TMWMAT Ch23 part2

He Zheng’s tears rolled around his eyes.

It’s not over.

He knew, Fang Tianzhuo was very angry; he almost killed himself today.

Fang Tianzhuo tightened his jaw restrainedly, wrapped his hands around his cold hands, and said gloomily, “I am that scary?”

He Zheng smiled lightly: “How could it be, Your Majesty is as handsome as the sun god in the sky, but your light is too dazzling, so um…”

Fang Tianzhuo suddenly blocked his lips, He Zheng shrank his shoulders and hugged him tightly, hearing the sound of rainstorm crashing on the ground.

The man kissed fiercely, their lips rubbed together. When He Zheng was released, his lips swelled, and his body was held tightly by the man again. Fang Tianzhuo restrained his hair and breathed slowly.

He Zheng’s scalp felt numb and his fingers stuck in his hair were stiff all over.

This man wouldn’t do that kind of thing here.

He felt like he was really going to die.

“Your Majesty…” He Zheng pushed him gently and said, “I’m a little sleepy and want to sleep.”

Fang Tianzhuo opened his arms to look at him, and He Zheng moved away from his arms a little while asking, “Can I sleep?”

Fang Tianzhuo let go completely, acquiescing.

He Zheng wanted to lie far away, but in the end he was worried that Fang Tianzhuo would leave him here, so he slept next to Fang Tianzhuo, quietly pressing the corner of his clothes under him, and then he closed his eyes with confidence.

But feeling a high tension, he couldn’t sleep at all, and he had to hold his breath when Fang Tianzhuo made any movement. There seemed to be small bugs crawling under the hay, He Zheng turned over stiffly and cautiously, just in time to see Fang Tianzhuo pick up a piece of dry wood and throw it into the fire.

The firelight reflected on his handsome face, which was still very scary, but when he thought about it carefully, He Zheng also understood. He Zheng in the original book made it so he could also possibly endure it. He believes it is the same at this moment. He is waiting, waiting for him to become pregnant and the child to grow up…

Is he destined to escape the original owner’s ending?

He Zheng sat up slowly, Fang Tianzhuo ignored him and still sat quietly.

He Zheng bit his lip: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty.”

Fang Tianzhuo stopped, still not looking at him.

“I fell off a cliff today. It was really just an accident. I ran and ran, and then got lost. I didn’t know what was going on, and I ran to the cliff…”

He was very afraid that Fang Tianzhuo would note this down and clear him up in the future. Although he seemed very powerless at the moment, he must do his best.

Fang Tianzhuo turned to look at him, He Zheng tried his best to show his sincerity, Fang Tianzhuo squeezed his fingers tightly, rubbed his knuckles with his thumb, and said slowly, “I know.”

Know? Know what? He Zheng felt a little uncomfortable, Fang Tianzhuo seemed to know everything, but… he didn’t question anything, he wished Fang Tianzhuo asked him why he ran, opened up, beat him, scolded him, locked him for a year or simply cutting him off, is better than the current one.

This layer of window paper was replaced by him, but He Zheng dared not.

Looking at Fang Tianzhuo’s indifferent expression, his nose suddenly became sore. Is it really interesting to live in such fear? Is his modern body still there, and can he go back again?

However, when he thinks of giving up his life, he doesn’t know what kind of world he will go to after he dies. If it is more terrifying than it is now, will he die again and again? Besides, who knows if he can live again.

He Zheng didn’t want to die.

He lay down, curled up and closed his eyes silently. He had a splitting headache and a faint cold pain in his abdomen, but he tossed and turned because of his confused thoughts.

Fang Tianzhuo was very quiet, and he did nothing but add firewood occasionally.

He Zheng finally fell asleep tiredly. He stared at him and felt that someone touched his forehead, and then his body was gently carried to a warm place. The hand he pressed on his abdomen was removed, and then the warmth eased the stinging pain there. He Zheng gradually relaxed and fell asleep completely.

After the rainstorm, the underside of the cliff was fresh and moist, and He Zheng was stunned and woke up. He was still lying on the ground. The feeling of being picked up yesterday seemed to be a dream.

There was a conversation outside, he realized that someone was looking for him, and got up from the ground tiredly. He didn’t forget to pick up Fang Tianzhuo’s crown. He wrapped his clothes tightly, and limped out. Nie Ying and Jiang Xian’s complexion changed, Fang Tianzhuo turned his face and said, “Go back.”

He Zheng rubbed his eyes and followed obediently. Nie Ying and Jiang Xian looked at each other and held their breath subconsciously.

He Zheng, who was limping, suddenly stepped on the overly long robe, stumbled out, and bumped his head into Fang Tianzhuo.

The look in the man’s eyes instantly frightened all his sleepy worms away, He Zheng felt his body muscle tighten, Fang Tianzhuo looked at him gloomily for a few breaths, then bent down and hugged him.

Nie Ying rolled her eyes: Your Majesty is not happy.

Jiang Xian threw it back: It’s a good thing that no one died.

Nie Ying: they seem to be arguing.

Jiang Xian: This Young Master He is not simple.

Nie Ying looked at the guy in the dragon robe that was hugged by His Majesty: He’s not that simple…

More than that, Young Master He was put into a big basket hanging from the cliff and lifted up, while Fang Tianzhuo and others followed the hanging rope and climbed up the wall.

He Zheng sat in the basket and looked at the man’s vigorous figure with envy on his face: “Your Majesty is really heroic and strong in martial arts.”

Fang Tianzhuo ignored him and went up first with a figure like a swallow. He Zheng wore a dragon robe but he did not look like an emperor. The chicken seemed to be sitting in a basket and silently touched the crown in his arms, sad.

It would be great to transmigrate as Fang Tianzhuo, whoever became him will have a cool life.

He was picked up in a basket and he looked down. He was already very high from the bottom of the cliff. He was suddenly worried that the rope that tied him would not be strong. What would he do if it broke? The mashed meat is still a bit heavy.

Seeing this, Nie Ying said, “Sir Shanshou, don’t worry, with the two of you here, I will do my best to protect you.”

Jiang Xian also said gently: “If you are afraid, don’t look down.”

He Zheng retracted his gaze, looked up at the few ropes tied to him, and nodded in disbelief.

Amidst all the anxiety, he finally got up, and as soon as he landed, he found that there were many people standing around.

On the day of the Spring Hunting, the emperor jumped off the cliff, and many of the souls who came were about to fly. It was hard to see Fang Tianzhuo jumping up. As soon as they took a breath, they saw the mighty and domineering dragon robe wrapped around a thin body.

He Zheng was stared at by so many people at once, and he almost couldn’t help but take two steps back and fall again, realizing that everyone’s eyes were on his clothes, he said, “Yesterday, I was cold…”

You can’t wear a dragon robe even if it’s cold! !

Everyone’s heart was surging, but He Xianggou’s eyes flashed a gleam. Now, is this chess piece so important in the emperor’s heart?

He Zheng was seen looking awkward, and his body suddenly hung in the air. Fang Tianzhuo picked him up again and directly mounted the horse: “Back to camp.”

An official approached He Xiangguo and said with a smile, “Congratulations to He Xiangguo, your son is now honored and favored. With time, the future will be immeasurable.”

He Xiangguo chuckled and said hypocritically, “It is Zheng’er’s blessing to be able to obtain His Majesty’s Sacred Heart. He is fine. As a father, I can finally be at ease.”

He Jinhua was also bumped by his friend: “The third son will be promoted later, but don’t forget us.”

He Jinhua smiled and said, “It’s still not sure.”

“When did Your Majesty favor someone like this?” The friend sighed with his hands behind his back, “Only a beauty like the Second Young Master He can win His Majesty’s eyes.”

He Zheng was taken all the way back to the camp, Qiu Shuiluo was frowning and looking forward , when he saw Fang Tianzhuo, he suddenly looked happy: “Your Majesty…”

He Zheng, who was wrapped in a dragon robe, smiled awkwardly at her.

The joy on Qiu Shuiluo’s face shattered.

“Help Shanshou go down to rest.” He Zheng was put off his horse and jumped back to the tent.

Soon a doctor came to see him. His leg was scratched by sharp rubble. The wound was very long, but fortunately it didn’t reach the bone. The doctor prescribed trauma medicine and asked him to remember to change it every day.

Fang Tianzhuo still had to deal with the spring hunt. The injured He Zheng ate something after washing away his exhaustion and fell asleep.

He dreamed again that he had become a hero fighting swords and rivers and lakes. When he woke up, he sat up, leaning on the head of the bed and looking at his bandaged calf.

The knee was just right, the thigh was still hurting, and the calf was scratched again. He Zheng recalled the journey of more than a month, and it was a miserable word to describe.

Could he really be inseparable from Fang Tianzhuo in this life?

He Zheng kowtowed to the head of the bed, feeling sad.

“He Xianggou stay, the master is still resting, please wait for the slaves to report.”

He Zheng was slightly taken aback by the sound from outside the tent, and Nan Jing quickly walked into the tent: “Sir, He Xianggou asks to see you.”

Now that He Xiangguo saw that he was going to beg, He Zheng was happy: “Let him come in.”

The bed curtain was pulled away, He Zheng sat down in a robe, and He Xiangguo quickly walked in and said, “The old minister has seen He Shanshou.”

He Zheng was happy and said, “Is something wrong?”

He Ye looked at both sides, He Zheng waved to let people go down, and said, “Tell me, what’s the matter.”

“It hurts your father to see you injured. I especially came here to see you, is the injury serious?”

He Zheng was amazed by his fatherly look. If he hadn’t read the original text, if it wasn’t for the grim expression on the old man’s face when he made trouble in the Minister’s mansion last time, He Zheng really has the feeling that he really cares about the owner of this body.

“It’s very heavy.” He Zheng sighed, “I’m dying of pain.”

He said with a distressed expression: “I’ve wronged Zheng’er.”

He Zheng imitated Fang Tianzhuo’s usual questioning eyes and stared at him. The old fox is so thick-skinned that he didn’t change his face after staring at him for a long time.

He Xianggou’s face turned slightly blue.

He Zheng picked up the tea cup and said, “Speak straight if you have something to say, don’t beat around the bush.”

He Xianggou came here this time for testing purposes, and he actually felt his heart beating heavily. This He Zheng is very different from before, no matter how he speaks or looks, he has no respect for him at all. After thinking about it, some words should not be said now, so he sighed: “I know, Zheng’er In your heart, you want to complain to your father, forcibly changing your physique for you. It was very unbearable in my heart as a father. It’s just that you were born so handsome, but you have no power to hold. Doing this is your father’s way to find a backer for you. ”

He Zheng sneered, an old man, without a single word of truth in his mouth, the hypocrisy is disgusting.

“What did the Prime Minister say? My lord has a strong heart for His Majesty, so why should I blame you for this? I would like to thank you for giving me a good marriage.”

The two looked at each other and smiled hypocritically, but the father and son showed a surprisingly unanimous agreement in the attitude of flattering Fang Tianzhuo, He Xianggou also said: “Your Majesty is tall and handsome, with extraordinary talent, and now I have added grace to you, and as your father I don’t have to worry.”

Fang Tianzhuo suddenly lifted the curtain and entered, he indifferently said: “The prime minister also came to see Zheng’er.”

He Xianggou hurriedly stood up and saluted, saying, “Old minister sees that Zheng’er has inconvenience in his legs and feet, and he is worried, so I came here to express my condolences.”

Fang Tianzhuo nodded, walked towards He Zheng, and said, “Is it better?”

He Zheng immediately changed his hypocrisy and said obediently, “I’m much better. It’s hard work for my father to make a special trip.”

He was completely different from the mean look just now, He Xianggou couldn’t help but look at him more, He Zheng rolled his eyes, and suddenly grabbed Fang Tianzhuo’s sleeve: “your Majesty, my father is really very thoughtful this time. He heard that his Majesty had to protect me when I fell off the cliff. He just suggested that he should be vegetarian for a year to pray for his Majesty and the winning country. I couldn’t persuade him to stop. He had to let me ask you for instructions and ask you to send someone to supervise. If meat is seen on the table within a year, he will give his head! ”

He Xianggou: “…”

Fang Tianzhuo raised his eyebrows and said, “I heard that He Xianggou has always liked to eat meat and he wants to be a vegetarian for one year?”

In ancient times, there was no such thing as a week. Five days were one period, three periods were one qi, and two periods were one period, that is, a month. There are twenty-four solar terms and twelve months in a year. This time for two meals, it can almost be said that he has to eat one meal every two days.

He Xianggou’s face almost turned green, and just raised his hand to speak, He Zheng said first: “Oh, Your Majesty, it’s not like you don’t know my father, he is a big loyal minister, not to mention one year of vegetarianism even if it is two years, as long as it is for His Majesty, he can do it!”

He Xianggou said with difficulty: “Zheng’er… that’s very true.”

“That’s right.” He Zheng said, “Father is sincere in petitioning. Your Majesty should be ready soon.”

His face full of bad ideas was very dazzling, Fang Tianzhuo withdrew his gaze and said, “then according to the meaning of Xiangguo, I will win a big victory and entrust it to He Xiangguo.”

He Ye[1]This is his real name, Xianggou is his title hurriedly knelt down, “Your Majesty’s words are serious, this minister thanks you.”

“Go back.”

He Ye bowed and exited the tent, and when he turned his face, he saw He Jinhua poking a roasted rabbit coming over, his face full of joy: “Father, look, this is your son’s trophies from yesterday. I brought it here especially for you to taste.”

He Xiangguo was furious, slapped the rabbit meat away, and said gloomily: “From today onwards, the whole house will be vegetarian. If you violate it, you will be beaten to death!”

He Xianggou thanked the emperor and then stepped back, the frightened figure made He Zheng almost laugh out loud. The corners of Fang Tianzhuo’s lips were also rarely curved, and he looked sideways at his delicate eyebrows. As soon as He Zheng looked at him, the smile slowly disappeared.

He lowered his head and glanced at the hand he was holding on Fang Tianzhuo’s sleeve, and quietly shrank back.

Why is he in the same room with Fang Tianzhuo again?

Fang Tianzhuo’s smile did not diminish, but his gentle eyes gradually became gloomy. He leaned on the bed with one hand and leaned over to kiss him.

He Zheng shrank a little, was grabbed by him, and his lips were plundered again. This man was obviously restrained from yesterday. He Zheng was pressed down forcefully by him, and he was kissed until he was almost suffocated.

“Lord Shanshou…” The curtain of the tent was lifted, Jiang Fuyang walked in holding the roasted quail, and the man who trapped He Shanshou under him looked sideways, and his voice was cold: “Get out.”

Jiang Fuyang’s legs softened, he turned around and ran out. He ran out for several meters in one breath, stopped and stared at the quail in his hand in a daze.

He Zheng was dizzy, but he didn’t dare to move, struggle, or push him. Fang Tianzhuo’s aura was as if he was carrying a wind blade, and he would immediately kill him if he dare move.

But his corpse-like reaction successfully stopped Fang Tianzhuo. The man stared at his pale face with a sinister expression. He Zheng once again raised the corners of his mouth fearlessly, in a pleasing smile.

The fingers pressed by Fang Tianzhuo next to his cheeks tightened, and he Zheng’s ears could clearly hear his cracked fingers, and the corners of his eyes could even glimpse the blue veins above. He Zheng trembled like a taut string, and the five fingers beside his cheeks suddenly opened, Fang Tianzhuo suppressed the haze in his heart and gently stroked his hair, and whispered: “After sleeping for so long, it’s time to eat something.”

He Zheng nodded, Fang Tianzhuo sat up again and looked at him, He Zheng jumped out of bed, quickly picked up his robe and put it on, grabbed his long hair, and said with a smile: “Do I need to tie my hair? ”

Fang Tianzhuo stretched out his hand, He Zheng paused, walked over, was pulled over to his lap and sat down, Fang Tianzhuo sniffed his hair, took the hair band and tied it for him, his eyes fell on his neck The traces that were made just now were darkened again.

Yesterday’s spring hunting did not choose a champion because of Fang Tianzhuo’s absence, but there is no doubt that Jiang Fuyang gained the most. Now everyone huddled together in small groups, eating their own trophies.

He Zheng followed Fang Tianzhuo to the big tent.

He was indeed hungry, and his stomach was empty, but he was frightened a while ago, and his appetite has actually declined a bit now.

Fang Tianzhuo sat down at the table, and there were only the two of them on the table, because it was a spring hunt, and there was meat everywhere, He Zheng picked up his chopsticks and pick it to him first as usual, but Fang Tianzhuo said, “Don’t worry about me. ”

Nanmen Liang bent over to serve, and He Zheng had to pick up the piece of meat and put it in his bowl.

He didn’t know if it was because of excessive shock, there was a faint discomfort in his stomach, and he could barely swallow it with small mouthfuls.

The table was full of meat, but He Zheng’s appetite became weaker as he ate. Fang Tianzhuo ate well, and he couldn’t put down his chopsticks, so he poked at the plate in a daze.

He always feels that if he continues to stay, his life will be at stake.

Fang Tianzhuo was obviously holding back, but judging from his performance in the past two days, He Zheng felt that his neck would be crushed at any time.

He touched his neck, even though he didn’t want to, he had to admit that pinching him to death might be as easy as pinching a newborn chick to Fang Tianzhuo.

Fang Tianzhuo stopped the chopsticks, the crisp sound of the jade chopsticks hitting the jade plate made He Zheng come back to his senses, he hurriedly put down the chopsticks, and raised the corners of his mouth again at the sight of Fang Tianzhuo.

It’s a smile full of sincerity, well-behaved, and ingratiating.

Fang Tianzhuo squinted his eyes, Nanmen Liang winked at He Zheng, He Zheng had to put away his smile and be frightened.

“already ate?”

“Well, it’s good. I’m very full.” He Zheng said, touching his flat stomach.

“Go out.”

Of course He Zheng would not refuse such a good thing. He stood up and walked out immediately, but heard him say again, “Wait.”

He Zheng turned back and was beckoned back by him. Walking back smoothly, Fang Tianzhuo stared at him for a moment, and said, “Cover your face.”


He Zheng didn’t dare to disobey, and subconsciously raised his wide sleeves to cover his face, revealing only a pair of clear eyes, tentatively: “Like this?”

Those beautiful eyes made the heart tighten. Fang Tianzhuo’s hand unconsciously clasped on the table. Nanmen Liang turned around and ran out then returned with a gauze.

He Zheng took it and put it on his head, Fang Tianzhuo looked at it for a while before saying, “Go out.”

After finally getting out of the tent, He Zheng ran out for several hundred meters in one go, holding on to the tree on one side and gasping for breath, his legs were weak. He sat on the ground along the tree and his legs were shaking like a spring.

“Zheng’er.” He Jinhua’s voice came from his ear, He Zheng looked up through the veil, covered his legs with a robe, and said, “Why?”

He Jinhua squatted down beside him and said, “Why are you wearing a gauze cap?”

He Zheng frowned, full of unhappiness: “None of your business.”

He Jinhua was stunned for a while, then said with a low smile, “Your Majesty asked you to wear it?”

He Zheng didn’t want to ignore him.

“I can understand him, if I got you, I would definitely not want others to see you.” He looked at the outline of He Zheng’s face through the gauze, his eyes were obsessed, He Zheng was furious, and suddenly kicked him: “Do you not believe that His Majesty would cut your tongue?”

He Jinhua was kicked and sat on the ground, so he simply sat down and said with a low smile, “Brother’s temper has really changed, but I know that you will definitely be reluctant to bear it.”

“Bah.” He Zheng scolded: “You bastard, if it weren’t for you, would I have been here today?!”

He Jinhua was stunned for a while after being scolded, but laughed helplessly: “You still hate me?”

Isn’t that right, He Zheng hated him so much that he wanted to swallow He Jinhua!

Not wanting to continue to ignore him, He Zheng stood up and left, and He Jinhua followed in his footsteps: “I know your grievance, can you give me a chance to make up for it?”

He Zheng suddenly picked up a stone from the ground and threw it at him angrily. He Jinhua reflexively avoided, He Zheng was even more angry, grabbed a handful of soil from the ground and threw it at him. He Jinhua was caught off guard and was fed a mouthful of mud. He hurriedly held his wrist: “Zheng’er…”

He Zheng was so angry that he kicked him in the leg. He limped and pushed He Jinhua. The latter tripped over a stone behind him and fell to the ground. He Zheng punched and kicked him for a while, scolding while beating: “You are still pretending! You are still pretending! Do you think I don’t know? Bad-hearted bastard, stay away from me in the future, stay away from me, do you hear me?!”

With different identities, He Jinhua did not dare to resist, and was beaten extremely embarrassedly by him.

Until Jiang Fuyang came over and grabbed He Zheng: “What’s the matter, he bullied you?”

“You’re blind…” He Zheng saw who was holding him, and his tone suddenly became gentle: “Oh… Young Master Fuyang’s voice is so bright, I almost bit my tongue, don’t take it to heart.”

He Zheng turned his face and scolded: “Get out!”

He Jinhua got up from the ground, wiped his face, frowned, and wanted to say something, but finally turned around and left.

How did his Zheng’er become like this?

He Zheng pulled his wrist back, Jiang Fuyang was silent for a while, and said, “Why…why are you wearing a gauze hat?”

He Zheng smiled and said, “Maybe it’s because I’m shameless. Young master, Fuyang has come here like this. Do you want to hear something nice?”


Jiang Fuyang paused: “Actually, you don’t need to compliment me. Although your words are nice, your face is full of falsehoods.”

He Zheng was silent.

Jiang Fuyang said again: “Lord Shoushan is not in a good mood, but has a tantrum with His Majesty?”

He Zheng turned around and left, Jiang Fuyang hurriedly followed, and said, “Your Majesty loves Shanshou so much, I think he is reluctant to give you grievances, why don’t Shanshou apologize to him and say a few good words, you are the best at this, Your Majesty also likes to hear it.”

He Zheng stopped. He walked to the edge of the woods. Below is a steep mountain wall covered with bushes. From here, you can see the winding path up the mountain. He asked, “What are those people transporting?”

“It’s water. This spring hunt is still a few days away. These people will come to deliver water every day, and some taverns and restaurants will come to collect the prey that has been hoarded in the past few days to prevent them from being discarded.”

He Zheng’s heart thumped again: “Then, what about after the water is used up?”

“When they came to deliver the water, they naturally took the empty bucket away. Why did Shanshou suddenly ask this?”

He Zheng said: “Nothing, just curious.”

He wonders if the waterwheel that goes up and down the mountain will be looser than the waterwheel that goes in and out of the palace.



T/N: This chapter is so long so forgive me if there are some mistakes.


1 This is his real name, Xianggou is his title
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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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