TPS Chapter 2

Pygmalion (2) Angus


Ai Wen went to his aunt, a gentle and amiable wife, who warmly arranged food and accommodation for him. She told him to stay here as long as he wanted.


His tense mood relaxed, and he finally had the time to logically think about what happened in the attic.

There was no doubt that someone broke into his house, but why did they cut Noi into pieces? What about the blood-like traces? Where did Rosemond go?


Without a single clue, he couldn’t figure anything out. And so he stopped thinking about it, and tried to empty his head to sleep.



Ai Wen’s life at his aunt’s house was gradually getting on the right track. His aunt, Mrs. Wendy was chubby and always had a smile on her face. She was very warm, with a good and gentle temperament. All this time, Ai Wen had been taken care of by her. He was embarrassed to freeload at her place all the time, so he insisted on paying her a boarding fee, even if she waved her hand saying no the whole time.


Ai Wen returned to his old roots and started woodcarving. He had fled home in a hurry, but he was reluctant to give up on his carefully carved Noi, so he brought his decapitated head with him.


He was really a pervert.


It’s just that Noi was really handsome. His intentionally loose and messy hair, slanting lips and half squinting eyes were all features that Ai Wen adored. It was a pity that he lost his strong and big body, but he could only endure under such circumstances.


Ai Wen’s work was relatively smooth until Halloween. His craftsmanship was superb. Even if he didn’t have much fame, many businessmen came to negotiate with him. He also met a certain man.


The man was called Angus. He was an authentic Caucasian. He had an extremely handsome face, blue eyes, high nose, deep eyes, and a very tall body, around 190 cm tall. His bulging muscles were barely kept in his suit, they seemed like they were going to burst out in the next second. His legs were also very long and straight. All in all, he perfectly fit Ai Wen’s tastes.


The thing was, Ai Wen had been hanging around Rosemond for too long. His standards for aesthetics had gradually been distorted. He wasn’t very fond of real people, so he showed off a serious and cold look in front of most. It was inviolable.


Ai Wen was a crazy pervert, but had the appearance of a cold ascetic. It could be said that his 20-year old desires had been fulfilled in front of Rosemond and Noi. If it was seen by others, he might actually beat them to death.

And not to mention his ridiculous self-esteem.


At first, Ai Wen was very indifferent to Angus, but Angus took a fancy to Ai Wen. His pursuit looked like a young boy having his first puppy love.


Angus was the owner of the La Roche exhibition hall. He ardently wanted to promote the cooperation between the exhibition hall and Ai Wen. He said a lot of sweet words and praised Ai Wen up to the skies. When Ai Wen initially saw that he wanted more from him, he retreated. However, driven by interest, he indulged in more contact with him.


They reached a cooperation. The power of the exhibition hall was greater than Ai Wen had imagined. The price of his wood carvings there was more than ten times higher than that of ordinary merchants. Ai Wen’s wallet was filled to the brim, he was ready to have fun.


It was Halloween. Ai Wen would remember this damned day for decades to come.


Before Halloween, he got the check from his last batch of work. Angus earnestly invited him to dinner. Ai Wen pretended to shirk, calmly glanced at Angus’ manly capital, and then agreed.


He had never tasted the taste of a real person. Looking at Angus, he doesn’t look like a man willing to live under people. Now that Rosemond was missing, and Noi was only left as a head, Ai Wen was exasperated. He didn’t like real people, but he also wanted to relieve his prolonged yearnings.


Angus opened such a large exhibition hall, and his clothes were so good. Ai Wen thought that he would be a young master, living in a luxurious house, resplendent and dazzling. The last place he expected the dinner to be at was at a dilapidated house.


The huge garden looked like it had been neglected for a long time. The flowers and plants have long decayed. He wondered if it had been an illusion, but Ai Wen felt like he could vaguely smell the scent of blood.


He felt a bit uneasy, but he didn’t show it. The dim candlelight lit up the room. Angus pushed the door open and held him in his arms. “My dear Ai Wen, you have finally come. I can’t stand a place without you for a second.”


Ai Wen’s chest was pressed against Angus’. His mouth became dry, he couldn’t help thinking of Rosemond.


It took him three years to carve Rosemond’s figure and facial features, all of which were all tuned to perfection. He had stroked that perfect body for so long, the texture and each and every curvature of his muscles were clear in his heart. Now that he was in Angus’ arms, he truly felt like he was being held by Rosemond.


Angus released him and brought him inside with a smile on his face. Ai Wen took a glance around the house, it looked battered on the outside but the inside was unexpectedly luxurious. He couldn’t help but ask, and Angus answered with a smile, “It’s just my little hobby. I like to transform old, worn-out things and enhance their value.”

He stroked Ai Wen’s smooth shoulders, as he had taken off coat after entering the room and only wore a vest. His voice was low, “Do you like it? Although this place is very broken-down, we could do anything in this room. I installed sound insulation boards on the walls, so no matter how you much you scream or shout, only I could ever hear you.”


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The Perfect Statue

The Perfect Statue

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Ai Wen took great pleasure in sculpting beautiful men. But one day, his creation actually came to life.


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