TMBG10 Ch4

Qin Gong##Shuang Jiang[1]Shuang Jiang is one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, meaning Frostfall/ Frost Descent in English.#


I knew everyone remarked that he was not a good man , but a rebellious minister, ‘ domineering general’ with the name “Ci”.


Actually, the way he treated me was not good as well. When he was drunk, he would occasionally hit me. There were also times he would behave very caddishly. But that time when I was a lackey, I was probably the most blessed minion in this world.


It was just frostfall that year. Days were freezing too much. Liang residence decorated with laterns and colourful lights was very lively. It was said that General Liang’s birthday. I huddled at the gate of mansion and was brought before him the next day. In such manner, I served for Liang mansion as an attendant; however, never thought that I would become his special servant.


On the third night of being punished in woodshed by the general’s wife, he personally came took me away. I dizzily remembered what he told me that time,

” If this handsome face is chapped from freezing, then I’ll definitely find that woman[2]he was referring his own wife and get even with her! ”


At the present day, Liang mansion was no longer there, but I had been reluctant for a long time to move away from the mansion, so lived only doing some roughcast nearby it.


Now Shuang Jiang came again. Tonight, I lit an incense stick surreptitiously outside the old Liang mansion, also not saying any word.


When leaving, I felt a tingle on my face with just one touch. Now, my face was really frozen and cracked. I was afraid of only one thing: if he saw me again, I would not be his favorite anymore.



This was about Qin Gong , the person from Qin Palace as well as Liang Ji’s servant, ‌and Liang Ji, the great general of Han Dynasty .


1 Shuang Jiang is one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, meaning Frostfall/ Frost Descent in English.
2 he was referring his own wife

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