TMWMAT Ch66part2

He took He Zheng’s hand, turned around and said, “The empress is begging for you today, and I will not kill you.”

Everyone was overjoyed, knelt down and thanked the emperor. They praised the emperor to live thousand years old.

However, although the capital crime was spared, the living crime could not be escaped.

Nanmenliang walked down the stairs, waved his hand and said, “Pull it out, thirty big boards for each person.

He Zheng said quickly, “There are people who have been stabbed in there”

Nan Menliang turned to see Fang Tianzhuo, who bent his lips and said, “No.”

“Or …” He Zheng tentatively stretched out two thin white fingers: “Twenty boards?”

Fang Tianzhuo nodded: “Twenty boards then.”

He Zheng was relieved and said, “One person twenty boards, do you hear?”

Confused, the officer in charge of the punishment department hurriedly saluted: “I’m in charge.”

He Zheng was sent back first, and Fang Tianzhuo watched the sedan chair leave and sat back in the chair, with a bit of pleasure in his eyes.

Nanmen Liang sees and secretly put down his heart. During this period, your majesty had a cold war with the empress. The empress didn’t come to your majesty, and your majesty was ashamed.

Every time he walked to the corner of Pize Hall, he would look around and then back away. Now that the Empress specially came to those people to intercede, it can be regarded as an initiative to seek peace. Tonight, His Majesty must go.

“Go to the Pize Hall.”

It looks like he won’t wait for the night.

He Zheng’s front foot just entered the door, and Fang Tianzhuo came over. He leaned back in his chair and pretended to sleep, motionless not welcoming him.

Nan Jing stepped forward to shout, but saw Fang Tianzhuo raised his hand, and hurriedly bowed back.

Fang Tianzhuo bent down to look at He Zheng, and gently held his hands. These hands were as beautiful as a pair of handicrafts, delicate and soft. He looked at them for a moment, then slowly intertwined his fingers, and leaned in to kiss them.

He Zheng had to open his eyes and look at him: “Your Majesty.”

“Still angry with me?”

He Zheng turned his face: “No.”

Fang Tianzhuo reached out and hugged him. He Zheng felt like a cat and was easily picked up by him in his arms. He looked up and stared at Fang Tianzhuo: “You promised not to kill people indiscriminately.”

“I didn’t kill anyone.”

“Then why did you catch so many people?”

The tip of Fang Tianzhuo’s nose was buried in his neck. Sniffing lightly on his neck, He Zheng could feel the cool tip of his nose on his skin. He shrunk his neck and wrinkled his face, listening to him say: “They spread rumors, I have a bad relationship with Zheng’Er. Isn’t Zheng’Er angry?

He Zheng said calmly, “I’m not angry.”

Fang Tianzhuo was suddenly unhappy: “Why are you not angry?”

He Zheng looked at him inexplicably: “We are at odds with each other. That’s the truth. Why should we be angry?”

Fang Tianzhuo’s look began to be gloomy, and his chest rolled upward with anger and depression. He Zheng was uncomfortable when he saw it. He said, “You kicked me out of hall of mental cultivation, isn’t it because of discord?”

“That’s because He Zheng is too overbearing.”

“I …” He Zheng’s incredibly wide eyes: “I am too much, am I overbearing?”


“You …” He Zheng’s head was held down by him, and Fang Tianzhuo said, “Speak if you have something to say.”

He Zheng shook his head vigorously and said angrily,”It’s obvious that you are too domineering, you don’t even let me see my only relative, what’s wrong with him touching me, am I your personal belonging? You’re going to be so angry.”

Fang Tianzhuo’s Adam’s apple rolled and his brow furrowed: “Or what?”

Or what? He Zheng wait for a while looking at him. Does this mean that he really regarded himself as a personal item? With clenched fists, he took a deep breath and said, “In our country, the closest people can touch each other, and even in some countries, they kiss each other on the cheek for the first time to show friendship.”


“Do you understand?”

Fang Tianzhuo said faintly, “Hmm.”

He Zheng said, “Well, now you know that what I did with my brother is actually …”

“It’s not polite.” Fang Tianzhuo looked at him with dark eyes and still insisted: “I forbid him to touch you, understand?”

He Zheng couldn’t understand his brain circuit: “Why can’t my brother touch me? I’m not a valuable rare treasure, and if he touch me, I won’t … ”

“You are.”


He Zheng’s eyes widened and his heart beat faster for a moment. He didn’t know whether he was angry or happy. Fang Tianzhuo didn’t realize that he accidentally touched the little heart of Empress He. He touched He Zheng’s cheek and said, “You are a rare treasure of mine. I want to lock you up. No one is allowed to see you or touch you. But I don’t want you to be unhappy, so I held back. I allow you to laugh at others, make friends with others, and act in the name of me . But I want to be the most important person in your heart, and I want you to care about me, understand me, listen to me and regard me as your closest person. ”

“You, you are one of the most important person to me.”

“I don’t want anyone, I only want you.”


He Zheng tried to get out of his arms. He needed to get some air away from the man, otherwise, he would be suffocated or burned to death with a sense of shame.

He knew that Fang Tianzhuo was not talking about sweet nothings, he was just stating the facts, but he probably didn’t even know it himself. His words were like sweet nothings, and He Zheng was a little embarrassed.

Although it is still overbearing and excessive, it even sounds scary, He Zheng still feels his love for him. Fang Tianzhuo really makes him love and hate him, which is very awkward.

Fang Tianzhuo didn’t know what he was struggling with, thinking that he was resisting him, he held his chin and forced him to look at him: “I am so unbearable for you?”

“Yes, that’s right.” He Zheng summoned up his courage and said, “I can’t stand you. If you don’t let me go …”

Under Fang Tianzhuo’s gloomy gaze, he opened his arms and hugged his neck, with a red face and said fiercely: “Just, just don’t let me go for the rest of my life!”


Fang Tianzhuo tightened his arm and whispered, “Good.”

I felt annoyed with HZ because he still can’t understand how much FT is already giving him too much. Though once again I would like to put it on him being pregnant, I heard pregnant women tend to be emotional. I’m not sure.

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