solemnly, “If I don’t marry, Sir Xie can’t get married either, and he must keep his body like a chaste woman and not touch any woman.”


Upon hearing these words, something exploded in Xie Zichen’s mind.


Wei Lan hooked her lips and continued, “Of course, men are not allowed either.”


Listening to these words, how could he still not understand Wei Lan’s intentions?


He suddenly realized what had been bothering him the whole time. He stood up violently and shouted in anger, “Wei Shizi, what kind of person are you treating me as?!”


The assistant waiter arrived at the door, heard the argument inside, knocked on the door and said, “Shizi, Sir Xie, Can Xiao Er enter?”


“Come in.” Wei Lan was calm, Xie Zichen was reluctant to make a scene in front of others, but his words were stuck on the tip of his tongue, and he blushed. Xiao Er held the plate and placed the dishes one by one. Sensing the weird atmosphere between the two, he quickly retreated.


In the room, only two people were left staring at each other, Xie Zichen finally regained his senses, suppressing the rage in his heart he spoke in a calm manner, “I wasn’t aware of Shi Zi’s special interests, today it is me being presumptuous, I hope Shi Zi will forgive me, just pretend that I have never been here.”


He then flung his sleeves and walked away. Wei Lan propped his head up, looking at the beauty’s slender back he raised his voice and said, “How far does the Young Master Xie want to go?”


Her voice was too loud, and Xie Zichen didn’t dare to let her yell any louder, so he sat down and said coldly, “Shizi, what do you mean?”


“Does Young Master Xie want Xie Jie to die, or do you want him to just not fight this time?”


Xie Zichen frowned, the coldness in his eyes had made it clear to Wei Lan what kind of person Xie Zichen was, she nodded and said gently, “Don’t worry, I’ll get it done.”


“Shizi Wei,” Xie Zichen raised his head and looked at Wei Lan with a warning in his eyes, “I am not interested in the matter of breaking sleeves, and if Shizi Wei has such a fetish, there are many people in the South Wind Pavilion north of the city who take care of these entertainments. Even if I am a shu son, I am still a shu son of the Xie family, so I hope that Shizi will think twice.”


Hearing this, Wei Lan smiled nonchalantly, and shook his head, “Shizi misunderstood, I am only a little eccentric, but I do not have a fetish for breaking sleeves.”


Originally a female, what’s the point of breaking sleeves……


While Wei Lan silently lamented in her heart, Xie Zichen had a cold face and a look of disbelief as he arched his hand and said, “Farewell.”


Saying that, he walked out with big strides. Wei Lan sighed, feeling that the men of this world were much harder to deal with compared to the men of the Great Liang Kingdom.

“Dian Mo,” Wei Lan called the maid standing outside the door and ordered, “Check out, I’ll see off Young Master Xie.”


“Shi Zi ……,” Dian Mo cried, “Young Master Xie is an adult man, why does he needs you to see off!”


“Dian Mo,” Wei Lan sighed, “The best way to show the temperament of a gentle lady is by having the correct attitude towards men. Settle the bill and wait for me to return to the house, hmm?”


After saying that, Wei Lan held one hand on the window and jumped down with one long leap, with a dashing and handsome stance, which drew a shriek from the women in the next building.


The handkerchiefs flew down, Wei Lan habitually reached out to hold the handkerchiefs, tilted her head to look at the shy woman at the side of the building, after seeing the other woman’s face, her face froze, then turned around and chased in the direction of the Xie Mansion.

(T/N: Oh so catching handkerchiefs thrown by men have become a conditional reflex from past life. Just it’s women this time. )


T/N: Poor XZ, he must be covered in goosebumps by now. Poor Dian Mo, she has to deal with so much nonsense.

In fact, I feel pity for anyone who has to deal with XZ. It’s like someone comes up and suddenly says that the sun rises in the west with so much conviction that you begin doubting your own common sense.


  • How long do you think it’ll take for WL to confess her identity? I believe it’s gonna take some time, with how arrogant she is, it’ll be a while before she explains all her bizarre actions to the ML.



1 The Guan Li is the Confucian coming of age ceremony.According to the Book of Rites, it is only after the coming of age ceremonies that young people could call themselves adults and could share social responsibilities.The Guan Li ceremony typically occurs when a man reaches 20 years old.
2 to go through fire and water :to undergo great difficulties or dangers
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The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son

The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son

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The first time Wei Lan and Xie Si met, she thought, the three obediences and four virtues as well as kindness and generosity could be cultivated. So long as the person himself was good looking, it was enough. Many years later, having reached the highest official position, while facing the bunch of colleagues she had teased and having the vinegar king Xie Shi behind her back, she felt that her face hurt. It really hurt. This is a story of a female Prime Minister from a matriarchal society that kept climbing up the official ranks while falling in love when she transmigrated into a patriarchal society. Pompous and outstanding female x Facial paralysis Vinegar king male. Female lead transmigrated while the male lead was reborn.


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