The pig lady was forcibly carried back to the carriage by the pig alone. He was like a defeated rooster, lowered his haughty head, and began to become unhappy.

Fangzhuo saw He Zheng’s pitiful appearance made his heart tight. he frowned and whispered, “from next month, the palace share of Zheng’er will be increased by 10%.”

The so-called Gongfen is the money of the month. In the final analysis, this is the salary given to He Zheng to serve him. He Zheng looked up at him and suddenly felt inappropriate. He shook his head and said, “if you want to make an exception for me again, someone will definitely have a problem with it.”

The palace share he took should be the same as that of Qiu Shuiluo, and if he suddenly took it higher than her, there would be no gossip. Now he lives in Fang Tianzhuo’s bedroom, in fact, some people are implying that Fang Tianzhuo is not very good, but the other party is used to deciding alone, and he doesn’t care what they say.

“Taking more court shares is an exception. If you want to do business in public, how can it not be an exception?”

“I’m not talking about being in public, I’m just trying to be self-sufficient.” With that, He Zheng suddenly felt as if he had been brainwashed, and with hindsight, he said, “I’m not a woman. What’s wrong with me being in public?” I should have been in public. ”

“I forbid you to be self-sufficient.” Fang Tianzhuo said faintly, “Don’t mention this again.”

He Zheng was very aggrieved. He moved and pushed him: “I want to sit by myself, you put me down.”

“then go back to the palace.” Fang Tianzhuo let go of him and found that he was immediately far away from him. “if Zheng’er is not well-behaved, I won’t take you out next time,” he said.

He Zheng was even more aggrieved. He felt like what Fang Tianzhuo said as if he regarded him as a walking puppy, and the excessively miserable role made his nose sore: “I don’t want to go back. I haven’t had enough.”

Fang Tianzhuo stretched out his hand. He Zheng took a look and handed him his hand to sit back. Fang Tianzhuo asked, “where else are you going?”

He Zheng was depressed for a moment and said, “I heard that there is a very clever Leiguang Temple outside the city. I want to pray for the little prince.”

Fang Tianzhuo’s heart softened down and ordered someone to go to Leiguang Temple and said softly to He Zheng: “if Zheng wants to spend money, you can ask me for it. Why insist on that dividend?”

He Zheng flatted his mouth and said, “because we are immortals, even if we are wives, we all have jobs.”

The economic base determines the family status. In this feudal era when there were no relatives in the world, is it wrong for him to want to save some money?

Fang Tianzhuo’s face and tone did not change, but the feeling changed: “it seems that Zheng’er really misses the immortal days very much.”

He Zheng took it for granted: “the immortal life is so comfortable, of course.”

Fang Tianzhuo leaned against the wall of the carriage, pursed his lips slightly and did not speak again.

He Zheng really wanted to go back. He missed it so much that he would only understand it when he lived in ancient times. Even if he was honored and favored, in fact he did not have a comfortable life at home, not to mention that in modern times he could go wherever he wanted to go. If he was upset, he could take a bank card and travel at any time. But look at him here, a palace is also restricted by Fang Tianzhuo, it is obvious that his name is hanging on the farm or something. And he can’t even get a dividend.

It’s too much. Really.

He glanced at Fang Tianzhuo’s closed-eyed face, then suddenly pounced on him and took a hard bite on his face, then immediately bowed his head and continued to be “depressed.”

Like a cat that scratches people and pretends to be good.

Fang Tianzhuo didn’t move, but He Zheng knew he looked at him. What is there to see? I bit you. This is the price you, smelly emperor, try and pinch me.

When they arrived at Leiguang Temple, there was another light rain in the sky. He Zheng was carried out of the car, looked up at the small stairs up the hill, picked up the skirt, and clumsily took a step.

There is no denying that skirts are not as convenient as long shirts. If it were not for pregnancy, He Zheng would never wear such complicated and procrastinating clothes in his life.

He doesn’t know if he was afraid of falling or that he climbed slowly, or both. After taking a few steps up, Fang Tianzhuo suddenly picked him up again. He Zheng immediately kicked him and said, “what are you doing? You must go up on your own, in order to express your sincerity to the Buddha and to really achieve what you wants. ”

“it looks like it’s going to rain hard. We should go up as soon as possible.” Fang Tianzhuo said, “it is also sincere that I go up on your behalf.”

He started his steps, but He Zheng insisted: “Even if there is a rainstorm, thunderstorm, I also want to go up by myself, so I don’t want you to replace me!”

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him coldly. He Zheng pinched his neck and picked up his arrogance. Fang Tianzhuo gently put him down: “whatever you want.”

He took the lead.

He Zheng gained a foothold, and looked up at the sky, rarely turned gray, but don’t go down. He bowed his head and looked at his belly to lift his feet-


A huge raindrop fell in the middle of his head, and the weight told He Zheng that God would never comply with his idea.

Patter, patter, the stairs in front of He Zheng also began to drop big raindrops, splashing irregular shapes on the stairs one by one, and a rumbling roll of thunder passed through the air.

He Zheng quickened his speed, took a look at the long stairs and immediately called Fang Tianzhuo: “your Majesty…. xianggong! ”

In fact, Fang Tianzhuo didn’t really leave him behind, otherwise, how could he be only a few steps away from He Zheng with his feet.

He turned his head, He Zheng raised his hand to cover his head, and said, “it’s really raining… ”

Fang Tianzhuo: “Oh?”

“I, if I get sick, it’s not easy to treat. What if one body kills two people?

As he spoke, the raindrops began to crackle. Fang Tianzhuo held out his hand coldly, picked him up and went up the mountain with light work.

When He Zheng landed in front of the statue of the Buddha, Fang Tianzhuo shook his sleeves and glanced at the torrential rain that soon turned into torrential rain, and said, “when the rain stops, I will carry He Zheng to the foot of the mountain then he can show his sincerity.”

Knowing that he intended to bury himself, he mumbled a childish sentence with a mosquito humming voice, but said impolitely, “did I just let you hug me? Why don’t I remember? ”

Fang Tianzhuo came over without a word to hug him and said coldly, “I will send you down now.”

He Zheng immediately turned around and wanted to run. Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes showed a hint of worry and grabbed him back. He Zheng pushed him to admit: “Xianggong, your adult with a lot of knowledge. Don’t be like me. In such a heavy rain, the baby will get sick.”

“you don’t need to walk, huh?”

“We are one husband. Your feet are my feet, and my people are your people. Why are you still out of touch with me?”

Fang Tianzhuo laughed and pinched his face: “how can you make me angry with such a lovely mouth?”

He Zheng was stupefied for a moment. Yes, he was not like this at home before. Since he met Fang Tianzhuo, he could not help losing his temper and always wanted to find fault with him. You know, he used to be so good at home, otherwise his parents and brothers would not be willing to spoil him.

After thinking about it, he said, “who told you to bully me like that before?”

Fang Tianzhuo frowned, in his impression, He Zheng has been constantly challenging his bottom line, how now he accused him: “It’s really a bad wife who complains first.”

He Zheng was stupefied: “you …… ”

“two donors.” Suddenly there was a voice in his ear. He Zheng turned around and turned out to be a young monk. He hurriedly put his hands together and replied, “I’m sorry to disturb the clean place. We’ve come to pray.”

The little monk smiled and said, “Please come with me.”

Under the guidance of the other party, He Zheng burned incense and knelt respectfully on the futon. His mother believed in Buddhism. Since he suffered a strange illness at the age of seven, he has become a very devout believer. He regularly burns incense and chanting scriptures once a week and pays homage to the temple every month. His parents and brothers are busy with their work. He Zheng personally accompanies her and never refuses to slack off.

Therefore, when he worships the Buddha at the moment, he is also decent.

He looked at the Buddha carefully, slowly closed his eyes, looked pious, and then worshiped deeply.

Fang Tianzhuo looked at the Buddha coldly, his thumb across his knuckles. If He Zheng makes a wish to go back, if the Buddha makes his wish come true, he will pull up all the Buddhist halls in this world, kill all the monks and nuns, burn all the Buddhist sutras, and let the “Buddha” disappear forever.

He Zheng stood up, made another bow, turned and walked over. He heard Fang Tianzhuo ask, “what did the Zheng’er pray for?”

“I hope my immortal parents and brothers can live a long and healthy life. I hope I can give birth to your Majesty’s little prince safely. I hope ……” He glanced at Fang Tianzhuo, then suddenly shut up and said, “Nothing else.”

He Zheng doesn’t have him in his wish.

Fang Tianzhuo put his pinched finger behind him. He Zheng asked, “does your Majesty have any wishes?”

“I don’t believe in Buddhism.”

“Why?” Although most ancient people seemed to believe in God and Buddha, Fang Tianzhuo did not believe in Buddha and He Zheng, but he was not surprised. He just wanted to hear Fang Tianzhuo’s reasons.

“Buddha says all beings are equal, so I and Buddha are naturally equal. Why do you believe him?”

Fang Tianzhuo passed him and said, “Let’s stay tonight in such a heavy rain.”

It was the first time that He Zheng heard this theory. He tugged at Fang Tianzhuo’s sleeve and asked, “Since you recognize Buddha’s words, do you also recognize that the people of the world are equal to his Majesty?” Like me? ”

Fang Tianzhuo chuckled and said, “That’s it.”

“Then shouldn’t your majesty think twice before killing people in the future?”

Fang Tianzhuo said faintly, “I’ll follow Zheng’er”

His expression didn’t seem to obey He Zheng at all, but He Zheng was still a little happy. They stayed in the backyard with the little novice monk. It was dark because of the heavy rain and thunder. He couldn’t tell what time it was. He Zheng lit a candle and said, “Buddhist fasting is light and there is no meat. Can your majesty get used to it?”

“I’ll get used to it.”

He Zheng is not afraid of this. He lived in a temple with his mother and tasted fast food. Although it is vegetarian, it tastes good.

The rain poured out of the window, the noise in his ears was enormous, and the trees bared their teeth and shook, as if they were dying, squeaking in the wind and rain.

He Zheng turned over the scriptures for a while, turned his head sideways to look at Fang Tianzhuo, and found that he seemed to have something on his mind, and his expression was always very cold. He clearly looked lazy, but he seemed to be suppressing something.

The meal was delivered in time. He Zheng thanked the little monk, took it and put it on the table, and called Fang Tianzhuo. The latter sat down opposite him, holding it for dinner. He Zheng was really hungry, and quickly put a mouthful into his mouth, and his face changed slightly.

Compared with modern fast food, this ancient fast food is a far cry from the modern one!

He swallowed it reluctantly, but Fang Tianzhuo without change in his expression ate the rice calmly.

He licked his lips, drank water to dilute the sad taste in his mouth, and said, “Is it delicious?”

Fang Tianzhuo said, “Very good.”

He Zheng suspected that his taste buds were different from his own, and he took another bite of other dishes, all of which were unpalatable. He suspected that it was completely boiled, and there was no oil in it … Wait, was there edible vegetable oil in ancient times?

He Zheng grilled rice with a bitter face and couldn’t eat it. Fang Tianzhuo said, “I will order someone to buy some meat meals.”

He Zheng hurriedly pulled him back: “No, no, no, you can eat, and I’m sure I can too.”

Fang Tianzhuo sat back and looked outside, then turned back to watch him eat quietly. He Zheng’s face grew uglier and uglier as he ate, thinking that he could never be better than a pampered emperor. Fang Tianzhuo suddenly opened his mouth: “I was exiled when I was eleven. When I had to, I ate carrion, ate tree bark, and drank blood.”

Fang Tianzhuo stared at him and said in a warm voice, “It seems that my Zheng’er really came down to earth from the immortal realm.”

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