When the two were lying together in the evening, Fang Tianzhuo told He Zheng that his trip had gone smoothly. He Zheng was surprised and asked him, “is your Majesty hurt?”

He Zheng was seldom considerate. Fang Tianzhuo softened his heart, put his hands in his arms and said, “No, Zheng’er doesn’t have to worry.”

He Zheng nodded, thinking that Fang Tianzhuo’s plot to save He Run’s injury should be under the premise of having a relationship with He Run, and having a relationship with He Run means having a serious injury. In this way, the world is no longer the same in the original work, is it because of him?

He Zheng is a little happy.

“I’ve been busy all this time. I haven’t had a good time with Zheng’er. If I have nothing to do tomorrow, I’ll take Zheng’er to hang out.”

He Zheng nodded and rubbed into his arms. “can I buy Candied Hawthorn?”

Fang Tianzhuo bent his lips: “Little glutton.”

He Zheng got goosebumps, hugged his waist, and buried his face in his chest.

Fang Tianzhuo kept his word and ordered someone to prepare the carriage the next morning. He Zheng only knew that they are going back to the capital, but Fang Tianzhuo was worried that he was bored, so he set aside a day for him.

It turns out that it’s really good to curry favor with him.

When He Zheng went out of the door, he found that the other courtyard where they lived was on the mountain. The carriage on the mountain road was too bumpy. Fang Tianzhuo carried him to the horse and walked slowly.

There was a mountain rain last night and the air was fresh. He Zheng took a few cool breaths and looked around all the way. But in fact, there is nothing to see about this mountain view. Although He Zheng does not go out in modern times, he has a lot to see, and he is a little unhappy after watching it for a while.

He began to think about that person that day, is there someone who looks the same in this world, will he cross over?

Could it really be his brother?

“what’s the matter?” Warm breath sprayed in his ear, He Zheng hurriedly shook his head and said, “can we hurry up? I want to go to a busy place. ”

Fang Tianzhuo quite likes to be alone with him. He Zheng has been much quieter these days, and he speaks cleverly. He doesn’t know if it has anything to do with pregnancy. The attractive smell on his body is getting richer and more attractive.

He likes it very much.

“Running so fast, Zheng’er can’t stand it.”

He Zheng nodded, but Fang Tianzhuo accelerated his speed on the basis of trying not to be bumpy. At the foot of the mountain, the carriage had been waiting for a long time, and the coachman bowed his head respectfully.

He Zheng was taken off his horse and couldn’t wait to run towards the carriage. His buttocks and his waist were sore all the way. He wanted to get on the carriage and lie down immediately.

Fang Tianzhuo suddenly moved his nose, and he smelled the faint smell of blood in the air: “Zheng’er!”

An abrupt change is born.

The rickshaw driver shook out his sword and stabbed toward him. He Zheng run so fast that he could hardly hide. A stone was kicked out by Fang Tianzhuo and hit the rickshaw driver’s wrist. the other side’s hand trembled slightly and the sword edge deviated from it. He Zheng was held back by Fang Tianzhuo.

He saw the face of someone almost identical to those of his own brother.

The other side missed, changed the sword’s direction, and attacked him again, Fang Tianzhuo hugged He Zheng sideways to avoid his attack, he wanted to protect He Zheng, temporarily unable to get out, the other side’s swordsmanship is fast, he can only avoid because of his experience in battle.

He Zheng’s waist was suddenly gently pushed by him, and when Fang Tianzhuo took a few steps forward, Fang Tianzhuo drew out his sword.

Just at this time, another murderous spirit rushed forward, a figure jumped into the air, and Fang Tianhua smiled grimly and stabbed the sword at He Zheng, who had just stood firm.

Fang Tianzhuo’s pupil contracted, the sword shook into a lightning throw, and the rickshaw driver briefly retreated, turned over, and jumped in front of He Zheng.

Fang Tianhua’s sword penetrated from his left shoulder until the hilt was close to his back, and the blade jabbed and shook slightly in front of He Zheng.

The rickshaw driver on the left waved his hand, and the sharp blade went straight to Fang Tianzhuo’s neck.

He Zheng’s eyes were splitting, and he suddenly twisted his face, facing the familiar face, and cried out in a broken voice, “What are you doing! Are you crazy?! ”

The other side looked grieving, the sword deviated, Fang Tianzhuo suddenly backhanded, used strong internal force, the sword handle that penetrated the shoulder was clenched by Fang Tianzhuo, and the sword blade was pulled out directly from his shoulder.

Blood spatter.

Fang Tianzhuo picked up He Zheng, flew over the front of the carriage, and left quickly.

Fang Tianhua rose awkwardly from the ground, and the ferocious face slowly calmed down. He smiled and raised the sword stained with the burning blood of the sky, and sighed, “what a pity, the time is too short.”

Otherwise, he can cut the blade of the sword into Fang Tianzhuo.

He asked: “where are you going?”

“it’s none of your business.”


Fang Tianhua glared at his figure and grinded his teeth with hatred.

At the beginning, a few months ago, he suddenly changed his temperament and was no longer obedient. If it hadn’t been for his martial arts, he would have cut him to pieces and fed him to the dog!

Fang Tianzhuo was dressed in black and his clothes soaked in blood could not be seen, but He Zheng was dressed in white and his shoulders had been dyed red.

He looked at Fang Tianzhuo’s face, and subconsciously reached out to cover his shoulder, blood gushed from his fingertips, and he watched blankly. Did he apply the routine of letting He Run dig out his heart and lung in the original work?

He was frightened at the thought of why Fang Tianzhou was nearly stabbed in the neck.

Fang Tianzhuo returned to the other courtyard. He was so patient that his shoulder was pierced, but except for his pale face, he looked as usual, and even carried a man for so long.

He Zheng was put down. If it wasn’t for the blood on his body, he could hardly believe that Fang Tianzhuo was really hurt.

“Are you hurt?” His first sentence was to ask He Zheng. He Zheng subconsciously shook his head: “you, what about you?”

“nothing happened.” There are already people running up around: “Lord!”

“Take He Shanshou down to rest first.”

He Zheng walked in a daze for a few steps, then suddenly turned back. Fang Tianzhuo had already sat down in his chair. Someone ran to call a doctor, and someone was taking scissors to cut open his clothes.

When He Zheng came back, he looked dazed and said, “Let me see …… Is there anything I can do to help? ”

“aren’t you afraid of blood?”

He Zheng shook his head. He is not afraid of blood, just afraid of the dead, but he always feels that if he wants to continue to be together, he needs to be indifferent to seeing the dead one day.

With some discomfort in his stomach, he suppressed the desire for retching and took a breath. Fang Tianzhuo touched his pale face with the other hand: “go back first.”

The tone of command again.

He Zheng had to stand up again and leave three steps back. He sat in the doorway of his yard and waited silently, feeling a twinge of pain in his heart.

In the original work, Fang Tianzhuo was also injured in the shoulder, but it turned out that he was injured deliberately in front of He Run.

He Zheng recalled the situation repeatedly, but everything happened so fast that in his view, Fang Tianzhuo pushed him to one side and blocked the sword in less than ten seconds after he was pushed away.

So is there anything else he can do but block the sword? Fang Tianzhuo, it is obvious that there are so many people who have dug out their hearts for him, is it necessary to use this method to make him obey?

He Zheng has a splitting headache.

As for He Wanchu, He Zheng confirmed that there was no such person in the original work. But when he shouted why did the other party have a reaction when he asked at the beginning, does it mean that his elder brother really transmigrated?

He always feels that something is wrong. Is it because he can’t recognize her because he has a beautiful face?

He Zheng sat for a long time, but Fang Tianzhuo still didn’t come to him after supper. He had to find Fang Tianzhuo. Now He Zheng suspected that he can’t go out. There is still someone aiming at his head.

Shunyi carried a lantern to show him the way. He Zheng came all the way to Fang Tianzhuo’s yard, and Jiang Xian saluted him immediately.

“Has your Majesty taken a rest?”

“He’s been hurt and fallen asleep.”

He Zheng frowned.

In the original work, when He Run was so anxious to see Fang Tianzhuo, Jiang Xian said the same thing. He Zheng turned away, suddenly pulled Shunyi, and whispered in his ear.

Ten minutes later.

“In the water!! In the water!!!”

“Someone! He Shanshou is still in there!!”

Fang Tianzhuo lived next to He Zheng, Jiang Xian was stunned, and immediately rushed with Nie Ying out.

He Zheng quickly slipped into Fang Tianzhuo’s yard, and before he could kick open the door, Fang Tianzhuo had already opened it by himself.

He Zheng looked at his single coat and then at the small table in front of the window. He squeezed Fang Tianzhuo and went over to pick up the brush and pinch it, it’s wet.

He put down his pen and said, “isn’t your Majesty asleep?”

“I’m just afraid that the Zheng’er will worry.”

“Are you afraid I’m worried, or do you want me to worry?”

Fang Tianzhuo looked him in the eye, smiled for a moment, came over and put his arms around him and whispered, “Zheng’er is getting smarter.”

He Zheng looked at him for a moment and said, “besides blocking the sword, there was another way to save me, right?”

Fang Tianzhuo whispered, “I was so worried about Zheng’er that I was in a mess.”


He Zheng’s heart burst into flames, and he couldn’t tell whether he was distressed or exasperated. “then why isn’t your Majesty afraid that I am worried about your Majesty?”

“The situation is urgent, and I have no time to think about it.” Satisfied he said: “Zheng’er is distressed? Huh?”

The man’s lips were graceful, and when he bent up and smiled, he was fascinated. He leaned to the lips of He Zheng and kissed him: “I’ll never do it again. Zheng’er don’t be angry.”

Even if the original plot is different, how can a person’s nature be changed so easily? He Zheng gave a hum and said, “does your Majesty still hurt?”

“is Zheng’er distressed?”

“of course I am distressed.” He Zheng shouted seriously, “my heart is breaking.”

The unilateral beautiful atmosphere was broken, and Fang Tianzhuo smiled, but his eyes were already cold. He Zheng said, “I am your Majesty’s man. How can I not feel sorry for your Majesty?”

Fang Tianzhuo straightened up with an expressionless face.

He Zheng subconsciously took a step back, and he was so afraid because he always gave him the illusion that he would be torn to pieces.

“your Majesty, take good care of your wounds. I’ll retire first.”

He Zheng walked around him cautiously and left quickly, leaving the door with a sigh of relief. Fang Tianzhuo is moody, extremely intelligent and sensitive.

Come on, although it’s a routine, in the final analysis, he is really hurt. don’t be angry with him, take care of yourself, and never give him your body and mind foolishly like the original General He.

Having said that, he couldn’t help thinking of the spatter of blood.

Fang Tianzhuo reached out and caressed the wound on his shoulder, lowered his eyelashes and slowly stretched out his hand to rub it. Under the severe pain, his face was still calm.

Until the purples overflowed and dyed the gauze red, he went to the table and looked at the brush touched by He Zheng, he held it in his hands, and slowly pressed down.

After a long time, he slowly let go.

The table crashed in front of him.

“Zheng’er, Zheng’er… What do you think of me?”


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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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