To Cry SJHP Ch-12

After spending the night at Ci-Yu Nunnery, the carriage of the Xiang fu arrived the next morning, but Li Yanting did not come.


[ Xiāng fǔ: prime minister’s house]


Feng Rong looked around but did not see Li Yanting, so she asked the head servant, who then replied: “The young master went out to meet friends in the capital yesterday. He drank a lot of wine and came back late at night. Madam was afraid of delaying Biao Young Lady, so she sent a few more people to fetch you.”


When Feng Rong heard this, she somehow felt a little flustered. Although she was a little disappointed that Li Yanting didn’t come, she didn’t say anything in the end.


Next to her, Nanny Hu, who had been watching her, gave her a deep look.


After the bumpy journey, the carriage had finally arrived at the Prime Minister’s fu before the sunset. Feng Rong went to Feng shi’s courtyard and tell her about the relics and the matters of the grandma, then she went to her own Feng Ta courtyard.

[Feng Ta Ge: Wind Thread Pavillion]


She had just finished making arrangements for Grandma’s accommodation when she saw Li Yanling hurrying towards her. Feng Rong hurriedly greeted her and asked, “Jiejie, how come you are to my courtyard? Dinner is ready, why don’t you stay for dinner?”

[Jiejie: elder sister]


When Li Yanling saw her, it was as if she had seen a savior. She took Feng Rong’s hand and before she could enter the door of Feng Ta courtyard, her tears fell down.


Feng Rong was startled. She hurriedly ordered Xizhi to prepare hot water for her handkerchief, while she took Li Yanling’s hand and led her into the house.


“What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying like that? Who bullied you?”


“You don’t know, my brother, if I didn’t really resemble him seven times, and grew up together, I really thought I owed him something in my past life, and in this life, heaven has sent him to oppose me.”


Li Yanling sat down on the couch of the warm pavilion. She drew the soft handkerchief from Feng Rong’s hand, crying and cursing at the same time.


When Feng Rong heard her mention Li Yanting, her heart sank and she couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong, did Biao ge bully Jiejie? But didn’t I hear that Biao ge was drunk yesterday and was lying down, and now he’s awake?”

[biao ge: Cousin brother]


Hearing her mention Li Yanting, Li Yanting became even more furious and forgot to cry, standing up and cursing, “I don’t know where I am now, it’s my curse to have met him. Do you know, meimei, where he went to drink yesterday?”

[meimei: younger sister]


“I heard from servants that biao ge had friends back in the capital and had a banquet, but where exactly they drank, I don’t know.” Feng Rong said with a slight frown. Suddenly something came to her mind and her face changed, “Jiejie, could it be ….”


“Hmph, no, although he is my elder brother, he is as old as me. He was only seventeen after the new year, and now he has the courage to go to the Fengzi Chuo Yuelou! Does meimei know where this building is? It’s the biggest house of prostitution in the whole city!”


[fēngzī chuòyuē lóu: Graceful and Charming Building]


Li Yanling was so angry that her chest puffed out. She was at the age of fifteen or sixteen already in a good shape. Her pretty face was flushed,and her eyes were a little moist from crying.



“If he had gone alone, that would have been fine, but what I am most angry about is he dragged the second son of the Qi family along with him. The second son of Qi is a man of the highest integrity, a man of great beauty, and if he hadn’t dragged him, he wouldn’t have gone to this place. He knows that I will be married into the Qi family in the first month of the year. It’s only been a month or two since it was finalized. So you say he’s not trying to antagonize me on purpose. This has been going on since childhood. It’s just a matter of growing up, but it’s me, his own jiejie’s marriage, and he dares to use it to as a joke….


The more Li Yanling spoke, the angrier she became, and in the end, she became more and more aggrieved and cried again.


Feng Rong stood in the same spot for a while. It turned out that he had gone to the charming building. No wonder, no wonder he didn’t come to pick her up in person when he had agreed.


She couldn’t tell what she was feeling at the moment. Feng Rong only felt that her chest was very tight, but when she saw Li Yanling who was crying, she had to pretend to be calm and comforted, but with a trembling voice: “How does jiejie know so well? Maybe it’s a misunderstanding.”


The Qi family was a noble family, and the old master Qi was the Crown Prince’s tutor. He was very courteous. It was precisely because of this that the Feng family decided to betroth Li Yanling to Qi Ming, the second son of the Qi family. The marriage was originally due to take place last year when Li Yanling reached maturity, but the Feng family couldn’t bear to do so, and since there was only one di daughter of the main branch in the ministerial family, and Qi Ming had only reached 18, the Qi family was in no hurry, so they stayed on for another year, so the marriage was finally arranged for the twelfth month of this year.


Li Yanling had already seen Qi Ming a long time ago. Feng shi loved her daughter, and naturally, she would only approve of this marriage if her daughter liked it. Li Yanling also fancied Qi Ming, which is why she was so angry.


But the person who was trying to spoil her marriage was her own brother. She could neither be angry nor could she scold him. So she could only go to Feng Rong and cry in anguish.


“How could it be a misunderstanding? I’ve had a hard time getting out the fu. Today I managed to get out of the house with my maid. In the West Market, just after the Wanbao House, I saw my good brother and a group of men walking together towards the Bebo Lake and among them was the second son of Qi. They all looked like rambunctious prodigals and they spoke in such foul language. I could only sit in the carriage and hear them thinking it was all fake, how could it be real!”


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