“He Zheng is beautiful and I love him very much. However, while pregnant, he had many frightening dreams, and I am afraid that he will give up. After thinking repeatedly, I want to tell the world, and I swear to give Zheng’er a stable life, a century of scenery, and hope for peace of mind.

The inscription on the gold plaque, hanging high with huge font protruding, attracted many people to stop and watch. People were crowded in front of the palace gate for a while, and the imperial army had to take turns to keep order.

These people were allowed to stop and marvel in front of the palace gate, otherwise, according to the previous instructions idle people would be killed and the ground would have been bleeding like a river.

“Which one is He Zheng?”

“The second son, the one who took the holy medicine and was sent to the palace?”

“This is a great favor!”

“it is a good fortune for this son to be so loved by the emperor!”


Amazed, most of them thought that He Zheng had been blessed by his ancestors, so he got such a great deal of love and spent a lot of money to tell the world, just to buy one person to feel at ease. There was a sigh in front of the palace, but when some people turned around and left, they had a different look.

At Qiu Taishi’s palace, the students were furious: “Your Majesty wasted the state treasury and stirred up a lot of people, but it was only because that demon was uneasy? Ever wonder what the people in the world would say? What will the refugees think? !”

“my emperor is determined to have his own way. Now he has not only put up a gold plaque, but also dug out the city wall. I heard that the plaque will be embedded for people to see.”

“for the sake of a male pet, he can do such a thing, and over time, he has to help that male pet to the sky!”

“Don’t be impatient to swim for a while.” The man behind the speaker frowned and turned to the silent Master Qiu: “now that He Zheng is deeply favored, He Xianggou’s mansion can be said to be satisfied with his wishes come true. Should we take action?”

The man named Duyou immediately said: “the imperial concubine is only one step away from being a queen now, if she can also conceive a dragon heir.”… ”

“Absolutely not.” The man was Qiu Shuiluo’s own brother and asked Qiu Zi Liu to stay: “your Majesty does not like women. If he is really designed by Luo er, he will not be able to stay even if he has a dragon fetus.”

“are we going to watch your Majesty help a male pet into the Queen’s seat?”

Qiu Zi Liu immediately smiled, “although your Majesty is tyrannical, he is not enlightened. Through the ages, which emperor has set up a male queen?”

There was a moment of silence in the room, and Master Qiu’s fingers tapped on the table. Qiu Zi Liu stayed to look at him for a moment and respectfully said, “what’s my father’s opinion?”

“Although He Zheng is excellent, it is not impossible to find someone else like him. Although sacred medicine is rare, there may be one and two.”

Qiu Zi Liu immediately understood and said with a smile, “what the father said, this son will arrange it as soon as possible, but now that he is good and powerful, Luo er is afraid to have a hard time. What can we do?”

A long time later, Qiu Zi Liu left the door and suddenly raised his eyebrow. “have you ever seen that He Shanshou?”

“it is rumored that whoever looks at him, their eyes would be gouged out.” Shen Duyou curled his lips and said, “but others say that this son’s appearance is the best in the world, but it must be an exaggeration. No matter how good-looking a person is, his face is nothing but facial features. How can he be said to be the best in the world?”

Qiu Zi Liu nodded when he stayed and said, “but even his Majesty commented on his beauty and beauty. He must be a rare beauty.”

“His Majesty’s eyes must be deceived by evil”

Qiu Zi Liu paused and said, “that’s reasonable.”

He Zheng began to feel numb when he was told by the eunuch. He lay in his chair and felt at a loss, so he picked up a thin blanket and covered his face.

He wanted to find a crack in the ground, how could he have thought that Fang Tianzhuo would do such a high-profile thing? it was pure gold! I heard that Fang Tianzhuo is still preparing to embed the gold plaque into the city wall. He doesn’t know if he is preventing someone from stealing that thing.

He Zheng slept with his head buried and suddenly felt that someone was tugging at the blanket on his face. He suddenly opened his eyes, and his round eyes showed as the blanket slid.

He saw Fang Tianzhuo.

The blanket was completely pulled to the chin, revealing Fang Tianzhuo’s familiar face, Fang Tianzhuo’s unfamiliar expression, his lips were pursed, his eyes were wet, but not out of fear.

The white and tender face turned pink with blood, and became redder and redder under the observation of Fang Tianzhuo. Fang Tianzhuo reached out and touched it and said, “if it were in winter, I would have a small hand stove.”

He Zheng’s face was even redder, but he deliberately pretended to be very calm. He kicked his legs and moved his body up and threw it, saying, “Why do you use pure gold?”

Fang Tianzhuo said, “I promise a thousand gold.”

He Zheng looked at him silently for a moment and said, “you are really a scene man.”

Fang Tianzhuo bent his lips, which he liked to hear. He bent over and stopped when He Zheng thought he was going to kiss himself. “I have done what I promised Zheng’er” he said.

He Zheng slowly straightened his neck, touched his lips, lay back, and said, “here’s your reward.”

Fang Tianzhuo propped up the armrests on both sides of the recliner and said, “is that all?”

He Zheng deliberately said: “I am the apex of His Majesty the Emperor, and a kiss is worth a thousand gold… Forget it, I will give you another.”

He hugged Fang Tianzhuo’s neck and kissed his lips again.

When he was shy, Fang Tianzhuo was very calm. He became bold, but Fang Tianzhuo was not very comfortable. He let He Zheng hold himself and kiss him blindly. He kissed him, looked at his hot face, and gave him another kiss.

He Zheng felt inexplicably sweet. He stared at the handsome man and thought of the golden plaque at the gate of the palace that made many people look up. His heart seemed to be kneaded repeatedly with one hand.

Fang Tianzhuo, Fang Tianzhuo, Fang Tianzhuo!

Fang Tianzhuo accompanied him to get up and leave with lunch. He Zheng watched his back step across his door and suddenly ran out in two steps: “your Majesty!”

Fang Tianzhuo looked over.

He Zheng plucked up his courage and said, “will you come tonight?”

“if I don’t come, I will tell in advance.”

He Zheng nodded subconsciously, took him all the way to the door, and watched him walk away again. He Zheng had an impulse to chase out and hug his waist hard, but he forcibly restrained it.

What shall I do?

He felt as if he had been captured by Fang Tianzhuo, perhaps the 100 jin of gold, or the few dozens of handwritten inscriptions, or his attitude as the master of the world.

He thought of what had happened since he trnsmigrated, bit by bit, over and over again, full of Fang Tianzhuo. The name of this man made his heart beat faster, his blood boiled, and his whole spirit went out in a state of great excitement.

Want to like Fang Tianzhuo, like him, give everything to him, his people, his heart, his soul.

But He Zheng dared not to like him.

He knew that Fang Tianzhuo was excellent, but he could not forget the way his viper and beast killed you, pinched his face at the bottom of the cliff, picked it up by his collar that night, and could not forget the fact that he could get a hundred jin plaque for others at any time.

The emperor was affectionate but unaffectionate. He Zheng count with his finger, how many years can Fang Tianzhuo like him?

He Zheng sighed and smiled. In fact, the excitement at this time had engulfed his uneasiness to a great extent. He thought, forget it, Fang Tianzhuo is good to him, they are good to each other, and he is good to him even if he doesn’t talk about feelings.

He Zheng had an impulse to cook himself. He had a kitchenette in his yard and had all the kitchen supplies, but as soon as he walked in, he was shocked by the extremely primitive cauldron.

How do you start this thing?

He’d rather not.

If only he could make a time hole in his modern house, he could cook dinner with his own smart kitchen utensils and bring it back to play video games when Fang Tianzhou was away, and he could just run away if he wanted to kill him.

What a dreamlike day.

During dinner time, Fang Tianzhuo sent someone to tell him that he could not accompany him to have dinner. He Zheng was psychologically prepared and nodded to let the servant go

He Zheng soon found that his psychological loss could not affect his appetite, and he ate a lot as usual.

It is very hot outside, but He Zheng is now in favor. He keeps ice cubes around him to cool down, and there is still a lot of ice beside his bed when he goes to bed at night.

He Zheng doesn’t like to go out in this kind of weather, but he is in a good mood today, so he to the hall where Fang Tianzhuo is just along the road between the palace walls.

Nan Jing and Shunyi fanned him alternately and asked, “Why don’t you tell me, let’s go and see your Majesty?”

“Why do you think he is so kind to me?”

Shunyi, Nan Jing immediately said: “of course he likes you.”

He Zheng wondered, “do you think I have any advantages worthy of being liked by your Majesty?”

“you are good-looking, good-natured, talkative, and always have a lot of strange and interesting ideas. It is perfectly normal for your Majesty to like you.”

“but I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything. I’m a far cry from many of his subjects.”

Nan Jing said with a smile:”Be considerate. In this whole world, whoever has a love affair with whom naturally wants nothing. If you like it because of this and like it because of that, how can you call it like?”

He Zheng smiled and said, “what you said is reasonable.”

Like Fang Tianzhuo is not an ideal object for him. Intellectually, he forced himself to stay away from him, but emotionally, he has loosened up.

He will keep the bottom line that should be guarded, and he must not stop the steps that should be taken.

He Zheng said, “ask if it’s not convenient for us to go in and have a look.”

Shunyi was just about to go up when the door of Yangxin Hall suddenly opened, and He Xiangguo and Master Qiu walked out together. both of them saw He Zheng and saluted one after another: “the old minister sees He Shanshou.”

He Zheng nodded, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Master Qiu said with a smile, “Congratulations on being a Shanshou. The old minister wishes the Heshanshou’s favor will not decline, and the house will be full of children and grandchildren.”

He Zheng’s eyelids jumped and heard him remind himself that the emperor could not be in love for long. “Thank you,” he said with a smile.” His Majesty is the son of the real dragon, and I am satisfied even if just take a look at me. Master’s kind words should be saved to accompany the imperial concubine in the palace. ”

Can you just bless your daughter who your Majesty doesn’t even look at?

Master Qiu smiled the same. After thanking him, he left, but He Xiangguo stayed and made the intention to talk. He Zheng didn’t see it and said, “I still have something to see your Majesty, so I won’t talk to my father.”

He did find that Ge Xiangguo was much thinner than before. After all, he couldn’t eat meat for a year, and he probably had to be malnourished.

He doesn’t know if it’s because he hasn’t had enough to eat and lacks strength, so he haven’t rebelled yet.

However, in the eyes of Hee Zheng, he is doomed to be gone anyway, and no matter how much he says, it is nonsense.

Fang Tianzhuo was the only one left in Yangxin Hall. He Zheng was let in by Nanmen Liang as an exception. As soon as he entered, he was thrown a booklet under his feet. The man smelled something and suddenly raised his eyes and looked over.

He Zheng couldn’t help being afraid of his sharp eyes every time, but Fang Tianzhuo quickly smiled and held out his hand and motioned to him: “Why is Zheng’er coming?”

He Zheng relaxed, went to sit next to him, and said, “I miss you, so come and have a look.”

With that, he suddenly felt that Fang Tianzhuo might despise his futility. Look, he was bought off by a gold plaque.

With a guilty heart, there was a sudden voice from outside: “It’s not good, it’s not good, the imperial concubine suddenly fell ill, and specially ordered the servants to come to see His Majesty for the last time, and ask His Majesty to have mercy on her!”

He Zheng held his breath, did not move for a moment, and dared not speak. The little eunuch outside shouted twice and was stopped by Nanmen Liang. Fang Tianzhuo calmly tugged at He Zheng’s hand for a while, and then slowly said, “shall I go or not?”

He Zheng is not very comfortable. Isn’t it up to you to decide whether to go here or not? Your wife is not my wife.

He bowed his head and said nothing, but Fang Tianzhuo suddenly tilted his head close to him, dark eyes with a meaningful, magnetic voice and implied bewitching: “I will listen to Zheng’er.”

Shizun: Don’t let him go to that concubine.

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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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