If Fang Tianzhuo didn’t expose his lies, he would bite the bullet and pretend to be stupid, anyway, every second he lived was a precious.

Fang Tianzhuo stopped his hand wiping his face, and looked at him.

He Zheng’s heart beat faster and faster.

Fang Tianzhuo raised his eyebrows slightly, with a smile that was not a smile: “A love letter to me?”

He Zheng nodded immediately, his attitude was as serious as facing a college entrance examination paper, and he didn’t dare to blink.

“Then, where did it go?”

“No, it’s gone.”

“Who took it?”

“I don’t know.”

He Zheng was too nervous, he raised his hand to wipe the ashes on his face, and his face was flushed red. He didn’t feel the pain at all, his eyes glanced at his face from time to time, ready to be prepared for Fang Tianzhuo to throw him to the ground and crush his sternum.

Fang Tianzhuo grabbed his hand. That gray face had been rubbed red and dirty, pitiful and hateful.

“Then I will call up all the servants who have recently entered the Hall and ask them one by one. If I can’t find out who has secretly hidden the love letter that Zheng’er wrote for me, I will cut them all down.”

He felt that he was in shackles every time he breathed, he said slowly, “You can’t.”


Because if you kill innocent people like this, you will be struck by lightning! !

“In His Majesty’s palace, there may be assassins entering or leaving. They may have seen the love letter I wrote to His Majesty, and then sneered, just… rubbing it like this, the paper turned into powder.” He Zheng said slowly, one word at a time.Each word carefully passed through his mind, and at the end, he suddenly became energetic: “I’m not sure, the assassin wanted to frame me, ruined the love letter, to change my affection for Your Majesty….”

He was a little guilty again, his tone weakened, and he said softly: “Your Majesty, if you do not believe me and kill me, then you will never find a loyal and infatuated lover like me in your life.”

Fang Tianzhuo smiled strangely, and didn’t make a sound, he just stared at him like that. He Zheng fidgeted on his lap, his fingers twisted with each other, and the pores all over his body were dripping with sweat.

Fang Tianzhuo moved , his fingers spread out, resting on his forehead, and squinting at him, his smile remained unchanged, and the color of his eyes was dark. He Zheng pursed his lips and felt as if he had been suffering for a lifetime before he said, “Come here, clean up yourself.”

Touching him, he said in a low voice, “Get out.” The room was silent. He Zheng held his breath and soaked his head in the water. After showing his head again, he took a few breaths. He grabbed the edge of the tub and was in a trance.

Soon, someone from the palace came to urge softly: “Young Master, hurry up, Your Majesty is still waiting for you.”

What are you waiting for ? You want him to serve in the bed? This commoner is already doing it every day without fear of his bladder exploding.

He Zheng said softly, “Got it.”

He wiped his face and went out in good spirits, but the expected scene did not happen. Fang Tianzhuo was sitting at the table and had already spread out some rice paper. He came out with wet hair and patted his leg.

He Zheng walked over, sat down obediently, and listened to him: “It’s a pity that Zheng’er’s love letter was lost. Why don’t you write it again, I will take care of it this time.”

He Zheng was kissed on the cheek by him, His finger was put into a pen, and he glanced at it, but he still couldn’t read the man’s expression.

In modern times, his own brother is a very good person, so He Zheng was forced to learn calligraphy since he was a child, but compared to the original owner, he would definitely be inferior. If Fang Tianzhuo could get the original owner’s handwriting, he would not know what to think.

Forget it, take it one step at a time.

He Zheng pursed his lips and responded with spirit.

“If I want to get to know you, I will live a long life. The mountains are boundless, and heaven and earth will meet and I dare to be with you.” Fang Tianzhuo patiently picked up He Zheng’s unbelievable love letter. Questioning his fault for fooling around with ancient texts, he said, “A good student needs to practice calligraphy.”

He Zheng said in a muffled voice: “I’m rusty.”

Fang Tianzhuo continued inquiring until the end. He Zheng suspected that it was because he had seen through everything and was very sure of what he had seen through, but…why didn’t he kill him? What about him?

Is it because the baby hasn’t been born yet?

He held his stomach, and Fang Tianzhuo’s hair was suddenly plucked: “Zheng’er said that he will become better in order to be worthy of me, but this writing is really too unsightly.”

He Zheng expressed his loyalty : “I will practice hard.”

“Then just write a love letter for me every day.” Fang Tianzhuo said: “Zheng’er is so happy with me, I think he will be willing, right?”

He Zheng blinked: ” Of course, as long as Your Majesty is happy, I’m willing to do anything.”

Fang Tianzhuo leaned over and kissed his lips, whispering, “I’m busy with business today, so I won’t send Zheng’er back to the palace in person.”


He immediately left Fang Tianzhuo, bowed and said, “Your Majesty, pay attention to the dragon body, and the commoner will retire first.”

Nanmen Liang glanced at Fang Tianzhuo’s face, and personally sent He Zheng, who had fled, out of the door, and re-opened the door. The room was silent once again.

Nanmen Liang held his breath and looked at him quietly.

Fang Tianzhuo quietly looked at the so-called “love letter”, and did not speak or move for a long time.

Soon, someone came to report: “Young Master has rested at the Palace of Pize.”

Nanmen Liang waved his hand to let him back off and said softly, “Your Majesty should rest too.”

Fang Tianzhuo didn’t answer, he shook the paper, slowly said: “If I want to get to know you, I will live a long life. The mountains are boundless, and heaven and earth will meet and I dare to be with you. so.” Nanmen Liang did not dare to answer.

Fang Tianzhuo said: “That’s a really good poem.”

He Zheng sneezed fiercely, wrapped in the quilt and huddled on the bed, his throat was dry and tingling, and he realized that he might have caught a cold after freezing on the mountain in the middle of the night.

In the middle of the night, his head was getting more and more painful, but his mind was in a mess, and he couldn’t sleep no matter what. He could clearly hear the watchman in the palace playing the fifth watch.

He Zheng got up from the bed with a splitting headache. No one in his palace had woken up yet, only the clever Shunyi hurried out when he heard the door open: “Young master is so early today?”

He Zheng touched his nose and said, “I’ll get up and exercise.”

He walked to the stupid horse in the stable, and hurriedly ran in to get him a cloak: “It’s not good to wear such thin clothes, I hear that your throat is itchy,do you want to come to the clinic?”

He Zheng let him put on his clothes, touched the head of the stupid horse, and said, “Is there anyone in the imperial hospital at this time?”

“There is an imperial doctor on duty at night, and the servant will send someone to call.”

It was not Luo Yuanhou who was on duty tonight. An old doctor gave He Zheng a prescription for sore throat, he ordered him to take medicine on time, and left.

He Zheng took the medicine and ran to the stable to sit again, staring blankly at it, his throat itch from time to time, and he coughed twice.

The sky was getting brighter, and He Zheng was still wrapped in his cloak and motionless. He looked around and said, “Young Master, it’s time to eat.”

“Cough.” He Zheng paled and said, “You prepare first. ”

“Young Master, go back to the room and sit, the wind will worsen your cold like this, I’m afraid Your Majesty will feel distressed.”

Him? He Zheng sneered and rubbed his nose. He suddenly raised his head and said, “I’ll call you Ergozi in the future.” Shunyi was stunned for a moment, and then immediately said, “Thank you for the name.”

He Zheng was suddenly amused, and stretched out his hand to snort his head: “I didn’t say you, I said This stupid horse is called Ergozi…”

Fang Ergozi.

These words he did not dare to spit out when they reached the tip of the tongue.

Shunyi also smiled, but He Zheng looked at him, but gradually couldn’t smile.

In this palace, everyone just wants to live, and it doesn’t matter if their name is changed arbitrarily or they lose their dignity. It seems that in this world, Fang Tianzhuo is the only one who is free and supreme.

He held the cough pills that Luo Yuanhou made for him, and his heart tightened again. He hadn’t seen Imperial Physician Luo for a while, he was really worried, Fang Tianzhuo killed him silently.

He ate breakfast, and because he was confined, he couldn’t go anywhere. He could only use a pen to write the homework assigned by Fang Tianzhuo.

Besides “Shang Xie”, what other love poems are there?

There really isn’t much in his mind to handle Fang Tianzhuo’s homework.

He Zheng wrote “I love you” on a piece of paper, which was crooked and miserable, so he could only grab it and throw it away.

Love letter, ah love letter, he closed his eyes, sat up straight again, and wrote seriously: “You are the wind and I am the sand, lingering to the end of the world.” After half an hour, he lay on the paper and sighed, when would it end?

Fang Tianzhuo wouldn’t really let him write a love letter every day with calligraphy. If it was a ballpoint pen, He Zheng would still be able to speak lightly, but if it is calligraphy his patience would already be halved.

He Zheng had a headache, sore throat, tinnitus, and was frantic. Fang Tianzhuo is a piece of shit, give him an AWM and he will destroy a platoon of him!

He stared dazedly on the table until he heard a loud voice, “Your Majesty is here—”

He Zheng sat up straight for almost a second, Fang Tianzhuo had already stepped in, and He Zheng stood firm, “Your Majesty, Have you eaten yet?”

Fang Tianzhuo ignored him, but reached out and pulled out his “homework”, not knowing whether he was dissatisfied with his words he frowned slightly.

He Zheng immediately leaned over to explain: “This, the wind is Your Majesty, and the sand is me. If you blow, I will follow you…”

“Where are you going with me?”

He Zheng said sweetly: “Wherever you go, I will go. The corners of the earth, the world is my home, it’s fine.”

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him: “The corners of the earth, the world is your home?”

He Zheng shut up sharply.

It feels like he said something wrong.

Fang Tianzhuo confirmed to him: “You want to be with me, to the ends of the earth, and the four seas as home?”

He Zheng finally understood. As the ruler of a country, Fang Tianzhuo could never take him home from all corners of the world. In short, he was flattering this time.

He Zheng’s anxious eyes lasted for two seconds. He slowly walked over, stretched out his hand, and wrapped his arms around Fang Tianzhuo’s waist. He took the initiative to stick to him, until he raised his head and could almost touch Fang Tianzhuo’s lips. He then softly said with a small nasal voice: “I mean, I want to be with Your Majesty, entangled, continuous… until the end of the world……”

These words carried an extremely ambiguous artistic conception, and his eyes were soft. Like silk, Fang Tianzhuo was pulled neither light nor heavy, as if a fine flame was ignited on his body, and he went crazy.

He Zheng was suddenly carried to the table by him, he held his breath and looked at Fang Tianzhuo’s deep and abyss eyes, he unconsciously tightened his fingers, seeing the man’s lips getting closer and closer, suddenly, He Zheng:

“Ah, Sneeze—”

The saliva splashed onto Fang Tianzhuo’s face as finely as spring rain.

Fang Tianzhuo didn’t move, but He Zheng moved in a hurry. He wiped Fang Tianzhuo’s face and took the initiative to kiss him.

“Chirp.” Click.

“Boom.” Twice.

“What?” Three times.

The atmosphere did not ease, He Zheng felt cowardly in his heart, let go of his hand, aggrieved, and said pitifully: ” I’m sick.”

Fang Tianzhuo stretched out his hand and probed his forehead, indeed he had a low fever again. He said lightly: “Zheng’er gets sick so frequently, is it because he wants to see someone?”

This is simply a rumor!

He Zheng looked at him immediately: “Yes.”

Fang Tianzhuo pursed his lips, his pitch-black eyes flashed a vicious anger, something roared in his chest, he retracted his hand, and had not had time to vent this anger of unknown origin, the person in front of him that did not know whether to live or die. But he opened his mouth again.

“I get sick so frequently, naturally I hope that Your Majesty will love me a little more, and care a little more… If Your Majesty is always with me, not to mention this little wind and cold, I am not afraid of the plague.”


The anger was strange. After being smoothed out, Fang Tianzhuo questioned again, what kind of magic power does He Zheng’s tongue have, so that he can control his emotions at will, when it hurts, it hurts, and when it’s quick, it’s quick.

His eyes flashed: “Sooner or later, I will cut your tongue.”

T/N: I feel stupid translating all these poems so forgive me if Ï butcher them, it’s really hard for me to translate historical but I’ll try my best since I like this story so much.

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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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