He Zheng didn’t answer, but Nanmen Liang paused, and added, “Your Majesty has already given in to this extent for you. If He Shanshou will still be stubborn, I’m afraid you will have a hard time in the future.”

He Zheng finally looked over. “Are you threatening me?”

Nanmen Liang sighed, “This servant is just reminding He Shanshou that if a relationship fails to get a response, anyone will give up, not to mention that he is the master of the world.”

He Zheng turned his head.

Nanmen Liang is stuffy, and this He Shanshou is not stupid. Why is he so single-minded? Before he could say anything, Fang Tianzhuo suddenly opened his eyes: “Get out.”

Nanmen Liang immediately stood up and bowed respectfully to step down. He Zheng turned back to see him, and his eyes flashed with surprise: “Are you awake? Do you want some water?”

“Hmm.” Fang Tianzhuo propped himself up and sat up. He Zheng handed him the water, while the former took his hand and took a sip, then leaned against the bed and looked at him.

He Zheng suspected that the words of Nanmen Liang have been heard by him. The other party is his most close servant, probably speaking out his heart. An emperor made it this far for him, and he continued to be unappreciative.

“Your Majesty … has something to say?”

“What is Zheng’er’s dissatisfaction with me?”

“No dissatisfaction.”

Fang Tianzhuo caressed his knuckles and said slowly, “Really?”

“Of course it’s true.” He Zheng saw that his neckline was scattered, revealing the white bandage inside, so he stretched out his hand and pulled it for him, saying, “You should take good care of your injuries, and don’t be paranoid.”

Fang Tianzhuo suddenly grabbed his chin and looked at him for a long time. He Zheng was disturbed: “Your Majesty?”

Fang Tianzhuo said, “Sleep with me.”

Knowing that he was injured, He Zheng felt uncomfortable. He climbed into bed and lay beside him, rubbing his head against him. When he should be good, he should be good, and when he should be noisy, Fang Tianzhuo’s mind kept repeating what He Chu said. He closed his eyes, pinched his fingers, and spent a lot of effort to suppress the murderous rage to drink blood.

“When I was seven, I also met a little immortal.”

He Zheng was stunned, his eyes wide open: “Seven years old?”

Queen Wang’s full name is Wang Zhihe. Although her family background is very different from Jiang Yan’s, Jiang Yan’s elder brother is a pupil of Wang Fu’s, so they have a friendship. This is quite a dog’s blood story. Two good girls fall in love with a scholar at the same time, but the scholar only likes Jiang Yan, who has a softer personality.

Even Jiang Yan, who saved the drowning, died.

This account was recorded on by Wang Zhihe.

Before the age of seven, Fang Tianzhuo was still protected by his mother concubine. Even though life was poor, things between adults didn’t involve children. After the age of seven, he fell into purgatory from heaven, and Queen Wang often punched and slapped him, making an excuse for corporal punishment. Every minute and second of his life was quite difficult.

He thought of death and wanted to find his mother princess, so he jumped into the water. But how could Queen Wang let him die so easily? He was rescued and woke up. It was the first time that he felt saved. He saw a little face carved in pink and jade. When he woke up, the other person’s wrinkled little eyebrows suddenly stretched: “Are you awake? Are you okay?”

“Am I … dead?”

“No, no, you are fine, how can you die?” The hand seemed to want to pat him, but it passed through his body, so he took it back. “I’m not dead. Are you a ghost?”

“No, no, no, I’m not a ghost, I’m an immortal!”

The door of the wood room was kicked open, and Queen Wang strode in. The immortal was scared to shrink her head and looked at him nervously, but Fang Tianzhuo soon noticed that this radiant immortal could not be seen by Queen Wang.

She slapped Fang Tianzhuo in the face: “Dare to look for trouble under my nose, someone!”

Two women came up and held him down. Under the command of Queen Wang, they ripped off his pants and hit the ruler on his ass. It was a great shame, and Fang Tianzhuo’s proud self-esteem was crushed and stepped on.

He bit his lip bitterly, but he didn’t cry yet, but the immortal beside him was crying. He came trembling, but his body passed through them: “What are you doing? Don’t hit the child, let him go! I’m going to call the police and arrest you! Bad guy! ”

Fang Tianzhuo was thrown on the ground, and it hurt so much that he broke out in a cold sweat. The little immortal sobbed and choked to help him, but he couldn’t touch him at all. He promised again and again, “I’ll ask my father to call the police, and I’ll ask the police uncle to save you.”

The immortal reneged, and he didn’t find his “police uncle” to save him. He told Fang Tianzhuo, “Dad thinks I’m sick, and the police uncle can’t find you. What should I do? That bad woman, why does she bully you every day? Huhuhu … ”

Fang Tianzhuo has never seen anyone cry so miserably. This little person with light all over cried. He can cry from worrying that he will be beaten until he is really beaten, and then from crying after he is beaten until he faints.

He often comes from afternoon to evening, but fortunately at that time he was beaten less and was not seen by him a few times.

He reached out to wipe his tears, but his hand passed through his face. He said lowly, “leave some tears and wait to cry when I die.”

The little immortal dared not cry. He sniffed and sobbed and said earnestly, “I’m telling you, you can’t die. You must bully such a bad woman. You can’t die without bullying!”

Fang Tianzhuo heard his comfort and felt a little miserable: “I can’t hold it.”

“you can do it! You, I’m sure you can. I think you’re very different from other people. You, you are a promising child! ”

“I can’t do it alone.”

The little immortal stayed for a while and said, “I will stay with you, I will often come to you, and I will be your good friend for life.”


“Yes, you are not alone, you have me, I am a little immortal, I will bless you!”

“you promise.”

“Well, I promise. When you are rich, I will help you spend money! ”


“your Majesty?” He Zheng pushed him and said, “what immortals did you meet at the age of seven? What kind of things? ”

“Only later did I know that he was just a little liar.” Fang Tianzhuo looked at him faintly and asked, “Zheng’er is curious?”

His eyes were somewhat dangerous, and He Zheng immediately shook his head. He just thought of his seven-year-old illness. He had no impression of it. He heard that it was burning so hard that his brain was so bad that his parents basically said nothing about this. And once he dared to talk too much, they had to hit him with a coat hanger.

However, since Fang Tianzhuo said that the little immortal was a liar, it must have nothing to do with him. He thought he must have already transmigrated once when he didn’t know.

He seems to be thinking too much.

It was the middle of the night and He Zheng fell into a deep sleep.

Fang Tianzhuo quietly looked at his face close at hand and reached out to touch it. The little immortal at the age of seven was like an epiphyllum in a nightmare world, blooming and withering in a hurry. Over the years, he had completely forgotten him, occasionally recalled him, and often felt that he had imagined it.

But He Zheng is different, he is real, can be touched by Fang Tianzhuo, he wants him, wants to keep him, but if he can’t keep him, he has to destroy it.

He Zheng sneezed.

Living with Fang Tianzhuo every day, He Zheng also began to know clearly, and some things in the court occasionally came into his ears. For example, after a month of patience, this group of people finally began to express their dissatisfaction with Fang Tianzhuo one after another.

He Zheng rubbed his hot ears, looked at Nan Jing making clothes for the little prince, and said, “someone must be speaking ill of me.”

When these people impeached him, it only meant that he did not deserve to live with Fang Tianzhuo, saying that he had broken the rules. Nan Jing sighed and said, “that He Shanshou, when will your Majesty let you move back?”

“it shouldn’t take long.” He Zheng thought and said, “I guess he will have to let me move back in ten days at the most. After all, this is really against the rules.”

There is no male pet who sleeps in the same bed with the emperor every day, not even a high-level male pet who is pregnant, isn’t it?

He Zheng is not laughing at himself when he thinks so, but Fang Tianzhuo is the emperor in the end, even if he has the supreme power, but in some places he cannot fight against a hundred officials.

Just thinking, Shunyi suddenly stomped in: “He Shanshou… ”

“Why are you panicking? Take a sip of water and speak slowly. ” He Zheng handed the cup to him, he drank it down, wiped his mouth, and said, “A great occasion! No! ”

“There is no connection between your two words.” He Zheng wondered, “what is the good thing and what is the bad thing?”

“Me, let me say happy things first or …”

“Happy events, let me be happy first.”

“Early today, your majesty sealed it.”

He Zheng felt a little tingling in his heart and said in a dull voice, “it’s the joy of the world, but it’s none of my business.”

“it’s you! You are the queen of now! After less than a year in the palace, you became a queen for the first time in history! ”

Nan Jing opened her mouth wide in surprise: “this, is this true or false?”

He Zheng was stupefied: “and then?”

“then his Majesty changed the rules for you, and as long as he was a queen, he could eat, live and sit with her Majesty, and now no one will ever talk about your improper living here!”

He Zheng stroked his stomach, his fingers trembled slightly and said, “you, quickly say what’s next.”

“the bad thing is that after the decree was issued, half of the officials in the court opposed it.”

“finish talking to me in one breath, or I’ll hit you.”

Shunyi swallowed saliva, took a deep breath and said, “all these opposing officials have been removed from their position, sent to prison, and will be beheaded in public at noon tomorrow.”

This is a great joy, a great surprise!

He Zheng was in a trance, and he was at a loss when he heard that someone had come and made a decree and knelt down on his knees. His mind was still a blank. For a moment, he didn’t know what to do with the matter. The familiar figure approached. Fang Tianzhuo picked up his arm and said, “what? Not happy to be my queen? ”

“I’m happy!” He Zheng answered quickly, slowly raised his face, looked at the handsome man in front of him, and slightly pursed his lips.

He did not think that Fang Tianzhuo would do this for him. Although his behavior was still cruel, He Zheng could not blame him. Nanmen Liang was right. Fang Tianzhuo had been making concessions, retreating and giving again and again. If he was ungrateful again, he would really find his own suffering.

Although there are still many disturbing factors behind this matter, such as Fang Tianzhuo can seal him or abolish him, Fang Tianzhuo wants to be on an equal footing with him, or he can be equal with others. Fang Tianzhuo praised him too high, which may cause him to become a target of criticism.

Even Fang Tianzhuo now gives him, in fact, not all he wants, he actually does not want this queen at all, but this position, but let him clearly see Fang Tianzhuo’s heart.

He can no longer turn a blind eye to it or let reason continue to prevail. He wants to admit that he likes Fang Tianzhuo, likes him, and has been moved by his heart since a long time ago. But dare not, he dare not like, every time this idea comes up, he is very afraid, this moody man is not suitable for him at all, with his ability he can not keep him for a lifetime.

He repeatedly tested the bottom line of Tianzhuo, hoping to see how much he could put up with himself and hope that he would give up as soon as possible, but every response of Fang Tianzhuo made his feelings gradually come out and his reason regressed, until now, there is no turning back.

He Zheng suddenly cried so miserably that he hugged Fang Tianzhuo and burst into tears.

He knew very well what might happen to indulge himself. The man’s arms were warm and dangerous, and he was very likely to be torn to pieces.

“what shall I do, your Majesty? Fang Tianzhuo, I like you so much. I really, really like you. I’m so sad, so sad. ”

He was incoherent and kept crying.

He has been in this world for so long, he is frightened every day, he is afraid of everything here, afraid of Fang Tianzhuo, he wants to escape here all the time, but he is finally tempted.

Fang Tianzhuo released one hook after another, one candy after another. he ate one uneasily and hesitated to leave, but he saw the next one. He told himself that the candy was fake and would die if he ate it. But Fang Tianzhuo always had a way to make him eat it. He complained duplicitously that it tasted bad, but he greedily wanted something better and bigger.

Then Fang Tianzhuo gave him the better and bigger sugar he wanted.

He couldn’t help thinking that although this guy was bad here and there, there was no good place in his whole body, but he was willing to give me such a good and big candy. He must be a good man, and he would be good to me.

Intellectually, the idea was really stupid, but the candy was so sweet that he was afraid that if he continued to refuse, he would never be able to eat it again.

He wants to tell him that I love your candy, and I want to eat it, regardless of the consequences.

Fang Tianzhuo wiped tears for him, watched him cry until the tip of his crimson nose, and said, “my heart hurts when you cry.”

Shizun: His character development is so sweet and beautiful I’m dying.

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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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