He Zheng vaguely felt that this remark seemed to have a strange meaning, but he couldn’t figure it out. He gave Fang Tianzhuo a wary look, and he said weakly, “But I want to go …”

Fang Tianzhuo reached out and fiddled with his lips, and the tender lip was parted and closed, making a light sound.

Fang Tianzhuo asked, “After all the injuries, do you still want to go?”

“Hmm.” He Zheng swore in general, “I , I think people should be responsible for what they have said. I want to be a better person and a person worthy of your majesty. What’s so difficult about it?”

Fang Tianzhuo nodded and said, “That’s reasonable.”

He Zheng chuckled, bowed his head, and was flustered.

He is afraid that Fang Tianzhuo’s burning words will block him in the palace. If he can’t go to the spring hunting, the plan will be abandoned, and everything will be impossible.

After thinking about it, he raised his face and asked with bright eyes, “Did your majesty come to see me today?”

“Naturally.” Fang Tianzhuo turned over the paper on which he practiced calligraphy with one hand and said, “Let me see how Zheng Er’s calligraphy practice is.”

He Zheng obediently showed it to him and explained, “I’m learning to ride a horse these days, and I don’t practice much.”

Fang Tianzhuo could understand this, so he did not attack his handwriting.

In fact, He Zheng doesn’t like being hugged by him. He always feels that his operation is like hugging a kitten and a puppy. He really wants to stay away from Fang Tianzhuo.

But this whole afternoon, Fang Tianzhuo was idle in his Pize Temple, and when his interest came, he was even asked to accompany him to play chess. He Zheng’s chess skill was okay, but he knew nothing about Go. After a while of intuition, he was completely annihilated, and Fang Tianzhuo showed a big frown.

He Zheng also frowns. He is also very upset, and his leg is painful. Now he just wants to lie in bed and play games, or do nothing in a daze. Why should he be injured and take into account the burning feeling of Fang Tianzhuo?


He hung his head full of grievances, and because he was in a bad mood, his words were much less, which made him wither. His usual cleverness also disappeared.

Both of them were silent. He Zheng had to admit that he was no match for Fang Tianzhuo for his patience. He lifted his face again and said, “Your Majesty, I want to sleep.”

Fang Tianzhuo said, “Go ahead.”

He Zheng immediately got up and left, went to the screen and went to bed, then put down the bed mats on both sides, and closed his eyes.

Fang Tianzhuo sat by the window, gazing down and playing with the black and white pieces in his hand, making a clattering noise.

The sound was occasional, but he Zheng couldn’t help but prick up his ears and he couldn’t so he tossed and turned in bed.

His tossing over and over was captured by Fang Tianzhuo’s burning sensitivity. The man looked up, and his eyes seemed to be able to see him through the screen.

The clatter of pieces disappeared, and He Zheng finally fell asleep in silence. The bed’s curtain was pulled open, and that sleeping red face came into the emperor’s eyes. The man slowly leaned over and covered his soft lips. After a moment’s separation, he gently touched his head with his forehead.

That night, Fang Tianzhuo did not stay the night, but he Zheng could not sleep alone. for the unknown tomorrow, he was full of expectation and apprehension, hoping to stimulate a little bit and hope that everything would go smoothly.

When he was half awake, he dreamed that Fang Tianzhuo had cut him down in a burning rage, and he dreamed that he was tied to a bed and had children every day. He woke up groggy, but it was not bright yet.

Shunyi coaxed him: “Today’s spring hunting, all the courtesans have already got up. If you want to go spring hunting, you have to get up and clean up.”

He Zheng grabbed his hair and got up. He was lazy and waited for someone to wipe his face, and then he was helped to the bronze mirror by Nanjing to tie his hair.

The hair crown of the post of Shanshou, with crane pattern and floating gauze, is the official position of serving others with color, the main function is not to show official prestige, but to look good.
The crane robe is also different from ordinary officials. It is graceful and elegant when worn on the body, and it looks like a god descended to earth. He Zheng was dressed sleepily, and when he opened his eyes, he was stunned.

He touched his crown and said, “Nanjing, have you forgotten that I have to compete today?”

He doesn’t sit by the emperor’s side like the imperial concubine, so he dresses so grandly to ride a horse? Is it appropriate?

“You can’t ride a horse on the way, you have to take a carriage.”

Nanjing squatted down to tidy it up for him, saying, “This robe, you can take it off when you get there, it won’t matter.”

He Zheng tugged at the yarn rope hanging from the crown cap, and finally dismissed his head.

This spring hunting is a big event for winning the country, and it is very ostentatious. After all, it has to show national prestige. He Zheng packed up and took the people in his own palace to sit in a carriage at the gate of the main palace. Before he arrived, he sensed a solemn momentum. Soon, he could see several dragoons of different sizes parked in front of him from a distance.


At the same time, a group of people came out from another corner. Luo Guifei[1]princess consort was sitting in a palace sedan chair, and her hair accessories were dazzling. He Zheng stopped to let her go first, but Qiu Shuiluo suddenly have a bold look across her face, and her face was full of anger and resentment.

He Zheng is puzzled, except that he slapped her. He seems to have done nothing to offend her.
However, it doesn’t matter. He and Luo Guifei won’t have any intersection after today.

He Zheng rubbed his face and walked up quickly with people. According to the Shunyi, the biggest carriage in front was Fang Tianzhuos’, while the first few smaller ones were for the imperial concubines. He Zheng was wondering whether he was ahead or behind, then he saw Luo Guifei in front of him getting off the sedan chair and standing in front of him.

He Zheng understood that he had to stand and wait for Fang Tianzhuo to pack up, and when he got on the carriage, they could follow him.

Although there were many people, almost no one spoke. He Zheng honestly followed and stood still, waiting. The main palace door finally opened, and the supreme emperor walked slowly down with a yellow umbrella cover.


Everyone knelt down in unison, and shouted loudly: “Long live the emperor.”

He Zheng, like everyone else, clasped his forehead on the back of his hand, turned his eyes, and saw the dragon boots coming slowly, crossing the eunuchs in the palace, crossing the imperial concubine with the color of expectation on her face, then crossing the imperial concubine and crossing her … Huh? He stopped in front of his face.

” He Shanshou.” A hand stretched out.

The eyes of the imperial concubine are about to eat him alive.

He Zheng quickly handed his hand, stood up obediently, and looked confused and uneasy at the man’s sight.


So many people are kneeling, and only the people around Fang Tianzhuo are standing. He Zheng has a feeling of being lonely at a high altitude, so it’s better to return to the big army and kneel at once.

Fang Tianzhuo took him by the hand and walked. He Zheng’s heartbeat kept up until he put him in the carriage, and the whole person was still in a trance.

What does this mean?

He doesn’t know, but everyone who knows the rules already knows.

Such a grand scene, only the queen deserves to be personally picked up by your majesty and sent to the carriage in person. Now He Zheng has just won this honor. It can be said that He Zheng is the first one in the world.

He Zheng sat for a good half-day, and then gradually recovered. This carriage is somewhat different from the one he used to ride. It’s an escort, and it’s very stylish. There are veils floating on both sides, and the people in it are lined with a mysterious and noble temperament.

He Zheng couldn’t help looking around, and the motorcade followed a lot, but there were few imperial concubines. Luo Guifei’s car was behind him, and He Zheng could feel her jealous desire to eat him through the gauze.

He heard that Qiu Shuiluo was willing to marry Fang Tianzhuo, but unfortunately she underestimated Fang Tianzhuo’s dislike of women, and at the same time she failed to be the unique existence at the harem, so although she dominated the whole harem, she was a miserable woman.
The guards led the way, the body-guard escorted the car, and the royal motorcade set off in a mighty way. The people along the line knelt all the way, and the scene was spectacular.

He Zheng staggered to the place in the turbulence, he got out of the car dizzy, and heard the officials who had arrived in advance to see the emperor.

He Zheng pursed his lips and whispered to Fang Tianzhuo, “Can I go to Fuyang now?”


He Zheng bowed down, went back to the camp and took off his robe. He found Er Gou[2]HZ’s horse with excitement, touched his horse’s head and said softly, “Today, everything depends on you.”

Huangfeng Cliff, Huangfeng Cliff, He Zheng meditated on the meeting place, got on his horse and went to Jiang Fuyang.

The high-spirited teenagers has been waiting for a long time, and □□[3]This is how it is in the raws the horse snorts, just like its master, gaining momentum. When He Zheng drove the horse, all eyes turned towards him, and that stunning face seemed to compare the rising sun in the sky.

He Jinhua smiled and drove his horse to meet him: “Brother is here.”

He felt the envious sight of his companions around him, and the smile on his lips deepened. He Zheng had just come with your majesty , and now he has come here in such a high profile.

There are naturally many people who want to strike up a conversation with him, but He Zheng must have no other acquaintances except him. If those people want to meet He Zheng, they will naturally need to pass him.

After thinking like this, he Zheng took a puzzled look at him, and Jiang Fuyang came forward with the sound of hooves behind him: “He Shanshou is coming, follow me later, the terrain in this hunting ground is complicated, don’t get lost.”


He didn’t mean to introduce He Zheng to others, and He Zheng didn’t want to get to know others. He Jinhua was going to take him to his colleagues but when his ideas were forcibly pressed down, his expression didn’t look good.

The teenagers waited and talked, until the competition started and the fence was removed. Only then did the teenagers forget about wanting to meet He Zheng, and rushed in on their horses.

” Come one!”

Jiang Fuyang raised his whip and slapped it on Er Gou’s ass. He Zheng immediately ran forward uncontrollably.

The arrangement of Dr. Luo is not comprehensive, because it is clear that He Zheng will definitely attract attention when he leaves the hunting ground, so the Huangfeng Cliff where they need to meet is inside the hunting ground. Because it is a cliff, there is no need for officers and soldiers to guard it. When He Zheng arrives at the place, he finds out that the whistle pressed under the stone blows and Sends a signal. It means that someone will come to meet him.

Someone will make the illusion of falling off a cliff for him. When Fang Tianzhuo sends someone to look for the body under the cliff, He Zheng may have secretly left the city halfway up the mountain.

As soon as He Zheng entered the hunting ground, he went straight south, chanting “Huangfeng Cliff” in his mouth.

In the forest, chickens fly and dogs jump, and sometimes there is the voice of teenagers quarrelling, trying to rob some poor little animal.

He Zheng kept galloping while observing. Gradually, there was a cold wind on his face. He knew it was coming from the cliff, and his eyes couldn’t help but suddenly light up.

When he arrived, he could already hear the wind of hunting coming from the edge of the cliff, and even his robes were blown up.

He Zheng took a deep breath, ready to tighten the reins to slow down and stop-

Suddenly something changed!

A horse rope suddenly rises from the ground , and Er Gou rushes forward with a long hiss!


Because he was still running, He Zheng’s body rushed out like an arrow. It’s not terrible to be thrown straight. What’s terrible is that he was thrown off the cliff almost instantly and fell straight!

Everything happened so fast that when He Zheng fell, he thought: It’s over.
But unexpectedly, he soon landed on the ground. No, it wasn’t the ground, but a net. He got up and looked up to see. Halfway up the mountain, a dense net was connected with chains in the middle, and he survived because he landed on a net.
Below is a chilling abyss.

Just then, he heard a rapid whistle, looked for the sound, and saw a huge man with mechanical wings hovering in the air opposite him.

At that time, He Zheng wondered if Dr. Luo, a friend, had any magical powers that could cross the cliff to meet him. At this moment, he finally realized that his mother’s mechanical wings could fly to the ground! !

He didn’t dare to shout, grabbed the hat that had fallen, and waved desperately. The net under his body swayed from side to side with his movements, and the wire inserted into the rock wall was somewhat loose. He Zheng’s foot rushed out of the mesh for a while, and then quickly shrank back. This broken net was even more terrible than the glass plank road!

That friend saw him, and He Zheng saw the other side turn and dive towards him. He suddenly gasped and couldn’t help but shed tears of excitement.

It’s time to go.

I’m finally going to be free!

For example, he would never see the dog Fang Tianzhuo again in this life!! ”

Whew- ”

The sound of surprises suddenly came, and a sudden arrow hit one of the mechanical wings.

The “trapeze” was crumbling. He stopped the dive, hesitated, and retreated back again. A long whistle sounded like the plaintive cry of a wild goose, and the figure of the other person disappeared.

He Zheng’s body began to tremble uncontrollably. He held his hat and looked up.


At the edge of the cliff, the dragon robe was hunting, and the jade fork hanging in front of the forehead swayed slightly. The crowned emperor held a long bow and looked down at He Zheng, who was sitting in a wide net with a straight face, like a sparrow with nowhere to escape.

The author has something to say:
Little Theater,
Zheng Zheng: Ah-! ! (Groundhog screams.
Fang Tianzhuo: … stare.
T/N: You can always correct me if you notice that something is wrong.



1 princess consort
2 HZ’s horse
3 This is how it is in the raws
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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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