He Zheng started to walk back, and after a few steps, his stomach suddenly throbbed.

This pain occurred last night, but he was full of thoughts about whether Fang Tianzhuo would kill him at that time, and he didn’t think about it elsewhere at all, but now, his face suddenly changed.

He tried to stroke his stomach, and after he felt it deliberately, he found that he still felt a little nauseated.

He Zheng’s face turned pale.

Could it be… yes, yes?

…! ! ! ! ! ! !

This idea came up, and He Zheng’s mind ran wildly with a whole series of different national curses. He was short of breath for a while, and anger suddenly rushed to his forehead, almost stunned him.


He Zheng continued to walk forward without saying a word.

His eyes swept across the waterwheel, and his eyelashes dropped quickly, not in the mood to pay attention to Jiang Fuyang anymore, and he headed into his tent.

His first thought was to find Luo Yuanhou for confirmation, but the thought was dismissed by him in less than a second. Now Fang Tianzhuo is still pretending he doesn’t know anything, he must not have anything to do with Luo Yuanhou anymore.

From Fang Tianzhuo’s point of view, he believes that he can tolerate his wanting to run, but he will never tolerate his involvement with other men, even if he and Luo Yuanhou are innocent, even if Fang Tianzhuo just uses him as a reproductive tool.

But in his heart, he is absolutely nothing but his own object.

He Zheng took a breath, feeling the same as when he found out that he was sick and went to Baidu and then thought he had cancer, and he couldn’t take care of himself. Standing in the empty tent, he began to think. It seemed like a month and 20 days after his arrival. With his superficial understanding of the word pregnancy, it usually takes more than two months to respond… …Isn’t it because the fetus is unstable that some stars didn’t announce it three months ago?

So, if he really has it, is it going to fall off because of yesterday’s ferocious 360-degree rotation?

He Zheng’s eyes lit up.

He lost the hat on his head and started jumping in the tent, on one foot. After he was out of breath a few moments later, his stomach hurt even more.

In addition to this, there was also a faint, he was overjoyed, cheered up and continued to jump——

There was a bang in his stomach.

He Zheng frowned and realized that it was not good.

He jumped back and forth a few times, jumping to the door and then to the chair, jumping on the chair and then turning around and jumping towards the door, he suddenly froze.

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him coldly.

He Zheng’s face was pale, sweat dripped from his forehead, and panted, “I, I’m exercising.”

Fang Tianzhuo silently glanced at the hand he pressed on his abdomen.

He Zheng immediately let go and put his hands behind his back, but the next second, he suddenly bent over in pain.

More than just abdominal pain, in the afternoon, he suddenly began to vomit and have diarrhea, dizziness, and limp all over.

Fang Tianzhuo asked someone to see an imperial doctor. After the diagnosis, he said a series of words. The conclusion was the sequelae of falling off the cliff and mild poisoning.

Fang Tianzhuo said, “Poisoned?”

“I think he ate something unclean under the cliff.” The imperial doctor explained and asked what He Zheng had eaten. Fang Tianzhuo told them one by one.”The mountain spring water is not boiled, it is easy to cause this phenomenon.”

“Yes, but His Majesty also ate…”

“His Majesty is the real dragon and the emperor, and he is invulnerable to a hundred poisons.”

“…” This Fang Tianzhuo’s setting is really fucking insane! ! The problem is that this isn’t really flattering, it’s a realistic version of Jack Sue.

He Zheng was sour and angry, his lips were white, and he didn’t believe that he might have food poisoning. He suspected that the imperial doctor found him pregnant and was lying to him: “Then why didn’t I have such a big reaction last night.”

The imperial physician said: “Lord Shanshou’s physique is different from that of ordinary people, and he was too frightened, his mental pressure was too great, he suddenly relaxed after being tense, and the response to falling off a cliff needs to be transitioned, so this physical discomfort came at a late time. ”

Lao Tzu dare not believe in your evil, and He Zheng asked directly, “I’m really not pregnant?”

The imperial physician knelt down in shock: “I would never dare to deceive Lord Shanshou.”

Fang Tianzhuo raised his brows slightly, surprise flashed across his eyes, then lowered his eyes again, and said, “Quickly prepare the prescription.”

The imperial doctor hurriedly went to write the prescription and pick up the medicine. He Zheng have a big reaction, and he still couldn’t believe it. Fang Tianzhuo said: “Zheng’er can’t wait to get pregnant for me?”

He Zheng closed his mouth.

It’s right to think about it. He was given to Fang Tianzhuo just after he was transformed. It’s only been over a month now, and the time is far from fast. He slowly relieved himself and felt a sense of weightlessness when lying in bed, as if he could not touch the ground.

Fang Tianzhuo looked at his pale face, the appearance of him jumping up and down flashed in his mind, he slowly reached out and tucked the quilt for him, his eyes gloomy again.

He suspected that he was pregnant, he still did that kind of action. If he was investigated, he could be punished for murdering a dragon heir.

He really didn’t know how to write dead words.

He Zheng really did not have the energy to continue to speculate in his mind. He fell asleep after taking the medicine. Before falling asleep, he thought about when this broken day would end. When he woke up, his body and discomfort had gone. He moved and opened his eyes. He found that he was being held, but Fang Tianzhao’s hand reached in was on his belly.

The dog is shameless like Fang Tianzhuo, he is still like this and still… eh? He Zheng glanced at him secretly. The man was breathing steadily with his eyes closed. Both of them were wearing inner clothes but they were not facing each other. The big hands on his abdomen were warm, which reminded He Zheng of what it was like to be in the cave that night.

He lay silently and did not move.

In fact, in addition to using him as a reproductive tool, he still has a vague idea of ​​shame in his heart.

Fang Tianzhuo seemed to like him.

But the original owner felt the same way at the time, but he was killed in the end. He could only attribute this feeling to an illusion. He always feels that to live here, he must be realistic.

He closed his eyes, feeling in a trance that he might not be able to escape the arrangement of fate. He is walking on the road of the original owner, even if he has been deliberately disregarding this time, but in the dead of night, when the disease is still unrecovered, this illusion is still found.

Does he really like me?

In all fairness, if you live in modern times and take off the status of an emperor, a man like Fang Tianzhuo will definitely attract people.

But, how can he believe it? This dog is more than an emperor. Even if he really likes him, there is an unequal relationship between them.

He should always be obedient and sensible, observe his words and expressions, tremble with fear all his life, look up at him like walking on thin ice, and pray for him to give him supreme “grace”. Yes, even if it is a favor, the word “en” must be added. If he likes anyone, it is just the emperor’s favor, and he can take it back at any time.

He Zheng looked back at him with a headache.

How old is Fang Tianzhuo?

He suddenly thought of this question. He has been on the throne for nearly five years. In the original book he seems to have ascended the throne at the age of eighteen.

And what about the modern him? He was about the same age when he died. Every day he was sleeping except playing games. He used a good face to play hard. Anyway, even if he didn’t do anything, with a good face, a good voice and superb game operation, he could be better than most people.

Not to mention that his parents and elder brother still help him from time to time.

He Zheng’s heart was aching. He doesn’t know what happened to his parents and brother, and he died suddenly. They must be grief-stricken and are blaming themselves.

He Zheng sighed with wet eyes, and a low hoarse voice suddenly came from his ear: “Why sigh?”

He Zheng’s body suddenly stiffened.

He didn’t want to appear so scared, but when the tiger beside him awakened, the trembling was uncontrollable.

Fang Tianzhuo’s hand slid down and wrapped tightly around his waist, He Zheng was forced to turn to meet his deep eyes, and subconsciously smiled: “I feel a little emotional, did I wake up Your Majesty?”

Fang Tianzhuo rubbed his thumb against his cheek: “Are you feeling better?”

“much better.”

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him quietly, He Zheng kept a smile, and his beautiful eyes flashed like a restless little animal.

Fang Tianzhuo approached slowly, his lips touched his, He Zheng blinked, obediently not moving.

The man’s breath sprayed on his face: “Zheng’er gave birth to a little prince for me, okay?”

He Zheng tremblingly and meekly said: “Okay, my life belongs to Your Majesty. I was born to be His Majesty’s person.”

To be honest, he didn’t want so much nonsense, but he felt that it was difficult for anyone to understand what it was like to be watched by Fang Tianzhuo like this, and if he didn’t say anything, he seemed to be suffocating.

After speaking, he seemed to be suffocating.

Fang Tianzhuo fingers touched his lips and said, “Zheng’er agreed, but you can’t go back, otherwise I will be angry, understand?”

He Zheng was uneasy. He felt that this was a faint threat. There was something in the other party’s words. It took him a long time to bite the bullet and nodded.

The rough kiss fell like a torrential rain.

Several times, He Zheng suspected that he was going to die.

But the next day the sun told him that he was alive and well, not so good… He rubbed his waist that seemed to be broken, barely got up to eat, and put some medicine.

The sequelae of falling off the cliff have not yet passed, and walking with a sense of weightlessness, accompanied by dizziness, and a slight nausea. His stomach seemed to be upside down, and he felt uncomfortable eating anything.

The waterwheel came again.

He Zheng was wearing a gauze hat and stood on the side watching. The group of people snorted and lifted it down. The huge bucket was nearly one person tall, and some water splashed out after it landed.

The empty bucket was carried onto the carriage, and the person delivering the water did not stop and drove the horse away.

If you hide the bucket before getting on the car, 100% of the extra weight will be discovered. Unless you directly get on the bucket on the car, the driver will leave after carrying the empty bucket, and he has no chance at all.

Fang Tianzhuo was very busy during the day and had no time to take care of him. He came to eat with him at night, and then went to bed. After two consecutive days, He Zheng felt that his legs were weak when walking.

He realized that Fang Tianzhuo was serious.

This dog man is really doing childbirth as a task, not just as casually as before. He Zheng reflected and suspected that his sentence “I’m really not pregnant?” stimulated him yesterday.

This dog man does he think that he is questioning his sexual ability in his sentence yesterday? !

what–! ! !


On the third day, He Zheng was still rubbing his waist and secretly observing the waterwheel.

With only a few days left, this is probably the only chance for him to escape from Fang Tianzhuo’s side. Although there was a big event in the past two days, He Zheng also saw Fang Tianzhuo’s determination, and his thoughts have already arisen. If he doesn’t try it, he will not be reconciled.

The spring hunt was coming to an end, and at noon that day, He Zheng finally found an opportunity.

The person who came up from the water truck filled the empty bucket and was taken to the checkout. He looked around and saw no one, gathered up his courage, climbed up firmly, and pushed the bucket lid—


No one ever told him that the bucket lid was so heavy! !

Of course, such a large bucket contains so much water that if the heavy water cover is not used, it will inevitably be overturned by the swaying water during the transportation up the mountain.

But now a problem is placed in front of He Zheng. The bucket lid can be pushed open, but after getting in, how to close it?

When he was stunned, there was a sudden movement in his ear, he hurriedly squatted on the car, held his breath under the cover of the bucket, and then he heard Fang Tianzhuo’s voice that seemed to be everywhere: “This matter It’s a big deal, send someone close to it to deal with it.”

Nanmen Liang said: “Yes.”

They were suddenly silence.

He Zheng huddled in the carriage nervously, trying to perk up his ears.

At the same time, Nanmen Liang followed Fang Tianzhuo’s line of sight and saw that under the waterwheel parked in front of him, the long hem of his clothes hung down, as if someone was sleeping behind a bucket.

Nanmen Liang: “!”

How could he be so immortal! !

He held his breath to look at Fang Tianzhuo, but saw him walking up slowly.

Fang Tianzhuo bypassed the waterwheel and saw He Zheng, who was shaking his head like a mouse. He kept moving his head, and he didn’t dare to breathe.

After seeing his pitifully curled up figure, the anger that had just ignited strangely turned into a chuckle.

He really found it funny.

When the crisis was over, Nanmen Liang said helplessly, “Lord Shanshou, who are you hiding from?”

He Zheng raised his face blankly. He hadn’t slept well in the past few days. His eyes became bigger and darker, but his face was frighteningly white.

“I, I… hide from the sun.” He Zheng pointed to the sky and said, “Basking in the sun.”

Fang Tianzhuo glanced at the opened bucket lid.

He Zheng: “…”

Die if you die, dogs are better than shit, I’ve had enough!

He angrily said, “I’m going down the mountain!!”

Fang Tianzhuo asked, “What’s the matter?”

He Zheng mustered up his courage for a second, and when he saw an opportunity, he missed it again: “I’m going down the mountain… I, I want to eat candied haws, eat candied haws…”

Speaking of candied haws, He Zheng felt sadness in his heart, and his nose suddenly became sour.

Fang Tianzhuo squinted his eyes, and his anger condensed again: “Are you going to use the bucket?”

He Zheng said, “It’s cool inside the bucket.”

Fang Tianzhuo pursed his lips, and suddenly walked over, He Zheng subconsciously retreated, but there was a bucket behind him, where else could he hide?

Fang Tianzhuo stepped into the car, raised his hand to remove the half-shoved bucket lid, and picked up He Zheng.

He Zheng was put into the bucket by him, and he squatted in it and raised his face.

“Go.” Fang Tianzhuo closed the lid after finishing these actions.

He got out of the car, his face turned gloomy again, and the crisis shrouded again, Nanmen Liang lowered his head cautiously.

In the bucket, He Zheng sat dazedly, his eyes were pitch black, and he suddenly felt a little flustered.

Fang Tianzhuo…Why do you do this?

The closed bucket was like a coffin, the soles of his feet felt wet like he was stepping on blood, and his uneasiness was magnified infinitely.

His fear was like a shadow, He Zheng subconsciously reached out and pushed the lid of the bucket.

Can’t push.

“Your Majesty!!” He Zheng instantly widened his eyes and said in a panic, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Your Majesty!”

His heart seemed to be grabbed by something, and panic gnawed at his limbs like a demon.

For the first time, He Zheng found himself afraid of this narrow and cramped space. He almost screamed, as if he was about to be buried underground.

When Jiang Xian was called to follow the bucket down the mountain, he saw Fang Tianzhuo standing on the waterwheel with an expressionless face, the bucket in front of him swayed, and there was a faint prayer inside.

He was in shock, and the waterwheel driver also watched from a distance, not daring to approach.

“What? Not going?” Fang Tianzhuo asked.

He Zheng couldn’t hear anything, he was about to go crazy with his own brain tonic.

The cover on top of his head was suddenly removed, and He Zheng, who was about to hit his head with it, jumped out and was hugged by Fang Tianzhuo.

Nanmen Liang slowly exhaled.

God, don’t do this again little ancestor.

The upper body of the little ancestor got out, and the lower body also desperately wanted to escape from the bucket. Fang Tianzhuo lowered his eyes and carried him out completely. He Zheng hugged his neck and gasped.

“Don’t want to eat candied haws?”

“…Eat.” He Zheng’s face was pale, and he said, “Can I go in a carriage?”

Fang Tianzhuo jumped out of the carriage with him in his arms and said, “It’s up to you.”

He Zheng collapsed and buried his face in his arms, but Fang Tianzhuo’s face gradually turned clear, and after a few moments, he even let out a low smile of unknown meaning.

It’s not terrible when a person locks himself in a box in order to avoid someone.

But if the person who locks you in the box is the person you are most afraid of, then unless you have a super-psychological quality, you will be scared to death.

He originally called Jiang Xian over to see how far he could go, but he never thought that the waterwheel would not have time to turn around.


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