Fang Tianzhuo took the person to one side and sat down, took out a handkerchief, and skillfully wiped his face. He Zheng’s red nose rubbed against him. Fang Tianzhuo grabbed his nose hesitantly and blew his nose for him.

He Zheng finally finished crying, but his ruddy mouth was still flat, with red eyes and a red nose, not to mention pitiful. Fang Tianzhuo put the veil aside and said, “how excited are you to be my empress?”

“not excited.” He Zheng was tearful again. “I just feel very sad.”

Fang Tianzhuo frowned, “well, does it make you sad to be my empress?”

“It’s not sad to be an empress, it’s because I like you.”

Fang Tianzhuo is not pleased with him “Am I not worthy of your love?”

He Zheng bowed his head, touched his stomach, and said in distress, “it’s not worth it at all, but I like you so much.”

“.” Fang Tianzhuo didn’t know what facial expression to make to respond better. He Zheng looked over again. “is it true about what you said when eating and living together, we sit together?”

“When have I ever told lies?”

“so, are we going to be on an equal footing?”

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him, and He Zheng clenched his fingers slightly. After a while, he suddenly saw him smile, “That is, you dare to talk to me like this.”

He kissed He Zheng on the cheek and said softly, ” It all depends on Zheng’er.”

He Zheng liked it best when he said this. He was spoiled and gentle. He hugged Fang Tianzhuo and said, “can I make a suggestion?”


He Zheng licked his lips and said, “I heard that after you made me empress today, many people in the court opposed it…. And you put everyone in prison? ”

Fang Tianzhuo caressed his face and asked, “who is talking in front of the Zheng’er?”

He Zheng shook his head and said, “I live with you now. I can hear everything clearly. Where do I need someone to tell me?”

Fang Tianzhuo nodded and said, “that’s true.”

“I don’t think so.”

“what’s wrong?”

“it’s not right to kill people.”

“After they stop me from conferring Zheng’er, Zheng’er will speak for them?”

“if your Majesty does extraordinary things, he will naturally be criticized by hundreds of officials. if there are different voices, how can you sit firmly in the world?”

“I work hard every day to make the people live and work in peace and contentment and make the country independent and rich. I do not want to sit in this world. I just want to exercise my rights more wantonly. If I even have to be influenced by the small matter of setting up a empress, what is the use of a stable world?”

He Zheng knew for a long time that he was thinking like this, but he was still shocked when he heard it. Yes, Fang Tianzhuo is capable and not irresponsible, but he does not want to be a benevolent monarch. He does not care whether the country is destroyed or what others think. He is Fang Tianzhuo first, and then the emperor. He must first be happy himself before he is willing to make the world happy.

“But, but I still don’t think it’s right. They don’t deserve to die. What’s more, your Majesty’s little prince will be born in a few months. Let’s save him some blessings and stop killing, will you?”

Fang Tianzhuo said faintly, “I will reconsider.”

The decision he made up his mind must be tough to change. He Zheng felt uneasy. He Zheng was supposed to have a rest for lunch, but he couldn’t sleep. There were hundreds of officials in court every day, half of whom were 50 lives, and with 50 families they were about to break up. Most importantly, such a large-scale inquiry is very likely to create job vacancies. How can they be filled in a short period of time?

Fang Tianzhuo can not care, but He Zheng does not allow himself to be accused of calamity.

If they really not let it go, he still doesn’t know how he would be scolded in history in the future. if they get another stone man kneeling on the ground and engraving his name, it will be too hard for everyone to step on it in the future.

If only my brother were here, he must have a way.

Speak of the devil, just as He Zheng had finished thinking about it, someone came to inform him, “Your Majesty, please go out to see the guests.”

When He Zheng walked past, he saw the two of them looking at each other coldly, and the air was full of gunpowder. “Your Majesty, brother, why are you here?”

“There’s a sign. Try to come in and see you.” He Chu caught a glimpse of Fang Tianzhuo and said, “It’s only been a few days, so he’s alive and kicking. I told you he bumped into it himself. It’s really measured.”

“ahem.” Fang Tianzhuo suddenly coughed, and He Zheng hurriedly went over and patted his back, frowning, and said, “It’s all over, will you stop? Be careful or he’ll send you on a trip to jail for a day. ”

“Well, our sister Zheng is really married. Isn’t it time to stop asking for comfort in your brother’s arms just like the other day?”

Fang Tianzhuo’s gloomy eyes looked past, and He Zheng immediately blocked the two of them from continuing to look at each other, saying, “I, I’ll talk to my brother for a while, will your majesty be busy first?”

Fang Tianzhuo said coldly, “Don’t let him touch you.”

He Zheng’s ears burned, and he snorted. Fang Tianzhuo got up and left. Before he left, he didn’t forget to stare at He Chu. He Zheng stepped back from the servants and reached out to He Chu. “He is willing to let you visit me often now, so don’t provoke him.”

He Chu looked back, suddenly grabbed his face, and said grimly, “He Zheng, your brain has been licked by the dog, hasn’t it? What do you mean, he is willing? It’s none of your brother’s business whether he wants to or not. How can you be grateful to him? You’ve been a socialist successor for 20 years, and you’ve been burning your stomach in Fang Tianzhuo? Huh? ”

“Well …” He Zheng pulled his hand “Don’t put sauce in the pot, it hurts …”

He asked He Chu to let go, and the anger on his face has not faded. “He give you a plaque, and then give you the empress’s seat. Do you think he is single-minded about you? Huh? ”

He Zheng’s face was pinched red. He buried his face and tears came out. “I don’t think so.”

“Then you are towards him?”

“I didn’t take sides with him. After all, this is his territory. I’m not afraid that I’ll really make him angry and cut us down?” He Zheng looked wronged, and He Chu frowned, saying, “Where’s your skirt? Why don’t you wear it?”

“I’m back, and wearing that dress that day was just a cover-up.”

“You can wear it again. It looks nice.”

He Zheng looked at him, “Really?”

“Yes, seduce your xianggong “, and make a good choice.” He Chu took the cup to drink water, got it, and He Zheng kicked him in the head, saying, “Are you my brother? How can you talk to your own brother like this? Believe it or not, I will tell mother that you bullied me and asked her to beat you. ”

“Are you going back?”

“Then, if I can go back and have a look … I still want to.”

He Chu frowned, saying, “So you are actually talking for Fang Tianzhuo now? A set behind the surface? ”

“No.” He Zheng bowed his head. In fact, he felt very uncomfortable. If he could really go back one day, could he give up his parents? But if you go back, can you come back?

It’s no use talking about this question at the moment. He Chu didn’t go deep, saying, “I heard that he imprisoned half the officials in court today. What do you think?”

“I just want to ask your advice. I seem to be a demon princess …”

“Who said you were a demon princess?” Before He Zheng had time to be moved, He Chu said, “It’s the demon empress.”

He Zheng was angry, grabbed the cup and threw it in his face. He Chu quickly held his hand down. “Sister Zheng, stop that now …”

“Try calling me this name again.”

“Big Zheng.” When asked about He Chu’s resilience, he smiled slightly and coaxed, “I’m wrong. This water is very hot, so you can’t splash it, or you’ll lose your brother. I don’t know when I can return again.”

He Zheng is also afraid of getting his fake brother out. “Then, when you come over, can you often come to see me?”

He Chu readily said, “I promise you.”

He Zheng immediately nodded happily, and He Chu suddenly said, “Give me a hug and I’ll give you an idea.”

Just as He Zheng stood up, Fang Tianzhuo suddenly turned in again. His dark eyes looked over and said lightly, “I ordered someone to prepare lunch.”

He Chu raised his eyebrows “Your Majesty wants to leave me for dinner? It’s better to call Big Brother for me to listen to it first. ”

Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes were cold, and He Zheng immediately tugged at his brother, saying, “Brother, good brother, big brother.”

“Who told you to call?” Ask He Chu to hook his lips and say, “I want to listen to my sister-in-law.”

Fang Tianzhuo narrowed his eyes, and He Zheng was busy stepping over to coax another one, but He Wen stopped him up. “What are you worried about? You’ve got all the cars on him, and you still don’t know how to make up the tickets. Call me big brother, and he can still lose money?”

He Zheng saw the condensed anger on Fang Tianzhuo’s face and hurried to lift He Chu’s arm to drill out from his hands. He Chu suddenly encircled him with his hands, and said, “What are you twisting? Are you a little promising? Brother is teaching him the rules of our immortals. Do you want to indulge him for a lifetime? ”

Fang Tianzhuo squeezed his finger “Let him go.”

“My baby brother, I grew up with him, how can I not like him? Let’s have another fight. It just so happens that I think you, and this hall are in need of repair. ”

Fang Tianzhuo’s internal forces condensed. He Zheng’s lips shook, and he gently advised, “We are immortal couples, and our relatives share each other’s lives. He is my own brother. You, you just call, okay?”

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him, then at He Chu, who was smiling at the corners of his mouth, but his eyes were rather taunting. He was different from He Zheng, and he couldn’t scare him by casually raising his hand. In front of He Zheng, he was clearly a protector, but he was a smelly rascal in Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes.

He took a breath, and supressed his heart. “Big, brother.”

He Chu suddenly raised his lips. The next second, Fang Tianzhuo suddenly grabbed his wrist and slapped him back. He Zheng was robbed by him.

He coldly said, “Please have dinner.”

He Chu fell on the chair, clutching his chest, and suddenly coughed, looking pale. “This fellow … actually killed!”

He Zheng stared with round eyes and immediately pushed Fang Tianzhuo to help him”elder brother? Are you okay? It’s impossible. He … ”

“I lied to you.” He Chu grabbed his wrist and said, “Go, try this …”

He looked meaningfully at Fang Tianzhuo, whose face was livid. “… His Majesty, who is not trusted by our Zheng’er, prepared lunch for us. I wonder if he would poison his brother.”

He Zheng said angrily, “You big liar, he doesn’t want to poison you. He can beat you with one hand!”

Fang Tianzhuo’s face is slightly better, he didn’t argue anymore ” Then try it again. I’m really looking forward to pricking a few more blood holes in you. ”

He Zheng kicked him angrily and ordered “old man, stop making noise!”

He Chu’s eager expression froze, but he still didn’t bother his angry brother and said, “OK, eat.”

“Then lead the way … brother, sister.”

He was kind for a second, and then he showed his meaningful expression, which was full of provocation.

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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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