TMBG10 Ch3


Zhang Youwen#Xia Zhi [1]Xia Zhi is one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, meaning Summer Solstice or Midsummer in English.


#Zhang Youwen##Xia Zhi#


Although it was already midsummer, Youwen’s hands were still as cold as ice. Qian Ren took and shook gently his little hand, then he muttered feeling distressed, “ Originally, I wanted to go to a creek with you for catching fish, but your body is too weak. If I took you playing water, my parents would definitely give me a punishment. ”


Youwen thought that when he was blaming himself, initially his handsome face became shrunk. So he coughed in a hurry and said, “ cough, I, cough cough… am all right… I can… cough… with you, cough cough, can play together with you. ”


As he said a sentence intermittently, Qian Ren went to pour some water, handed him it and patted his back softly, “ Don’t rush. Look you are coughing again. Only if you don’t cough, I will take you there to play. ”


“ cough… uh, fine, I don’t… don’t cough anymore. ”

Youwen drank water until nothing left, keeping his mouth shut tightly and mumbled “ wu wu ” as if he was suppressing the cough. As a result, a small little face also flushed from holding back. ”


Qian Ren couldn’t help to coax him, “ Well alright, just cough if you want. I’ll take you anyway. If something happens, I assume responsibility. ” As such, Youwen grabbed Qian Ren’s hand and stood up wearing a smile on his face. It seemed that he didn’t feel the itch to cough anymore.


The afternoon sunlight brought a little more warmth. Two little boys holding hands with each other cast a shadow on the ground. Qian Ren took Youwen with him carefully passing through the woods.


Under the shiny sun’s rays, the water surface glowed and glittered like stars in the sky. It was rare for Youwen to go out. Just looking at the glistering steam water , he felt like to be in a trance. Qian Ren nearby also became gradually intoxicated by the beautiful face of the person beside him.


Daylight was inebriating. When a gentle breeze kissed the steam water surface, the reflection on it oscillated. At that instant, a little man approached other one, stealing an indelible kiss .




T/N: This is about Zhang Youwen who was as beautiful as a woman and weaker than clothes, and Zhang Qian Ren . Both are sons of an aristocratic family.


In Chinese History, Among the Ten most beautiful men,


Zhang Youwen’s Rank was eighth.

Cao Zhao’s Rank was ninth.

Mizi Xia’s Rank was tenth.

The seventh one is next. ◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗




1 Xia Zhi is one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, meaning Summer Solstice or Midsummer in English.
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The Ten Most Beautiful Gay Men of Ancient Times

The Ten Most Beautiful Gay Men of Ancient Times

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
solar terms + short vignettes of the ten most beautiful gay men in ancient times (dialogues)


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