TPS Chapter 1

Pygmalion (1) Sculptures

Ai Wen was an amateur sculptor. He was also gay, but there were no connections between the two.


He was very talented in sculpting. He had no teachers and was self-taught, but the only thing he liked to carve were men. To add to that, he only liked to carve strikingly big, handsome men.


In the past, the sculptures he carved were quite small. Kind of like figurines, but with much more details. But as time went on, his carvings began to grow more and more similarities. Their face shapes, facial features, body shape, and even expressions were incredibly similar to each other. Almost like they’re all of the same person.


He slowly portrayed the most perfect man in his heart in his sculptures. Diligently doing so, day after day.


Later, he gave up doing small figurine-sized carvings to begin carving a statue of a full-sized man. Its height must be at least 190 cm, because that way, it can hold him in its arms.


Ai Wen was a bottom, though he was not your typical one. He was 185 cm tall, strong and handsome. Anyone in the circle would think that he was a top, but he couldn’t stand it, so he became like a single mother.

He thought of himself as an old man, he had given up on falling in love and decided to dedicate his love to his sculptures.


He spent three years carving out the most perfect man in his heart and gave it a name; Rosemond.


He may have been a pervert. When he began to carve Rosemond, he fell into a false, delusional love affair. Every day, he would intimately tell Rosemond loving words that would usually only be said between lovers. He regarded Rosemond, the statue that he passionately carved himself, as his significant other.


“Rosemond, you’d look better without clothes. Would you mind taking them off?”

“Rosemond, you radically enthrall me… You complete me. I… adore you, Rosemond.”


Ai Wen’s infatuation was undisguised. In this quiet and bare studio of his, he and Rosemond were the only ones there. The bright moonlight penetrated its way through the window onto Rosemond’s body. It painted his skin like a luster, drawing Ai Wen in like a Psychedelic illusion.


He had been carving Rosemond for three full years, and today, he was finally done. The tall and strong male statue stood in a rather sinister posture, purely due to his creator’s intentions. His face was so beautiful that neither angels nor devils would be able to compare. In short, this was the most ideal man in Ai Wen’s heart. He was unreservedly fascinated and crazy about it.


Ai Wen himself didn’t see a problem with his current state. There were many strange x-fetishes in this world. Piss and beasts, there were all types of people, What’s so different about being into statues?

He used Rosemond to satisfy his desires. Every night, they would rub each other in the studio, applauding for love. A big man like him could be held in its arms. Even if the one holding him wasn’t a human being, he was utterly content.


However, what happened next went beyond Ai Wen’s expectations.

Men were passionate, they’d love the new and hate the old. The same went for Ai Wen. After spending a year with Rosemond, he regained his inspiration and began to ambitiously carve yet another perfect male god according to his tastes.


With his experience with Rosemond in hand, he became much faster in carving this next sculpture. It only took him one year to fully carve it out.


He named him Noi.

Noi was only three centimeters taller than him. He had a golden ratio-ed body, an inverted triangular back and a tight male dog waist. His muscles were strong and beautiful. His bulging chest and back muscles were smooth. They were simply mouth-watering. He honestly looked more attractive than Rosemond, but their sinister auras were similar. The angled corners of his mouth and the downward movement of his right hand made him look like an incubus, seducing any that would lay their eyes on him.


Ai Wen loved his new creation so much that he barely came to see Rosemond before he finished. And once he did, he went to abandon him. He covered him with a sackcloth and put him in the attic above the studio.


Noi was modeled by him like a pretty Caucasian male. His pale white skin still had a faint scent of paint on it, so he couldn’t immediately get started. Ai Wen sat in front of him and passionately told him about how he and Rosmond had clapped for love in this precise place. Seeing Noi’s alluring eyes, he couldn’t help but lay his hands on him.


For Ai Wen, this was an ordinary turn of events. It was no different from the past, but on that night, something began to change.


When Ai Wen woke up the next day, he wasn’t able to move. He played with Noi until his body hurt to the point of exhaustion. He laid on the desk for a long time and didn’t get up, but he soon felt something off. Noi was missing.


Ai Wen stood up, holding his waist, he found a palm-sized bloodstain on the desk.


After standing back, he noticed how the bloodstains were seeming to be more and more revaning. Large splotches of blood were sprinkled on the surrounding wooden floors, dyeing the entire place dark red.


He lowered his body to touch the bloodstains and held it up under his nose. What filled the tip of his nose was not the smell of blood, but paint.


Ai Wen stood up in a daze. His new love, Noi, disappeared. There was only a trace of what seemed to be blood.


Noi vanished for no reason. Ai Wen searched all over the place but couldn’t find him. But as an unemployed otaku, he was forced to look for his muse to gather income.


When he was about to scratch out his hair, he thought of Rosemond, the one long abandoned by him in the attic.

Wanting to bring Rosemond down, he climbed up to the attic. But when he lifted the sackcloth, all he saw was the remains of a statue’s body that had been sawed into countless pieces. The sawdust formed a dark, blood-like color on the wooden floor, but the head of the statue was still intact. Laid on top of the scarlet sawdust, beautiful and ominous., was Noi’s head.


Ai Wen felt a shiver run down his spine. As his heart beat violently inside his body, he hurriedly began to pack up and left the studio. He decided to run away.


As was said before, he was an excellent amateur sculptor. Even if he prefers to carve men, he was also good at carving other things so he could still make a living. However, the businessman who had cooperated with him for many years in the past had recently refused to buy his works without stating the reason.

This strange situation forced Ai Wen into a desperate situation.


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The Perfect Statue

The Perfect Statue

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
Ai Wen took great pleasure in sculpting beautiful men. But one day, his creation actually came to life.


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