He Zheng silently looked at Fang Tianzhuo and struggled between restraining himself and letting himself fly. Fang Tianzhuo subconsciously distanced himself from him, and he suddenly hit his chest with his head: “Don’t go!”

Fang Tianzhuo: “……”

He Zheng did not expect that he would hide and was aggrieved that he could not hit him on the head. Fang Tianzhuo reached out and hugged him and asked, “what if the imperial concubine is really critically ill?”

“screw her!”

When He Zheng finished, he was morally condemned in his heart and said, “you’d better go.”

This made He Zheng really realize that there can be countless men and women around Fang Tianzhuo, and he is not only responsible for him, but also responsible for them.

He suddenly felt a little nauseous, thinking that Fang Tianzhuo would treat other people as he did to him, and his heart felt like he was eating a fly.

But from a rational point of view, the imperial concubine is just a poor person, she followed such a man and unexpectedly want to see him in this way.

“Why is Zheng’er so capricious?”

He Zheng took a look at him, but after such a psychological process just now, he suddenly had the feeling that Fang Tianzhuo had become so bad. The filter on the gold plaque withdrew a few points. He frowned and said, “do you want to see her?”

“I need Zheng’er’s decision.”

“go ahead.” He Zheng said: “but if you care about me, you must know that I am very unhappy, and even start to hate you because of this. It is very difficult for me to like someone, but it is easy to hate someone. When I hate you, everything you do is wrong and annoying.”

He honked so much solemnly that in the final analysis he didn’t want him to go. Fang Tianzhuo smiled and said, “Zheng’er is so domineering and jealous, what can I do?”

He Zheng was silent for a moment and said seriously, “I say this in order to show that I care about your Majesty very much, but in fact, I don’t mind at all. I am a very generous person in nature.”

Perhaps he said it too seriously, Fang Tianzhuo smile slightly reined in: “really?”

He Zheng glared at him and suddenly hit him with his head: “you are so annoying. Isn’t it up to you to decide whether to go or not?”

“Zheng’er should go with me.”

“what am I going to do? She’s not my wife! ” He Zheng was indignant in his heart. He pulled his paw and walked out, but his heart was still depressed.

In fact, he knew that Qiu Shuiluo was stimulated by the plaque at the gate of the palace. Whether the disease was true or not, it was a matter between her and Fang Tianzhuo, and he didn’t want to get involved at all.

When he was dragged into the sedan chair by Fang Tianzhuo, he became more and more upset, so he hit Fang Tianzhuo with his head a few times. Fang Tianzhuo had to hold his head down to prevent him from suddenly attacking: “Don’t make a scene.”

He Zheng is going to be wronged to death: “the little prince said he didn’t want to go! I don’t want to see my father’s first wife! The little prince also said that the father was bored to death! Why there are so many wives! Why force dad to see his wife? Why should father go to see his father’s wife? what if an angry minister gets rid of his son? ”

Fang Tianzhuo: “……”

“the little prince said, no, Daddy is really angry, and now he doesn’t want to go! He is so annoyed to death, Father, do something! Otherwise, the son will be gone! ”

Fang Tianzhuo exhaled a breath: “go to Pize Hall.”

When the sedan chair turned back, He Zheng was still very uncomfortable: “the little prince said that his father hated his father, and now he would immediately be separated from his father, or else his son would be gone!”

Fang Tianzhuo coldly looked at He Zheng: “again you are trying to murder the son of a dragon.”

He Zheng: “.”

As soon as his head moved, he was immediately held by Fang Tianzhuo in his hands. Fang Tianzhuo looked at the “hidden weapon” in his hand and said, “You are becoming more and more lawless.”

He Zheng was silent and didn’t want to look at him. He shook his head hard to get his hands off and gloomily opened the sedan chair and looked out.

He decided to have a cold war with Fang Tianzhuo and never talk to him again.

The sedan chair stopped at the door of the Pize Hall. He Zheng remained motionless. Fang Tianzhuo turned his face and asked, “won’t you go down?”

He Zheng said with a high spirit, “the little prince said that my father is so angry that he couldn’t move!”


Fang Tianzhuo picked him up with both hands and stepped out of the sedan chair. Until he put the man on the soft collapse in the house. He bent down and supported himself at both sides, looking directly at He Zheng: “I’ll come to see the little prince later.”

He Zheng’s anger dissipated a little, but when he thought he is still having a cold war with him, he immediately turned his head aside.

Fang Tianzhuo left, and He Zheng lay down for two seconds, then suddenly got up and followed him out. Nan Jing and Shunyi hurried after him, and when he noticed that he was sneaking after your majesty’s sedan chair, he suddenly felt a thump in his heart and whispered, “If your majesty asks why you are following,he will have your head cut off.”

He Zheng hesitated, and Nan Jing said shrewdly, “Shanshou wants to know what your majesty did when he went to the imperial concubine? This servant can inquire, you go back and wait for news first. ”

He Zheng had to go back.

There was a fire in his heart, and it couldn’t be extinguished. He thought of the gold plaque again. Think about it carefully. Although Fang Tianzhuo said he loved him on it, it didn’t show that he was the only one. It was just that he was obsessed with gold and lost his mind for a while.

He can give himself a piece, or he can take it off and give it to others at any time.

He Zheng wandered around for a while. Just as he restrained himself from sitting down, he heard Nan Jing running back, and he looked terrified: “There is something wrong with her body, but it’s not an acute illness, but poisoning … There is a little eunuch in our palace, who said she was instructed by you.”

He Zheng: “??”

He was completely confused. He had seen what it meant to have people suddenly blame him when he is just at home.

Just after thinking about it, Nanmen Liang personally came over: “He Shanshou hasn’t rested yet?”

He Zheng’s face fell: “What’s the matter?”

“Your Majesty sent this slave to ask you for questions. The sedan chair outside is ready.”

He Zheng realize that he didn’t escape the Jing Hua Palace in the end.

When he walked in, he saw the weak imperial concubine and the man sitting in the main seat at a glance. He bent down to kneel, and Fang Tianzhuo had waved, “Come here.”

He Zheng’s heart was heavy. Fang Tianzhuo pulled him to his side and asked, “Do you know this little eunuch?”

He Zheng twisted his face to see it. The eunuch on the ground raised his face and said eagerly, “How could Lord Shanshou not remember this slave? I used to play mahjong with you! ”

He Zheng recognized it. This man was indeed from his own palace, and he did fill a place when there were short of one player. He said, “I know him.”

Qiu Shuiluo’s eyes on one side flashed, but he didn’t realize that he was so frank as he admitted. He immediately collapsed and knelt down: “Your Majesty, your majesty is wise, and the He Shanshou has already admitted it. Please be the master for your male and female servants!”

The little eunuch also said, “Your Majesty, slaves are all instructed by He Shanshou. Please spare our life!”

Fang Tianzhuo asked, “He Shanshou admitted to poisoning the imperial concubine?”

He Zheng said angrily, “I only admit that I know him. When did I admit that I poisoned her? I am eating more expensive food, closer to your majesty than she lives, more intimate with your majesty than she has been with you for a long time, better than her feelings with your majesty, and have more important position in your heart. Now, the whole world knows that your majesty loves me dearly, and she doesn’t even have a name. Why should I poison her? Do I have a bad brain or a bad life? Concubine Huang Guifei, think carefully and make sure did I poisoned you? Are you sure? ”

Qiu Shuiluo suddenly bit her lip and trembled. He Zheng’s remarks seemed to justify himself, but every word was like a sharp knife stabbing her in the heart. Later, it even sounder like a threat. The implication was to remind her: I He Shanshou is in full swing, and I dare hurt you? Do you dare to bite me?

Angry, angry and hateful, she suddenly raised her face and said, “The more you speak clearly, the more you have a ghost in your heart. He Xiangguo and my father have never been right. If He Shanshou, wants to hurt my father then he would wanted to kill me. Besides, in recent days, all the ministers have suggested that I should be the queen, and you have long coveted the queen’s position. I also want to ask you why you have gained the emperor’s favor and what do you want to do with me … tearing me apart? !”

She huffed off the maid-in-waiting beside her and suddenly felt a quiver.

He Zheng stood beside Fang Tianzhuo with his eyes hanging down, and the latter’s eyes had turned gloomy: “Imperial concubine, you are very clear about the things going to court.”

Qiu Shuiluo’s original white face was even more miserable, and she slammed her head down: “Your Majesty, you servant just listened to other people and didn’t deliberately interfere with the court … This matter, He Shanshou must have heard about it, too!”

He Zheng decided, “Your Majesty is clear about my relationship with He Xianggou. If you bite me to compete for favor, there are still two possibilities. But if you want to say that I framed you for He Xiangguo, it is out of thin air.”

Fang Tiangzhuo: “Exactly, He Xianggou became vegetarina because of Zheng Er.”

He Zheng’s eyelids jumped. Is it appropriate for you to praise me with admiration on such a serious occasion at the moment?

He continued: “as for the incident of poisoning, I have not contacted the He family since I entered the palace. Of course, I have no way to know. This is the first time I have heard of it.”

Qiu Shuiluo looked even paler, shook her head and said, “No! It was not the elder brother and father who told the concubine! They always only talk about family affairs in front of concubines. I heard it from my other sister Li Fei! Her sister-in-law often comes to see her, probably because she is carrying a message. ”

She gasped for breath, and her originally weak body was drenched with cold sweat. She was just jealous that He Zheng could get a golden plaque and give birth to a poison trick. Even if He Zheng was not dragged down, it would more or less make his Majesty distressed and take the back seat. But how to be suddenly stimulated by He Zheng, she almost hurt his father and brother.

She was so frightened that Fang Tianzhuo had already said, “somebody, go and get concubine Li Fei.”

These concubines were all greeted by Fang Tianzhuo after Qiu Shuiluo entered the palace, and there must be interests involved. He Zheng knew that Fang Tianzhuo was afraid to do a thorough cleaning in the harem.

This Qiu Shuiluo is also in a hurry to bite people, dare not expose her own family, and unexpectedly want to involve other people’s family.

He Zheng said, “the poisoning is not over yet. How will your Majesty deal with it?”

Fang Tianzhuo said, “since Zheng’er has nothing to do with this, let’s go back first.”

He Zheng came in the sedan chair and walked out in the sedan chair.

Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes looked at the eunuch who had just insisted that He Zheng was behind the scenes. The other party looked uneasy and suddenly gritted his teeth, but Fang Tianzhuo suddenly grabbed his chin: “You slave, since you don’t want this tongue, I’ll cut it for you. Somebody, pull out his tooth and throw it into the scorpion pool of Xiao Shi. When will you tell the truth, when will you let it out?”

When the eunuch was dragged out, Fang Tianzhuo looked at Qiu Shuiluo again: “the imperial concubine must be eager to know who is behind it.”

Qiu Shuiluo looked at the hand he reached out to her. she had dreamed that she could hold it, but she never thought that one day he would hand it to her, and it would be in such a situation.

“follow me to Scorpion Pond to watch the punishment.”


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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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