By the time he arrived at the prison, it was already dark. He Zheng looked at the gate of the prison from a distance and felt that it was like a man-eating beast, with a gloomy atmosphere.

He shivered, a little timid in his heart, and subconsciously went to touch his belly. He heard that there are a lot of dead people in this prison, but no ghosts should come to him.

Fang Tianzhuo saw his timidity and ordered people to find a place outside the prison and let this group of ministers who came to persuade him to go with the jailer. He Zheng sat beside Fang Tianzhuo with a pen ready to approve, looking forward to his expression and feeling perturbed in his heart.

This group of people is difficult to greet and have a war of words. He can talk nonsense and with a serious debate, he is definitely not an opponent. If you want to BB, you must take the initiative.

[(Mandarin, slang) to complain; to talk rubbish 你行你上,不行別BB / 你行你上,不行别BB ― nǐ xíng nǐ shàng, bùxíng bié BB ― (also “you can you up, no can no BB”) If you can do it, go ahead; if you can’t, don’t criticize it.]

He Zheng secretly cheered himself up and quietly took a look at Fang Tianzhu, who had come to give him a seat, and then his heart was slightly settled.

When the sound of the impact of the chain came, a group of people came out mighty and bowed to the ground. He Zheng immediately straightened his back and tried to look dignified.

Fang Tianzhuo magnanimously asked them to straighten themselves first and asked, “have you received all the instructions from the empress?”

Everyone responded one after another, looking at He Zheng’s face looking a little complicated.

“who wants to write first?”

No one answered. He Zheng was slightly relaxed, but he heard a young man say coldly, “I’ll write.”

“Lord Li.” Some people dissuaded, but the other side calmly stepped forward and respectfully said, “He Shanshou, with the common people, keep in mind, the rules are the rules, and the system is the system. This common person is willing to risk death to remonstrate directly, please take back their orders.”

Fang Tianzhuo knocked on the armrest of the chair, his eyes were cold, and He Zheng was calm and suddenly laughed: “Lord Li is loyal and honest, full of blood and heart, which is really admirable, but it is a pity that he is crippled and stubborn, vainly trying to shake the tree with ephemera, pedantic and stupid.”

Li Wei suddenly looked at him angrily. He Zheng bent his lips and walked slowly down. “I would like to ask your excellency since you think it is inappropriate for your Majesty to spoil the men, why did you not stop me when I was sent to the palace?”

Why should he be called respectfully?! Li Wei’s eyes flashed, and with his clear and beautiful eyes, he hung his head and said, “when you first entered the palace, it was an important thing for your Majesty to open branches and scattered leaves, and it was a great joy for the country.”

“wouldn’t it be more convenient to find a woman when you open branches and scattered leaves?”

“your Majesty has no intention of being a woman.”

He Zheng said with some mockery, “so you can’t handle your Majesty, think of a compromise, and still think that the person who came up with the idea is very smart, but since you acquiesced in me to enter the palace, but you said it was against the system, you want me to give birth to the royal family, rot in the palace, to decay in the maggots, never look up, right?”

How could Li Wei think that one day he would confront the empress and put his vicious hat down? for a moment, he was ashamed of his conscience and said, “this common person have absolutely no such intention, but …”… ”

For a while, he was speechless, but there was no way to blame him. He Zheng begged for mercy for them today, but they had already done wrong. He clenched his teeth and only wanted an article to express his grievances. How could he think that He Zheng would not even let him move his pen?

“I would like to ask Lord Li, apart from being a man like an adult, do I have any other sins? Did your Majesty ever not go to the early court because he was lazy in politics? ”

“that gold plaque is a waste of the treasury!”

“the plaque is hanging on walls. If you are dissatisfied, take it off. What does it have to do with me? I can’t get away with something so heavy. ”

” How can this be so easy to say, but it’s weird and makes some sense?

“I can understand your thoughts, because if I do not enter the palace, I, like all of you, can take a seat in the court, talk loudly among my colleagues and advise the monarch. Maybe I also think that a man’s delusional desire to be an empress is bad for his face, his face is as big as a fight, and his skin is as thick as a wall. after all, I can’t blame your Majesty. I can only operate on the weak, right? ” He Zheng scanned around, they looked different, he said: “but I am now pregnant, in front is a ghost door, behind is the love of my life, your Majesty, he wants to spoil me and love me, I am naturally happy, he wants to risk universal condemnation to change the rules and regulations for me. I do not have the ability to refuse in private and I do not want to refuse.”

These words are both soft and hard, not only talking about them but also constantly implying that you can’t control your Majesty and want to buckle the poop basin on my head. I’m innocent, too. What can I do if your Majesty wants to spoil me?

“I would like to stand here and say this. I also feel that Lord Li is also life that it is a pity to die.”

Li Wei: “you.”

He also thought that He Zheng admired his outspokenness, and when he thought of it, his face flushed with shame.

“that’s all I have to say today. If Lord Li doesn’t want to risk his life for the impossible, then write. after all, even if I want to save people, I can only save the living.” He Zheng added: “if you go back to see your parents, wife and daughter safely today, you don’t have to be particularly grateful to me. I just did something worthy of my conscience.”

The crowd: “.”

They reflexively want to touch their conscience and ask themselves, is it really unforgivable?

After such a toss, He Zheng was really tired. He didn’t take a nap at noon. Now he sat in a chair, his eyelashes drooping and he lost consciousness.

He Zheng woke up hungry. He opened his eyes and saw Fang Tianzhuo: “your Majesty.”

“I just went down to the court.”

Not only did he go down to the court, but also changed his clothes. He Zheng subconsciously put his hand around his neck and snuggled up to him, waiting for a soft voice while waiting for dinner and asked, “what happened yesterday?”

“vexatious.” Fang Tianzhuo said coldly, “I have beaten him with twenty boards alone.”

The extraordinarily handsome Lord Li was hit with 30 big boards. But he didn’t say this, but his face became unhappy again. He Zheng didn’t understand but still praised him: “your Majesty has done the right thing, and it takes up the resources of Tianjao for a day. It’s time to fight!”

He Zheng washed his hands and ate breakfast when suddenly he was stupefied again.

Oh, my God, his sweetheart unexpectedly asked his servant to leave and ate by himself!

He Zheng intuited whether the sun rose in the west today. He was thinking when something more incredible had happened. Fang Tianzhuo raised his chopsticks, clipped food, paused, and slowly put it in He Zheng’s bowl.

“Oh, ahem!” He Zheng swore that he really didn’t do it this time and didn’t mean to find trouble. He didn’t even bring the little prince to the stage. Fang Tianzhuo took the initiative to pick up food for him! It’s not what the little prince wants!

Fang Tianzhuo raised his eyes, his face was a little cold. He Zheng covered his mouth and his cheeks were choked with rice. He calmed down, bowed his head and ate, and earnestly said to the other side, “It is delicious!”

Fang Tianzhuo looked sideways, a servant came up quickly, carrying a glittering thing, He Zheng looked blankly, saw Fang Tianzhuo stretch out his hand to take it off, and then put it in front of He Zheng and said, “reward.”

He Zheng said hurriedly, “Thank you, your Majesty.”

He looked down and touched it and found that it was a cup made of pure gold. It is not an ordinary cup, it imitates the shape of the milk teacup made by his brother yesterday, but his brother makes a porcelain cup, wood cover and straw, while Fang Tianzhuo makes gold cup with gold lid and gold straw.

He Zheng: “…”

He tried to suck the water in the golden milk teacup, only to find it particularly sweet and delicious, and said tentatively, “Why, why are you rewarding me?”

Fang Tianzhuo paused: “talk about it later.”

He Zheng nodded obediently and saw that he had picked up another piece of meat and sent it to his mouth. He quickly bit it and suddenly realized that Fang Tianzhuo was learning from his brother.

He Chu did the same to him yesterday, but they were used to eating and chatting on the table, while Fang Tianzhuo eat without talking.

Holding a pure gold milk teacup, He Zheng couldn’t help laughing. He bowed his head to grill the rice, took a sip of water from time to time, secretly looked at Fang Tianzhuo, the other side’s eyelashes drooping, glanced at his bowl from time to time, and immediately helped to add it. He behaved elegantly and took his time.

He Zheng could not help bending the corners of his mouth, and his heart was sweet. He thought that his brother was so arrogant yesterday, and Fang Tianzhuo would be angry to put on small shoes for him.

But he is not such a narrow-minded person.

He Zheng wanted to shake his head happily. When he bit into the straw, he suddenly felt a toothache. He was still more used to plastic straws.

However, Fang Tianzhuo specially made it for him all night. He really likes it so much that he can never compare it with a plastic straw in his life.

“your Majesty?” After dinner, He Zheng sat down with Fang Tianzhuo before the collapse with a golden milk teacup. His amber eyes did not blink and said, “this gold one is too conspicuous. I like wood, it is light and easy to use.”

“Hmm.” Fang Tianzhuo lowered his eyes and peeled off the longan, saying, “I will think more about Zheng’er when I do things in the future.”

He Zheng pondered this as if it didn’t match his last sentence. He wondered, “What’s wrong with your majesty?”

“I think Zheng’er is right.”

“Huh?” He Zheng was praised by him for the first time, wondering, which sentence is the reason? The wooden cup is light? Easy to use? Of course, this statement is reasonable. There is no need to praise it specially.

Fang Tianzhuo looked up at him, stretched out his hand and wiped the corner of his mouth. He said slowly, “I’ll think twice before I do anything about Zheng’er in the future. I won’t let anyone have a chance to blame Zheng’er, and I won’t let Zheng’er bother to rescue himself as he did yesterday.”

Yesterday, He Zheng asked those people about his guilt. The other party thought for a long time and only raised a gold plaque. But if he acted according to his temper again and again, He Zheng would be unable to be so justified next time.

In hindsight, He Zheng didn’t expect that what he said yesterday could still affect Fang Tianzhuo. The corner of his mouth bent again, and his heart was bubbling with beauty. He said, “Yes, your majesty, if you kill them, I will bear dozens of lives on my body in the future. I know that your majesty doesn’t care what others say about you, because you have the ability. Even if you kill people, it is insignificant compared with other things you have done for your country. But I’m different. I can’t do anything but like your majesty. If one day I die, I’ll bear eternal infamy. I’m sure someone will dig my grave and abuse my body, and … ”

Fang Tianzhuo blocks his incessant mouth. He Zheng’s ears suddenly become fast-red, his eyelashes shake, and he obediently looks at the handsome face close at hand. Fang Tianzhuo closes his eyes, gently holds his lips and sucks, slowly let’s go, stares into his eyes and says, “I see.”

The joy in He Zheng’s eyes never went down from the beginning. He held Fang Tianzhuo’s face again, pouted and kissed him, saying, “Your Majesty is a little different today.”


He Zheng felt that Fang Tianzhuo seemed to know how to have a heart-to-heart relationship with him today. If in the past, Fang Tianzhuo wouldn’t say it even if he understood it.

He Zheng shook his head and said, “I see you are more vigorous today.”

Fang Tianzhuo has long been used to his rainbow fart, but he still can’t help bending his lips: “Really?”

“Yes, maybe it’s because I like you more every day, so I always feel that you are more handsome every day.”


He Zheng leaned his face in anticipation and asked, “Your Majesty, what do you think of me? Do you think I look better than yesterday? ”

Fang Tianzhuo licked his lips, lifted his chin, took his face back from his hand, and said slowly, “I think Zheng’er’s mouth is getting sweeter every day.”

He Zheng immediately jumped down from the other side of the table, then rubbed his arms with open arms, egging him on, “Then kiss me again to see how sweet it is?”


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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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