TMBG10 Ch2

2. Cao Zhao and Li Chun[1]T/N: Li Chun is one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, meaning Beginning of Spring in English.

#Cao Zhao##Li Chun#

At the beginning of spring, new clothes arrived at the palace. It was not the thing that Emperor Ming should be concerned. But unexpectedly, the emperor personally went to the garment office today and ordered to withdraw from tailoring Imperial Qiu Mao for himself and instead make a fur robe.

Emperor Ming enticed and embraced the man, then said with a smile, ” Few days ago, Gu[2]
*T/N : Gu means self-proclaimed word for the emperor.
had someone make a new dress for you. Guess what kind it is. If you are right, Gu will give you the clothes as a reward.”

After hearing it, as he rolled his eyes, originally somehow attractive face seemed to become more touching, ” Although it has been spring, days are actually still frigid. So, naturally Your Majesty has prepared the winterized clothes for Zhao. ”

When he heard this, Emperor Ming laughed heavily and kissed the man on the cheek in a rewarding mannar, but was reluctant to bestow it.

” Your Majesty is teasing me again. How come you ignore the dress we agreed on,” saying that he got up from Emperor Ming’s arms and entered the bedroom. Then he chose one of Emperor Ming’s clothing, put them on and came out in a mischievous manner, ” Since Your Majesty was hesitant to reward me for doing well, then I just went picked out one of yours. Anyway, Your Majesty’s clothes are all great!”

Emperor Ming was both delighted and devoted,while the attendant came to give a robe. Looking at the man who appeared to be more gorgeous in the dress, he smiled and replied, ” Chang Si[3]Cao Zhao’s another name wearing this yellowish fox fur robe is quite commensurate.”

Moreover, he leaned over and whispered, ” But what I love the most is that if Chang Si doesn’t wear anything, Gu won’t be able to go to the morning court either. ”


T/N: This is about Cao Zhao, a favored Marquis of Changping and Emperor Wei Ming.


1 T/N: Li Chun is one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, meaning Beginning of Spring in English.
*T/N : Gu means self-proclaimed word for the emperor.
3 Cao Zhao’s another name

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