Fang Tianzhuo poked his face lightly: “How about I cut Zheng’er’s tongue?”

He Zheng shut up for a second.

In fact, he dared to risk his death and shout about being hungry for two reasons.

One was that his contraceptive pill was missing, and the other was that he felt that Fang Tianzhuo couldn’t kill him just because he was hungry.

But Fang Tianzhuo seemed to be able to do everything.

His eyes were still watery, but his expression was already showing a cowardly look. He whispered like a mosquito: “But I’m really hungry…”

After a quarter of an hour, they sat at the table for dinner, Fang Tianzhuo made a big move. Sitting there, resting his cheek with one hand and tapping lightly on his leg with the other, he stared at him with deep eyes.

He Zheng lowered his head and chewed slowly, recalling where his little pills went. He secretly glanced at the man who was staring at him and his heart suddenly shrank –

his little pills seemed to be in Fang Tianzhuo’s bedroom.

He had no idea at the time that he would move to the Pize Hall, thinking that he could at least pack things in person. He hid the pills and it was impossible for the palace servants to find it specifically, so it should still be where he hid at this moment.

He Zheng ate the rice, Fang Tianzhuo’s face was expressionless, but his eyes became darker and darker.

He Zheng carefully held his breath, trying not to make any noise that might anger him, until Fang Tianzhuo moved.

He threw the bowl on the table in a conditioned reflex, and stood up suddenly: “I’m full!”

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him coldly, He Zheng looked around and smiled: “Your Majesty, it’s not dark yet. Let’s go out for a walk, shall we?”

Fang Tianzhuo patted his leg, He Zheng wanted to refuse, but he still took the initiative to walk towards the man and sat tremblingly on his lap.

He showed a professional smile again, “You haven’t eaten, I’m afraid you’re hungry.”

Fang Tianzhuo still looked at him like that, He Zheng froze, and said: “I, I actually know we should go to bed, Your Majesty, let’s go back to your bedroom to rest?”

He tried to please Fang Tianzhuo, and the latter said lightly: “My bedroom should only be used by the empress. What’s the matter, Zheng’er wants to live there for fun?”

The implication of this is that he really regards himself as the master when he only stayed for a few days.

He Zheng always felt that no matter what he did next, his tongue pulled out or he would be dragged out to be chopped. He changed the subject and said, “Then, Your Majesty really doesn’t go out for a walk?”

Fang Tianzhuo curled his lips, but he asked Nanmen Liang: “What do you think about it Nanmen?”

Nanmen Liang is the person who understands Fang Tianzhuo’s mind the most in the original book. He immediately bowed and said, “Your Majesty always kept his word. Since Master He has been grounded, he can’t take him out naturally.”

If he insists on going out, at best, he is ignorant, at worst, he wants to beat the emperor’s face.

He Zheng’s face suddenly turned pale. Fang Tianzhuo asked, “Did you hear Zheng’er?” He Zheng hurriedly nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice, with a cautious look in his eyes.

Fang Tianzhuo leaned on the chair and reached out to touch his cold face, “What else does Zhenger ask for?”

“No, no more.”

Since he can’t get the small pills, it’s useless to delay the time. What’s the difference between doing it one time and hundred times?

He Zheng’s heart was bitter, but he didn’t dare to show the slightest bit on his face. Fang Tianzhuo brought up the old thing again: “By the way, what did the maid who kicked Zheng’er look like?

” I’m not sure.”

“Then Zheng’er, you have to think about it tonight.” Fang Tianzhuo wrapped one hand around his slender waist, slipped one hand down lightly, and tapped his knuckles on his ankle:
“If you can’t think of it, you will be the one punished…”

His words stopped abruptly, and He Zheng suddenly hugged his neck and blocked his lips with his lips. He Zheng’s heart beat faster, and his mind went blank.

He had already anticipated what Fang Tianzhuo would say next. If he didn’t want to pull out a ghost to vent for him, He Zheng’s feet would be chopped off tonight. Fang Tianzhuo said that as long as he said it, he would definitely do it. He Zheng naturally couldn’t find others out of his conscience, but he didn’t want to hurt himself, so he could only think of blocking Fang Tianzhuo’s mouth.

Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes narrowed, He Zheng clumsily teased his lips and tongue, an impulse passed, he slowly let go, the snow-white and beautiful face was timid and shy, and there was fear in his eyes.

Fang Tianzhuo pursed his thin lips tightly, his dark eyes blew a storm, and his face was gloomy, like a windy desert, making people terrified.

He Zheng knelt down suddenly, staring at the black boots with thorn gold, trembling: “It’s hard for me to restrain myself… Please, please forgive me!” With a loud “bang”, Fang Tianzhuo suddenly stood up. His palm cracked the table, and he stared at the ant-like He Zheng under his feet.

Simply, bold! presumptuous! Courting death! !

Fang Tianzhuo’s chest bulged, and the phrase “pull him out and behead him” stuck in his throat.

The palace staff of the entire Pize Hall were kneeling on the ground with their heads on the ground, shaking like chaff.

Fang Tianzhuo stepped out like a gust of wind.

Nanmen Liang got up from the ground and looked at He Zheng who was kneeling on the ground in disbelief for a while, “You, you…” He didn’t die! !

He quickly retracted his trembling fingers, the wind was like the sky above the sky, and the little eunuch behind him was shaking, but his voice was steady: “Your Majesty is going back to the palace—”

The Pize Hall was silent, and He Zheng was soaked in cold sweat. After a long time, he slowly raised his head. He confirmed that the crisis was over, got up from the ground swaying, and said: “Go… prepare hot water, I want to take a bath.”

A memorial was thrown on the ground, Nanmen Liang, who had just entered the door, picked it up swiftly, and said softly, “Your Majesty, someone wants to see him.”

“Let him go.”

Nanmen Liang didn’t dare to say more, and just turned around to report, Fang Tianzhuo suddenly said again: “Which one?”

“He Xiangguo’s son, He Jinhua.”

“I forgot, he was promoted to serve.”

“What’s the matter?” said Fang Tianzhuo.

“He want to ask for a decree, to visit his brother, and send some clothes and objects He Zheng left at home.”

“Let him go back and wait.”


Fang Tianzhuo picked up the memorial, and it happened that He Jinhua handed it over, so he threw it out again.

He Jinhua’s arrival made his heart that he wanted to calm down chaotic, Fang Tianzhuo’s face was cold, and He Zheng’s suddenly close face and the soft lips that covered his flashed repeatedly in his mind.

He seemed to smell a strange scent on him.

Fang Tianzhuo didn’t come to see He Zheng for a week in a row. When his condition gradually improved, Pize Hall welcomed an uninvited guest.

He Jinhua bowed when he came to the door: “Brother.”

He Jinhua is handsome and naturally lovable, and the corners of his mouth always have some upward arcs, even if he doesn’t smile, he seems to be smiling.

“What are you doing here?” He Zheng was still his own brother, but when he opened his mouth, he seemed to be a different person.

He Jinhua was stunned for a moment, then looked left and right: “Leave us, I have some family matters to tell my brother.”

He Zheng glanced at him, stood up and walked inside, He Jinhua hurriedly followed, and grabbed his hand: “Zheng’er, are you mad at me?”

He Zheng rolled his eyes: “I know exactly what you are, so I won’t bother to be angry with you.”

No wonder many readers who read the original work said that He Zheng took the leading role script but just lived as cannon fodder. Look at this emotional line arrangement, his younger brother is his concubine.

He Jinhua pulled him over and said, “Father is determined to do this, and I have tried to stopped it. Zheng’er, do you think I am willing to give you to that tyrant?”

His brows were full of affection, his eyes were full of pain, and his face was “I am also forced to be helpless”, but He Zheng was indifferent. To be honest, He Zheng of the original book was indeed deceived by his dog-like appearance when he was neglected during pregnancy. If it weren’t for cheating and rebellion, he would not have been cut open by Fang Tianzhuo.

He Zheng was angry when he thought of his future ending. He Jinhua knew that he was already Fang Tianzhuo’s person and even came to say such words.

“Excuse me, are you okay?” He Zheng tried to calm himself down: “If it’s okay, please get out now.”

He Jinhua smiled bitterly: “You’re still mad at me, right?”

“Don’t think too much, I’m living a good life, I really don’t have time to be angry with you, come on, He Jinhua, don’t pretend to be affectionate to disgust me, let go.”

He Jinhua trembled: “Zheng Er… You really want to be so heartless. Is that how it is?”

He Zheng was going to be annoyed by his deadly appearance: “Otherwise what? Do you want me to have an affair with you behind His Majesty’s back? Don’t look at me in shock. I know exactly what you think. You have two minutes. Get out, or I’ll hit you. ”

He turned to the table, He Jinhua frowned, suddenly stepped forward and hugged him, He Zheng’s eyes widened, seeing that he was about to pounce on him. He grabbed the brush beside him and stuffed it into his mouth.

He Jinhua: “…”

He Zheng stepped on his foot, pulled out the brush when he was in pain, and said angrily, “If you don’t know what to do, I’ll tell your majesty then see if he won’t take your head off.”

He Jinhua’s mouth was really bitter this time, and there were dark ink stains on the corners of his mouth, which looked like a funny face of bitter gourd.

He was forced to turn around and walk out with suspicion in his heart. They have been ambiguous for so many years, it is impossible for He Zheng to really have no feelings for him, but the He Zheng in front of him seems like a different person.

When he was about to go out, he suddenly stopped: “Brother, I…”

“Shut up!” He Zheng has no sympathy for the person in the book who has plotted against He Zheng from the beginning to the end: “Can you not be so stinky and shameless and act as a human being?”

He Jinhua: “I just want to tell you that you have used this box before…”

“I don’t want anything.” He Zheng kicked the box, it was quite heavy: “You take it all away, if he looks for me again in the future, tell him I’m gone.”

After he finished speaking, he walked over and opened the door of Pize Hall. He threw the brush with He Jinhua’s saliva in his hand and threw it far away, but it happened to hit a person’s chest.

Someone immediately reprimanded: “Who is so bold! How dare you disturb the empress dowager and the emperor’s sedan!”

He Zheng: “…”

Fang Tianzhuo looked down at the brush that fell under his feet, his gloomy eyes fell on He Zheng’s face . The empress dowager next to him knew his character, worried that he would start killing again, he immediately reprimanded: “come here, quickly drag this little eunuch who doesn’t know the rules down and hit him 20 times!”

He Zheng: ” ?!”

He Jinhua, this dog is a disaster star! !

The author has something to say:
Fang Tianzhuo: … I’m not going to hit my wife.
Zheng Zheng: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa –
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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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