The next day He Zheng opened his eyes. First, he opened the blanket and looked out. Fang Tianzhuo was no longer on the chair.

Yesterday’s medicine should have a sleeping ingredient. He Zheng didn’t hear anything all night.

He opened the blanket, sat up lazily, looked around with his feet, and then got up to clean himself up. Because he is too lazy to tie his hair, he still keeps the so-called “male pet” disheveled hairstyle in most cases, which is not unacceptable to He Zheng.

When he went out for dinner, Jiang Fuyang was probably scared and run away from the table early.

He Zheng walked from their door and stared ferociously: coward.

Then he walked in front of his Majesty’s room and silently stopped.

Still, I’m still scared.

Even though he assured himself yesterday, his fear of this man was as natural as the food chain, and the thought of facing him alone made his scalp numb and his brain starved of oxygen.

“come in.” Fang Tianzhuo was aware of it as soon as he came and waited patiently for a while, but he was still grumbling, and finally could not help but open his mouth.

He Zheng strode in, and the other party, who pretended to be relaxed, smiled: “your Majesty, I wonder if you slept well last night?”

Which pot is not mentioned.

That kind of hard and cold chair can’t be good.

Fang Tianzhuo said faintly: “not good.”

He could obviously feel his rising happiness. Fang Tianzhuo glanced at him, saw him go to the table to pick up public chopsticks and asked, “Hey, do you have a cold?”

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him with a smile: “never.”

He Zheng’s face was obviously disappointed and silently began to make dishes for him.

This time he didn’t play tricks on the food, so he sat down to eat it, and waited until Fang Tianzhuo had eaten before he stood up to get it.

After waiting for a while, He Zheng suddenly became unbalanced again. He rubbed his normal little belly and sighed.

When he was pregnant, he had to wait on this guy. It turned out that the emperor was treated so well, When his cousin was pregnant at that time, his parents-in-law and husband were all around her.

He Zheng looked at the silent Fang Tianzhuo, rubbed his waist, and sighed again.

Fang Tianzhuo lowered his eyes, picked up the grain of rice, and put it in his mouth, completely ignoring it.

He Zheng became more and more daring, and his hand holding the public chopsticks trembled slightly and slowly gave it Fang Tianzhuo.

The latter stared at the fish fillet, which had been shaking for a long time, but did not enter his bowl for a while. He finally got what he meant: “sit down and call someone to wait on me.”

He Zheng put down the public chopsticks and said in a mosquito humming voice: “come ~ people.”

When Fang Tianzhuo looked coldly, He Zheng shook his hands and reflexively pulled the stool to one side.

Fang Tianzhuo’s feet caught his chair, He Zheng looked at him, he tugged at the chair but he couldn’t pull it, so he sat down again.

The courage shrank back a little bit, and He Zheng bowed his head and ate silently, but did not call him.

They still have to be sandwiched into a bowl to eat, no, this logic should be, he as an adult still has to let others to wait on him but he can not shout ah? God gave him a mouth and that wasn’t meant to scare people.

Fang Tianzhuo withdrew his sight and finally reached out his chopsticks to pick up food. He ate whatever he had in front of him. He didn’t reach far enough, and he didn’t know whether he didn’t like to eat or was lazy.

He Zheng prefers the latter.

Fang Tianzhuo was so bullied by him yet he did not get angry with him. After dinner, he put down his chopsticks and said to He Zheng, “there is still one day’s journey from here to the original mansion. If you are inconvenient, you will rest here, and I will send someone to protect you.”

He Zheng was delighted and said, “your Majesty is not here either.”

Fang Tianzhuo was in a depressed mood: “No.”

He Zheng had a happy look on his eyebrows and sighed slightly. “without your Majesty by my side, I’m afraid I can’t sleep alone.”

Fang Tianzhuo gave him a cold look, got up, and left the table.

He Zheng is so happy!

Of course, he raised his hands and feet in favor of this group of people going to the original Mansion to cause trouble. after all, he would re-create the scene in the story this time, but if he risked his life to keep bumping, he would have to be frightened again. He Zheng really didn’t want to.

It was rare. Fang Tianzhuo began to realize that his little prince was different from the past. His words yesterday really contributed.

Originally, he thought that Fang Tianzhuo would continue to take him with him, and he would sleep for nothing.

He Zheng stood upstairs excitedly watching Fang Tianzhuo’s carriage leave, and the man on the horse suddenly raised his head and looked straight over.

He Zheng immediately hypocritically showed a heartbroken expression.

Fang Tianzhuo: “……”

He drew back his eyes, pinched the reins, suddenly whipped the horse and galloped away.

He Zheng felt liberated.

However, Jiang Fuyang was a little out of breath, and several people followed Fang Tianzhuo’s figure to the outskirts of the city, the man suddenly stopped: “you wait first, act according to the plan.”

Jiang Fuyang said hurriedly, “then you …”… ”

When Fang Tianzhuo glanced at him, Jiang Fuyang immediately shut up. It’s damned to say that talking too much is not part of the plan.

In his room, He Zheng first had a good sleep, and he slept soundly. When he woke up, it was already night. He didn’t get enough sleep, so he called for some food, ate enough, and went on to sleep. He suddenly slept until the night of the next day.

In a daze, Fang Tianzhuo seemed to be sitting in front of him again, turning over the saw that there was no one around him. He kicked his legs and twisted his buttocks and stretched out to make his waist comfortable, he stayed in bed for a while, packed up, and walked out to dinner.

After the meal, He Zheng’s mood of liberation was also reduced.

In fact, he kind of wants to go out for a stroll. After all, Fang Tianzhuo is not here now. He can let it go. Maybe he can go to the boat to see the girl. He doesn’t have to sleep. It’s good to feast his eyes. Of course, the most important thing is curiosity, just as he was curious about what a bar was like when he was a teenager.

But he dared not go out again at the thought that it was already close to the territory of Fang Tianhua.

Although he hated Fang Tianzhuo, he had to admit that he was the only one who could give himself a sense of security when it came to Fang Tianhua. The people he left behind to protect him were far less than his fingers.

After all, Fang Tianzhuo’s kung fu is the best in the world.

He Zheng finished eating the burrito, depressed, and went back to the house to carve mahjong. Recalling the arrow sent by Fang Tianhua last time, he dared not open the window, lest his head should be stolen in the days when Fang Tianzhuo was away.

He Zheng stayed upstairs for two whole days and dared not go out. The Mahjong pieces was almost carved by him. When he was tired, he sat on the ground thinking about Fang Tianzhuo.

Along the way, although Fang Tianzhuo’s verbal address has changed, the style of being the emperor has not decreased at all, saying that he is hiding his whereabouts, but in fact, he is simply deliberately startling him, and he doesn’t know what tricks he is doing.

As long as Fang Tianhua was not stupid, he would have sent someone to keep an eye on him. In this way, Fang Tianzhuo must have spread the story of leaving him alone to his ears, and He Zheng seriously suspected that his head had been put on a butcher’s knife.

He got up and went to the table to practice calligraphy in meditation.

Fang Tianzhuo has been gone for two days and two nights tonight, and Fang Tianhua may not move, but if Fang Tianzhuo has taken someone to steal his home as soon as possible, Fang Tianhua will definitely freak out.

He Zheng always vaguely felt that something would happen, so he called Jiang Xian over and asked him to beware around the inn and check carefully. Although Jiang Xian was surprised by his rare seriousness, he nodded immediately when he thought of his so-called ability of “prophecy”.

He Zheng thought that if he stayed in the inn, and if Fang Tianhua came to kill him, it would be nothing more than assassination, assault, and fire. He asked Jiang Xian to beware of exploration, and on the other hand, he asked people to prepare water and towels in the room.

In fact, everything is just in his mind, and he was a little embarrassed in the puzzled eyes of the bodyguards. When he had finished all this, he went back to his room silently, thinking that he was looking for a sense of security for himself.

However, this group of people left behind by Fang Tianzhuo are well trained, even if they do not know why, but as long as they are instructed by the authorities, they will do it honestly.

It was calm in the first half of the night.

After the third shift, He Zheng suddenly heard a sound. As soon as he got up, he heard a heavy crash outside the window. Arrows with flames came out of nowhere, all around his room, the window paper was swallowed up in an instant, and a heat wave wrapped him.

“Master! Master! ”

There was no need for him to scream. He Zheng had already come out in two steps. There were already rebels shouting downstairs. He Zheng heard someone shouting: “who can catch the heart of Emperor Fang? the reward of the hidden king is thousands of taels!”

“He’s in there! Let’s go! ”

The sword was clanging at the bottom of the stairs, and the people outside couldn’t get in, and the people inside couldn’t get out for a moment. Shun Yi was scared and his legs weak. He Zhengcalmly covered his mouth and nose with a wet towel and said, “Let’s go down first.”

We have to go down. The rocket is still firing and it’s still on the back.

A man wearing a black veil jumped on one side of the window, a long sword straight at He Zheng, murderous and awe-inspiring, the other side of the black veil was lifted by the wind, a familiar face revealed.

“Brother.” He Zheng was so surprised that he almost forgot to breathe.

Another sword suddenly stabbed over, the impact of the two swords crisscrossing issued a shrill sound, the black gauze male’s pupil slightly narrowed, missed a hit, immediately stopped the sword, and fled.

He Zheng stood in the same place, only to find that Fang Tianzhuo was staring at him.

“Your Majesty!” He Zheng was overjoyed, and his restless heart suddenly calmed down. Fang Tianzhuo bent down and caught his waist and said, “hold me tight.”

He Zheng’s feet hung in the air, uneasy for a while, and then he frowned and hugged him again, so he had to put his hands around his neck. The man jumped down with him in his arms, and did not forget to remind him: “close your eyes.”

As the wind blew past his ears, He Zheng closed his eyes and only heard the blade collide, and the rebels fought with the guards. Fang Tianzhuo did not want to fight, wielding a sword to overturn the rebels, held He Zheng with one hand, and jumped directly onto the roof.

Some people in the rebels saw it with sharp eyes and immediately shouted, “the Emperor has run away with his sweetheart! Chase! ”

The wind roared and sent this sentence to He Zheng’s ear, his head was blown dizzy, subconsciously he opened his eyes to the burning sky, the illusion became more and more serious.

In a trance, he felt that he had really become his sweetheart.

He Zheng hooked his arm around his neck, relied on being hugged a little higher than him, and suddenly leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.

Fang Tianzhuo: “!”

After suffocating, the graceful figure suddenly sank, like a goose shot by an arrow, and fell straight down.

Shizun: Sorry for missing for so long. Besties I’m still alive! Still got no editor so there might be some grammatical mistakes.


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