TPS Chapter 3

Pygmalion (3) Statue

There was a certain something in Angus’ voice that gave Ai Wen a bad premonition, but he decided to ignore it. He came to the table under Angus’ lead.


It was the perfect candlelight dinner. Under the beautiful flickering lights, Angus’ face seemed more and more ravishing. Though for some reason, in this atmosphere, Ai Wen felt a slight shiver instead.


It was normal for people to have hunches and natural intuition for incoming dangers. He uneasily stood up and moved his chair back. He felt like his skin was being pricked all over.


He wanted to go back.


But alas, Angus didn’t give him the chance to. He gracefully cut a piece of steak and fed it straight to him. Ai Wen hesitantly opened his mouth to bite it, and Angus took the opportunity to kiss him right then and there.


The one to take the initiative became the other party, it made Ai Wen feel uncomfortable, but he still went along with it.


He swallowed the delicious and tender meat after the both of their lips met with a short, but passionate kiss. Angus continued to use this method to feed him the entire plate.


After such a strange kiss, Angus showed a peculiar smile on his face, “My dear Ai Wen, I love you so, so much.”


Ai Wen’s lips were still covered with the jam red sauce. He stretched out his tongue to lick it and immediately felt the hot sparks began to simmer in his eyes. He stretched out his hand towards Angus and slowly began to untie his belt. Angus stood in place, seemingly satisfied. When Ai Wen was halfway done, he gently pushed his fingers away and stepped back.


Ai Wen looked at him suspiciously, but then he saw that the skin on Angus’ face began to wrinkle. It started to fall off little by little.


Under Angus’ skin was Rosemond’s face. It was so captivating, it didn’t look real.

Rosemond, whom he had devoted years of love and effort to, was originally a sculpture. But now he’s alive.


Ai Wen was shocked, to say the least. Rosemond was standing there, naked, on top of the pile of flesh and skin that he had just shed before. It even gave off a faint stench.


Rosemond was still very handsome, tall and compelling, but his eyes were blood red, like the eyes of the devil in the Holy Scriptures. He raised the corners of his lips to smile at Ai Wen, walking steadily towards him.


He then knelt down on one knee.


Ai Wen was scared out of his wits, but he felt numb. His legs weren’t under his control. He looked down and saw that his hands were gradually turning an ashy gray, like plaster.

Rosemond tilted his head up to look at him. As he lifted his eyes, he showed an iniquitous smile, but his voice was as gentle as a whisper. He said full of passion, as if speaking with his lover, “It was your love that brought me to life. I belong to you, and only you.”


He took the back of Ai Wen’s hand and kissed it, “Of course, you also belong to me. It doesn’t matter if you relish Noi, his heart and yours have become one.”


“So now you belong to me, and only me.”


Under his petrifying yet compassionate gaze, Ai Wen slowly turned into a sculpture. A terrified expression, now eternally etched on his face.





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The Perfect Statue

The Perfect Statue

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
Ai Wen took great pleasure in sculpting beautiful men. But one day, his creation actually came to life.


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      I had that exact same reaction when I started lol, thanks for reading!

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