Fang Tianzhuo probably never dreamed that He Zheng had a brother who would have more tricks than he did. Under the background of his brother, He Zheng’s little tricks were simply adorable.

A line of people sat down at the table, and someone came to wait on them. He Chu refused, “We have hands and feet, so we don’t need them.”

Fang Tianzhuo silently told the servant to retire. He Chu grabbed the wine on the side and shook it, saying leisurely, “Sister-in-law, pour a drink for Big Brother.”

The two people’s eyes on the table collided again, scratching and sparking. He Zheng wanted to stand up “I, I’ll …”

He Chu stretched out his hand and pressed him down. “What are you doing? As you are now, who doesn’t want to spoil you in our family? Even he dares to do so. ”

When asked what He Chu said, He Zheng felt a little unhappy, arguing that “he didn’t humiliate me.”

“Hello, Fang Tianzhuo.” He Chu raised his eyebrows and said, “Can’t you pour wine?”

The veins stood out on Fang Tianzhuo’s forehead.

He Zheng even dare not call him by his name. What is this person? He dares to call him by his name.

His restrained eyes remained silent, and He Chu sneered, “Baby, see, such a person is also worthy of you to give up the immortal days to be with him?”

Fang Tianzhuo couldn’t bear not to draw his sword. He Chu raised his unsheathed sword to block it. He Zheng took a breath. “If you fight again, I will commit suicide.”

The spirit of He Zheng’s fear of death was already deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Obviously, no one believed that He Zheng’s angry words were true when he suddenly covered his stomach, looking down in pain.

The two men gathered their swords together, and one on left and one on right came to see him, “What’s wrong?”

He Zheng angrily knocked off their hands, “Sit down and eat!”

Fang Tianzhuo frowned. He asked why need to seat back first. He Zheng kicked Fang Tianzhuo “Sit down!”

At last, the table was quiet. He Zheng was disconsolate and grilled rice. He asked for a piece of meat at the beginning. He also sent a piece of meat to his mouth. “The food here is too scarce. Let’s make do with it first. When we get back, I’ll cook you a big meal.”

He Zheng swallowed it with his chopsticks, nodded and said, “I want to eat spicy crayfish.”

He Chu asked with a spoiling smile, “What do you want to eat? Brother will cook for you?”

Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes twinkled, his lips pursed and his chopsticks pinched. He didn’t know what to eat. He asked if he was obedient at the beginning, and he didn’t continue to look for trouble. He didn’t force him to pour wine, and kept feeding He Zheng food. He Zheng’s mouth just swallowed it and was stuffed with the next bite. He didn’t even have a chance to look at Fang Tianzhuo.

“Okay, okay.” He Zheng’s cheek hurts, saying, “Where’s the water? I’ll drink it … Huh?”

He Chu suddenly took out a porcelain cup with a wooden lid on it and a slender straw in it. “Here.”

He Zheng stretched out his hand in stitches and said, “How did you do this?”

“I’m bored.”

He Zheng also said, “I think you want to drink milk tea.”

He Chu follows his father, he likes desserts, and there is no one he especially loves cakes. He Zheng is different. He loves spicy food and his taste is like his mother’s.

“I can go back to drink it whenever I want, but I made two cups of this cup, one for the owner of this body.” Actually, it was the other party who asked what milk tea was. He Chu didn’t find suitable raw materials to make milk tea, so he made a milk tea cup.

After all, taking up people’s bodies for so long, He Chu was still ashamed in his heart.

He Zheng couldn’t put it down, and some part of his heart missed the beautiful and pleasant desserts made by his mother. He took two sips of water, and suddenly found that Fang Tianzhuo was silent from beginning to end, so he put a piece of meat in a bowl for him. The latter didn’t lift his eyelids, ate very seriously, and kept his mouth shut to perfection.

He Chu suddenly said, “By the way, baby, did you know that your Iron Man died?”

He Zheng froze for two seconds. “What did you say?”

“Reunification IV, I will tell you the ending …”

He Zheng ate a meal with tears in his eyes. He listened attentively to He Chu telling him the story. He sighs and wipe his tears. He found Fang Tianzhuo sitting there, trying to comfort himself, and his mouth could not help but raise.

He did it on purpose, and all the topics he talked about were from the future. He must let Fang Tianzhuo know that He Zheng is different from everyone here. He doesn’t belong here, and he has a wonderful and happy life. With this dog emperor, he lost a lot.

It took He Zheng a long time to calm down. He missed the modern days too much. Ever since he came here, he felt that things in his past life seemed like just a dream. Now that he asked, he felt down-to-earth again. He couldn’t help sighing, “I really want to go back.”

There was a light sound in his ear, and Fang Tianzhuo got up and left, but He Chu shouted, “It’s basic courtesy to come down and say goodbye.”

Fang Tianzhuo with his gloomy eyes, left.

“Does he think it’s a great gift to indulge our rudeness, huh?”

“stop messing around.” He Zheng said feeling sorrowful: “he is different from us. If you talk like this today, it is already very rare for him not to punish you. Don’t ask too much.”

He Chu looks at him. “Zheng’er, I will get you back, no matter what the cost.”

“If I can go back and see …”

“I didn’t go here just to hear this statement.”

He glanced at He Zheng’s belly. He didn’t dare to tell his parents about it, nor did he dare to tell him how worried he was about this birth, lest it might add pressure to him.

He Zheng can only nod “I, I know.”

“you don’t know anything.” He pick up the chopsticks and said, “keep your distance from Fang Tianzhuo. Don’t get too close and end up not going back.”

He Zheng hummed and looked at him again. He could only say, “I have a sense of propriety.”

He worried, “what if those people are going to die because of me?”

When he first thought about it, he said, “I don’t have a good idea either, but I have to tell you that you can’t be soft in the face of this group of feudal dross, otherwise they will think that you are hypocritical and have the title of virtuous empress.”

As soon as He Zheng’s eyes lit up, he said, “you’d better not think about it.”


“in your present capacity, you have to suffer a lot of grievances. I don’t know if you can make it through. Let’s not do the things of compromise and selfless dedication, don’t ask them to be grateful, and just save their lives.”

“so? How do you do it? ”

He Zheng look at him silently for a moment. “what a pity, but there must be a way to get there. Don’t you always have an idea? I really can’t turn into a girl and have a dance with Fang Tianzhuo, this can definitely happen. ”

“.” I expect too much of you.

He Zheng actually hoped that he would stay, but after all, his body was not his. He had to think about his fake brother, so he had to leave first and took the pot of wine when he left.

He Zheng put away the milk teacup made by his elder brother. When he was ready to find Fang Tianzhuo, he found several ministers kneeling at the table. He listened to a few words and realized that he had come to beg for mercy for the group of people who had been sent to prison.

His brother did not give him a good way, Fang Tianzhuo made the decision that is too difficult to change, to rely on his “inspiration”, the interpretation is “depends on luck to save lives.”

He always feels that his brother does not regard anyone other than himself as a real person, but judging from his experience of shuttling back and forth between the worlds on both sides, there is nothing wrong with this.

Wondering if Fang Tianzhuo would agree, he said, “come, drag it out, and ask the chopper tomorrow.”

The crowd “!!”

He Zheng’s heart also thump, he is hesitant to come forward, suddenly someone with a sharp eye saw him, the man suddenly climbed over, “He Shanshou help! Help me! ”

Fang Tianzhuo took two steps forward, kicked him back, and shouted, “drag them down!”

The guards hurriedly reached out and pulled. Some of them cried bitterly at the scene, and some of them had a straight back. He Zheng was a little afraid, and the ghost forced him to say, “wait a minute!”

Fang Tianzhuo looked gloomily over, “Why, Zheng’er wants to go to prison with them?”

He Zheng knew that he was in a bad mood n, so he had to kneel immediately, but he was heavy. With such a knee bend, he almost fell directly. Fortunately, he just got down on his knees in time and was supported by Nanmen Liang. “I don’t want to go to prison, but I hope your Majesty will not commit murder because of me. If your Majesty is really angry, he might as well put on a few sentences, take off their official hat, drive out of the imperial city, and be out of sight. So many families, they are fathers and sons, your Majesty, think of the little prince, can you bear it? ”

Fang Tianzhuo said, “stand up and speak.”

He Zheng stood up with his arm in Nanmen Lian as support and walked up to him tentatively. “your Majesty, let them go. Anyway, you have made a decision, and they won’t do anything to stop it. Can’t you just ignore it?”

Fang Tianzhuo looked at the white hand on his arm, and his mind was still on the dinner table. Suddenly, there was a man in official clothing yelling. “hypocritical benevolence and hypocrisy. Even if you sell well, you are only a male pet in our eyes. How can you be the empress of a country?”

Fang Tianzhuo’s murderous intent flashed through his eyes, but He Zheng reacted quickly this time. He took two steps forward and slapped him. His fingers trembled slightly and said with hate in his voice. “I don’t care what you think, but the little prince is about to be born. I don’t want to stain my son’s luck because of your cheap life. If you want to die, later I will ask your Majesty to send someone to take you out of the imperial city and give you any way to die! If there are others who feel the same way about death, come forward now! ”

The man covered his face with disbelief, while the rest, you looked at me, I looked at you, and no one stood up.

He Zheng scanned around, adjusted his smile for a second, then turned and came back to grab Fang Tianzhuo’s clothes. “I suggest that anyone who opposes this matter should write a copy of a form. If the form is brilliant in literary grace and says nothing about me, that is, sincerely begging for death. Your Majesty must cut off their heads and satisfy their wishes. If they are begging for mercy for them and want to die in my name, it’s not really asking for death. It’s a moral kidnapping, asking for trouble, and worrying about eating turnips with salty taste. Your Majesty can punish him for not eating meat all his life, otherwise, he’ll be robbed and beheaded immediately. Your Majesty, look, it’s fine, right? ”

The kneeling officials looked at each other.

If it were not for your Majesty to make a man the empress, who would want to die? If you have a good relationship now, then you will forcefully leave yourself clean, just like they collectively want to die, but now if you want to die, you still have to write a letter, and you have to be brilliant before you are sure to die. If the writing is not “brilliant”, wouldn’t it be very humiliating? But if you want to take this with you, it will become a “fake arrogance”, and you can’t eat meat for the rest of your life, otherwise you will be chopped all over the door. if someone’s house is copied and chopped all over the door, it will be because of greediness, will you still have the face to step on the horse?!

This is really, “you can’t live, you can’t die.”

Fang Tianzhuo laughed, hooked He Zheng’s waist and said, “have you heard all the words from the empress?”

The crowd answered.

Fang Tianzhuo looked down He Zheng and said, “then follow me to have a look. Which official has the most impressive ideas?”

He Zheng took the initiative to raise his hands, “I can review it!”

The man who came to beg for mercy followed the dragon and asked, “Will you write it?”

Someone shook his head. “I don’t dare to write. The Empress have too many ideas. He will examine and approve them. In case of a batch of worms and snakes, it will be chaotic and spread out …”

The others suddenly looked miserable.

“but is this the end of the matter?”

“We are doing this to save lives, but we just don’t know how the adults in prison will deal with it.”

“I don’t think anyone can write.”

“I bet Lord Li can write.”

“I bet he won’t pass the audit.”

After a silence, someone murmured “demon empress!”

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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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