Every time He Zheng spoke like this, Fang Tianzhuo would look at him with this kind of eyes, half-smiling, unable to figure out what he was thinking.

He Zheng knew that his IQ and scheming were definitely not up to par to Fang Tianzhuo, so he could only bow his head in weakness to avoid the sight that seemed to cut him open.

Fang Tianzhuo stretched out his hand and hugged him, stroking a few hairs on his forehead with his fingers, and asked warmly, “Do you have to run?”

He Zheng’s heart suddenly seemed to be thrown into the oil pan, and he froze instantly as the hot oil crackled and fried.

He kept lying on Fang Tianzhuo’s chest, his heart in the hot oil seemed to jump out, in stark contrast to Fang Tianzhuo’s steady and powerful heart beating.

He was asking if he would run straight to him.

He was asking if he would run straight to him.

This run is running straight to him, not an escape run, not an escape run.

He Zheng emphasized to himself, then raised his head, his round eyes met Fang Tianzhuo, and smiled: “Of course… I think I want to become better as soon as possible and be more worthy of you.”

Fang Tianzhuo put his hand on his furry head, stroked it down and said, “I ordered you to stand by my side, and no one would dare to say anything about you.”

“Yes, but I want to be better.” He Zheng said, he lowered his head and emphasized in a low voice, as if giving himself a booster: “I want to be better.”

Staying by Fang Tianzhuo’s side, he will always be the one who is oppressed and exploited.

He may even suddenly get pregnant without knowing when.

He wants to live a better life, the better life he yearns for, instead of being by the side of an emperor. He dares not be angry, dare not speak, dare not cry, dare not laugh, he still has a bit of a curiosity of this world now,, but one day, he will become tired and numb, and he will become a walking dead in the palace.

He hopes that while he is still alive, he will fight, regardless of the consequences.

The emotions in Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes showed ups and downs, He Zheng’s whole body was spinning, and the man had been suppressed again. The strength of the man was like a little bit of a gathering storm, getting more and more fierce.

He Zheng woke up exhausted. Fang Tianzhuo had already left. The first thing he did was call someone to prepare a tub to take a bath. There were stains all over his body, and he was a little dazed while sitting in the hot water.

It turns out that life in the palace is like this.

It was pitch-dark outside, and it was supposed to be time to sleep, but he had to sit in the bucket and do the cleaning.

For the emperor, he may really be like a pet kept in a cage. When he thinks of it, he will take a look and leave after teasing. The owner doesn’t need to pay attention to the pet’s mood, just like Fang Tianzhuo doesn’t need to pay attention to his mood as he is just a gift from someone else.

He Zheng picked up the water and poured it on his face. His white face was crystal clear, and his long and thick eyelashes were wet, making him more attractive.

He lowered his eyelashes, rubbed the bruises on his arms, and frowned.

Fang Tianzhuo is a dog. He hurted his whole body, especially in a place that is hard to tell, he now feels that his body is not his own, but that guy leaves after unloading, as if he is a fixed toilet in the bathroom.

He Zheng rubbed the stains on his body full of resentment, rubbed his shoulders for a while and rested, then continued rubbing, washed intermittently for a while. Someone shouted outside: “Master, the water should be cold, you should be careful.”

He Zheng’s heart warmed, there are still caring people here.

He agreed, dried himself out of the tub, and climbed onto the bed weakly.

He opened his eyes for a while, then closed them tiredly, wishing that the day would immediately jump to the day of spring hunting. He knew that Fang Tianzhuo probably already understood his intention to escape, but to be honest, He Zheng didn’t believe that he knew his specific plan with Luo Yuanhou.

Success or failure is here.

He Zheng did not serve Fang Tianzhuo in vain that day, and the other party finally agreed to let him go out of the yard to ride a horse. Thinking that practicing equestrianism can increase the chance of escaping, He Zheng only felt that the pain in his body was nothing, so early in the morning, he started to pack up, put on a strong suit and led the horse out the door.

Fang Tianzhuo was considerate this time. He not only allowed him to enter the racecourse, but also specially sent He Run over to teach him how to ride a horse. This situation was absolutely unexpected for He Zheng .

He Run respectfully saluted to him: “I have seen Lord Shanshou.”

He Zheng said unnaturally, “Greetings to General He.”

He Run is prudent and considerate. When teaching, he is far more patient than Fang Tianzhuo. He Zheng took 120 points of seriousness to study, and couldn’t help but think that He Run and Fang Tianzhuo were actually quite a match.

Leaving aside the point of exterminating the enemy, it’s not impossible for the two of them to be together. After all, He Run is someone who can endure what ordinary people can’t bear. But He Zheng looked at it, and couldn’t help but sympathize. With a person like Fang Tianzhuo for a lifetime, General He’s character may really only be wronged for a lifetime.

“General He.” He Zheng suddenly asked, “When are you going to get married?”

He Run: “Now that the country is in turmoil and rebels are everywhere, the lower officials have not had time to consider this.”

He Zheng immediately expressed his understanding that the thirteenth prince is now inciting Fang Huang’s tyrant, murdering his brother to kill his father, and killing his mother-in-law. These news have become an excuse for some conscientious people to fight. He Zheng remembered that the book also said that the thirteenth prince was fighting In the name of Fang Tianzhuo, he went to some remote areas to loot and rob houses, which made the people feel uneasy and resentful towards him. Now more people wished for him to die.

But Fang Tianzhuo is a person who doesn’t care about grievance and hate. He would kill without any explanation to the people.

In fact, Fang Tianzhuo did not oppress the people except for his eccentric temper. It’s just that as an emperor, he didn’t have the heart of the world.

He Zheng has been learning for a few days, and suddenly felt that riding a horse is not that difficult, especially when the wind whistles in his ears when running in a straight line, this process often makes him smell the taste of freedom.

Fang Tianzhuo visited him once when he passed by. Immediately, the young man was in high spirits. His neat clothes were different from the elegant and airy ones in the past, but he became more and more vivid. His black hair was tied up, and his exquisite face seemed to be glowing. , making people unable to take their eyes off.

He sat in the sedan chair and watched from a distance, Nanmen Liang was standing beside him, because there was still something to do next, he had to remind the emperor who was caught in his own thoughts: “Your Majesty?”

Fang Tianzhuo said: “He learns fast.”

Nanmen Liang said: “Master Shanshou is talented and intelligent, and naturally he learns things faster than others.”

Fang Tianzhuo leaned back and said lightly, “I can see how smart he is.”

Nanmen Liang pondered how to answer this, and listened to him again: “Go back.”

After learning how to ride horses, He Zheng wanted to play archery again, but the bow was too heavy, and he was barely able to pull it up with his strength. The arrow was shot but it soft and weak, and the target could not be reached.

He Run frowned and was about to persuade him to give up, but he suddenly raised his leg, swaying on one leg on the ground, and the bow and arrow slowly propped up with his foot.

Pull hard-

Immediately surprised: “Hey, it went out!”

He Run saw it with his eyes: “Well.”

The shot was shot out, but it slanted to the sky, fell down with a snap, and it could even hit people from a distance.

He Zheng swayed his bow from side to side, thinking that it would be useful to learn to support the bow with his feet. Failure is the mother of success, and being able to shoot is a good thing. Suddenly, a cold snort came from his ear: “You need to practice a hundred more skills. You can’t become a marksman even in years.”

Turning his face, it turned out to be a teenager in his teens. He raised his bow and arrow, and with a swoosh, there was an arrow on the target.

He Zheng was stunned.

The teenager raised his chin: “Can you see clearly?”

He Run said softly, “This is the young master Fuyang of the Jiang family.”

Jiang Fuyang, the younger cousin of Fang Tianzhuo’s mother’s uncle’s family, was arrogant and domineering at a young age, he is a bully and yes, Fang Tianzhuo favored him.

He turned a blind eye to almost all the people in his mother’s family, and he was also outrageous.

He Zheng immediately smiled and applauded: “Young Master Fuyang is really superb in archery, I admire him, I admire him.”

Jiang Fuyang sneered, “You, a servant, can also tell that this young master is skilled in archery?”

He Zheng pursed his lips, smiled lightly, and said: “Young master’s shoots superbly, chasing Hou Yi from afar, just like being in the sky at noon. Even with his eyes closed, he can see your move!”

He Run: “…”

Jiang Fuyang: “…”

He looked surprised, his ears were slightly red for a moment, and he frowned and muttered: “You have a sharp tongue.”

He Zheng smiled without saying a word. Puppy, if not because of your brother’s stupid face, I would have slapped you to outer space.

After speaking, Nie Ying suddenly rushed over: “General He, His Majesty has summoned and ordered you to see him quickly.”

He Run frowned: “Do you know why?”

“I think it’s about the rebels.”

A plot flashed in He Zheng’s mind. This seems to be a relatively important turning point between Fang Tianzhuo and He Run in the original work. He Run led the army to clear the thieves. When Fang Tianzhuo went to see him in person, he showed his sincerity and earnestly buried the foreshadowing that Fang Tianzhuo would find him when he was drunk in the future.

He Run said goodbye to him and quickly followed in Nie Ying’s footsteps. He Zheng chased two steps, hesitating whether to remind him to be careful.

He Run had saved him in the end, and this serious injury cost him at least half of his life. But the emotional line between him and Fang Tianzhuo may be completely lost because of his words. If he is like this, does it count as ruining people’s marriage?

When he was tangled, He Run’s figure had hurried away with Nie Ying, and He Zheng frowned and felt anxious.

He is not He Run. He doesn’t know whether it is right or wrong for He Run to entangle with Fang Tianzhuo all his life, and whether it is worth it or not. He is not qualified to make decisions for He Run for his own love.

And even if he said it, whether He Run believed it or not was still the same thing.

Don’t tell me, are you really watching He Run go to hell half of his life?

He Zheng was at a loss when his clothes were suddenly pulled, Jiang Fuyang said with a stern face, “Do you want to see His Majesty too?”

He Zheng: “?”

Jiang Fuyang put his hands behind his back and said, “Say a few more nice words, and I will take you there.”

He Zheng: “…”

Giving the puppy attention is better than giving you praise!

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