In the forest, as He Run said, hundreds of birds gathered. It is spring, and the trees have just given birth to new leaves. It is lush enough to cover the sky, the sky is blue, the air is fresh, and the temperature is very suitable.

Fang Tianzhuo taught He Zheng how to ride a horse. The latter nodded and couldn’t help but look at General He, who was deliberately keeping a distance behind.

He Run didn’t know why, but every time he met his gaze, he smiled gently.

General He, as his name suggests, has a gentle personality, but this is only for getting along with each other in peacetime. If he is on the battlefield, he would kill you without remorse and you can only pray to the gods. His personality can be said to be two extremes.

Speaking of him and Fang Tianzhuo being together, it was really a proper sadomasochism. Grandpa He Run also worked in Yingcheng. Later, because he realized that he was involved in the secret of the royal family, he voluntarily resigned and went home. At that time, He Run was not born, when he was about five years old, a group of mysterious people suddenly rushed to their house and killed his family. The entire He family died and only He Run was saved from death because he was taken out to play in the suburbs by the family.

From some clues, he gradually realized that his family’s annihilation was related to a certain high-ranking official, so he joined the army at the age of sixteen, and after five years of mixing, he has reached the point where he is today, relying on military merit to enter the officialdom and conduct secret investigations.

Later, unfortunately, he found out that the murder of the He family was actually the work of the late emperor, that is to say, Fang Tianzhuo was the son of the enemy. Fang Tianzhuo is moody and domineering. This general doesn’t care about trivial things, but when it comes to his bottom line, he will not give in an inch. Therefore, when He Zheng was killed, he was holding back and prepared to join outsiders to kill Fang Tianzhuo. He also had the idea of ​​his own enthronement.

As for whether it was successful or not, what the author plans to write later he is not aware of. Unfortunately, He Zheng only saw that the original owner was cut open, and then he died.

Of course, at this moment General He didn’t know that Fang Tianzhuo was the son of his enemy, and was still loyal.

But if He Zheng were to write this ending, these two would definitely be BE[1]Bad End. Anyway, if it was him, he would never allow himself to fall in love with the son of his enemy, let alone Fang Tianzhuo, a tyrannical guy.

He had some sympathy for He Run, but that was all. As a very self-aware cannon fodder, He Zheng only hopes to save his own life. As for the deep sadomasochistic relationship between the two protagonists, he really doesn’t want to care about it.

After taking a peek at him, He Zheng said, “the general is so familiar with this forest that if he plays in spring hunting, will it not be unfair to others?”

He Run can not help laughing, “the gongzhi misunderstood, I will not participate in this spring hunt.”

He Zheng suddenly realized: “No wonder, I told you, how could your Majesty be so thoughtless?”

Fang Tianzhuo lowered his eyes, he was slowly getting used to He Zheng’s occasional flattery.

He Zheng said again: “But I heard that General He is extremely skilled in martial arts and superb in archery. If you can’t participate in the Spring Hunting, won’t everyone have less to see?”

He Run said, “You can rest assured, Young Master, the young heroes who have won the war will be ready for this Spring Hunting. It’s worth waiting.”

He Zheng was eager to try, “Can I come and see it then?”

It was difficult for he run to answer this. He Zheng immediately raised his face to ask Fang Tianzhao for advice, and the latter said, “it depends on your performance.”

He Zheng was unhappy for a second, then he laughed: the dog[2]I don’t know but he is calling FT dog inside his head is better.

Fang Tianzhuo took him for a leisurely stroll in the woods, He Zheng held his breath trying to endure. He grabbed the reins in Fang Tianzhuo’s hand, and shook it with his hand: “Jia, Jia, Jia[3]Jia means drive, it sounds like hiya hiya in eng when riding so that’s what I put!”

The sound of “Jia[4]Jia means drive” was getting louder, and just listening to the sound, one would think that he was riding a fast horse, but in fact, Fang Tianzhuo gently pulled the rope when he was grabbing, and the horse was walking slowly. The horse didn’t move, and the horse’s mouth let out a light snort, as if to despise He Zheng.

He Zheng’s face tightened, Fang Tianzhuo couldn’t help but smile: “Zheng’er want to try it for himself?”

He Zheng nodded immediately, for fear that Fang Tianzhuo would change his mind.

Fang Tianzhuo pondered for a while, and dismounted neatly, still holding the reins in his hand, and said, “Are you sure you can do it?”

“Of course!” He Zheng raised his chest, “Your Majesty just loosen your hold on the reigns.”

He run also dismounted and stood behind him, feeling worried in his heart.

Fang Tianzhuo frowned for a moment, and then slowly stretched, he loosened the reins and said, “Be careful.”

As soon as He Zheng’s eyes lit up, he immediately grabbed the rope and, as he just said, straightened his upper body, slowly clamped the horse’s belly, and carefully drove it: “Let’s go?”

The horse didn’t move, Fang Tianzhuo patted the horse’s head, and the latter walked slowly. He Zheng couldn’t help grinning and showing his white teeth, he turned to Fang Tianzhuo and said: “Look, I told you I’m talented!”

Fang Tianzhuo raised his eyebrows and said, “Take your time, don’t go around too far.”

He Zheng made an ok gesture and manipulated the horse to run to laps in front of Fang Tianzhuo . After two laps, he thought that riding a horse was not difficult, as long as you tighten the rope and clamp your legs and straighten your back.

People should not be overconfident. He Zheng made a mistake. He wanted to run as soon as he learned to walk. The most important thing was that he wanted to run away from Fang Tianzhuo’s side, even for a moment, just to get a breath of fresh air.

He caught sight of what He Run was saying to Fang Tianzhuo. Taking advantage of the other party’s distraction, he suddenly patted the horse’s butt with his backhand.

“Jia—” The horse was instructed, and immediately ran towards the forest, Fang Tianzhuo raised his head, only to see He Zheng swaying from above.

He Zheng was nervous, but he couldn’t help but feel joy in his heart. Although the ride was bumpy, he clenched tightly.He knew that he would not be thrown off at this speed.

Just after thinking about it, the horse suddenly made a sharp turn when it was about to hit the big tree in front. This sudden stimulation suddenly made He Zheng’s body tilt to one side uncontrollably, and he was about to fall. He Zheng grabbed the pedals at the horse’s belly, but the horse was suddenly startled and accelerated. He Zheng suddenly panicked. The more afraid he was, the more he grabbed the horse.

Fang Tianzhuo watched coldly, but He Run noticed his tensed jaw. He wanted to save him, but why didn’t he save him?

Before he had time to think, He Run rushed out.

The corners of his clothes fluttered, and He Zheng closed his eyes subconsciously. The expected severe pain did not come. He was caught by a pair of strong arms, and he was spared the fracture.

He Zheng gasped and opened his eyes, He Run immediately lifted him up, and knelt down to Fang Tianzhuo on one knee: “This minister has overstepped the rules.”

He also knelt down abruptly, and the surrounding entourage also fell to the ground in fright.

Fang Tianzhuo opened his five fingers with distinct joints, clenched and loosened restraint, and after repeated, whispered: “Get up.”

He Run stood up straight, and He Zheng glanced at the entourage around him who also stood up. He got up and patted the soil on his knees quickly.

He Run frowned, Fang Tianzhuo’s eyes coldly saw his movements, he stepped forward and grabbed He Zheng’s hand, and said, “Zheng’er is frightened.”

He Zheng shook his head hurriedly.

“the general made meritorious deeds. Someone cut down the beast who threw down Zheng’er and saved it for dinner tonight.”


He Run’s pupils shrank, Jiang Xian stepped forward while Nie Ying hurriedly pulled him back. Fang Tianzhuo looked at He Zheng’s pale face, he said softly, “Bring a pony for Zheng’er to play.”

He Zheng raised his head, turned his face and saw that someone was walking towards the horse parked in front of him. The stupid horse obviously didn’t know himself that his life is about to come to an end. The is pulling his fore hooves and shuffling.

He Zheng’s lips trembled. Seeing that the horse was about to be taken away, he suddenly knelt down: “Your Majesty, please give this horse to this commoner.”

“Zheng’er wants to plead for a beast?”

“No!” He Zheng raised his face and said incoherently, “It’s just that this horse is the first time His Majesty took me out to ride. It may be just an ordinary beast to His Majesty, but in my heart it is different…”

Fang Tianzhuo looked at him coldly, He Zheng swayed on his knees, his knees hurt and tears were streaming down his face: “For me, riding with Your Majesty is a gift from God, as long as your Majesty has used anything, I want it. I treasure everything, let alone a horse we rode together for the first time, even if it is a needle or a bowl, as long as it touches your Majesty, it will have a special meaning to me…”

Fang Tianzhuo pursed his lips, the people around held their breath, He Zheng’s tears fell, pitiful: “The love of the commoner is humble, like the weeds on the roadside, it is not worth mentioning, it can only rely on the grace that I have received now. I’m brazenly asking Your Majesty to take back his life and give this horse to the commoner…”

Needles could be heard in the forest, and the sound of the stupid horse’s shush became clearer and clearer. To cry.

After a long time, Fang Tianzhuo said slowly: “Didn’t I say that you don’t need to kneel before me if your injury is not yet healed?”

He Zheng sniffled, pitiful: “Then Your Majesty agreed?”

Fang Tianzhuo said coldly, “Get up.”

He Zheng got up immediately, but suddenly his legs softened. He Run stepped forward slightly, but this time Fang Tianzhuo did not restrain himself, he directly picked up He Zheng and said, “What more do you want?”

He Zheng Xiao Said: “I still want to see the night scene on the mountain…”

“I give you an inch and you take a mile.” Fang Tianzhuo blamed in a low voice, but ordered someone to bring the stupid horse that almost died, and returned with He Zheng to the camp.

He Run breathed a sigh of relief, and Nie Ying said with a smile: “The general is really talented, courageous. This subordinate admire your foresight.”

Jiang Xian said: “Thank you, General, for helping.”

If He Zheng really fell off a horse and is injured, His Majesty will hold all of them accountable, none of them can escape.

But His Majesty’s attitude at that time was really incomprehensible. Even if he wanted to make a move, he stopped because of his face. After all, the son of the He family has a special physique, and everyone should avoid suspicion. Only He Run did not hesitate to take action, so he risked angering the emperor to some extent.

He Run said, “Now you should know what to do.”

Thinking of what He Zheng said just now, Nie Ying couldn’t help but sigh with admiration: “This son of the He family is really extraordinary.”

Jiang Xian & He Run: “En[5]嗯。I changed well to en since it sounds better.”


1 Bad End
2 I don’t know but he is calling FT dog inside his head
3 Jia means drive, it sounds like hiya hiya in eng when riding so that’s what I put
4 Jia means drive
5 嗯。I changed well to en since it sounds better
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The Man Who Married a Tyrant

The Man Who Married a Tyrant

Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
He Zheng became cannon fodder for the tyrant. The original cannon fodder, relying on his beauty and fertile physique, he thought that he had been loved by the tyrant for a while but in the end he was killed. His body was not even left intact. The most frightening thing is that he had been transmigrated to the night when he was offered to the tyrant. He called the sky and the earth for help but it failed, waiting for the tyrant to arrive— He Zheng: Help, spare my life! ! After a long time, the tyrant became a virtuous man and cultivated himself, but a more exciting news spread rapidly: “Can you guess who is the scariest in this palace?” ” It is the empress. If you look at him for a long time, his majesty will personally dig out your eyes.”


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