TMWMAT Ch71part2

He got up and left, walked to the door and turned around again, seriously said: “This is the best birthday present I have received so far.”

He Zheng lowered his head to look at the little gift in his bosom. He never expected that the little guy would have the same birthday as Fang Tianzhuo. He wouldn’t grow another little Fang Tianzhuo! Otherwise, he will suffer in the future.

He Zheng secretly made up his mind that he must take care of the child himself, and he must not grow into Fang Tianzhuo’s extreme personality.

He Zheng was waited on and ate something. When he was full, he began to feel uncomfortable, so he ordered someone to prepare water for a bath, but Nan Jing refused on the grounds that he had just given birth: “When you fell asleep, His Majesty already wiped your body. After changing your clothes, let’s wait a few days before washing.”

“How many days?” How can he just wipe his body? It’s okay if she doesn’t mention it, but when she mention Fang Tianzhuo just wiped him casually, he felt that his body wasn’t clean. It was so sticky that he couldn’t bear it for a moment.

But now he has no strength, and it is impossible to go to fetch water by himself, no matter how dissatisfied he can only hold back and wait for Fang Tianzhuo to come back and pester him.

He still hasn’t learned how to make things difficult for his servants or order his servants. Sometimes people around him wonder, the empress’s requirement for the emperor is far more demanding than the servant’s.

When Fang Tianzhuo came back, he was dressed very solemnly. After changing his clothes, he was still very solemn. He Zheng stared at the crown on the man’s head and asked, “Are you busy at night?”

His Majesty the emperor is different, praying for blessings and eating he has two different styles of clothes, Zheng didn’t say anything, but Fang Tianzhuo could see that he was in a bad mood so he asked gently: “What’s wrong?” He Zheng was fierce: “I want to take a bath!”

Unexpectedly, Fang Tianzhuo nodded: “When I finish my work, I will come back to help you.”

He Zheng was stunned, and his eyes immediately lit up: “It’s a deal.”

He Zheng When reading a book before, it was said that a woman cannot take a bath for at least a month after giving birth, and he was a little worried that Fang Tianzhuo would ask him to do so. Seeing his attitude, he immediately let go of his heart. Although Fang Tianzhuo is very paranoid, most of the time he is still relatively empathetic.

He wanted to sleep at first, but his hair became greasy and smelly because of sweating last night, and he couldn’t fall asleep even when he closed his eyes. Sometimes he really wanted to shave his long hair, but in this world, short hair is a bit too eye-catching.

He Zheng thought, if Fang Tianzhuo made himself angry again in the future, he would use scissors to shave himself bald, and then he would fall into Buddhism and tell Fang Tianzhuo that he had seen through the red dust and decided to always accompany the ancient Buddha.

That way he can keep his hair short.

He Zheng was amused for a while, then suddenly heard the cry of the little prince, and hurriedly called for someone to come and see. It turned out that he had peed, the nanny changed his diaper for him, and fed him some food, the little guy was lying beside He Zheng , opened his eyes for a while, and fell asleep again.

“Did I give birth to a baby or a piglet?” He Zheng leaned close to his face, sniffed the faint milky fragrance on his body, and couldn’t help but kiss him, feeling very affectionate in his heart.

When Fang Tianzhuo came back later, He Zheng cheered up immediately: “Take a bath!”

Fang Tianzhuo ordered someone to bring hot water and a handkerchief: “I will wipe you.”

He Zheng frowned, puzzled: “I won’t wipe it, I want to take a bath.”

“The doctor said, you can’t touch the wind, you can’t touch the water. If you catch a cold, you will suffer from the root cause of the disease in the future.”

“They are lying.” He Zheng said displeased: “Us immortals will take a bath after giving birth. As long as the measures to keep warm are done well, nothing will happen.”

Fang Tianzhuo held a hot handkerchief and said: “This is not heaven, I’m afraid of what happens.”

“There’s nothing wrong with it.” He Zheng moved his head closer: “You smell my head, it stinks enough to be infested with insects, you smell it…” He acted aggressively as if to force Fang Tianzhuo

Fang Tianzhuo stretched out his hand and held down his shoulder. The other party sniffed it seriously, and then looked down at him: “Where does it stink, it’s obviously very fragrant.”


What’s wrong with Fang Tianzhuo, he has learned to open his eyes and talk nonsense, He Zheng combed his hair with his fingers suspiciously, and then stretched five white fingers in front of Fang Tianzhuo: “Now, do you believe that the oil scraped out from between my fingers can cook a pot of food?”

Fang Tianzhuo grabbed his hand and wiped it with a hot towel: “Be patient for a few more days.”

“No!” He Zheng was angry “I can’t stand it for even a quarter of an hour!”

In Fang Tianzhuo’s most difficult time, he survived without taking a bath for several months. He brushed He Zheng’s hair soothingly: “My little immortal, you are too delicate.”

He Zheng: “?”

He also couldn’t understand Fang Tianzhuo’s brain circuit. There was still a bloody smell, even though it had been carefully wiped, it was still not washed clean, and he was very nervous: “Is Your Majesty going to quarrel with me again? ”

“I’ll Take a bath, right now.” He Zheng rolled over and got out of bed, but Fang Tianzhuo grabbed him back, and the man hugged him on his lap, explaining: “This is for your health, you just gave birth, and your body is too weak… …”

“It’s because of you!” He Zheng started to get angry: “You forced me to give birth to the child. Now that I have given birth to him, I will retire after all my achievements. I just want to take a bath and sleep comfortably, it’s such a simple thing, why do you have to complicate it? Can I just treat it as a reward after giving birth? I want to take a bath, even if I get a cold, a headache, or die It doesn’t matter!”

He slapped Fang Tianzhuo’s hand off, not wanting to care if he was angry, turned around and opened the door.

His hand was grabbed again, He Zheng waved it away, but accidentally threw it on Fang Tianzhuo’s face, there was a light snap, Fang Tianzhuo turned his head slightly and closed his eyes, He Zheng’s anger vanished and fell silent instantly in fright With a sound, he took a step back reflexively, and slumped on the chair behind him with weak legs.

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him.

He Zheng’s eyes were watery, and he said in fear: “I, I didn’t do it on purpose.”

He knew that he had touched his bottom line again, and held his breath waiting for the man’s wrath, but he heard his calm voice: “I know.”

Even if it was an unintentional act, He Zheng also knew that hitting him in the face was really too much, “Are you hurt?” ”

“ You can’t walk steadily now, so how could you hurt me?” Fang Tianzhuo came over, picked him up again, and said: “I will order someone to turn on the floor heating in Mingquan Pavilion later. During this period, Zheng’Er will take a nap first, and when you wake up, I will take you there to clean it up, okay?”

He Zheng was puzzled.

Not only did Fang Tianzhuo not get angry this time, he also didn’t treat him coldly and violently, and even asked him… is he okay?

“Then, after I sleep, can I really take a bath?”


He Zheng was put on the bed obediently, and couldn’t help explaining: “I’m really uncomfortable, just… very greasy and sticky so…”

“I know.” Fang Tianzhuo found a hair tie and tied up his long hair. He Zheng looked at his silent face and gently tugged at him, “I was really nervous yesterday. It hurts, I sweat a lot, and I bleed a lot, and I feel very uncomfortable today. Actually, I know that His Majesty is doing it for my own good…”

“I know.”

Fang Tianzhuo stroked his cheek and said softly: ” I know, Zheng’Er has worked hard.”

The grievance overflowed in an instant, He Zheng pursed his lips, and tears welled up just before his eyes turned red.

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