The Sachet SJHP Ch-10

The Sachet


Feng Rong’s heart sank. The Marquis of Changping and the General of Huaihua, she could not afford to mess with either of them. As her mind wandered, she said: “So it’s the Marquis of Changping and the General of Huaihua. It’s this little girl who couldn’t see Mount Tai. In any case, I’m fine, and I didn’t want to pursue this matter, but if you want to make a bet next time, please don’t do it in a crowded place. It was my fault, I hope you won’t be offended.”

After speaking such words, Feng Rong gave Xizhi, who was still stunned, a look. Then she said: “I have to visit a relative’s grave and I can’t stay any longer, so I’m leaving now.”

When she saw that Xizhi had already re-lifted the basket, Feng Rong also stopped. She reached out and ruffled half of her loose hair. She glanced at the Marquis of Changping and then turned away. But before she could take two steps, she heard the man in black call out to her: “This matter is indeed our fault, I don’t know which young lady you are but I would like to make amends.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Feng Rong’s back stiffened. Without turning her head back she said: “Don’t worry, General, the two of us won’t tell anyone about this. We can’t afford to make amends to the General and the Marquis.”

After speaking, Feng Rong took Xizhi and walked away, leaving only a thin shadow on their backs. The autumn sunlight poured down on her body, making her neck as white as snow.

“This little girl is so timid. She didn’t dare to say anything after she heard our name. Look how she fled in a hurry.” Xu Gu’an laughed, rolled onto his horse. He faced the other man and said: “Let’s go, Chongguang. How long have you been at the border? For more than a year? The other day I met an interesting person, the son of the Right Prime Minister. He has already prepared a banquet in the restaurant and is waiting for you. I’ll introduce you to him later. We can’t delay anymore I’m afraid the girls there won’t be able to wait.”

Li Chongguang was thinking about the direction Feng Rong left. When he looked back, he caught a glimpse of a light pink thing in the grass.

He approached to pick it up and found that it was a sachet used by a woman. There was nothing special about the sachet, except that there were strands of black silk hanging from it, which reminded him of the woman’s calm and relaxed look, despite the fact that half of her hair was in disarray. Her eyes were like obsidian, and she said she didn’t dare, but she didn’t really dare in her heart.

Feng Rong dragged Xizhi away as if she was being chased by some demon or devil, and ran for a long time before she stopped. It was only when Xizhi caught her breath again that she felt scared.

“This servant is scared to death, Miss, I didn’t expect it to be the Marquis and the General.”

“Now you’re scared, weren’t you the one shouting loudly earlier?” Feng Rong looked at her with mischief.

“It’s for your sake, Young lady. You didn’t see it just then, it was a sharp and violent arrow. I was so frightened that my heart and liver jumped out of my belly. Fortunately, Young lady is fine, otherwise, how could I explain to your aunt, the old lady, and the madam?”

Xi Zhi stroked her chest and said, “Besides, it doesn’t matter if he’s a marquis or a general. He almost hurt Young lady, but he didn’t even say a word of apology. He was even using his status to pressure us.”

She blew on the ground. Now that she had recovered, she thought of the two people she had just seen and made a disgusted face.

While Xizhi was still indignant and unhappy, Feng Rong was thinking back to the scene just now and frowned.

She had not expected to meet the Marquis of Changping and the General of Huaihua here. Although the marquis was a man of extraordinary style, he did not seem to be a good friend. She had heard his name and had heard comments about him being an unruly man. And the General  of Huaihua, Feng Rong searched her brain hard, but nothing came to her mind.

She had always had a gentle nature for as long as she could remember. When her parents were still alive, she was mostly smiling, but since she arrived at the Right Minister’s residence, although she had Feng family’s protection all the way, she had become more and more stable. The only time when she faced Li Yanting, she would show some of her noble young daughter’s nature. As a result, she kept to her own patch of land and rarely went out. So she knew very little about other family’s affairs,and only had a vague impression of it.

“Oh! Young lady, it’s bad!”

Feng Rong was thinking about something when she was surprised by a sudden thunderous cry from Xizhi. It scared her half to death.

“What are you panicking about?” Feng Rong’s eyebrows drew closer together.

Xizhi looked sad when she said, “In my haste to leave,  this servant forgot to pick up Young lady’s sachet.”

She had almost been shot by an arrow before she picked it up. She was in a hurry to leave as well and she had indeed forgotten about it.

“This servant will go back and look.” Xizhi wanted to go back, but Feng Rong stopped her.

“Forget it, those two people are very important, we just escaped quickly, so if you go back now, it will be troublesome if you run into them again. Anyway, we have to go back the same way later, so it’s not too late to pick it up again. We have already lost a lot of time, so let’s go and pay respects to my grandmother’s grave.”

That was true, but Xizhi was still not happy. The incense sachet was a small thing, but it was a woman’s personal belongings, so she hoped it could be found. She was afraid that if it was taken away, it could cause trouble in the future.

She looked at Feng Rong again and saw her face was calm. Xizhi lowered her head and stirred her sleeve, and did not speak again.


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Stealing Jade Hair Pin

Stealing Jade Hair Pin

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Feng Rong felt that her life was a bit sad.  Her parents died when she was young and she lived under someone else’s roof. She didn't even remember the word love.   Secretly in love with her cousin Li Yanting, but Li Yanting liked Feng Yue and only treated her as a sister. She was betrothed to the newly appointed General Li Chongguang of Huaihua, thinking that a military general would be more loving than a civilian, but Li Chongguang treated her as a pawn, not knowing how sincere she was.   Feng Rong's heart was so tired, she put away a broken heart and decided to never rely on anyone again in this life, but unexpectedly the county prince next door suddenly appeared, forcibly embraced her into his arms.   Feng Rong: "Who are you?" County Prince: "Li Zhi." Feng Rong: "..? How come it's Li again? Did I dig the ancestral grave of the Li family in my last life!?" County Prince:  "Whether you dug it or not, marry me and let’s go to my ancestral temple to ask."   [Cute and stubborn rabbit] × [black belly laughing tiger] Protagonist: Feng Rong and Li Zhi Supporting character: Li Chongguang


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