He Zheng gnawed on the chopsticks in a complicated mood.

He accidentally overdid it, what should he do? He should be pulled out and chopped off. It’s okay to be chopped, at least you don’t have to worry about being c-sectioned or dying in bed when you give birth.

No more worrying about staying by his side all day.

With this man, he really has no sense of security at all.

Fang Tianzhuo raised his eyes and looked over: “I want to change clothes, go get them.”

He Zheng’s stagnant heart beat again, feeling that he could save his life again, his eyes lit up, and he quickly turned around to get Fang Tianzhuo’s clothes.

Fang Tianzhuo stared at his figure running out, his lips pursed into a line.

He Zheng belongs to the kind of person who, no matter how long or how badly he is suppressed, as long as he is given a little way to survive, he will immediately become active.

Even if it’s just for a second, he spares no effort.

Fang Tianzhuo had never seen such a clever little thing, he was obviously afraid to die, but he was still provoking tirelessly, enjoying the little bit of happiness that came out of the crack. He glanced at the disheveled dish on one side, his eyes darkened again.

Damn stuff.

He Zheng quickly took a piece of clothes and walked back, Fang Tianzhuo stood up and spread his hands, his expression could not show happiness or anger.

He Zheng pursed his lips, took a deep breath and walked over to take off the dirty coat, and put a clean one on him himself. Fang Tianzhuo stared at his delicate eyebrows and said nothing.

After transmigrating for so long, He Zheng didn’t know much about other things, but he remembered very clearly when dressing him. These casual clothes are different from dragon robes, and there are not so many accessories, so it is simpler.

He Zheng buttoned up his buttons, tidied up his waistband, squatted down habitually to smooth his hem, stood up again, and was suddenly hugged by him, the man’s fingers pinched his chin: ” Don’t be afraid of me, but I don’t want you to offend me over and over again, understand?”

He Zheng raised the corner of his mouth hypocritically: “Yes, I remember…”

Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes suddenly narrowed: “You try to smile again.”

He Zheng retracted the corner of his mouth and said softly, “I remember.”

He’s pretending to be obedient made Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes full of anger. He hadn’t touched He Zheng for a while. At this moment, the slender waist under his palm and the smell on his body were involuntarily pointing his anger down.

He Zheng clenched his lips tightly, he frowned and pushed, but the force was undetectable, not only couldn’t push but also made the man’s movements even more severe.

“Your Majesty, I’m hungry.” He Zheng resisted, panting, “The little prince is also very hungry, shall we eat?”

Fang Tianzhuo’s lips touched under his ear, and he let go of him gloomily.

He Zheng slipped back to the chair and sat down, grabbed food, and stuffed it into his mouth, Fang Tianzhuo looked at it expressionlessly, He Zheng glanced out of the corner of his eyes, and deliberately wiped his lips with his elbow. Fang Tianzhuo frowned.

Tsk, he kissed so hard just now, he is going to dislike me again when he sees me with a mouthful of soy sauce.

Fang Tianzhuo finally moved his chopsticks.

This time, He Zheng finally didn’t give him a bunch of mess like feeding a dog, Fang Tianzhuo swallowed reluctantly, and when he saw He Zheng eating without any image, his face became very ugly again.

He Zheng’s pregnancy reaction is not so serious.

Because there were too many meals, He Zheng sometimes couldn’t reach it when he stood up, so he took a few steps and sat down on Jiang Fuyang’s seat. He instantly distanced himself from Fang Tianzhuo, and he ate happily.

After he was full, he found that Fang Tianzhuo was still looking at him, he wiped his oily mouth and had evil thoughts again. You are full, do you want to continue?”

Fang Tianzhuo said quickly, “Go out.”

He Zheng stopped, his tongue moved in sync with his eyes, and he licked the oil on his lips, making Fang Tianzhuo utterly disgusted, and then he walked out obediently.

The veins on Fang Tianzhuo’s forehead jumped.

Dare to act improperly!!

After He Zheng was mentally prepared that he might die even if he didn’t give birth by cesarean section, he didn’t bother to practice calligraphy all day.

He flung his sleeves and walked out, met Jiang Fuyang’s eyes, and the other party looked him up and down: “You’re not dead.”

He Zheng raised his chin arrogantly and snorted coldly, ignoring him.

He Run suddenly said, “Can you take a step outside to speak, sir?”

General He has a warm and jade-like temperament. He Zheng admires such a man very much. He is polite and his words are reasonable and comfortable.

He Zheng had to admit that he was an ordinary person, and General He’s temperament was something that people couldn’t easily learn.

He nodded, and followed He Run to the window reservedly.

“Last time, I received special attention from gongzhi, and it let me escape, thank you very much.”

He Zheng glanced at him and said with a smile, “You are a good person, you shouldn’t die.”

He Run also smiled slightly, and said, “This trip to the Yuanma Mansion must be a dangerous journey, does gongzhi have other ideas?”

“The emperor asked you to ask me?”

“No.” He Run explained: “The Lord is the real dragon and the emperor. Naturally, there is heaven to protect him. I just want to find some protection for my life.”

He Zheng was silent for a moment, then seriously said: “You will not be hurt, the heaven will bless you, and Fuyang, the genius doctor, will not be hurt, and you will all be fine.”

Except for Fang Tianzhuo.

In the original book, going to the Yuanma Mansion was after Fang Tianzhuo and He Run were drunk and disorderly. At this time, General He was forced, and on the other side Fang Tianzhuo was very dissatisfied, but because he was the monarch, he could not resist, and could only restrain himself. Among the original party, Fang Tianzhuo was injured to save him. Although the injury was not serious, he was a man of gold. Because of this, He Run was more loyal to him, and he just let it be.

But what he didn’t know was that, with Fang Tianzhuo’s ability, he didn’t have to get hurt, it was just a bitter trick for He Run to be obedient to him.

When He Zheng was reading the book before, he wondered why He Run hated Fang Tianzhuo after knowing that the late emperor was the culprit in his family’s death. Although Fang Tianzhuo killed the late emperor with his own hands, it was indeed an act of indirect revenge for He Run, but he was a scheming dictator. He didn’t know what love and respect were at all.

What he wants is not a lover, but an accessory that is obedient to him, loyal and determined, and this accessory happens to be something he doesn’t hate and can let him vent his lust. General He should not have appeared on the night he was drunk and was targeted by him.

That rebellion should be the highlight of their love and murder. He Run’s counterattack might make Fang Tianzhuo realize the true meaning of having a partner.

It’s a pity that He Zheng didn’t finish reading it, and he can only remember a little spoiler from the comments… Well, Fang Tianzhuo doesn’t seem to realize that, not only that, he also imprisoned General He, holding the child who was cut away from He Zheng he told him, “Look, how good-looking the child of me and the general is.”

With General He’s character, he probably wouldn’t be able to scold him even if he wanted to.

He Zheng was suffocated for a while, couldn’t help but patted General He’s shoulder distressedly, hugged himself distressedly, and went back to the room gloomy.

The dog Fang Tianzhuo, it is really a big dog, a complete pervert.

He directly wiped his mouth with his sleeve, climbed onto the bed, and hugged the pillow despite being covered in oil. Now He Run is not injured, nor has he shared his heartfelt feelings with Fang Tianzhuo, and they are not drunk, so this time the original Mafu The trip, no one should be hurt.

The only thing He Zheng is worried about now is his own. If he had known that he would be pregnant on the road, he would not have come.

and many more……

He Zheng fell asleep and suddenly gasp for air.

Nanmen Liang sent Fang Tianzhuo to the pier that day, but no one followed. Speaking of which, Fang Tianzhuo’s time in the original mansions gave He Xianggou enough opportunities to rebel, but this time He Zheng was not in the palace, He Jinhua didn’t have an affair with him, and naturally, he couldn’t cooperate with him.


He remembered another detail.

Fang Tianzhuo and Nanmen Liang never used flying pigeons to pass messages. Nanmen Liang kept a group of fierce eagles, and they often used eagles to send messages to Fang Tianzhuo.

So what was the purpose of the carrier pigeon released by Fang Tianzhuo that day?

The carrier pigeon flew to this room. There are only two people in this room, him and Fang Tianzhuo. It was impossible for He Run and the others to send the message here… is it for him?

Did He Jinhua give it to him, or did He Xianggou give it to him?

What does it say?

He Zheng’s scalp was numb and he hugged the pillow tightly.

He felt that there was an inexplicable force in this world trying to put everyone’s fate back on track.

If Fang Tianzhuo misunderstood that he was involved in this rebellion… hiss.

He originally thought that even if he died this time, he would not die too miserably, but he probably thought too much.

When the door was pushed open, He Zheng immediately sat up. He looked at Fang Tianzhao as he walked in. The latter frowned slightly and asked, “Why don’t you light the lamp?”

He walked to the table, took off the cover, lit the candle, put the lamp cover back, and turned to look at He Zheng.

He Zheng looked at him for a moment, angry in his heart, and said, “I like darkness.”

He got up, ran over, took off the lampshade, and blew out the lamp.

There was a faint light leaking in from the window, Fang Tianzhuo stood beside him, He Zheng couldn’t see his expression, but felt a little cold.

He walked over Fang Tianzhuo, but was pulled back at the door: “Where are you going to?”

“Go out and relax.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

In the darkness, Fang Tianzhuo, who had excellent eyesight, saw that the corners of his eyes were reddened and bit his lip aggrieved. He suddenly pulled his arm back and lied, “I had a nightmare.”

Fang Tianzhuo looked at his extremely aggrieved expression in the dark and felt a cat’s paw scratching in his heart. He turned around to get the gauze hat and wanted to put it on He Zheng, but He Zheng took it back and put it on his head.: “If you want me to wear it, I won’t.”

Regardless of him, He Zheng turned around and walked out, running all the way up the stairs. When he passed the lobby, many people looked at him one after another.

That stunning face has a hazy beauty in the night, and the heart of the person watching it is numb.

Fang Tianzhuo followed He Zheng downstairs, his sinister eyes swept across the scene, and everyone bowed their heads in a conditioned reflex, Fang Tianzhuo strode after him with a fit of uncontrollable anger.

He Zheng sat down at a wonton stand.

It was just dark at the moment, and the market was lively. He Zheng asked for a bowl of wontons. The boss quickly brought it to him, his face shook, and just as he was about to say something to him, he was suddenly lifted by a big hand and was threw out directly: “Go away.”

The boss fell into the crowd, got up in awe, and moved cautiously to the front of the stall, there were diners looking at him, someone took a sword and stood up to fight the injustice, but was suddenly pressed, it was a man in black, wearing a black gauze hat, he couldn’t see his face clearly, and his tone was low: “Don’t meddle in our own business.”

Fang Tianzhuo sat down with He Zheng’s round eyes, put the gauze hat on the table, and said lightly, “Is it delicious?”

Full of anger toward the future, He Zheng picked up the spoon and stuffed the wontons in his mouth. He was suddenly gasping for breath. He fanned his mouth and saw Fang Tianzhuo’s cold expression turn into a half-smile instead of a smile. There was a fire in the heart.

Dare not to speak, he lowered his head and continued to eat wontons. After eating, he touched his body and forgot to bring the money. Feeling weak, he looked at Fang Tianzhuo weakly, but the latter unexpectedly did not pursue him again and again.He indifferently said: “Someone will pay, where do you want to go?”

He Zheng also knew that he ran out with him like this. Jiang Xian and Nie Ying would definitely not sit idly by, so he turned around and walked away. He walked to a house with colorful lanterns and was about to sigh that the lanterns were really beautiful. He just heard the girl’s coquettish voice and the sassy words of the guests.

Looking up, it’s the Manchun Tower.

This brothel has made a big deal, and it’s even chained.

He Zheng went in eagerly, the clothes on the back of his neck were suddenly caught, Fang Tianzhuo said gloomily: “Don’t challenge my bottom line.”

He Zheng walked around the door aggrievedly, his pace from slow to fast and then faster, Fang Tianzhuo always followed him silently, He Zheng hurried all the way, and finally found himself under the willow tree at the door of a house. Sitting down, panting and looking at Fang Tianzhuo, whose face has not changed from all the walking: “You, can you not follow me!”

“You want me to order someone to tie you back?”

He Zheng was even more aggrieved. He glared at Fang Tianzhuo fiercely: “Just kill me! I’ve lived enough anyway!”

Fang Tianzhuo took out the dagger in his sleeve without changing his face, and glanced at him: “Really?”

He Zheng: “…”

He curled up under the willow tree aggrieved: “You, can you, not kill me, and let me live, okay?”

Fang Tianzhuo’s heart went up and down with his emotions. He squatted in front of He Zheng and stared at him: “Be good, I won’t kill you.”

“You lied.” He Zheng hugged his knees tightly, unable to be sad: “Even if you don’t kill me, you will make my life worse than death.”

Fang Tianzhuo let out a breath, sat down beside him, and said, “I won’t.”

He Zheng turned his face to see his cold and indifferent appearance, tears welling in his eyes, and wanted to believe him: “Really not?”

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him sideways: “Unless you are not good.”

“Then, what if I’m being framed as a traitor?”

Fang Tianzhuo curled his lips, and his eyes flashed: “Do you think I’m a fool?”

He Zheng shook his head conditionedly. Of course, he knew that Fang Tianzhuo was not a fool, but what if?

Fang Tianzhuo suddenly stretched out his hand and hugged He Zheng, who was curled up like a chicken, into his arms. He really liked holding He Zheng, and he liked the scent on his body very much. He fiddled with He Zheng’s face and said: “If you are devoted to me, I will be devoted to you.”

Perhaps the moonlight was too gentle, and the reflection in the man’s eyes also gave the illusion of gentleness. He Zheng was stared at by him, and his heart beat faster.

He abruptly looked away, feeling his excessively vigorous heartbeat, and turned back to look at him in a strange way.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty…”


“You are so beautiful, you are the prettiest I’ve ever met in my life. A good view is even better. “


He Zheng was pushed out of his arms by him.

He Zheng staggered to his feet.

Why are you pushing him? Although Fang Tianzhuo is really bad, it’s true that he looks good. His words are both nice and heartfelt.

He’s hard to serve.

He Zheng suddenly paused, realized something, and curved his lips into a smile.

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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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