He Zheng guessed that if he could really go back, he wouldn’t spend too much time with Fang Tianzhuo. He knew his brother well, and no matter what he promised him, he would fill his words, but all he said was that he found a way and would do his best to do it.

With this thought, Fang Tianzhuo suddenly became good in his eyes again. He nestled in Fang Tianzhuo’s arms, touched his chin and said, “Next time my brother comes, can you let him in? Don’t hurt him? ”

Fang Tianzhuo said coldly, “Don’t let him come at night.”

“But he can’t get in during the day.”

“Let him come to me.”

He Zheng always felt that his words were full of rage, and he began to turn his neck angrily. Fang Tianzhuo suddenly pressed his head with one hand, and He Zheng shook his head hard, but Fang Tianzhuo’s hand was too strong for him to move at all. He pushed the hand hard, saying, “I’ve suffered so much since I came to your mortal world. It’s already so difficult for my brother to visit me just like visiting a prison. What else do you want? Why should I call you? Touch my brother’s finger, and I’ll fight with you! ”

Fang Tianzhuo’s brow locked deeply: “He is not only your brother but also an assassin. You have a private meeting with two[1]One his brother second the assassin men at night. What does it look like when it gets out?”

He Zheng was even angrier: “What are you talking about! You …… You let go of my head! The little prince is going to be angry! !”

Fang Tianzhuo saw his white face turned red because of anger, he let go his eyes alert, he tried to hit hist chest.

Fang Tianzhuo: “…”

He knew that He Zheng had never been trustworthy.

He Zheng’s eyes were somewhat wronged when he failed to hit his chest. He is his elder brother, and he confessed to Fang Tianzhuo. How could this man do this!

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him silently for two seconds and found that his expression became angrier, more and more aggrieved, and hesitantly brought back the head that he had dodged.

He Zheng’s head slammed into his chest, and Fang Tianzhuo closed his eyes and let out a sigh gently, saying, “I can allow him to come in the daytime, but he is not only your brother, so be careful.”

He Zheng looked at his red forehead, touched his own, relieved, and asked, “Does your majesty mean you don’t trust me to meet him alone?”

Fang Tianzhuo said, “Exactly.”

“What is it? I don’t understand. ” He Zheng deliberately asked, “Can your majesty be more specific?”

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him, and He Zheng stared at him for a while, then whispered, “Why is it so difficult to hear you say something nice?”

Fang Tianzhuo got up and said, “Get out of bed and have dinner.”

He Zheng sat motionless: “Immortals don’t talk about eating, but mortals talk about eating.”

Fang Tianzhuo looked over again. He Zheng stretched, got up, put on his shoes and grabbed his sleeve. He said sullenly, “I’ll eat. Why are you always so fierce?”

He doesn’t know if it’s because he is going to return soon. He Zheng has always been in a good mood when looking at Fang Tianzhuo. He looks at him while grilling rice, and pulls the stool closer to him. Suddenly, he sighs, “What should I do? The little prince has a temper and doesn’t want to eat. He wants his father to feed him.”

Nanmen Liang saw your majesty’s hand holding the bowl paused, his eyelid jumped, always feel this He Shanshou ever since going out for a trip became more snobby and arrogant.

Fang Tianzhuo ignored him. He Zheng touched his stomach and put his face sideways on the table. He looked at him with round eyes and muttered, “The little prince is starving. Why doesn’t his father feed his son and minister? He’s so hungry and hungry.”

Fang Tianzhuo prevented Nanmen Liang from continuing to distribute vegetables. “Step down.”

He Zheng immediately sat up straight, thinking that he would eat. Why should he be fed? The child in his belly haven’t been treated properly yet!

Fang Tianzhuo put the food in his bowl, He Zheng’s face rolled back and forth on the table, and then he looked at him, “The little prince still has no hands, so he must be fed to his mouth by his father. Ah-”

Fang Tianzhuo frowned, “Don’t push your luck.”

He Zheng closed his mouth, picked up his chopsticks unhappily, and suddenly tossed his head and hit him on the shoulder with his head. The [eople around silently take a deep breath, but Fang Tianzhuo slowly sighed, and finally put a dish in a bowl and then sent it to his mouth.

He Zheng suddenly beamed, aware that he looked at himself coldly, and suppressed it.

Forget it, I’m not angry with you. Anyway, I’ll go back soon. As for you Fang Tianzhuo, just wait to cry.

After a meal, Fang Tianzhuo didn’t leave, so He Zheng pulled him to play flying chess[2]Aeroplane Chess is a Chinese cross-and-circle board game similar to the Western game of Ludo and the Indian game of Pachisi.. Fang Tianzhuo quickly mastered the rules under his description. Five minutes later, He Zheng suffered a fiasco.

He chuckled and glared, “You cheated.”

“I didn’t.”

“You must have controlled the sieve with martial arts.”

Fang Tianzhuo wondered, “Why should I use martial arts for such a trivial matter?”

He Zheng took the chess piece back and said, “Then you must have used internal force.”

“I didn’t.”

“You have! Otherwise, how can you win so fast? ” He Zheng said, “Change, I want to use red.”

Fang Tianzhuo rubbed his forehead, he really don’t know what whimsical ideas are in He Zheng’s mind. This kind of chess doesn’t need his skills to play. This time, He Zheng won, his eyes lit up, and he said, “It seems that I misunderstood you.”

Fang Tianzhuo glanced at him, and when he started to put the chess back again, he squeezed the sieve boredly and turned it around. Click, turn to six, turn again, click, turn to six again… He Zheng stared blankly at it a dozen times, and without exception, it was all six.

His eyes, slowly questioning: “You must have used internal force.”

Fang Tianzhuo was helpless: “It’s a skill.”

He Zheng moved: “Can I learn?”

Fang Tianzhuo nodded, “Come.”

He Zheng immediately moved over and sat in his arms. Fang Tianzhuo circled him cross-legged, his lips pressed against his ears, and whispered, “So, look at the numbers you want, see them clearly, and then …”

Teaching failure.

He Zheng’s cheerful face slowly became impatient. “Why is it so difficult?”

“…” He never expected that He Zheng would be so clumsy.

He Zheng shook his head: “If you don’t study, you will be discouraged.”

“try again.”


“Then last time.”

He Zheng pressed down the rising irritability in his heart, breathed out to hold the sieve again, gently rubbed his fingertips, and turned six.


Try again, and make another six.


After six consecutive turns, he lifted his face excitedly and said, “I learned? !”

Fang Tianzhuo bent his lips, and He Zheng’s heart suddenly quickened. He hugged Fang Tianzhuo’s neck and rubbed him, softly saying, “It’s very kind of your majesty.”

It’s a pity that he’s going to go back soon. He is really worried that he’ll cry too miserably.

“Well, enough fun, I should go.”

He Zheng hugged him and said softly, “When will you come again?”

“I won’t come tonight.”


Fang Tianzhuo rarely explains why to people, and everyone around him will carefully guess his thoughts. No one dares to ask him.

But He Zheng obviously didn’t know what he shouldn’t ask. He stared at the other person’s transparent eyes and said, “I have a business.”

He Zheng asked, “Can’t you come after?”

Nanmen Liang began to feel calluses in his ears. This He Shanshou is really ignorant. His Majesty obviously did not want to say more.

Fang Tianzhuo gently hugged He Zheng and whispered, “What can I do if Zheng’er is so clingy?”

He Zheng saw the unhappiness in his eyes and silently let go.

Fang Tianzhuo picked him up and put him aside, and leave.

He Zheng sat by the chess piece, silently picked up the sieve, and turned for a good half-day, but it didn’t turn to a six.

This son of a bitch, when he is willing to make people happy, is quite likable, but what is sacred is unpredictable. If he is angry, he will be angry.

He Zheng felt his stomach and laid down on the couch. It’s better to go home. He really wants to see his brother again, so hurry home.

Fang Tianzhuo is not worth his liking at all, not at all.

The man sat in the sedan chair and closed his eyes. Thinking of He Zheng’s last expression, he gently touched his knuckles and said, “Have I gone too far?”

Nanmen Liang froze and whispered, “No, your majesty has been so gracious. How many can there be in the whole world? It’s just that He Shanshou is too ignorant, and your majesty doesn’t have to take it personally. ”

But Zheng Er … seems sad.

Fang Tianzhuo frowned and said, “It’s hot. Later, prepare some frozen fruits for He Shanshou to relieve the summer heat.”

“The slave wrote it down.”

Suddenly he said, “Don’t let it be too cold.”

Ever since He Zheng knew he could go back, his work and rest have been very good. If there is no disturbance, he will sleep all night. But tonight, it is obvious that someone is disturbing him. First, he heard the creaking sound of the window being pushed open, then the sound of the sword. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and heard someone shouting, “There is an assassin! Catch the assassin! !”

It was a mess outside.

He Zheng immediately sat up. “Somebody, somebody!”

When the door was pushed open, Shunyi and Nan Jing came to help him. He Zheng went out, just in time to see Fang Tianzhuo kick the man in black. The man was quickly held down by the guards who arrived. He hurried forward, and before he spoke, Fang Tianzhuo said, “It’s not him.”

It’s not my brother … He Zheng was relieved. Fang Tianzhuo lost his sword. He came over and picked him up. He whispered coldly, “It’s cold at night, so why don’t you put on a robe for He Shanshou?”

The servants knelt down in surprise, and He Zheng said, “I was too anxious. Don’t blame them.”

“Go down and get twenty boards each person.”

He Zheng exclaimed, “Wait, no, your majesty, I’m fine again … let’s have a board for each person. If they died, we have to change people. I’ll be uncomfortable.”

“Just do as what He Shanshou said.”

A group of people knocked on the ground one after another: “Thank you for your kindness!”

He Zheng was put on the bed, silently huddled inside, and asked, “Didn’t your majesty say he wouldn’t come today?”

“I’m busy until the third night today, and I was going to rest, but a ghostly messenger came again.” In fact, he was thinking about it, and he felt more and more that He Shanshou seemed sad today, and quietly came to the yard to see him, not wanting to encounter an assassin.

“What a coincidence, Your Majesty. If it weren’t for you, I might have died.”

Fang Tianzhuo frowned.

He Zheng lay down and said, “Will your majesty go back tonight?”

Fang Tianzhuo said, “I’ll rest here.”

He Zheng gave up his seat, and Fang Tianzhuo take off his coat to bed, reaching for him. He Zheng was silent for a moment, and suddenly said, “Your Majesty, have you ever thought about what to do if I really don’t exist one day? Will you miss me? ”

“Why? Is Zheng’er really going back to be an immortal? ”

“Who knows?” He Zheng said, “Anyway, I don’t like it here. Today, an assassin will come, and tomorrow, someone will poison me. I don’t even know if I can give birth to the little prince safely. Your Majesty, have you thought about this? If one day the doctor too much asks you, do you want me or the little prince? ”

“Zheng’er was frightened today …”

He Zheng interrupted him grumpily: “Yes, yes, yes, I am frightened. I talk nonsense. Your Majesty, don’t take it personally. I will accompany you all my life.”

He rolled over and showed only his back, and suddenly his body was held tight again. Fang Tianzhuo remained silent for a long time and said slowly, “If you are uneasy, you will be moved to my bedroom tomorrow, and with my protection, Zheng’er and the little prince will surely be safe.”

He Zheng didn’t speak. He propped himself up to look, only to see that the other party had fallen asleep.

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him for a while, reached out and touched his cheek and kissed it. He left his tender lips in his mouth, and carefully hugged the person again. He added, “I have the best Hospital in the world, and Zheng’err and the little prince will be fine.”

No one answered. He Zheng slept softly and sweetly beside him.

He kissed the top of the man’s hair in his arms, and there was a word that he wanted to ask but was afraid to ask.

If there is an opportunity? Will you really leave me?

No, before that, I’ll kill you. You’re not going anywhere.

He closed his eyes and gently tightened his arms.

You’re mine, and you can only be mine.


1 One his brother second the assassin
2 Aeroplane Chess is a Chinese cross-and-circle board game similar to the Western game of Ludo and the Indian game of Pachisi.
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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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