He Zheng’s proposal was in Fang Tianzhuo’s appetite, and the corners of his lips curved slightly: “Okay.”

He Zheng, full of anxiety, took his hand to the opposite side and whispered, “Don’t do anything, will you?”


“I, I’ll knock at the door first. Will you stand here?”

Fang Tianzhuo said, “OK.”

He Zheng adjusted his clothes and looked down at his skirt. Suddenly, he froze, and then turned to look at Fang Tianzhuo: “Today doesn’t seem to be the right day … or change it …”


The opposite door was opened. Aware of Fang Tianzhuo’s changing expression, He Zheng suddenly turned around and gave He Chu a big smile: “Brother …”

He Chu looked at him with a sword in his arms and a straight face. He Zheng carefully shrank his stomach and bent down, trying to hide his little skirt, but unless there was a sudden crack in the ground, he couldn’t hide it.

He Chu pinched his finger and said coldly, “Come here.”

He Zheng hurried up, but Fang Tianzhuo’s voice came from behind: “Stop.”

He Zheng stopped subconsciously again.

He Chu’s cold eyes crossed him and hit a place with Fang Tianzhuo’s, and suddenly interrupted his eyes. Hedrew his sword, jumped up, and moved too fast. He Zheng’s dull face lifted and looked at his brother’s roaring/ When he turned around, the two had already fought together.

He panicked: “Listen to me, don’t, don’t, don’t fight, Your Majesty, xianggong .My brother can’t beat you, so let him be a little …”

He Chu’s forehead was stimulated by the phrase “xianggong”, and the veins stood out. Fang Tianzhuo’s figure flashed, hiding from his blade, his mouth bent, and his voice responded leisurely and gently: “I know.”

“Brother, don’t be so cruel, don’t really hurt him …” The two men hit the roof from the ground, and He Zheng ran behind his head: “Come down and I have something to say. Brother, he didn’t bully me. My clothes are my own choice. Really, brother, don’t be angry …”

He Chu’s eyes flashed a sense of obliteration, and the blade was more ruthless. He stabbed the fatal part with all his tricks. He said coldly, “Dog Emperor, don’t think how long you can be arrogant. I’ll take He Zheng away sooner or later, and you’ll never find him.”

Fang Tianzhuo’s calm face solidified with a bit of ferocity. He touched soft sword at his waist and said in a dangerous tone, “Don’t you dare.”

He Chu realized that he had met his inverse scale. His eyes flashed and he suddenly became happy. “Your He Zheng is the son of He Xiangguo, and this is my brother. He doesn’t belong to you or this world. No matter how capable you are, Fang Tianzhuo can only dominate the feudal world. Once he leaves, you will never see him again in your life.”

The sword was suddenly pulled out, and Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes were filled with rage: “Then I’ll kill you first.”

He Chu had to respond with an extremely strong spirit, and kept stabbing him with his mouth: “Do you think you can kill me? Like He Zheng, I only come with my soul. If you kill me, I will look for the next host, and He Zheng will hate you for this. You can’t think that he will stay with you obediently for the rest of your life. ”

Fang Tianzhuo’s pupil contracted, and the body of the sword collided quickly. quickly. He Zheng was chased and supported by the servants and panted out of the yard: “Your Majesty, don’t fight, he can’t beat you, brother, don’t fight again! I have something to say to you! ”

Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes gushed with rage, his robe swelled silently, and his hair was windless. He Chu realized that he was really going to kill him, and immediately gathered his internal force to fight back, holding a sword in his hand. He said coldly, “I’ve asked all the immortals to do it, and in a few days, you won’t hear him speak again.”

Beside the trees swaying, Fang Tianzhuo turned his left hand and held a sword in his right hand: “You dare!”

The leaves were dancing wildly, the air was twisted, and He Zheng was held by the guards, subconsciously lifting his sleeves to block the deadly wind.

When all the dust settled, he wiped his face to see that He Chu’s sword was inserted in Fang Tianzhuo’s chest. He Zheng heard his heartbeat so strong that he almost choked. His brain was short of oxygen for a moment: “Fang Tianzhuo, Fang Tianzhuo, why did you …”

It was dark before his eyes, and he staggered down.

He Chu frowned, drew his sword and brought out blood, scolding, “Shameless.”

He jumped down and helped He Zheng up. The latter woke up, and when he saw Fang Tianzhuo with his sword to the ground, he pushed He Chu away and hurried over: “Your Majesty, how are you?”

Fang Tianzhuo glanced at He Chu, and said weakly, “He made the first move.”

“Are you okay?” He Zheng went to touch The wound on his chest, “Come here, ask the imperial doctor, go!”

He Chu is frowning sternly, “What are you in a hurry? He himself bumped into my sword. He was measured and won’t die.”

He Zheng looked at Fang Tianzhuo, who suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. He Zheng was surprised, hurriedly hugged him, and said angrily, “He won’t hide when you hits him? Are you a three-year-old with a popsicle stick? ”

He Chu was unhappy: “Pay attention to your attitude.”

“I’ll settle accounts with you later.” He Zheng covered Fang Tianzhuo’s wound, followed by taking it down to stop the bleeding first. Fang Tianzhuo was lying on the bed, but his injury this time was not deep, and his sword didn’t penetrate, but even then the wound looked scary.

He Zheng looked at his pale face and asked, “will you lie down for a while?”

Fang Tianzhuo glanced against the wall and looked coldly at him. He Zheng hurriedly stood up and blocked: “No, don’t punish him for his crime, I will scold him.”… ”

Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes glowed and said nothing.

He Zheng licked his lips, and he suddenly came over and grabbed He Zheng’s arm: “What are you afraid of, if he punishes the crime, he punishes the crime. It’s not like I have no other way to come and see you.”

“stop talking!” He Zheng threw him away and said, “your Majesty, have a good rest and don’t move.”

He helped Fang Tianzhuo lie down, touched his forehead, and why did he pull him up again at the beginning: “what’s your hurry? you’ve forgotten how he bullied you before? It’s okay that I didn’t pierce him. ”

He Zheng pursed his lips and glared at him, He Chu ​​held his arm and looked him up and down: “Look at you now What does it look like, should I call you Sister Zheng’er in the future? Huh?”

He Zheng smashed his head over, and He Chu’s nose was immediately smashed red, and the blood was overflowing. He covered his nose and raised his head, and when he slowly lowered his head, his eyes suddenly changed.

He Zheng: “!”

Smashed out the fake brother, he immediately ran to hide on the bedside, nervously looking at him, “He Chu… ”

The fake brother narrowed his eyes and walked over slowly. He Zheng was worried that he would burn Fang Tianzhuo, who had lost a lot of blood, and suddenly stood up again: “Brother, good brother, I’m sorry, I’ll rub it for you.”… ”

He reached out to touch the other’s nose, and was slapped by him He dropped his hand, frowned and crossed him to look at Fang Tianzhuo, who was on the bed. He Zheng stood on tiptoe and tried to block him, but he was not tall enough, so he could only open his hands to block him.

The fake brother looked at him quietly. “get out of the way.”

He Zheng shook his head: “you can’t kill him, brother, you are half my brother, I am really thinkining for your own good, you go.”

Behind him, Fang Tianzhuo sat up slowly, he and the fake brother’s eyes met, suddenly he threw something: “this is the palace gold medal, you can come to me at any time.”

“your Majesty!” He Zheng was startled, and his fake brother gave him a cold look, turned and walked out.

He Zheng uneasily came back to see Fang Tianzhuo: “you, are you really all right? My brother didn’t do it on purpose, definitely not. ”

Fang Tianzhuo stretched out his hand, and He Zheng obediently sat in his arms and listened to him: “if it was your brother who was hurt today, would you think I didn’t mean it?”

“you are better at martial arts than he is. He said you bumped into it yourself. ” He Zheng asked, “really?”


He Zheng did not ask why, he silently hugged Fang Tianzhuo and said, “come on, your Majesty, I just thought you were going to die. Stop scaring me. ”

He touched his stomach and was exhausted: “Don’t fight again next time. If he draws his sword again, you will hide behind me and use me as a shielf.”

Fang Tianzhuo said, “your brother loves you very much.”

“well, he’s a good brother.” He Zheng paused, looked up and said, “you are also a good husband.”

He knew that Fang Tianzhuo could have killed He Chu, but he did not, or even was willing to accept a sword, perhaps to appease He Chu’s brother, or maybe he was calculating himself again, but He Zheng did not want to care, all he knew was that Fang Tianzhuo was hurt, and he was so distressed that he fainted and did not want to see him again.

“your Majesty.” He Zheng said, “Please take good care of yourself at all times. Please try your best to show mercy to some people without getting hurt. Is that all right?”

Fang Tianzhuo was silent for a long time, but did not answer him, but said, “it’s nothing, so go back to the palace.”

In the carriage, Fang Tianzhuo’s face has not been very good. He Zheng didn’t wait on him when he was injured last time, so he doesn’t know how he got through it. Now he knows that he is not as powerful as the legend, even if he is better than others. Even if he is better than ordinary people, he suffer no less.

But he was quite tolerant, and even though he was pale and sweated by the carriage, he was still silent and faint.

After going back, Fang Tianzhuo started a high fever. He Zheng sat in front of the bed and stared at him. He always felt that Fang Tianzhuo’s martial arts was the first in the world and the chosen son. The protagonist’s halo was strong, but it turned out that he was also vulnerable.

The belly was suddenly kicked by the little prince, and he rubbed his stomach, changed the cold water handkerchief for Fang Tianzhuo, touched his face, and had the idea that Fang Tianzhuo might die for the first time.

Even if you tell yourself again and again that he is different from others, the idea keeps popping up.

“He Shanshou.” Nanmen Liang leisurely approached, said: “you have been in the bumpy road all the way, you are still pregnant, your Majesty will be served by the srvant.”

He Zheng did not refuse: “I will sleep next to him.”

He lay down on one side of the couch and glanced at Fang Tianzhuo, with a slightly heavy heart.

Today, after fighting for so long, they didn’t have time to talk to his brother, let alone let them really get to know each other, but now that his brother has a sign to enter the palace, it should be much easier to meet.

But He Zheng thought of Fang Tianhua, fake brother. Don’t bring the Fang Tianhua here.

There are so many stupid things.

He Zheng was extremely tired and fell asleep. When he woke up in the middle of the night, he leaned up and rubbed his eyes. He saw that Nanmen Liang was dozing at the head of the bed with his head propped up.

He Zheng went over and covered him with a thin blanket, and the latter immediately woke up and said, “Oh, He Shanshou, your Majesty’s fever has gone down, and the servant dozed off.”

“go down and have a rest.”

“No, your Majesty can’t sleep when the servant is gone.”

“you have a deep friendship.”

With a good smile at Nanmen Liang, he said, “your Majesty believes in his servant, but in the end, servants are just servants. If one day there is a great enemy, servants are stepping stones that can be discarded at any time.”

Fang Tianzhuo was able to do such a thing. He Zheng said, “then why are you still loyal?”

“the life of the servant is given by his Majesty, so he naturally has to be a cow and horse for his Majesty all his life.”

He Zheng did not understand these people. “is there something you want to say to me?” he said.

“Yes.” Nanmen Liang respectfully saluted, and He Zheng was not angry: “sit down.”

“the servant just wants to tell He Shanshou that compared to the servant, a loyal servant who can be used to cover his feet at any time, his Majesty is willing to give up his life to protectyou again and again.” Nanmen Liang leisurely said: “your Majesty has a rough life since childhood, there are few happy times, but after meeting you, it is different. Only then can I see that your Majesty has you in his heart.”

He Zheng frowned and said, “speak human words.”

Nanmen Liang said:”The servant guarantees with his head that Your Majesty is worthy of He Shanshou’s heart.”


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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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